After Jan 17th Tuesday night Reiki circle

I recorded this just after leaving a recent Tuesday night Reiki circles. I wanted to come to you with a few thoughts because I usually opened up from flowing Reiki energy and feeling the GodBumps. And singing the song at the end and holding hands. Tonight we had almost all new attendees at the circle (again). (This was recorded 17-Jan-2023). I continue to see the symbols in my mind’s eye and a word drops in, Interactions.


Maybe integrating the spiral is simply about our interactions with things like our interactions with books, that people that we’ve received from people that people have written, that in the margins have the words like my mother’s Bible that I use to understand her mind and what she was learning and what she was pulling from and interacting with spirit during her reading of her Bible, that she would make those notes in the margins and I love that because it gives me a clue gives me insights into what she was thinking at that time at that precise moment. So we’re also interacting with symbols.

The cross

The only thing the cross is good for is crossing over. That’s the symbolism of the cross. We’re crossing over. Why else would we celebrate a torture device? Why would we wear a symbol of a torture device some the place where Jesus was crucified where he anguished languish and succumbed to death? Of course, as Christians, we believe that Jesus, you know, beat death. He went to hell. He intervened, and he did his work. He did his shadow work, maybe in hell for three days. We’re told.

So we see the cross as a symbol of the resurrection. But the cross was his means of death, his means of transformation, his torture device. So it’s like that saying about why did we fear the witches instead of those who Burn them alive? It’s the same kind of thought that applies here. So I’ve never been big on wearing a cross or using the cross in any of my messages. But I can see the importance of it. And one particular aspect is the crossing over. And that intersection between heaven and earth, and light and dark.

Yin Yang symbol

I prefer the yin and yang symbol . Yin and Yang. After learning of this symbol and after meditating on it, and seeing it breathing and pulsating and pulsing and being in a rhythm. And watching that wavy line in the middle, which to me symbolizes balancing. Be about the wave in the ocean. You know, it’s ebb and flow always signifies that you never get it done. And that’s what Abraham says–that you never get it done.

Quit striving for perfection

So, quit striving for perfection. Enjoy and milk the joy out of everything. Milk the joy out of your day, out of each moment, and out of each breath! We are never guaranteed another breath when you embrace that sit with that every breath is sacred.

Every breath is sacred

You are aware that every breath is sacred. Every thought is a prayer! We were taught and told in the Holy Scriptures to pray without ceasing. How else would you pray without ceasing? I mean, you’re gonna pray you’re gonna then do something you’re gonna get disrupted with the children or with your work or with your boss calling or your husband needing something you know what I mean? So the only way we can pray without ceasing, is by honoring each breath is sacred.

Just my thought for today. I do. I’ve been wanting to get this down, and now seems like a good place to do it.

Living prayer

A few days ago, my mom woke me up–and my mom is on the Other Side, in the Grand Beyond. She woke me up I think we had a few minutes together that I forgot. Completely lost most of the dream, but the takeaway was, (as I was waking) her last words to me were, “Your aura is a living prayer.” Your aura is a living prayer. And then I saw my chakras. I saw the spinning wheels of the vortex energy, the light photons spinning. I saw them opening each chakra. And then what my intention was. And finally, what my thoughts were. All of this was mind-work (in my mind). I saw my aura forming and interfacing from that spinning vortex energy going out into the aura. My aura contained all of that. And that was the living prayer. And doesn’t that lead us to discover and put more meat around a concept Gregg Braden teaches, that the Universe is a Living Organism? I will explore this in my next Reiki post (if the Universe is willing). OM

Gregg Braden - The Universe is a Living Organism

Photo credit: Gregg Braden Wisdom Traditions – The Universe a Living Organism

Transcribed by and grammar-checked using Grammarly.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Continued… Everything Resolves to Gratitude

Everything Resolves to Gratitude (Again)

After my dad’s passing, transition to the Grand Beyond, or his “Celebration Day” (March 2019), I continue to get little “winks” from him that “All is okay” on the other side of The Veil. And that makes me smile.

And since my mom’s crossing over beyond The Veil, I’ve had visitations from her! Thus, “I Know,” have become words I say often when referring to life on the Other Side.

Previous post:

Everything Resolves to Gratitude

I love teaching large and complex topics: like we’re part of God, or different leaves on a tree. And when I want to observe MORE, I take my shoes off (as I did when we laid my parents to rest recently in my home state:

When I hugged the boxes that held each of my parents’ remains, I tried to say, “I love you eternally,” but my voice was stunted. I couldn’t eek out the words! But I knew, they knew, and that was ALL that mattered. My intention reverberated throughout space and time in that single MOMENT.

We are all one with God

Now, and for some time, I’ve felt we are “fractals of Omniscience” and I have often spoke about that concept. But when I hear people say, “We Are All One” it really magnifies that point.

I soulfully love the practice of imagining the fractal though, as it points out that “as above, so below” insofar as we are created in the same fashion as our Creator, and we beget, in the same design. A fractal is defined as:

Definition of fractal:

Everything Everywhere

Check out the movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and you may begin to see what I’m referring to when I say, we’re a part of Everything happening all at the same time. We’re limitless.

The ocean are drops of water, all over the planet–even underneath the earth’s crust.

A fractal of Omniscience

As a fractal of Omniscience, designed into Spirit, Soul, Mind (the Infinite and Unified Field), and Body (a sort of earth suit or meat suit–that’s made up on 70-100 TRILLION cells), you really can speak to anything that’s going on in your body and recreate it! Your body is always listening to YOU!

