Observations: Past Life Regression Jan. 28, 2023

On my drive home from the Group Past Life Regression session with Patricia McGivern on January 28, 2023.

After the session, Patricia and I had lunch and talked about a whole lot more things. So I’m going to try to keep this to just what I experienced during the regression, which also I recorded so I could do it again at home and be more comfortable.

The I last time I did a group past life regression with Patricia at the Celestial Circle (Palm Harbor, FL), everybody was on the floor and I was in a chair and had tried to put my feet up on another chair. When I returned from the restroom somebody had taken the chair. So I was uncomfortable pretty much the whole time. So this time I decided to sit on the floor because everybody had been on the floor before and this time everybody stayed in a chair. But two ladies did put their feet up on other chairs so there’s that. So even though I tried to bring everything with me pillows, blanket socks, and so forth. I still didn’t fit in with the crowd. Go figure. This was a whole new group.

By the way, this is my second experience at the celestial metaphysical store in Palm Harbor with Patricia we’re in the back room and there must have been 20 other people, and even a few more paid that didn’t show up. And mostly older ladies although there were a few younger. The room was sort of split in half with younger on one side of the room.

This time instead of sitting at the far end of the room and the other half of the room was older ladies older than me, I would say I sat straight across from Patricia. And there was a younger man to my left and an older man to my right. So it was this really neat mix of people from pretty much all walks of life. The lady I sat next to reminded me so much of my mom and Aunt Alberdia. Her name was Ruth and is easy for me to remember because of Ruth from the Bible. I chatted with her for a few minutes because I got there early so I would have plenty of time to pick my seat, figure out where Patricia was sitting, and then seat myself accordingly.

Ruth lived in DC for many many years and she was a construction worker and drove big trucks and heavy equipment things I would have never thought that to look at her and I told her so. She said she was very strong-minded and strong-willed. That will come up later when I get into talking about people’s experiences but back to me.

I’ll focus on my experience. I was given and I did write down some notes after but some more came up for me as usually happens. Even after I put my pen down I start getting more pictures and images of things I had seen. So it’s like my mind is integrating what I experienced what I saw, and the vision. Probably the standout point was toward the end.

So I’m gonna skip around a little bit. Big surprise. Spiral thoughts.

At the very end, I saw that the gift that I was given was a small box. Way out in front of me. And it lit up. Like when you open this box, it lit up with a golden light. And I saw a golden pyramid or go actually it was just a triangle of gold. So some sort of triangle of gold. Then I saw Reiki symbols, another big surprise having been studying for Reiki levels I and II. And then I saw a lotus flower and I’d never seen one of those before in these regression sessions. The Lotus sort of pulsated was breathing was growing just a little bit sort of just like a flash. And then I saw again another Reiki symbol though when I say Reiki symbols that are just to give you a general idea. They were not the Reiki symbols I had been learning these are different symbols. Interesting.

Now the reason that’s important is that after the whole thing was over and people were talking about their experiences and what they saw the lady to the left of me, a younger gal she was talking or trying to answer a question that the younger man had brought up. He was in Egypt and saw something at the top of a pyramid and the end that he was asking does anybody know if there was a cap or top on the pyramid that had lettering engraving or writing on it? He said I saw some sort of like really old Greek or combination of old Arabic and Greek because he said the letters kind of had a scroll to them. The thing is they were kind of certain circular letters or symbols. They weren’t strict like Chinese writing is boxier or squared.

So that was interesting that he was seeing something like that and I got that gift at the end of the correlate anyway, and I told her why have you seen Billy Carson on Facebook because he talks about the Anunnaki and the pyramids and a lot of other ways out things that we were all kind of talking about ‘way out’ stuff from what we experienced and everybody experienced a lot of things differently. But the big thing that came through for half of the women was that there was somebody named Sarah coming through that I found very interesting. I think my friend Nancy would love that! I took it that Nancy’s daughter Sarah was telling me she was there. That’s the feeling I got. By the time the third person said, you know, my name was Sarah. I was like, whoa, wait, come on now, you know, and then it was like four and five and so Sarah was like big time coming through. But in all but one case she had long blonde curly hair and blue eyes. The lady to the right of me said Sarah had brown hair and brown eyes. Interesting.

