Otter: Rant on Whole-ism – Holism, Dao, and Health

The whole Dao thing

Am I recording? All right.

Well, I’m sitting here driving and just letting my mind go blank go into neutral, as we mostly drive on auto pilot with our subconscious anyway. And I’m noticing something as I’m thinking about Taoism and the whole ism thing, holistic and spiritual versus materialism.

So yeah, if it’s true that one of the things I’m supposed to do while I’m on the planet is act as a bridge, to bring heaven to earth (regarding the “as above so below” thing)… and seeing that a lot of my friends seem to gravitate toward or to me (my presence or my essence), because they also believe in Holism, Taoism, holistic health, Buddhism, New Age, or loving light.

But years ago, and I realized this when I was writing my book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life–a holistic health book—that a lot of people that were spiritual, manifesting as teacher, minister, messenger, psychic, nun or simply someone that works with the clergy, they tend to be unhealthy. They tend to be overweight, sometimes grossly overweight, quite obese, morbidly obese, or just the opposite. Conversely, some are tiny, skinny, they look like they they eat like a bird and they’re unhealthy. And, who knows, I mean, the picture of health may not be the perfect BMI or the perfect weight anyway.

Over or under weight

I mean, you could be overweight or underweight and still be perfectly healthy and perfectly fine. But I’m just saying that predominantly, you could kind of look at these people who were more spiritual, and they look like they weren’t taking care of their bodies, maybe as well as they could have. In my opinion. I look at the whole other group of people were really physical, you know, they’re physically active, even older seniors that are playing tennis or golf or pickle ball. All of that crowd you know, the golfers, the ones who walk and jog and swim and and do all this the yoga right the yogi’s who are probably perhaps the only people who are actually working on their physical body, their physicality and blending their spiritual with their consciousness of breath. They’re doing all of that to to bridge and to bring heaven to earth the yogi’s, right? So they’re practicing yoga every day, maybe multiple times a day. Not like me, the sporadic yoga person, but I get the reason.

So the reason I’m moving my body when I’m breathing is to imbue the cells of my body with oxygen that then goes into my blood, which I believe is where my soul is, I feel my soul through my GodBumps that I feel internally in my body. For more about that, see author Davie Pfaffle’s interview of me on his YouTube channel:

Internal Resonance

It’s a internal resonance. It’s a sensation that I feel I’ve written about and talked about for years. I know that my soul is in my blood when I put on good music and I feel the rhythm and I’m moving to it. That’s, that’s one reason why they call it soul music, right? Because you can FEEL it. You can feel this vibe in your body when certain music was on when certain music moved you when it touched you when it like, moved your emotions, right because that’s energy in motion.

You’re breathing and oxygenating your body while you’re dancing. You’re getting that oxygen which is from the ether or spirit and you’re getting that into your blood. So you’re oxygenating your blood, which is bringing heaven or ether or spirit into your body, which is your soul. Your soul is based in your body.

So anyway, not to get off track here, but I noticed that the spiritual people tended not to take care of their body. Spiritual types tend to have more body breakdowns like with body structure, even bones and ligaments and joints, aches, pains, arthritis, all kinds of chronic ills. And then the more physically fit people were they had to work harder to kind of get their mind straight or mind in order or reach for the spiritual. You know, they didn’t think they were spiritual people. They say things like, “I’m into my body.” I’m into the right weight for my body. I hear them say, “I’ve got the right physique and I go shopping and I buy all these clothes and I wear pretty shoes and heels” and all this sort of thing and they are really into their body! Look at them showing off on the social media. They are unapologetically vain, but then say they don’t feel spiritual. They often say they want to be more spiritual.

So I thought when I wrote my health book, I think there’s a market for somebody like me to talk with people who are seeking spirituality. Because they are physically fit, they do take care of their body and they get that their body is their temple. But they just feel like they need more they want to see more spirit, right? They want to grow their spirit or they want to, at least, understand their spirit, their soul, why they’re here and all that sort of stuff. But then you’ve got those people who have all the spiritual as well as, a lot of the spiritual answers but they’re just not taking good care of the body.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I can hit both groups, target markets, and help them–marry them, and come into balance and I had that thought when I met Master Lama Nicholas Packard (when he came across my path and I learned about Taoism and took Tai Chi Qi Gong lessons from him). I’d already been doing yoga and I’d already been meditating and I reasoned, this is just perfect because Lama Nicholas is now explaining Balance (to me) and polarity and why we have good and bad why we have good and evil in the world. Because it’s ALL order. Three brings polarity, bring this balance and you can’t have one without the other and it’s all about proportion. I was gonna say moderation but you know, that’s probably where some of those concepts come from is everything in moderation because it’s in proportion, everything needs to be proportionate.