The ocean is made up of millions of drops of water. Each drop of water contains the ocean within it.

If our physical senses had a different frequency range, we would SEE the infinite vibrations (energies and frequencies) and whir of interconnected fractals. I love sitting in wonderment of what different species see and hear… as some see much better at night than we do, and dogs hear and smell so much more than us too!

Observing your WORDS can lead to Awareness

Record yourself freely speaking for a few minutes and then watch it. What do you repeat often? There’s power in analyzing the words and phrases you say repeatedly.

I love focusing on the OM (as found in OMniscient, OMnipresence, and OMnipotent attributes of Source Creator God). OM is hidden in many everyday words like cOMe, hOMe, sOMe, wOMan, and tOMb. 

What words do you repeat often? What are your “go to” phrases to encourage yourself and others?

Many blessings to you in ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀🎼〰️🙏☯️🌅💦🌱🌳🌴🌲

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I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, natural health foods store, art fair, music or yoga festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. I’m an Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon. Visit my author’s page here. 

Plus, I documented how I naturally reversed 30+ years of chronic asthma in my holistic health book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, that’s available on Barnes and Noble: here

Be the best version of who you want to be. As it really does affect us ALL. We Are All Connected.

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Wrap up session using Integrated Spiral

The following wraps up our example session and my previous post, where we used the Integrated Spiral™ DE-Program as a method of organizing our handwritten notes (which had previously been an unorganized, chaotic pile of note cards):

Integrated Spiral session wrap

Hello everybody, my name is Sheila Murrey and I run a DE-Program called, Integrated Spiral™. This DE-Program can be used in a multitude of ways, as it’s a way of getting thoughts out of our heads (easing anxious thoughts), feeling heard and supported (by sharing in an intimate group), and putting our ideas into action (be it writing a book, creating a course, or preparing a business plan)! And now, this article wraps up the example we worked through on June 4th, 2022.

At this point, we have the pieces of information organized. Our example was to take a lot of disparate notes and create one large task, like writing a book, or developing a program or a course, or even starting a business (because we have acquired a LOT of information over our years on the earth). Haha!

We took physical action and moved our information from the 3.5 x 5 cards to whatever computing application or tool we had available. Or if we didn’t have the app or tool that we thought we might need, we downloaded and installed that.

In my previous example, we had moved all of our information to a mind map, as shown:

Mind Map software tool to organize your digital notes, references, etc.

How the Spiral process helps

Whenever you’re interrupted or distracted from working on your project, the spiral holds space for you to stop (with different topics in play) and restart without any need to work on a schedule. You can always interweave any rabbit holes you’ve gone down as well, into the spiral pattern.

Spirals carved into ancient stones of Sacred Site: Newgrange (Boyne Valley, County Meath, Ireland)

When I started working on a new course within Integrated Spiral™, I used this process and found it most effective and satisfying Indeed, the process eased the pressure off.

Copying and pasting

From the mind map, copy and paste headings and text content into whatever format needed to complete your project. For blog posts (like this one), I usually skip the mind map and move my text directly into an app on my phone, such as the WordPress app when the outcome I desire is a blog article. But for anything else, I either copy and paste into an email and send it to myself, or any kind of notes app on my phone.

Note: I quit using the Notes app on my iPhone this year because I found it was auto-saving each and every note I opened in the app and creating a gmail message, which was filling up my gmail account and I didn’t want 1000 versions of notes in my gmail account. I have been emailing myself snippets of content and using my unread emails as a way to prompt me to complete each task, whether it be adding that content to a draft version of something on my computer or creating a social media post, etc.

Here’s a quick list of applications and tools you may consider using (even for simply one part of your project) depending upon the outcome desired:

  • WordPress app (I use the app on my phone to begin a draft, then complete each blog article from the browser WordPress app on my laptop)
  • Word (on a PC), Pages (on a Mac), or Docs (Google Docs) for any written text
  • Excel (on a PC), Numbers (on a Mac), or Sheets (found within Google Docs) application for any kind of accounting or sorting project, like a budget or list of titles you want to alphabetize
  • PowerPoint (on a PC), Keynote (on a Mac), or Slides (Google Docs) for any kind of course or presentation
  • Forms (on a PC), Forms (Google Docs) for any kind of online forms creation software, such as: 123FormBuilder, Cognito Forms,, Form Tools, JotForm, Ninja Forms, TellForm, Typeform, or Wufoo.
  • Facebook “Story” builder (can create and not publish a story and screen capture to use their backgrounds) for building social media memes
  • SurveyMonkey for online surveys

Create a draft version

Weave all of your parts or chapters together to form the draft version. You might consider sharing the draft with several beta testers (those friends or family, even other WordPress readers) who will read your work and spot any details you may have missed, such as spelling, grammar, or overall readability.

Make any changes to the draft that are necessary.

If you are creating a book or course, you may want to copy and paste your content into specific proprietary systems such as WordPress or Smashwords for self-publishing. Or at this point, you could send your edited manuscript to an editor or publisher.

FEELING check point

One of the big benefits of this process is the feelings of ease that are built into it.

How are you feeling now?

You’ve had to search and find a few tools perhaps. Did that grow your curiosity? Good!

You’ve had to stop to take care of anything else pressing. When you returned to this task, did you find it easier? You could find your place to begin again, with ease?