At first, I just thought the first three ladies were picking it all up from each other because of their close proximity. Six were seated next to each other and they all knew each other so they were neighbors. I just thought well this must be a Sarah that they all know, you know, that’s coming through the same way for them even though this is supposed to be them living in a past life. Alright, so now that may help you make sense of this day.

So the first life that I saw, and I told the group this, I was in because when you’re doing this, you’re visualizing the place first. So the place where I was at was, yes, I saw a garden. Yes, I saw the bushes and I went to my grandmother’s rose in my mind. And then whoosh, I was in my grandmother’s house.

The doorknob was the very old-timey antique doorknob, the door went up the stairs to what would have been my mom and an opera this bedroom but this looked to me to be before my mom and Alberdia was born. So I don’t know if grandmother and grandfather had just finished building the house and then had Alberdia. Yeah, so I don’t know the time frame. And the number that came up I didn’t think was a year as is usually the case I was given a number of like I think it was 1314 or 1326 or 1328, something like that. Because, again, this is not a science. It’s an art. So I thought well, that wouldn’t be right. My grandmother and grandfather built the house. I don’t know early 1900s something my mom was born in 1939 so 1935 or something. They built the house so you know that didn’t make sense to me that number I was getting. Patricia is always telling us don’t judge these things with the conscious mind. Just pick the number you know, have the number, see the number pick it, claim that number, but it’s it may or may not relate or may relate to different parts of the story that you’re going to get. So that’s the number I got something in that range between 1314 – 1316. I analyzed it, as I so often do and then I went to 1326 or 28.

So then I saw myself sort of either as my grandmother in those younger years and what she was experiencing with the green she loved greens so the walls were painted light green, they were stuck out the floor the door itself was this like rough kind of very, very, I would say rough wood and then the wood forwards and she had on a shoe that was like a boot that was sort of the ugly clogs some wear these days. But the while I’ve now I’ve just I just lost the name, but they are the ones you slide into. That sort of rubber plastic. Crocks.

My grandmother was upstairs and I could see the upstairs. I felt like I was right in the house. And I was either my grandmother, or I was the angel on her shoulder or I was looking at her like me and myself. I was looking at her and looking at what her life was like or would have been like. I think I was seeing through her eyes!

So I was trying to remember if there was anything else about that particular life that I wanted to say but it was weird. It was like the multiverse. I went to everything that’s happening now. So is this really a past life I’m seeing past present future is all happening now. Everything was like it started like I saw the fractals coming in. It was sort of like a hall of mirrors kind of effect. And by that point, I was about out of that life anyway. Oh, those dungarees. So she was wearing it when I looked down. My grandmother was wearing me as my grandmother or whatever right? She was wearing these almost like a burlap sack potato sack of pants and they were cut off sure because she was out working in the garden in the mud in the field and stuff so they were cut off for convenience, for working sake, not for styles. So they were almost like a cross between a dungaree crop pant. A very scratchy, very heavy material to protect your legs so she was working out in the garden or in the field. Oh, and her hands were the way my grandmother’s hands were in life, kind of mangled from working at the box factory for years. She had been injured at the box factory. That’s a true story, but I hadn’t thought about any of this stuff in many years–if at all.

So it’s like I was sort of seeing life from her perspective things that I wouldn’t have thought otherwise. But whether true or not I still don’t know. I’d have to speak with my uncle and see if he can validate any of that but yeah, I get the sense that she was standing upstairs looking outside and she was looking at the animals that actually did have animals on a small farm. Her and my grandfather’s farm.

