Split energies

I’d been hearing for awhile about how we can experience energy drain, procrastination, and such by allowing our energies to be split. Or said another way, we can feel drained by focusing our energy in different directions.

Yin and Yang are split energies.


Yet, innovators like Anousheh Ansari (first female private astronaut), Elon Musk, and Naveen Jain (who is mining the moon) don’t seem to have any issues with “split energies.”

They are brilliant, forward thinkers, who have a focus on space, with still a foot grounded in reality.

These modern masters (I won’t go as far as to call them spiritual masters) speak about the future as if it is present our day reality! Have they mastered the split energies of yin and yang within themselves? And is that our only work, to keep our yin and yang energies in BALANCE?

Soul’s purpose

If we “buy in” to the spiritual concept that our soul’s purpose here is to learn from and understand our human experience and then gain clarity on its vision, we might consider the visionaries I named, modern day mystics.

As Abraham-Hicks teaches, when our soul gets clear (even for as little as 17 seconds), it shoots out ‘Rockets of Desire’ which manifests tangible results (whether we see or act upon these is a whole other story).

The modern day spiritual or mystic pioneer is manifesting at a level beyond what most of us do, and they seem not to have any split energy issues.

In the end

In the final analysis (from what I’ve learned thus far), everyone has an opinion about everything. And most love to express it. Some want to force others to change and believe as they do. That’s called, Control.

Most of us allow our Ego (a part of our mind), to hold tight to our beliefs (to the extent that we cut ties with relatives who think differently!) Ugh. Gasp! I know. 😢

But we can’t know ALL the answers. And we can’t change anyone except ourself (and that’s hard enough). We can come into Balance though. It is possible. Love and Life can find a way.

After ALL (in the end), Everything Resolves to Gratitude. ❤️🦋🌀🙏☮️☯️🎼

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