C.D., Florida

Thank you for talking with me and helping me feel better about a family member. Your words really helped to shift my perception! I am seeing that relationship in a whole new light now and I really appreciate it! (Hugs!)

Q.K., (Online)

OMG, I just literally needed to heat that right now in this moment. My soul needed to hear that, as I type through my tears, I want to say thank you. I was thinking I should just quit, just give up and go back … this has given me life.

V.P. Florida

Hi Sheila – thanks so much for being open to taking a look – I think we must be kindred spirits – so many crossovers!! Like I said, I think we have a LOT already in common – Hugs from So. Florida

Gregory Reece-Smith

As I read the Energy of Receiving I was struck by how our willingness or not to receive all Creation has to offer us determines our life. Especially Sheila Murrey´s Be Open To Receive.

Here was the full range of highs and lows we have all experienced as a result of being open to receive. The personal stories made me smile, Especially the first one about coming to enjoy coffee rather than pushing it away as disliked the flavour. 

The others all gently set out how much Murrey has evolved from being open to receive. Using everyday instances to highlight the depth and breadth of that change. Rather a lesson to us all about how enjoying life is the result of us being open to receive in all aspects of our daily life. Nothing special, just everything we do, see and speak about, let alone act on! A recommended read. 


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