So yeah, that was what I saw. I don’t think I saw anything like how she died because I know how she died, as our lives overlap by 18 years. I was 18 when she passed away. And I almost said it there when I asked what was my grandmother. Okay, anyways, it’s a little wackiness um,

My second Past Life was something to do with 16. Again, it was like 1628 or something like that. And it was a very different life. I was a man I was in Japan and I distinctly recall sitting on a solid red bench. Interestingly, at the lunch that Patricia and I went to we ended up, we were going to one restaurant, but they were closed. We turned around and went back. She didn’t know there was a Japanese restaurant there in the same center, the plaza with the Celestial building and so we went to a Japanese restaurant. A true Japanese restaurant that didn’t have Thai food and things either so we were kind of limited on we were either gonna eat sushi, a lot of raw fish or just get a salad we does opt in for a salad but the sushi set was still on the table. I flipped the little container over and I said the bench I saw myself sitting on looked just like this that would hold the soy sauce and it was the same solid color red. It’s just that the bench would have been the soy container. The soy sauce, little dish flipped over and that would have all been painted red has had no back and no sides.

So I was this man in Japan sitting on a red bench. And let’s see I don’t remember if I saw my feet or my hands or what I was wearing. I don’t think I did. I was trying to think what was spectacular about that life. Oh, well. Definitely I got the message that thank you. It’s still the best prayer we could ever say even though it’s so simple, and it’s seemingly inconsequential. And we say it so flippantly. But people don’t either they don’t say it enough or they don’t say it sincerely and they don’t mean it. And what I learned and this was reiterated to me at Newgrange when I put my hands on the stones there. While coming in and out several times, I was able to have that time to be able to do that, to have that presence in mind to do that. I laid my hands on the stones at Newgrange (in the chamber) and said thank you.

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Thank you you know, I mean, the magnificence, the magnitude of their being there, the ancient ones, the age of them that what they’ve experienced the people who have touched them coming in and out and just the presence in the space that they hold and it really just touched me deeply. And so that’s what I got from being that man in Japan. And just really I guess having that sense of awe and sense of presence and awareness of being there. And sitting on that bench. Maybe it was the idea of sitting on the bench watching the world go by I don’t know what’s in the cherry blossoms watching children play. What else is life about? You know, but experience life is about the experience and being grateful for it. And I’ll take a deep breath and end this now.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Be open to receiving many blessings and always is my prayer for you every moment. Spirit sees ALL timelines, interactions, and interweaving lines. We will know too when we are on the Other Side.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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Good and Bad are LABELS

Why do we always label things good or bad?

Why do we judge so much, or at all? What a waste of time and energy. (Unless you’re a judge or sitting in a jury box, don’t each of us have enough to do without all the judging and condemning of our bother and sister humans?

Don’t we each have enough to do everyday to take care of what’s real?

Light and dark, hot and cold, wet and dry. These aspects of reality are real.

In traditions dating back millennia, the dark, wet/moist, and cool aspects were associated with the feminine. and light, heat, and dry aligned with the masculine. This is why the earth was said to be our mother and the sun our father. The dark soil of the earth accepts the light of the sun and nurtures plant life to grow.

We don’t say the earth is bad and the sun is good. Sometimes too much sunlight can burn our skin (so that could be bad). And when something is extremely cold it can feel hot, or if something is extremely hot it can feel cold. So, again, our senses can be fooled. Definitely calling something good or bad can vary depending on who’s judging what.

Let’s, for now, consider issues we view as bad, to simply be INFORMATION. Yes, even criminals. At some point we have to take a good hard look at our innards, shadow, guts, and admit that in some way, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, we ourselves have been the criminal, even if only in our thoughts!

To walk the path of the shaman, we must dig in the dirt of ourselves and lift up the dark to clear it. Indeed, to heal ourselves.

Terence McKenna quote

Why do people need some threat (police, judge, jury, prison, or damnation), held over their heads to inspire or coerce them to live a righteous life? Why do we need a supreme Diety or Divine to live rightly?

Are we innately good? Kind? Obviously we get it if someone is hurt, abandoned, or abused they might consequently hurt other people (the whole “hurt people, hurt people” thing). But not everyone abuses others because they were abused. It is more than likely that when we’re hurt we fall out of alignment with our true selves, our Divinely guided inner being.