So when you draw the circle, and you draw the wave inside the circle, and you draw the yin and yang, there’s a DOT in each one. There’s the little white in the black and there’s a little black in the white and that represents Balance–with a capital B. And the wave is the change that’s always occurring because when wind moves across the water, there’s always a wave on the water. The water is always moving–even if you can’t see it. There is a time and you’ve probably all experienced this when you look at a body of water and it’s completely balanced–calm. It’s like glass. And it perfectly reflects the sky. And you’re like, wow, for a moment there.

Shangri La and Water

I would think, for a moment at least, that I’m in Shangri La. I would think that I’m in a perfect state of ease, calm balance, right? Because water seeks its own level.

So yes, you can stir the water you can treble the water like the old song. But water will always seek its own Balance. Water seeks and conforms in each moment, to its own level–ALL the time. At some point water may take a while and the water may bubble and do all kinds of stuff. But at some point it will still and Balance.

So your body is like that because our bodies are more water than anything else and bacteria and fungi and microbes. Things like that. But the cells of our body are mostly water. So our body is mostly water. Our body is mostly in this state of constant chaos and turmoil and upset because we allow things to disturb us.

But what if, and this is what meditation is fo–what if we calm the body?

What if we calm the waters inside the body?

Then the body can start to heal and can start to do what it needs to do to regenerate itself so that when apoptosis occurs in the cell (and the cell dies), the next cell that’s made from the pattern of the previous cell, is replicated off a blueprint that’s good and healthy. You know, the cell that had a problem or had a cancer is gone and died and the one that replaces it now replicates from the good blueprint. Now, you’ve got a better chance of being healthy. And I think we all have a better chance of being healthy than we have of being ill.

I’ve been ill and I don’t like it. I don’t think a lot of people like being ill unless of course, they can gain something from it. There’s got to be a gain somewhere in it for them if they want to continue to be ill because I think most people don’t like to be ill.

I’ll do anything to get healthy, get better, and live well. So I would encourage you, especially if you have asthma, because that’s what I reversed in my body… yes, I regenerated my body from asthma. If you have any chronic ill, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of my book or even write to me if you can’t afford the 10 bucks that my book is selling for. But pick up a copy because it offers lots of tips, tricks, techniques and ideas for potential solutions.

3 virtues: detachment, indifference, sameness

When you begin to pay attention to the little things you do, day in and day out, that are things you do out of HABIT, you can begin to gain more awareness. And with awareness comes consciousness. Life offers so many choices! You can choose to change your health and live better–you can! You can begin by practicing the 3 virtues.


I mean, once upon a time I didn’t know any of this information. My husband’s aunt suggested acupuncture to me! Little did I know that by trying out acupuncture, which did indeed turn out to be something that helped me immensely, that I could heal my body. I had to do many, many sessions over a period of about six months to a year but I got off five prescription medications and then my body began to heal. I did other things too. I had to understand that I had a choice and could detach from the medical paradigm that I’d found myself ensnared in!

Eat whole food, release addictions

I cleaned up my diet. I started eating things that I’ve never eaten in my life like avocados and ginger, the real ginger root, garlic, lots of garlic and even I took garlic as a supplement to help clear up and then the mucus that was really kind of taken over my sinus and my lungs from eating a lot of dairy in particular cheese.

I was a cheese hound! But, I gave up cow cheese for a while and eat raw cheese occasionally now, YEARS LATER. But back then I ate raw vegan cheese made from nuts, and I made my own nut milks too. Now, I don’t go overboard and I will go without regular cheese for months–because it’s sometimes hard to find good unpasteurized raw cheese (though I love raw goat cheese the best).

Point here is, I healed using a combination of a lot of things like adding good supplements to my diet, eating partly eating less a lot less dairy. I never drank milk anyway and I didn’t eat much ice cream but cheese was my dairy product of choice. And I had to kinda get to a point where I could see my addiction to it. Any kind of “longing for something” can actually be “addiction.”

And doing things like meditation, yoga, Qigong back then helped me so much–back when I was healing of the asthma. I first had to stop torturing my body with those five pharmaceutical medications because they were only making me worse, making me dependent on them. And I didn’t want to take pharma drugs the rest of my life, which is exactly what I would have been doing. I had done for many years. So I would have continued to do that and my body would just simply gotten weaker, weaker than I would have gotten something that was whatever the side effect would be from all those medications.

