Where NEW Music, Graphic Arts, And Writing Coexist IN Joy.


Oh! Hello, NEW music lover! We love meeting you, bright shining ones!

We are thrilled that you’re here! 

We are The Murrey’s (Richard and Sheila) and it’s aWEsOMe to meet you! We are thrilled to share our original tunes with you here on this site and provide all the links and resources to help you collect more NEW music! YAY!! 

We co-created this page so we could show off (LOL – kidding), and have a way to share our NEW music, graphic arts, and writing (we create a lot of content, for ourselves, and for clients). You can find all kinds of stuff here, along with the links to our creations.

We’re a happy-go-lucky married couple who enjoy (IN Joy) co-creating timely NEW songs (music and lyrics), graphic designs for t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and more to influence your clients to action. PLUS, we really dig in and craft compelling content for commercial ads, social media posts, blog articles, books, websites, and more!

All songs (music and lyrics) written by Richard Murrey (unless noted) and professionally produced in Nashville, TN. Richard has been writing songs for decades and knows to always stay mindful to write songs that are timely and FRESH! Sheila has been writing since elementary school, plays and poems, and she’s been singing her whole life. She joins in with Richard to sing some songs and has cowritten several with him as well.

Richard and Sheila both have an exceptional set of talent and skills that enable them to stay relevant–even during these unprecedented times. And because both have been moved by music their whole lives, (Richard playing guitar and bass and Sheila singing since childhood), it was simply natural for them to combine their talents and skills.

For example, when Sheila isn’t writing lyrics, she’s grateful to be Richard’s muse! 

This NEW music covers a lot of ground. The songs are written about anything and everything, yet always true to who the Murrey’s are and how they view life. The NEW music captures a lot of life’s ups and downs (life is a rollercoaster ride at times, right?) and crafted from a deep well of myriad experiences.

If you love what you hear, let us know! As well, we are humbly thrilled when you share our NEW music with others, because we know the enjoyment of music is subjective. For example, you may not love a song that your loved one or friend raves about!

Bookmark this page, share with friends, and visit often to put more fun in your days!

We’d love for you to play all of our songs, and buy the ones that move you… that get your toe tappin’ or foot stompin’ — And then, SMILE! Life is for the living!

How can we bless you (and your business), TODAY?

We co-create

Please bookmark this page. This is where we will share about all of our NEW digital and original musical creations. Who do you know who’s looking for new original songs? (Do you know an up and coming performing artist, musician, band, filmmaker, etc.?)

We’re always co-creating NEW music, unique art, and fresh creations–including but not limited to:

  • music
  • songs
  • lyrics
  • poetry
  • written content
  • blog articles
  • fine art
  • digital design
  • graphic art
  • CD / DVD cover art
  • wearable art
  • books
  • podcasts
  • videos
  • social media posts

And yes, we co-create digital ads that promote YOU and your business; we are accepting new clients! Yes, we are always open to Connect with those who vibe with what they see and hear from us, and are ready to co-create digital ads, blog articles, or other social media posts that promote YOU and your business (hire us)!

We believe in the power of a shared vision and teamwork. We love to have fun while we are co-creating eye-catching graphics and upbeat NEW music! And our JOY shows up in our work! Our clients tell us so! 

We love using all of the gifts and talents we’ve blessed with in new and imaginative ways. We also love helping others live well, which is why we actively share what we create for you! And that amounts to some free marketing for your business! How does it get any better than that?

Please enjoy exploring this site and let us know how we can help you! We love winning WITH you!

We believe in teamwork. We co-create a lot while laughing and having FUN! And that humor shows up often in our creations! We feel it, and our clients tell us that too!

Please enjoy (IN Joy) exploring ALL of our creative endeavors–there are links to explore on the menu at the top of this page.

Musically, we have released over 400+ original songs that are ready to be licensed for commercial use for: Television commercials, TV series, TV shows, Films, and Movies. These are Radio Ready!

You can listen from any of these sites:

Our music site: http://listen4music.com
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=richard+murrey&dc&ref=a9_asc_1
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2tDuCVIpFActYfRbIpveqt
Apple music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/richard-murrey/1579252099

Sheila’s Blog (Spirituality and Holistic Health topics)

Sheila’s Designs (T-shirts, mugs, stickers, magnets, totes, phone cases, and more)

And here’s the link to get to Sheila’s “All My Links” page.

Selected original songs

Blame it on the hurricane

I am the bullet

Baby loves to boogie

There’s a song in here

She rocked my country

Used to be a wannabe

I was blinded

Last call before Christmas

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