Some of us simply walk uprightly because it feels so good to do so! We tell the truth because it feels good (and we can’t sleep at night if we don’t).

So, I’m here to challenge and call out the whole idea of good vs. evil. The yin and yang tradition doesn’t specify a preference between them, yin is not bad while yang is good for instance. In the Asian wisdom traditions it’s all a question of Balance. Keeping things on an even keel. Working towards the middle. Staying neutral. When I practice Reiki, I am a neutral channel of pure loving Reiki Energy.

But Balance isn’t strived for in the good/evil traditions.

Let’s do this little exercise, as suggested by Nick Polizzi of the Sacred Science — here’s a link but watch it quickly as I don’t know how long it will be available: https://inneralchemy.thesacredscience.com/day-3-ist/

Write for 3 minutes of a recent “bad” situation that you’ve experienced. Not what someone else experienced as that’s none of your business.

Then write it again but use the terms light/dark or yin/yang to reframe and describe the situation to see how much emotional, spiritual, intellectual we can stretch, open, expand and change our language around the experience. This assumes it was our experience and not someone else’s we have no business in viewing/judging.

What have you learned? What new awareness has surfaced? Do you feel a bit lighter after reframing the situation and releasing the need to write bad/good judgements in the story?

For your upliftment

I hope so! Because the aim of this work is to uplift you.

We are each a bright shining fractal of Ever-Living, LIMITLESS Source Energy! Creation never ceases!

I am love-and-in my spirit and heart: I love unconditionally–that means without conditions, such as: I don’t care how much money you have or don’t have. I don’t care what ancestry you have, what skin tone, what ailments, what religion-or not, and certainly not what gender or sexual orientation you are-think you are or want to be!

Underneath the outer layer of our skin, we are all pink! Our blood is blue until exposed to oxygen and then, it’s red!

I think we care about each other because we are human. We are ALL human beings. I don’t want to exclude ANYONE. I want to be known for Inclusivity.

Because We Are ALL Connected. Because I believe each of us matter. I believe each of our voices matter. ❤️🦋🌀〰️

And, yes, I want you to yell FIRE in a theater, IF it’s on freaking FIRE!

Speaking your truth is healing!

No labels

I am all for NO LABELS!

I could care less what people do (or with whom) in the privacy of their homes, cars, RVs, motel rooms, tents, bathrooms, etc. and I don’t even mind public reasonable shows of affection (it doesn’t have to be vulgar—yes I know I am still judging). And between consenting adults, please. (My mind cannot abide with people taking advantage of children—see my previous post about that.)

Yes, I accept all for who they are. (But I don’t have to live with them.) I have had way too many experiences on different levels than to judge—more than I just did.


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Be the best version of who you want to be

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

Why can’t we ALL just get along? (Or, I love you, but – part 2)

Dysfunctional families

As I ponder why some siblings don’t get along or even become estranged from one another, or why mothers and daughters can disagree and seem at odds with one another (all while feeling love for each other), it occurs to me it’s because though each love one another, or say we do, we are half the other parents DNA. And in the case of the mother and daughter, if the mother doesn’t get along with the father of course the same would hold true she would disagree with the daughter who is half the father’s DNA, attitudes, and such. It’s only logical. Siblings aren’t just 50 percent their mother’s DNA and 50 percent their father’s DNA either—each could be 49 percent of one and 51 percent the other, or some other mathematical percentage.

Too many times we get in our Ego when we could take a breath and simply be grateful we have people who love us in our lives!

I love you, but

I love you, but I am my own unique essence.
I love you, but I have been programmed and conditioned, however slightly, different than you.
I love you, but the lens by which I view life differs from the filter you look through.
I love you, but I have different needs than you.
I love you, but I got different amounts of our parent’s DNA, flaws, foibles, etc even though we are siblings.
I love you, but we each experience life differently each moment, each day!


I hope this helps anyone estranged from a sibling or a parent and teen who are having trouble communicating. Life is short. Don’t lose sight of what’s important. Nothing matters except the people who love you and whom you love.