Spiraling back for a moment–by the way, Pharma doesn’t test medications together. They may test the one or maybe two medications that are predominantly prescribed together, but they’re not going to test five medications together. So who knows what was going on in my body from taking 5 meds plus, weekly allergy shots for two years. But that’s another part of the story that’s in my book. That’s why I said earlier, I had become ensnared by the Pharma.

The spiritual path

What I can say is there’s two paths you can go down–you can choose spirituality. You can choose to get right with God, so to speak. You can choose to live like Jesus. Be like Jesus. Develop the virtues and attributes of someone that’s in heaven. But do it now while you’re on earth. You can choose from any number of diets like the raw vegan diet or a macro, or vegetarian diet, where you’re predominately eating whole clean foods, organic, sustainably sourced. You can do all those things and feel well, but if you’re missing out on your spiritual aspects, which would be beautiful time alone time when you’re praying and or meditating where you’re not asking for anything, you aren’t living in WHOLENESS.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving to Creator

When you’re giving material things up, living simply, not longing for stuff (or even people), not attaching to things, and when you’re living in gratitude, that’s getting WHOLE.

When you’re dancing in worship to your Creator, and you’re being thankful to your ancestors, your parents–without whom, having lived their lives, succeeded in overcoming the many obstacles they must have faced in their life–you wouldn’t be here. WOW! That’s awakening. If you’re not giving gratitude things to those folks every day, you’re missing you’re missing out on a component.

So I put together something called Integrated Spiral because I’m balancing and integrating ALL of this every day. But the point is, if you can do these things, live your beliefs and turn them into Practices, you don’t need to worry about being perfect. Just do your practices every day.

Do certain practices that bring health back into your body, as well as imbue spirit into your body. Honor the directions there’s more than four honor the season. Dress for the seasons eat with the seasons, it local foods. Spend time with family and friends and relatives and babies children. You’re not a person if you’re a person that doesn’t like children or can’t seem to relate with children learn you know, give it some time, practices. Talk with people that are from different countries and different backgrounds, different cultures. Open your mind, open your perspective. Change your perspective. Expand your consciousness and never forget that We Are All Connected. And what you do on your side of the tapestry affects someone on the other side of the tapestry when you pull that thread and again and I say give thanks. The best prayer that you can ever say is Thank You when you say it with intention and genuine authenticity. Thank you. Everything Resolves to Gratitude in the end, you’ll see much love and many blessings in all ways.

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Omniscience in and through ALL

From my notes, I offer you the following that you may use as meditation prompts or prayers:

Believing in the wellness that abounds! Omniscience in and through all. ❤️🦋🌀

Agreeing with your others who are believing for your wholeness. Omniscience health and well-being abounds, in, from every direction, through, above, and below ALL. Much love and many blessings to you in ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀

I love how you honor all you are Connected with to check on their well-being. 💙🦋🌀

I believe in you. I sense the greatness in you. I feel you can be your own doctor, priest, and shaman. Because there is a higher YOU within you. You were born for a purpose. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

Believing for this young person, who was born for a greater purpose, and whose family loves him/her infinitely. We agree in the wholeness and limitless wellness that abounds! Omniscience in and through all. ❤️🦋🌀🙏👼😇

I believe in the abundant wellness that abounds. We are worthy. We are loved. Our soul is always with us and our ancestors are in our blood. Our hero’s journey is not always easy, and that is as it should be. But, we are strong. We can win! We can become who we came here to be. ❤️🦋🌀〰️

God of compassion mantra for daily meditation: Om karuna swaha ❤️🦋🌀

Body = Jesus / me / each of us “do unto others”, “feed my sheep”, “done unto least of these” —Mind = Mind of God / Consciousness / All OneSpirit = Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost / Mystery / Ineffable / Unseen Force / Source Energy underpinning ALL ❤️🦋🌀〰️

Body, Mind, and Spirit = Trinity.
Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven. OM ❤️🦋🌀〰️🙏✝️

Holiness means to let go of our ego and fleshly desires. Be IN the world not OF the world. ❤️🦋🌀

Love God first with all of one’s mind, body, and soul. Seek first the kingdom of God and one’s needs will be taken care of. Our thoughts, making our own mind serviceable (self control) should come before any other “cares of this world.” Thus, one’s priorities must be in order. ❤️🦋🌀

My daily prayer:

  • I give thanks for my family members by name
  • I give thanks for my friends
  • I pray for anyone I have an issue with
  • I pray for anyone I ever had an issue with
  • I ask with humility for my needs to be met
  • I thank Omniscience for ALL because every experience I have had, has taught me something

Pray for your family, ALL of them. Pray especially for the ones you don’t like or harbor a grudge against.