Now, that you’re nearing completion, are you feeling the accomplishment in this? And yes, mental ease? If so, brilliant! That’s a big benefit of this DE-Program philosophy and loose framework.

Integrated Spiral™ Daily Gratitude F-L-O-W

Let’s do this main process WITHIN Integrated Spiral™. (As before, I’m letting you ALL in on a bit of a secret! Shhhh… haha!)

Perform the DAILY Gratitude F-L-O-W consisting of the following movements:

  • Bow flow, sweep hands together – from the outside in
  • From the inside tap or pat, hug and swipe the body
  • Think/Consider: Ancestors. Breath. Water. Spiral blood flow. Foods that nourish.

This is the morning gratitude ritual we can do before we begin work (on anything) and at the end to honor and release our time.

Breathe with the movements. From and with an open heart in all directions. Movement starts from the inside. Turn, turn turn in the image of the spiral. Food starts from the outside. Gratitude for all inside and outside. “We can choose the thoughts we dwell on” Les Brown. That’s a quote. Think: Listen to what I tell myself. How am I doing? Scale radius units human ratios universe. Observational units unified physics, energy mass surface to volume, ratio relationships, effects (Nassim Haramein) and the division of space and space memory. Electromagnetism diverging opposite of gravity, converging one attracts, one repels. Divergent and convergent.

Rest in the spaces between and the thoughts grow larger with practice, mind my own energy or manage my own energy. We are each a fractal of Omniscience.

We work, honor, rest, and meditate while playing in the space of the Integrated Spiral™.

Spiral summary list

In summary, the main ideas are to:

  • Use the Integrated Spiral™ process to ease your mind and move thoughts to index cards, talking through the cards and recording using Otter to transcribe
  • Organize the cards in a spiral fashion to bring order and a feeling of space in and leave room to add, as well as hold space for when you are distracted
  • Stack (by turning each category of cards a quarter turn and placing on top of each other) if you have to stop the process at any point and clear the table, bed, or floor space where you’ve been working
  • Mind map for additional clarity, as needed (and if desired) especially helpful if you’ll reuse chunks of content for additional projects
  • Copy and paste from the mind map (or Otter file if you skipped the mind mapping) to whichever phone app or computing tool you think will work best depending up the outcome you desire
  • Create a draft version
  • Find willing victims (hehe) readers to beta test the project, read the book, take the course, or join the program
  • Edit and polish (before copying and pasting into final a proprietary system, especially if you’re using something like Smashwords to self-publish a book)
  • Send the manuscript to an editor or publisher, or choose to self-publish
  • Everything happens for a reason and purpose. So, our purpose here is to “connect the dots” as we bridge Heaven to Earth. See my previous blog dedicated to we’re all connected, you may wish to read.

We are complete

Did you enjoy (IN Joy) these two articles?

Did the spiral process intrigue you?

Would you like to get to give it a try? If so join us here.

And remember, everything is a suggestion. (Wink!)

Everything is a suggestion.

Many blessings to you in ALL ways. Amen. Namaste. OM

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

Fractal of Omniscience. “Spiral Sister”🌀Observer & Perceiver of Energy & Wisdom from Nature. Empath|Author|Connector|Speaker|Singer.❤️🦋🌀🎼〰️🙏🔥☯️

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, natural health foods store, art fair, music or yoga festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. I’m an Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon. Visit my author’s page here. 

Plus, I documented how I naturally reversed 30+ years of chronic asthma in my holistic health book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, that’s available on Barnes and Noble: here

Be the best version of who you want to be. As it really does affect us ALL. We Are All Connected.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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Going deep with Integrated Spiral

The following was transcribed by Otter during a one hour personal Integrated Spiral session:

Raw audio file of this blog post.

Integrated Spiral session introduction

Hello everybody, my name is Sheila Murrey and I run a specialized kind of DE-Program called, Integrated Spiral™. And I would like to take you through an example of what I do in that program and how I work it personally for myself and then at the end, I will give you some information about the DE-Program and if you feel led to become involved, or take part, or give this loose framework (as I call it) – how you can give it a try.

So to begin with, this program is really good for people who struggle with accomplishing a fairly large task, like writing a book, or developing a program or a course, or even starting a business (where you have to) put together a lot of information.

Perhaps you’ve collected many books that you want to draw upon the information from those books. And you want to do that in a proper way so that you’re not plagiarizing from those books, and you want to cite your sources and put together an index and cross reference and things of that nature.

Laying it all out

So in your idea (in your mind) of writing a book, it becomes a very large task. It is in fact a project! And being that I have worked in the information technology arena as an IT consultant, a business analyst and a technical writer, I certainly have the business skills that I can put to use here and help you. But beyond that, my love and my passion is personal transformation and growth. It’s helping people. And if I can help you feel better about organizing your information, putting it into a structure that will facilitate you accomplishing your task, whatever that task is, maybe it’s that you are organizing an upcoming wedding. It can be anything literally. It can be buying a house; I’m trying to think of examples folks have brought to me, but primarily I’ve worked (the Integrated Spiral™ DE-Program methods) with folks who are healing their body of a chronic illness.

Spiral sidebar about healing

Now, let me give my disclaimer right up front. I’m not a doctor. I do not work in the medical profession and I’m not a mental health professional. But I have helped people lessen to some degree, their grief, or depressive thought patterns.