Next time your parent or family member challenges you, ask yourself, “Is my ego hurt, or my soul?” I bet it’s your ego. And actually a lot of psychological analysts think ego is an illusion! So, you’re letting an illusion separate you from someone who really loves you but simply sees the world differently than you!

Where’s the love?

My sister, Christina, who lived less than one day in 1963, wouldn’t let me sleep last night until I wrote this article. She visits me in the ethereal and is who I wrote my new book about (which will launch soon).

Here was part 1 of this post: https://sheilamurrey.net/2021/07/10/i-love-you-but/

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural fair or festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon. 

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here

Be the best version of who you want to be

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

Why I love Kaleidoscopes

I love (and learn from) other people’s perspectives

I love the fractal nature of us ALL. I love that each of us experience life through different lenses. It allows us to live, grow, understand, and contrast each other and GROW!
Kaleidoscopes reveal our intricate connections and with a very slight movement, allow us to experience another view or perspective! Yes, turn, turn, turn so applies in this instance!

Allowing the other perspective can be tricky

Of course, when disagreeing with another’s perspective, it can be tricky to “let it go,” and simply listen. It’s even more challenging sometimes to learn from what the other is talking about. So, why not just allow the other person to have his or her understanding of their experience? After all, questioning someone else’s experience is usually the first way to raise ours and others emotions.
And what difference does any of it make anyway?
We don’t always have to be right after all? And if we do, then that’s our ego.
Think about a conversation where someone says something you believe to be untrue. You get frustrated or mad. This is because you’re fighting their perspective. The irritation or triggering of emotions within you are all about how another persons perspective differs from your own.

Kaleidoscope Views

Check out these two images from the same kaleidoscope, that was simply turned a bit:
fuschia teal dark blue kaleidoscope
Fuschia teal dark blue kaleidoscope view


gold teal kaleidoscope
Gold teal kaleidoscope view
Pick up a kaleidoscope and peer into it, notice the myriad perspectives available to you. The fractals involved in the patterns created. And when, because you will, you cannot help to do so, move it the slightest bit the light will hit the items within it, and you’ll see different colors and patterns. For this is the way of the kaleidoscope. This is also the way of the interconnectedness of the universe.
I hope this helps to lighten you today, and step a bit lighter on the earth.

Be the person your Soul knows you are!

I love you.
You are enough.
You are worthy of love.

There is a line in George Michael’s song, Freedom, that asks of us: “all we have to do now, is to take these lies and make them true somehow.” And the answer I received about its meaning was:

When you can (though you may never be adept enough in every circumstance) take a lie, or what you perceive as a lie, and can find a truth (as opposed to THE truth) in it, then that is real Freedom. Freedom in one’s mind.

Namaste. OM
Note refer to an older post: https://sheilamurrey.net/2018/07/15/what-is-a-lie/
This post is NOT about condoning lies or compulsive liars (certainly no one needs to stay with people who habitually act like that), it’s about feeling better, coming to terms, or forgiving someone when it occurs. Learn and move on. It’s all YOUR choice. Turn, turn, turn. Let them go. Leave. You are powerful beyond measure.

A bit about us:

My husband is an award-winning illustrator, plus he is a seasoned guitarist, bass player, and songwriter (of over 400 original songs). You can view some of his artwork and listen to all of his songs at: http://listen4music.com

A bit about me:

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, the brand new book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is now available for online sale and distribution (PDF format). Buy it here.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

Talk after Reiki II graduation ceremony

Here’s the audio of my talk:

Hi, I would love to speak with you now about an exercise that we did today at our Reiki graduation ceremony. And I think this exercise within a group in particular, a small group would be really good to do especially to set initial intentions and to ground each participant and to help them connect with each other. You may want to do it at the end of a first session or the beginning of a second or third session especially if you have sensed there to be some disturbance in the group dynamics or the energy of the group. And essentially what it amounts to is each person arranges their body (to point their solar plexus towards the person they are speaking to), and in particular, their eyes to look at each person in the group one at a time and then simply state the other person’s name.