Pray for your friends. Wish heaps of blessings upon them. You chose them!

Pray for your enemies.

For if you can love your enemies, everything else becomes easy!

If you have any problem with that, think of Jesus’ words on the cross, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” ❤️🦋🌀✝️

My signature symbols: heart, butterfly, Energy: Spiral and Flow.

Remember, people change. We each learn at differing rates of speed. Don’t judge your progress by looking at anyone else. None of them started at the same time you did. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

The following came to me by way of Founder, The Sacred Science, Nick Polizzi:

It is said that His Holiness the Dalai Lama considers this text to be THE source for developing altruism in your character and the “Spirit of Awakening.” It is also said that His Holiness the Dalai Lama recites this prayer every morning as part of his waking rituals. So, if you include it in yours, you are in good company!

Bodhisattva Prayer for Humanity

“May I be a guard for those who need protection
A guide for those on the path
A boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood
May I be a lamp in the darkness
A resting place for the weary
A healing medicine for all who are sick
A vase of plenty, a tree of miracles
And for the boundless multitudes of living beings
May I bring sustenance and awakening
Enduring like the earth and sky
Until all beings are freed from sorrow
And all are awakened.”

Many blessings to you, dear bright shining ones, in profound and beautiful ways, ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

With love when your beloved is passing

When your loved one is passing, or has just crossed over to the Grand Beyond, OUR collective hearts are with you, dear one!

Any perceived loss of life, feels like loss for ALL of us, as I ponder a quote from my dear, minister uncle:

The loss of life, no matter how old or young, one minute or 100 years is a loss for us as human beings.

Our consolation is that one day WE will see them, meet them and share with them for all of eternity. For now and hereafter they remain with God in a beautiful realm of peace and love, they are living and growing and experiencing the best of everything. They will have much to tell us and WE to tell them.

I will in no way rush my time, but on the other hand I can’t wait to see what all God has prepared for us and be able to have unlimited learning and exploration and share with all peoples from the beginning of creation.

I firmly believe we will be able to re-remember what it was like before we left that wonderful place before we left to come here. There is so much to look forward to.

Jim Withee

Everybody hurts

We all know when a beloved transitions, what is an exuberant ride for them into the Grand glorious Beyond, can trigger sadness, and any or all stages of grief in us!

We grieve their daily struggles, and perhaps lack of presence while they are in an earthly body, if they were ill.

We, those you see and those of us you cannot see, lift you (those of you in grief or struggle) UP, uplifting ALL in love. Believe that. Know that.

Cry. Tears can be cleansing. Grief hurts. Release.

We are lifting you UP, IN, OUT and THROUGH in big ole ACTIVE prayer 🙏 believing always (in ALL ways!) for your better health, healing, and vitality!! For your highest good. For your wholeness.

It is possible for you to LISTEN and witness another’s grief, upset, without getting energetically sucked in.

Big God


One might even say, Omniscience! 💕

In so thinking about Omniscience, an Ever-Living, Ever-Conscious, Ever-Expanding, Ever-Pulsing, Ever-BEing… WE KNOW nothing (no thing) happens outside of Omniscience. Therefore, WE are ALL enveloped by Omniscience. And WE are ALL so LOVED!!

Love yourself. Then, go BE LOVE!

And if you misstep, don’t worry. As soon as you see, become aware, of the misstep, right your footing, start again. Like a toddler learning to walk, you can do this. It is ALL practice.

On loss

When it feels like the world is turning in slow motion…
Honor their memory.
Get back into your body, exercise and move.

Sometimes we experience loss, not only when we lose a loved one to the so-called death process, but when we lose a job or home. Any change in our daily routine can set us up to FEEL loss.

Please know your feelings are natural, even when your perceptions are only based on your physical senses (or illusions). It is natural to grieve. Yet, you don’t need to get stuck there.

I’m not merely sorry for your loss (which always sounds callous to me when people say that), I am sorry for your grief. I don’t think grief is good. I know tears can be cleansing, but sh*t. Grief hurts.

There is Limitless, Infinite Love available for you.

You are never really ever alone.

Reach for us. WE are with you.

Whatever WE can do, our intentions are to do for you while you are going through sad times.

Know WE are there for you in spirit.