We’ve seen chronic ills improve. I won’t go as far as to say healing of other people’s health situations. But I have Healed my body–the body that my spirit inhabits. I have healed it of asthma. I’ve healed it of an ovarian cyst that if I had let my GYN my female doctor gynecologist try to resolve, she would have cut me open and taken everything out. I would have had a full hysterectomy because it was a painful ovarian cyst, but it was one that liked to play tricks and hide. So I had all kinds of different ultrasounds and every time we looked it would either change positions or it would disappear, reappear or hide itself; she wasn’t sure what was going on, but we knew (it was there somewhere) because I had pain. And we could feel something there. But we couldn’t necessarily scientifically see something was there without going in and physically seeing it through surgery. So, that was her proposition to me and I refused to do that. I went back to an acupuncture physician in Orlando, Florida that I knew whom had been the teacher, the trainer for acupuncture to a previous acupuncture doctor I had seen, so it was almost like going to back to the source.

In my opinion, I trusted her and had done quite a bit of acupuncture when I was healing of the asthma: getting off of five different asthma and allergy medications and easing my allergies, seasonal allergies; all kinds of things have vastly improved ever since I did that in 2005. It took six months (to heal) and I write about this in my book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Holy, Vibrant Life. In that book, I explained that whole process so I won’t go through that again here. But suffice to say in six months, I was off of five (5) pharmaceutical medications. My oxygen levels improved. I was breathing much deeper, more fully and speaking clearly. It even improved my speaking voice so here we are now. To this date, it’s 2022, so (I healed this body) over 15 years ago!

Because I believe my body healed, I believe any body can heal.

I am the LIVING EVIDENCE of TRUTH, of the body’s ability to HEAL!

If you cut your finger you can watch that cut close up and heal over the course of two or three days, depending upon your body’s rate of healing. But everybody is different. That (healing) is something you can witness for yourself. I’m not saying to (go and) cut your finger. I’m saying IF you cut your finger or something like that, you can watch that heal. I’ve also healed and watched moles fall off my body. I have literally used essential oils (to heal these) and either twist or just lightly rubbed the surface of the mole and within four or five days, up to three weeks depending upon what the mole is and how deep its roots go and things like that. It will literally fall off my body. I have I and some of the ones I’m still working on. I have shrank the mole in size–if I drew a circle around it and called it 100% initially, it would now be it like 25%– and it’s become much much lighter and much smaller in the height it stands up off the or from the surface of the skin. So I do believe the body can heal, naturally.

I’ve used I exercises and improved my eyesight! I have astigmatism and wear glasses for that. But my distance vision has definitely improved, so much so that when I go to get a new prescription and I only go every three years, they usually think that the previous one was wrong because they can’t accept the fact that I just turned 60 years old in January and my eyesight is improving because everybody else’s gets worse! But I maintain that the use of the prescription lenses are what actually weaken the eye. So I take my glasses off for large parts of the day. And I look out the window or I go outside and walk and I look off into the distance. When I’m working and I can’t get outside I look off into the distance and exercise my long distance vision without the prescription eyeglasses to help my eyes heal (get stronger). So I can give you example, after example, after example and I do that in my book. The point of this talk and the point of this blog is to give you details about how I would walk myself through the DE-Progam, Integrated Spiral™.

Why DE-Program?

Right off the bat, what do I mean by DE-Program? Well, as I’ve just explained, I believe the body can heal itself and THAT pretty much runs contrary to what you hear on anything mainstream, especially now. It’s all this reliance upon pharmaceutical medications, vaccines, anything and everything. From the outside in. I believe in stimulating what’s inside my body by acupressure, acupuncture, herbs, essential oils, things like that. And yes, those are put on the outside of the body but I’m stimulating what’s inside the body (to actually DO the healing work). One could argue that the pharmaceutical drugs and the back scenes doing the same thing, but I am using means that are more natural that are less, that there’s less money behind and that there’s less chance of manipulation of, so nothing’s perfect. At least most things are not going to be perfect, in my opinion. But this is the way that I choose to tackle it instead of relying upon something that’s driven by billion dollar industry and that can be politically manipulated, charged (extreme amounts of money for), or withheld.

What I do and how I approach healing of the body is something that once learned, no one can ever take away from you. No one can ever stop you from healing in that way, even if it is simply by means of meditation, which is probably the first and foremost (uncontrollable methods). Prayer and meditation are probably the best forms of natural and holistic healing that we have, but many, many people will not turn to those FIRST, they’ll turn to those last (if at all–because they’ve been “programmed”).

This is a different paradigm

You can see the different paradigm in which I’m coming from right off the bat. That’s why iIntegrated Spiral™ is a DE-Program because I’m taking you through a loose framework and a structure and a process that helps you to release a lot of the anxiety causing and fear based (underlying) tactics the mainstream uses to threaten you really, and and make you feel like you have no hope but their medicine and their outlook, and their diagnosis, and prognosis (their dogma–and yes, Science definitely has a dogma associated with it).

I say, look within and what I talk about my modus operandi, our mantra is, heal thyself. Let food be thy medicine. And if it can’t hurt, why not (at least try it).

Now, I’m not advocating that you go take snake venom or something that’s a known toxin to your body in order to stimulate your body to heal (though what the hell is chemo and radiation???).

I’m advocating that simply by eating good, clean, whole, local fresh food and herbs and knowing how to use them in the proper amounts can work wonders and they can still work fairly fast.