For example, I’ll say XYZ is the name of the other person, so you would say “XYZ, I experience you (or the universe experiences you) as ABCDEFG type of person meaning you can use a couple of words or a couple of sentences, but it shouldn’t be any more than a couple of minutes for you to describe each person. You might say things like, “Carol, I experience you (or the universe experiences you) as a loving, tender hearted, caring, nurturing person. You put yourself out there for everybody around you. You give so much from your heart, and you may even over get to the point of diminishing your own self. But you are wise enough to know you can always refill your empty cup. I love you. Thank you. And that’s that’s really it.

You know, you’re giving people the opportunity to understand you’ve heard them. You’ve seen them. You’ve experienced them. And I love this practice. I love the practice of this exercise because it helps each of us connect better with each other, heal any perceived grievances we may have had or held against each other. It really opens our hearts and lets each other appreciate and tune into each other’s energy and realize that we’re not alone. That others see us even if they’ve only known as for a short time.

Like I said, you may use this activity at the end of the session when you’ve only had a couple of hours together participating in a group. I would think that it might be fun in the beginning just to keep it very short and tell each other a perception that they have upon meeting because we all know that.

Initially, when we meet people within the first seven to 30 seconds, we form an opinion of them. And then later when we do this exercise again, after the first session or second session we’ve had a few hours together (if somebody’s taking notes of this or you’re writing these these perceptions down), you can look back and see how much your perception has changed of that person or how in tune you were to pick up on who that person really is. Maybe you’re seeing that person’s heart or their higher self and you’re getting in touch and you’re getting in tune and then therefore this is validating your intuitive awareness.

So, try that exercise and let me know what you think of it and how it works for you. We just did it at our Reiki II level graduation ceremony (and I can tell you that even during the Reiki II weekend class participation, we had some energy disturbances between a couple of the participants) and I was so utterly amazed and impressed when each of those people got to express to each other in our group setting, how they experienced the other person because it was totally positive! There was no negativity. When another participant got their opportunity to share actually said, “I’m not gonna pull any punches and I’m gonna be brutally honest…” and I thought, “Oh gosh, here it comes.” And I didn’t think that particular person had an issue with anyone else. So, when that person got a chance to speak to the other, she let it all hang out and of course it was all worded quite eloquently and was very caring. However, when I heard the words ‘brutally honest’ I thought here comes the negativity. How could this be negative because I thought these two folks got along famously. Well, they did but it was just again, bringing back to my consciousness, how the words that we choose, can even kind of set us up for a different expectation. I thought the next words out of her mouth was gonna be something negative after she said, “I want to cut to the chase and be brutally honest,” right? Maybe just the use of the word brutal especially in this loving, nurturing type of environment and the circle we’ve built over several weeks together. I wasn’t expecting THAT word. I think it was kind of jolting to me. Right?

But this is why I love doing WordPlay. This is why I love facilitating especially small groups, four to eight people, because I think you can really build lasting friendships and really bond with one another. You can really find out a lot about yourself too, because I found myself when I was not forced but when I was prodded if you will (by means of this exercise), to give my opinion of my experience of another human being. I found I immediately tuned in to my pure essence my higher being, God, Omniscience, Source. You know, I immediately tuned in. I immediately got the dowsing rods kind of feedback in my body of the Yes answers every time I spoke something to someone (as I was telling the truth of course) through the whole process. Every time I spoke to the person I felt GodBumps! I felt the GodBumps sensation in my thighs, which is my Yes answer. And now after Reiki level II, I know when I feel God bumps above the waist (in my torso and arms) that is my No answer, as it’s a very strong sensation (meaning the answer No is quite firm). A No answer like this is both inside me and coming to me from The Field, with the stronger the sensation.

This is akin to one looking at the different hues and shades of a certain color. When a color is really bright, that’s the equivalent of when I get a really strong sensation. Similarly, when the color is a pastel color that’s equal to when I feel the slight subtle GodBumps sensation. So the stronger sensation is my Yes answer (or agreement from the Universe on whatever is being discussed), and the more less sensation of GodBumps above the waist is for when I get firm No answer from the Universe.

