Read each morning

Today, and everyday, the peace of Omnipotent God, or what I have been given to know as, Omniscience—envelops me. May I see more aspects of OM.

May I become more consciously aware of the essence of Omniscience, or Omnipresence.

Omniscience is always. There. Here. In. Through. Out. Around. East. West. North. South. Above. Below.

And we are each emanating Energy as a fractal of YOU.

I can forget all things except the Love of Omniscience. 🌀

Creator, as I awake each day, open my awareness to the boundless opportunities and abundant miracles (big and small), that I may enhance and expand my perception of ALL things. And as we share eternity, may I feel unlimited by time.

I observe only growth, and note how each item of your creation grows at differing rates of speed, be it bird 🐦, bee 🐝, or me. Growth transcends time.

The more I fully open and express to abide in You, the more I shine brilliant Love. And from LOVE, peace and joy ripple and spiral.

From a place of peace.
Light appears as ALL colors.
Energy control.
Conspiracy. To breathe together.

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5 thoughts on “Read each morning

  1. The term used for what you are describing is Omnipresence. While the Totality of the Divine is present in all of creation regardless of the limitations of space and time, we, however, as creations of the Divine are not. We are not God. We are “of” God, like children. We can, as we unfold and grow closer to this Omniscience/Source, gain a share in the qualities of the Divine like unconditional Love, etc. We can become Love, Compassion, etc. through Grace. That is a gift and it cannot be earned. It is like the sunshine for the tree. It is a gift. But the tree is not the sun. While the sunshine becomes the tree it also transforms the sunlight into life. We, as a Tree of Life, have the same kind of relationship to the Divine. We are related to all of creation and all others through this Divine Light that shines in and on all of us.

    1. I agree, Jerry and thank you so much for your comment! ❤️🦋🌀
      I updated my article to clarify the term I was given to know (via meditation), for Source God, Creator. I have written several articles about Omniscience. 🙏

    2. As all matter is light (actual light waves), if we go deeper, we can begin to know that the tree is the sun, but that will need to be another article. ❤️☀️😉

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