You know, one of the tenants and the reason that a lot of people turn to Western medicine or allopathic medicine, is that they can take the pill for every ill and it and it resolves the ill fast like an aspirin for a headache, but that used to be true. But now it seems like if you take too many aspirins, you end up with an ulcer or you end up with some other side effect that if you had just went to and tried to identify or detect what the root cause was of your headache, maybe it was drinking diet soda. You quit drinking diet soda your headache goes away. It can be that simple. Maybe you have dry eye, you drink more water throughout the day, and your dry eye symptoms disappear. Magic poof, go figure. All right.

Why call it a Spiral process?

To get back to the subject, again, one reason why this is called Spiral is because I tend to spiral off into different topics of discussion, in an effort to just help paint you the larger picture. But sometimes I do go down the spiral rabbit hole.

Spirals carved into ancient stones of Sacred Site: Newgrange (Boyne Valley, County Meath, Ireland)

When I started working on the project (that is a new course within Integrated Spiral™), I thought I really need to walk through this and take all the information that I’ve been gathering on three and a half by five (3.5 x 5) cards for months and months and also some handwritten notes that I had, and there was a lot of disparate information and thoughts. And so that’s where this deprogram can really come in handy. For more information, see my previous post:

When to use Integrated Spiral™

Integrated Spiral™ can come in handy if you just have a pebble in your shoe and you want to know how to get out of that painful situation; (exit) a toxic relationship or such too. But you can use it as a structure for managing a project, as it’s also very beautiful because of its elegance (and spaciousness). It can help to take some of the pressure off.

So let let me walk you through this example.

Organizing notes and references in a loose spiral formation

An example of Integrated Spiral™

So in the middle of the spiral, it’s very tight. In fact, it starts with a dot. But if we were to take a microscope on to that.we, may very well see that within that dot there are spirals as well. So just to say the inside of the spiral is where we’re going to start on this process. And it’s very tight.

An Integrated Spiral™ map

If you were drawing it out on a picture, you would draw a diagram drawn a spiral out. So that’s where the majority of the information that I had was, in the middle of the spiral and it was very tight, meaning there wasn’t a lot of space in between. I had a lot of little bits of information that I couldn’t really very nicely categorize. That’s why they’re in the middle.

As we start to move outward, where we have more space in between the arms of the spiral, that’s where things start showing up as larger and larger categories. So think in terms of middle of the spiral, lots of little categories, even just a sentence or two of information. And then as we move out the spiral, larger bodies, or better defined categories of information (are grouped into one pile/point along the spiral).

How to stack each group, IF you have to move it during the process

That’s really the process.

I’m taking physical action and moving my notes and 3.5 x 5 cards and putting them together in specific categories (or by subject matter). The notes (or pieces of paper) are placed on a bed, table, or on the floor in a spiral pattern. And this is going to help you when you start organizing them to actually get them into either a, a book format, a manuscript format, or say a spreadsheet or something before getting the information into whatever tool you’re going to use (computer or such).

If you already have the information, say in your phone, or on your computer or laptop we handle it in a similar fashion, but it just wouldn’t be printed out and we wouldn’t be physically laying it out. I do have tools that I can suggest to you. Or you can google and find tools that will look like a sticky note. And you can do mind maps or clouds where you can put that information in forms, and then you can move them around in the same way. But the Integrated Spiral™ process may not serve you as well as if you have physical notes, because part of the benefit is to allow the physical motion of putting your information INTO the spiral layout INFORMS the mind and eases anxious thoughts about tackling such a project, which is why you haven’t accomplished the project til NOW.

Mind Map software tool to organize your digital notes, references, etc.

The physical mess is usually what I’m trying or is usually what I’m best at helping people pull that information from their physical sources. Get it into their digital electronic processing, or spreadsheet form forms.

So, here’s what I have that we’re going to use as the example. All right, what is the level, amount of calls, or steps?

  • Sentence 1: About
  • Sentence 2: DIY one month, 4-week course
  • Potential name. WordPlay. It includes a 15 second video
  • Culminates in new deeply authentic content for your blog, newsletter, book, course program, etc.
  • My three teaching points are:
    • Listen intently for active listening to be heard and understood
    • Get still do your inner work
    • Track, log, record what comes up through you

After (voicing this into Otter or other similar transcription tool or typing it into a computer), I rip the paper, crumple it up, and it’s going in the trash (we don’t have recycling here).

So that was that was the first and second pieces of paper. Three phases.

Spiral side business note: Craft a targeted offer

Work backwards from whatever offer I’m going to make.

  1. My offer
  2. My design
  3. My target audience: spiritual entrepreneurs.
  4. Visualize and document my dream client: Someone who wants to shine their brilliance
  5. Set a date/time on my calendar for a “discovery session”
  6. My tagline: Be the best version of who you want to be –that’s already on my blog site at the end of almost every one of my blog articles (thus, I must have already implemented that note somewhere earlier along in my work–great!)

Next sheet of paper. Another business note: Let us promote you. Focus on what differentiates yourself. Efficiency customer satisfaction, home study. Group Program, okay, ripping this 1/3 sheet of paper.

Next? How would you love to be heard? Strike that. Move from feeling unheard to not only being heard but deeply understood. How would you like to come out of your contemplative inner work your meditation and prayer time to a place where you’re ready to share your deepest authenticity with the world question mark. All right, what do you get from that?

So the question is, so that you can fill in the blank in this example. Of course it’s so that you can put together your own project in an easier way.

Alright, we have completed the center of the spiral. We’re just now taking one step up and out. It’s still very close to that very tight center of our spiral. So moving up and out card one, God bumps!