I’ve learned that through Reiki II for myself personally. I’ve also learned I’m a human dowsing rod and that was validated during the instruction of how to properly use the dowsing rods (as I’d never been instructed how to use them properly before). I’d had a cheaper pair before and I knew they worked to show me where the energy was but I never used them for any specific purpose. I didn’t know I could use them to obtain a yes or no answer nor how to hold them properly with my elbows close against my body. So now, I love the dowsing rods.

I mostly focus on tools, techniques, tips we can ALL use that will aid us in our development mentally calming the mind, growing spiritually, and healing physically. I look for things that we don’t involve external tools. If we’re laying in a hospital bed and we’re near coma we can do these things. That’s the kind of medicine I’m looking for and is what holistic health means to me–holistic medicine. Things you can do on your own, within and of yourself. And you’re a creator. You need no other external tools or external medicines, and so on and so forth. Your breath, your energy, the feeling of your own body (acupressure and reflexology for example), the sensing, the tuning in the going within the meditation, the prayer, the mental attitude, the self talk, the self awareness, the awareness of your conscious thoughts, all of that’s holistic medicine to me. And with that, I send you my love and blessings. Many blessings to you in all ways. We are in this journey together at this time. While I’m breathing and I’m this side of the dirt, I’m alive. And even once I transition whenever that shall occur. I want you to know I’m always there for you. Your loving Spiral Sister in Christ Jesus’ name, Amen. Awoman. Namaste. OM

Many blessings to you in ALL ways. Always.
Omniscience IS IN Everything. Go about your day with God knowing Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone. You are never alone.

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Spirit flow after Reiki II class

Listen to the raw talk here:

I don’t think I’ve ever described it this way quite this way before. But after leaving on my second (of a two day) class for Level II Reiki, I feel that I’m only speaking (in all of my writings and talks) to people who ultimately feel a responsibility within themselves to grow their consciousness, to grow their being and connect with (and you can call this any name you would like but it’s a another version of you in essence). It may be your inner child, it may be your Higher Self it may be God, Creator, Divine, Source Energy, the Unified Field, The Field, fractal universe, multiverse, The Force, or The Energy. Omniscience is the word I prefer because it definitely explains how God is Everywhere. All at once. And sees ALL. Omniscience hears ALL frequencies on and in The Field. And creates all and is really the underpinning for everything that exists in the universe, and, in particular, each of us.

So, I’m very grateful for you and glad you’re getting something from this blog. I do believe that it’s for all “believers.” Because if you’re a person who only believes that you are only the body you reside in currently, that you’ve never lived before, as in your consciousness has never existed anywhere else in the universe before, and you don’t believe your consciousness is going to exist anywhere after you leave this body (in other words, you don’t believe YOU go anywhere after this body dies), you are not the person I’m writing this blog for. You’re not the person I’m speaking to right now (for those listening to the audio).

The person that I’m speaking to right now has some belief that they have a soul and a spirit and that they are not this body, this body is a temporary sheath, a meat-suit a spacesuit, a temporary asset that you own. And this is why when Jesus walked the planet 2000 years ago, he said, let thine eye be single. You’re in the world, not of the world. And you have a responsibility to take care of and guard your body Temple. I’m loosely paraphrasing to give you an example that he was teaching the temporary-ness or temporal-ness of this body, and yes, he could bring a dead body to life. Yes, he could. lay hands on someone, put mud on someone’s eye to make the blind see, the lame walk etc. We can do all these things as well. He said we would.

We have the tools available to us. We have the resources available to us. Either surgically, medically, or spiritually psychically (as in psychic surgery cases and things of that nature), as well as Reiki, as well as laying on of hands prayer work and such. Your intention, visualization, speaking words of health, light, love, growth, opportunity, and helping people to see a different version of their future so that they are healthier and living a more vibrant life. Those are all ways that we can affect one another because We Are All Connected.

I see the divine as Omniscience because God is the underlying Omniscient Force that envelops everything in the universe and is the blueprint–the structure.