In ALL directions, Above, and Below, as in Heaven, grounded on Earth, WE are there.

We are ALL One

Speak love to the 100 trillion cells of your body.

Feel our presence, Now.

WE are ONE.

If you are upset about anything, or in grief (like me), or have read / viewed things that got your dander up, (especially things that call out “unifying” as bad—even if you are already balancing and lifting that), we can work through it together.

I am breathing with you ALL.

We Are ALL Connected.

Everything Resolves to Gratitude.❤️

In, around, and through. Big Love. Hugs!


What LIGHTS me up? Divine Flame

What is it that lights me up? What’s the Divine Flame?

My purpose is what lights me up.

I sit and look at my PEACE board that I drew for my Integrated Spiral™ program. And what I see, what I know is that I AbSOULutely love to talk and share from my Soul about holistic health, healing, transformation, and of course, Omniscience God and Spirit! ❤️🦋🌀

Per my body graph:When I feel resistance, or frustrated, it is because I made a decision by mental reasoning. My strategy is to respond until I feel satisfied. Unless I am a subtype of Manifestor, my job was never to be the Peacemaker I felt forced to be.

Yesterday, I let go…

Divine Flame

I let go of a 3 year friendship and wellness community (of which I had been a vocal and very visible part of—both on social media and blogging). Done.

Pain pushes until vision pulls.

I walked barefoot in the hot Florida sand.

I cried cleansing tears for less than 5 minutes.

My grief turned to compassion easily. —That’s because I do my Byron Katie “turnarounds.” And “go general” as Abraham-Hicks say. I am very adept at finding my next better feeling thought.

I worked my program of Spiral mechanics on my feelings. —I go deep to rise above, remembering what I have learned from my teachers (Dispenza, Lipton, Hof, Beckwith, Sadhguru, Lama Nicholas, Terrence McKenna, etc) so I can integrate and embody MORE.

What happened? WHY end a friendship?

NO ONE seems suspicious of the mainstream narrative. And while I am not necessarily suspicious, I do question and push back when I feel the need to take care of myself. I still Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life! Yes, I do! I read my own book over and over to remind mySelf.

Until now, for most of my life of 59 years, I have been a peacemaker. I would most naturally choose to back down from a confrontation.

But I am becoming more discerning.

I used to walk away from a fight because when one walks away, the fight ends. I learned that from the years I watched my parents argue, yell, and bicker. It’s the path of least resistance for me. Call it a coping skill. Whatever. It worked for me. It allowed me to give myself compassion. To love mySelf.

So, I don’t judge mySelf for that.

Yes, I have burned bridges in the past. It was necessary and I have no regrets. It kept me “safe.” Whatever that really means.

But NOW?

Now, I want to stand my sacred ground.

I don’t want to back down.

My Irish ire is up. Haha!

I have grown a backbone.

I know I’m a good person. But it’s more than that, (and because I know we are Energy beings, and that it’s ALL ENERGY), I am a multidimensional WHOLE person, who is worthy of being heard, at least, if not respected or honored. Those are all just labels anyway.

Yes, I am worthy to BE HERE NOW. Bless it!

I love to listen to Russell Brand, Brian Rose, Dr Joe Dispenza, Sadhguru and those leaders who can look and value ALL perspectives.

I teach Integrated Spiral™ courses because they have grown me into WHOLENESS!

🌀 Energy Tuning

🔵 Mirror ball: Valuing ALL perspectives

🌱 Growing & F-L-O-W-I-N-G (Everything Resolves to Gratitude)

☯️ Kaleidoscope: Finding value in Everything, Interconnectedness (We Are All Connected)

Yesterday. I was triggered by certain personal messages and responses, that differed from past conversations on the particular triggering topic, which I totally had not expected. Yep, I was blind-sided.

In the online community, of which we are both a part of many are supportive of each other. And I was often told what a wonderful person I was when introductions were made. We were supposed to be uplifting, inclusive, spreading love & light, ETC.

Well, I’m apparently not so wonderful anymore! Make one perceived misstep and it’s judgment city! Ha!

I simply brought an issue to light that a simple, “okay” would have been all the communication I needed. If that had happened, everyone would have easily moved on with their day. But, noooo!