Spiral side business note: 50/50 split with my partner

A simple contract 50/50 split can be renegotiated (with my partners).

Check in with how we’re FEELING

There’s a feeling of accomplishment that comes from doing the ripping in the in the wedding paper up and three and a half by five cards to just as an aside so it’s already helping me mentally kind of feel like I’m getting more space in my brain. I’m definitely getting more space on the bed, the floor or the table where these were laid out.

I’m feeling a bit of a feeling of accomplishment right now. And I’m feeling a mental ease. So already I’m seeing a benefit to this DE-Program philosophy and this framework.

Next card: love or fear, meld, balance, shift, duality, polarity and I drew the yin and yang symbol. So, you have white on the top and black on the bottom with a wavy line in the middle. You have both the white and the center of the white and the dark in the center of the black the white have written beside a bit love and the dark is fear. Sit with your fear, embrace it, love it. On the back of the card I have written “enter family reunion or soul reunion.” (That’s also great, because we bring in and honor our ancestors as a central tenant of working the Integrated Spiral™ process.)

Next card: no judgment, no fear. Take risks.

Next card: There’s a few names on this one, so I’ll just say Ash, Pattie, Terri. Underneath the names I have written marketing branding. As we hide our spirituality in business.

Next card: Viscerally feeling tingles on top of the head and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Okay, that one’s done.

Moving in a clockwise motion. This spiral continues out and up to the top right. I have a card with an energy line drawn under the word, fire. Learn how to listen helps us teach in a humble way. How does humility help us spiritually? It helps us listen. And listening helps us know how to ask questions. Put yourself aside. Put ourself aside. Something stirred in my spirit = GodBumps as we listen through our heart. Back of the card: Testimony has MONY in it and why? How to listen to trees listen to people the same way as wind blows through the Jack Pine Tree in the dark. Sounds like empathy. We can love spiritually with the heart, even if we don’t like the person.

Integrated Spiral™ subprocess

New point on the spiral. This is actually a process WITHIN Integrated Spiral™. (So, yes, I’m letting you ALL in on a bit of a secret! Shhhh… haha!)

Perform the DAILY Gratitude F-L-O-W consisting of:

  • Bow flow, sweep hands together – from the outside in
  • From the inside tap or pat, hug and swipe the body
  • Think/Consider: Ancestors. Breath. Water. Spiral blood flow. Foods that nourish.

This is the morning gratitude ritual. Breathe with the movements. From and with an open heart in all directions. Movement starts from the inside. Turn, turn turn in the image of the spiral. Food starts from the outside. Gratitude for all inside and outside. “We can choose the thoughts we dwell on” Les Brown. That’s a quote. Think: Listen to what I tell myself. How am I doing? Scale radius units human ratios universe. Observational units unified physics, energy mass surface to volume, ratio relationships, effects (Nassim Haramein) and the division of space and space memory. Electromagnetism diverging opposite of gravity, converging one attracts, one repels. Divergent and convergent. SMART goals: specific measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

That’s one whole process. So, I’m going to leave those cards together because in the group, we work through that and I may update that again, as I see now that I may need another bullet on the spiral.

Moving a bit further out to the right. Giving a little bit more space I find another process. It’s called, “How to integrate” and I have some things about what I am calling these tools or sub processes that we’re going to integrate in. So, that would be the tree of life (the story tree) and then find the ripples, distracting others, coping mechanisms, or challenging the negative.

I found one I will put on the back burner about a methodology that helps connect you with a feeling of power that inspires.

Okay, that was a note to myself, so I don’t need that card anymore.

Next card: If you’re driving pull over and don’t close your eyes. Allow your body to wiggle and adjust to a comfortable position. Sounds like this was part of my meditation class. I can use that.

Next card: Air made up of more 78% nitrogen than oxygen which is 21% plus argon. Trees provide us with 28% oxygen but 70% of oxygen comes from marine phytoplankton microscopic algae.

Next card: Breathe. Circle your eyes with your fingertips. Yes, some of these cards got mixed up. (This will go with one of the previous and be used during my meditation class.)

Next card: Use this time to detach. This was part meditation class and also part of my “Communing with TREES” class (where when we observe our mind thinking, we let the thought float away on a fluffy cloud). I got rid of these cards and moved to the next point on the spiral.

Next card: Balance time between social media and actually doing stuff. Understand the dopamine instant gratification hit of addiction. Climb the mountain and learn patience make an impact purpose stay focused on our purpose.

Next point on the spiral path: “Just BE.” This points to real conversations within Integrated Spiral™ of unmasked conversations. Short and sweet.

Next card: How did you start the film festival? Isabelle could tell us her story. Two months before it opened she got stuck, yet it all unfolded. Isabelle is my 83 year old friend in Sarasota who will join us in the program the DE-Program and those who join will get a chance to ask her life questions from her amazing wisdom.

Next card: Trust and doubt or trust over doubt, inviting uninvited words versus attention grabbing. Practice: when I start to doubt, ask what am I inviting? Invite is the “opposite.” Use turnarounds. Reference The Work of Byron Katie.

Next card: short conversations. Just be real Isabelle-isms. 15 minutes of healthy self gestures for 30 seconds. Essence.

Okay, next point on the spiral: It’s going to be down at the bottom. It’s going to be down at the bottom. Looks like we have okay card center of spiral meditation, contemplative prayer or contemplative prayer.