When I meditate, I see the underpinning framework the Reiki symbols hang on. The world’s languages hang on this framework, the light languages and the words we think and speak. They (the words with their intended meanings) penetrate and hang on this framework. And when we die in the physical body, our consciousness goes into the Grand Beyond because the Grand Beyond is this framework. And we can go through it as well as hang on to it. Those of us who believe Jesus Christ is our personal Savior. We have a relationship with Him. We have a kinship, we have an acknowledgement from Him. We have a vow with Him. We have a promise from him, that He will be there to deliver us from any “evil,” which in my estimation is a “misstep.” We have simply missed the mark. We have made a misstep (or some say “mistake”). Jesus will be there on the Other Side to course correct for us (His believers and followers). But if we don’t believe in Jesus, and this is where I am different than 99% of the people who talk about religion and spirituality, WE are simply hanging onto other branches. In the tree, if you look at a Banyan tree (it’s a prime example of what I see as the best representation of this principle). The Yew tree as well, is a prime example. The trunk of the Yew is made up from multiple branches, limbs, vines and so forth that wrap around and create a stronger trunk. All the branches wind around to form and strengthen the tree trunk. Branches spiral, twist, and wrap around each other. And so the tree itself, the base of the Yew tree is the combination of all of its branches.

Yew tree behind Rosslyn Castle in Scotland

Now why is this important? Because every faith and even if you aren’t a part of an organized Faith structure, you are a branch or vine and you are enveloped in the wrapping of this spiritual tree. So, if you can picture one single tree made of hundreds of branches or even thousands of branches, limbs, and vines–they are ALL connected. This is why the various paths lead to one place. There is an Above and there is a Below. You can reach both through any Faith branch. If you will. And if you are the lone person who believes in XYZ I still believe you can be enveloped by that tree (Omniscience) and be absorbed into that tree, either through one of the main branches or through a vine, or weed! Let’s say if we’re using that tree, Yew tree or Banyan tree as the example, it’s not impossible for a branch to be cast off.

But again, that involves choice. The creators choice and your choice. If you want to be enveloped in a part of that tree, whichever path you’ve chosen will get you there. Some paths may be more, may be shorter, or may be longer. Some paths may be more crooked and have more angles and you may look at those challenges as missteps, but eventually you will be welcomed into the fullness of that tree and it will be explained (to you).

thank OMniscience Allways (in ALL ways for ALL ways)

Answers may come after you’ve crossed over or transitioned into another consciousness. Again, (this is all larger) than Heaven and Hell. I see life as the growth of your consciousness and once you cross over, you’re going to continue growing! You may continue as a spark of divine consciousness. You may come back as a human. You may come back in another life form somewhere else on another realm. You may just hang on to a frequency in the Field. There’s any number of ways that you could continue to grow your consciousness and for those who are interested in reading more about that or studying more about that or hearing more about that I highly recommend the Institute of Noetic science (IONS). I also highly recommend the Monroe Institute. If you know of any other scientific exploration or scientifically backed exploration I would certainly be open to hearing about those communities in the comments section below this article.

Thank you. God bless you. God bless the universe. And the world. My heart is so open. And I see myself as a porous vessel. A vessel that longs for connection that longs for peace and unity, but I also understand that the fire can burn off chaff from the wheat. I understand the fire can purify. And I understand fire helps us destroy the things in our life that are no longer needed as we continue our track to improve and grow our consciousness. And with that said, Nothing is ever wrong. Everything Resolves to Gratitude. We grow through the dirt even when it’s unpleasant and we don’t consciously ask for it. But it’s necessary because we’re on this journey and our soul and spirit knows we need the growth. We have dirt in our lives that may be painful, messy, ugly, or horrible. But we’re on a mission. We’re on a journey and growth is our forward motion progress. With love, Sheila Murrey and… ?

Many blessings to you in ALL ways. Always.
Omniscience IS IN Everything. Go about your day with God knowing Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone. You are never alone.

p.s. Please comment and connect with me if you’d love to receive distance Reiki healing.

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