Thus today, I witness the power of the Divine Flame 🔥 to burn away what isn’t necessary in my life and clear another path forward. We’re off to see the wizard, as the song says! ❤️🦋🌀🎼〰️🔥🙏☯️

Themes that runs through my life

  • Airwaves
  • Connection
  • CB Radio
  • Voice (Human Design speaks to this too, i.e. Throat – useful in getting attention)
  • Tone
  • Singing
  • Ego / Not being heard/acknowledged. My Spirit knows it doesn’t really matter. And that what does matter is ALIGNMENT
  • Healing: colitis/asthma all seeking peace from stress, hostility, fear, self preservation because I felt suffocated
  • Loved church (learning about God)
  • Loved chiropractic and how good it made my body feel, breathe easier
  • Loved to play not fight – why did others break my toys?
  • Loved the little old family cemetery—though little scary that was behind our neighbors house
  • Loved horses, cats, dogs
  • Loved driving, riding motorbikes
  • Deep thinker from talking more with adults than children when I was growing up
  • Loved to go down the street (escape home)*
  • Loved to play on the tracks / golf course, both opposite ends of my street*

*Wrote about this in First Friends

My Mission is unfolding

I’m noticing that a person’s mission can be different throughout life. I desire my mission to fulfill my purpose.


Perhaps by doing all of the following:

  • Blogging
  • Writing books
  • Creating courses
  • Public speaking
  • Vlogging
  • Podcasting
  • Singing
  • Emceeing events

What’s a crazy thing I could do?

Put on a huge event showcasing ENERGY (Resonance Academy types, solar and off grid types, original music / songwriters, hand crafting artisans, storytellers, alchemists, holistic wellness practitioners, yogis, etc.)

What’s in my way?

What actions am I not taking?
What are my excuses?
What’s the real reason, belief that is holding me back?

Fear of Failure Fear of Success (I’ll have to quit my job, and my struggle is hugely tied to my education and career)

Fear of being told to “just get over yourself” (which I’ve already heard twice since starting to share my unapologetic truths), so guess I should just go BIG

Fear I don’t have a thick enough skin (because I’m so raw, empath)

Too old and not have enough energy

Fear of uncontrolled outcomes (like shock of spider, snake appearing on me)I can’t handle it (At the bottom of every fear)

Fear of upsetting those I love or who love me

What are the turnarounds?

Now, to TURN those around.

I have been successful in life.

I have failed, been scared, and risen from the ashes!

I have survived much worse than somebody’s judgement

I am continually growing my skin and participate in Empath Evolution and Women’s Soul Journey.

I’m wise and age is just a number. Look at all those older than me doing amazing things!

I don’t have to know how to handle every shocking event! Yet, I can handle it.

I will manage it (step by step).

We’re meant to do hard things.

Being unapologetic is freeing.

Who DO I think I am?

Look at what your ancestors struggled through to bring YOU into the world!! I acknowledge my ancestors DAILY

Don’t keep writing your future from your past. Write about the feelings of it, and then the details.

Lesson to grandchildren: I am
Let go of limiting beliefs Know power, strengths, Fears.

Who implanted these fears in me?

Stop fixing it – pop the DOING “bubbles“

Don’t sweat the small stuff

You and I are worthy

What’s bugging me?

Do something about it

Hang out with positive people!

Hang out with children

Hang out with older people

Ask them what they think, and listen! ❤️🦋🌀😘

What’s your vision?

Your core message to the world lights you up!

Transformation-hope-don’t give up

What do you think is stopping you?

Keynotes are different than aspiring free talks

What’s my vision?

My transferrable skills, credentials, spill over to this arena because I am a detective, scientist, tester, credible.

The vision of my future that fits in a picture frame.

Before accepting new commitments, look at my board and see if new opportunities align!!! Big one!! Especially after yesterday 6/14/21

What are my business commitments?

  • JOB (M-F 8am-4pm eastern)
  • Integrated Spiral: self-coaching program
  • Murrey Creations: Marketing our original music
  • Blogging
  • Primal Life Organics product tester reviewer

What are my personal commitments?

  • To myself, self care and spiritual growth/soul expansion
  • To my husband, without whom my life would lack richness
  • Video chats with granddaughters
  • Adult children and neighbors
  • Calls to family and friends
  • Community- herb garden and fruit trees

What are my Spiritual/Soul commitments?

To continue learning from and conversing with: Omniscience, Richard, Jennifer, Resonance Academy, Dr Joe Dispenza, Mindvalley, Abraham-Hicks, Neale Donald Walsch, Stephen Simon, Jerry, Alania, Patricia, Beverly, Doris, Amber, Michelle, Heatherhoney, Shelley, Patti, Elasa, Omaji, Queen-Kimmie, Sharon, Joanne, Jade, Alana, Guvinder, and more!

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