Rest in the spaces between and the thoughts grow larger with practice, mind my own energy or manage my own energy. We are each a fractal of Omniscience.

Spiral side note: Minding my Energy

I designed a t-shirt minding my energy and in a few months my son and his girlfriend invited my husband and I to move to their off grid property for a 90 day test trial run (yes, the Universe really did put me to the test on that! Haha!).

Spiral side note: During the lockdowns

What we couldn’t have known then was that COVID lockdowns would prevent us from doing fun things in the new area or be able to move to another campground in two or three months if we didn’t like like it and we had issues. I’ve already written about all that in another blog article. A tropical storm hid the sun from our solar panels for seven to 10 days we felt like we were on a sailboat with no wind for our engine.

This is what you find out when you start working on your project that you’ve already used these notes for something else and it’s already done. You really don’t even need them. Yeah, because the next card goes into some more about that with our generator. Our first generator died within six weeks. Its replacement, the second one died at the end of the 90 day warranty period. We did get our money back and then we bought a bigger more expensive generator with auto start and a remote which was great. And I remember the day that happened because I had so much ease that I could just lean towards the window while I was working and press a button and turn on the air conditioner–which was amazing. Because I had been working with sweat running down my from my armpits down the side of my body for many days. And it was difficult. I do not know how people lived in Florida 100 years ago without air conditioning. Now, that’s a spiral thought for you.

Continuing on next point in the spiral because I’m going to just go ahead and throw away the next two cards because they’re all about that story, which I’ve already told in another article.

Alright, so the next point on the spiral is we can start coming around up to the left and go on upwards. Conversation with Elena 12 steps four noble truths Eightfold Path trauma, release and Kundalini for elevate elevation. Breathe, root, take into action and accountability. I think this was about the time I started on clubhouse and I was speaking with a lot of really smart folks who gave me more ideas of things, tools and practices that they were using, and they were integrating into their spiral process.

Peace. Pleasure. BLISS!

How, with all the distractions, do we get to stay in this state?

That’s something else we talked about in Integrated Spiral™.

By the way, as ANOTHER side note, I do not have all the answers. This is why it’s a group process. Group program group DE-Program, but it’s an intimate group of either four, six, or eight people, depending on who’s drawn to the work. But so far, we haven’t had more than eight and I think any more than eight might not be manageable. We will probably keep each group between four and eight souls and we will do just create new groups if we have more people interested at one time than that, but so far that’s been manageable for me because I still work full time job.

Okay, so next card: Mother Earth resets herself; make self care a priority. If we don’t, it will manifest in another way. One of my participants said, “Trust ourselves, find what works for you in nature, earthing and grass…” we’re overseeing (in this DE-Program) because again, everybody’s bringing in their tools and processes. We incorporate those tools when when it makes sense, and where we can, because it’s about taking the first step to getting that project done, or that new habit set, and then later as the spiral allows and affords us more time and space, we can integrate MORE in.

As we complete things and get things done, we can add in some new things like say a new book or something to read or to use as a source, but that’s when the project is nearing its completion. And so if it makes sense to add something new in if you were planning a wedding, it might be you want to add a couple new songs in and you want to contact the DJ and get the those things lined up. And if they don’t work, have a backup, just giving another kind of example there.

But for a health program, it might be you were doing yoga and someone told you about Feldenkrais and so you decide to find a Feldenkrais practitioner and add that in as a modality that you’re going to use. It could be things like that where you’re healing a chronic ill that you’re going to be continually adding in, and layering in, different modalities to help support what you’re doing.

Spiral side note: Alternative Health

Again, you can see that’s another reason why people won’t go that route (of alternative health) because they want everything to be covered by their health insurance. Well, sorry. Alternate and natural healing and holistic healing methods typically are not covered by health insurance. You’re very lucky if you get some that are and please take full advantage of those because anything added as an adjunct is is very good for you and very supportive for you in my humble opinion from being someone who has healed my body that way. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars healing my body, but I believe that it’s been to my benefit. I have not relied on my health insurance. I went many years without health insurance. I know this is another aside another spiral thought, but I just want to put that out there. If you’re just relying on your health insurance you are your health is being dictated by your health insurance company. Not your doctor. Newsflash.

New point on the spiral: Spoke about trees, Mother Nature, what’s real, we exist, miraculous and crazy. It seems miraculous and sometimes people think we’re crazy. My friend Pradeepika. She’s from West India. And when it’s 11:30pm there, it’s 2pm here so that was just an aside note for me that I don’t need anymore because I started getting scammed by people on Clubhouse. And unfortunately, I chose to throw the baby out with the bathwater and just leave (that app) altogether. It was just becoming a toxic environment for me. I still have friends on Clubhouse though and they still love it. They established and maintain very tight boundaries–and I’m all about the ALL (as I bet you know by now!). They are very very careful about who they let in to their groups. If you’re on Clubhouse, I can connect you with them. But otherwise, that’s all I’ll do in that regard.

Next point on the spiral: We’re maybe sort of nearing the end. There’s a dosha or this is the name of the modality; it may not be scientific. Start imagining everything has a spirit; everything is one thing. Care about feeling better. Your own feelings inside get deeper. Good flow–when you feel a good flow. You’re on a natural high. Okay. Oh, let’s see.

This was another point on the spiral. And this was the beginning of a talk that I was writing that I didn’t finish. So, if it’s possible to weave it in to this particular course I will but if not, I will kill the baby (it’s actually, “kill your darlings”), so to speak. I don’t know that’s like a writing term (journalism term). I’m not even thrilled about that.

Portion of my “Talk”

Before I kill myself, let me talk with you for a few minutes. I literally have talking points. Yeah, I’m not sure I like that at all. To me that feels negative now and see? That’s another benefit (of this DE-Program process work) because now, you’re going back through looking at things with a different mind. Like Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that it took to create the problem.

And no, I’m not about to hang shoot or otherwise physically harm myself. So, hang up the phone if you have picked it up to call 911 for or on me, this is my way of a dramatic opening. Okay, you can see where I was going with that and why it’s not necessary. Certainly if you’re listening to this now or reading this and you’re in a depressed state, I would want you to call 911 or a suicide hotline and I would advocate every day all day long for that. Put on some Yanni or that song, Hold On. If you are familiar with that older song. I mean, stay with us. Tomorrow is a brand new day and you don’t know when you walk out your door who you’re gonna meet and what might happen next. And I am all for experiencing the universe as very surprising with a sometimes ironic sense of humor, so please, I would beseech you to contact a counselor 911 or suicide hotline if you have feelings headed in that direction to do your self harm because you are needed. You’re loved. You’re worthy. And that’s one of the biggest things that we fight in the personal transformation genre is that people feel they go down the deep dark hole and they feel like nobody cares nobody loves them. They’re not worthy. They’re powerless. And that’s a belief system. So, you know what we call belief systems? BS! BS = Belief Systems. And it’s all BS.

You’ll see when we finish this up because the last card explains that so hang with me. That’s probably not a good word to use. Stay with me.

Spiral side note: healthy eating

Next card: A look at all the things I do to support my health; point out the ingredients.

  • I care about what I put in my body, which is why I don’t take drugs, pharma medicines. Don’t do coke. I don’t drink Coke either. I don’t drink soda. Don’t smoke pot. Nor do I smoke cigarettes.
  • I care about you and YOU is in all caps. I share these videos, blogs, write books, etc. Because I care.
  • I want to utilize my skills talents. education experience over 30 years to help people spiritually physically and in their especially in their family relationships, but in all relationships, because we are all connected. And if you don’t know the story about why I believe that that’s my mantra. There’s an there’s a whole page on my blog dedicated to we’re all connected, please read it.

Spiral side note: Ancestral and new Energies

Next point on the spiral: We’re pretty much on the top again, coming around. I have notes about the Cherokee, Dr. Eric Pearl, and a few others. (In terms of ancestral Energies mixing with the “new Energy” Dr. Pearl talks about.)

I learned to honor my Native American ancestry in particular to Ceremony and social interactivity. And to honor the fire in the center as part of our ancestral ways, and how this lives in our hearts. On a mountain in North Carolina dancing at night eagle feather leads. We are all connected to the fire. Yes, the Native Americans believe we are all related. And apparently this particular person I was listening to and taking notes about said we’re all connected to the fire. So that’s how that got picked up and put in my stack of note cards. There’s a water ceremony that connects people all over the world. The Cherokees got their ballgame from the Choctaw tribe. Do our very best without hurting others fasting, feasting and then medicine to make our lives better. They use turtle shells women wear and to carry the dance rhythm and small drum. We play small drums for the Creator to hear as women shake shells. We dance. And everything is about Thanksgiving.

This is a framework. frame work. Our spirituality provides this connection. It’s a connected tradition. Good stuff is passed down orally (as we learned about the old ways and Celtic Energies in 2019). All of the stories in Ireland were passed down orally and the folks who are passing down those stories took great pride and care to make sure their stories were passed down accurately.

In Ireland, the children and grandchildren would repeat the stories over and over and then be corrected or guided or coached by the grandparents. The Native American elders also guided their listeners to retell accurate stories (and keep many secret).

So engaging in play is part of ceremony for us. This is still with the Native Americans here. We believe our body and spirit are tied together.

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Put our phones away
  • Be IN gratitude every day
  • In the shower, list things we’re grateful for
  • Practice balance and sobriety
  • Our spirit talks to us
  • Ground using running water
  • Take care of ourselves so we can serve others
  • Speak Cherokee daily
  • Keep the youth engaged (let them shake shells while the elders dance–in the past, only the older ones did that)
  • Dance during the different phases of the moon

Next point on the spiral: First 30 minutes of our DE-Program. And on every call ask, “How did it go for you last week from what we learned or discussed”?

Spiral side business notes: Overwhelm & promotions

In 2008 I was too scattered how too much at people and overwhelmed. Throw too much at people and it overwhelms them. “Schizophrenic entrepreneur” is an actual thing. Focus on one thing to become an expert and grow and manage from there. Use database lists three to four hours straight at the computer, get more clients. Use a press release. Grow Your Business build your brand. These are business notes promoting other people. I’d love to communicate audio visually. And blog for others. And sing original songs. I use music to ease my anxiety and stress. We could create animated videos, so far my hubby is my only happy client for those. I can offer digital works such as press releases, blogs, social media promotions, communicating, and connecting (via social media). Case in point, my husband just created his own brand new music website and all he needed to know was how to change the title in the header in the HTML. I helped him with that and it was a two-second fix (as any of you know who work on websites and do HTML). So he was happy about that. And I felt grounded.

Spiral side note: More rabbit holes

Next point: The spiral grounded, real and skeptical. These are all points that Dr. Eric Pearl has talked about as an authentic person the progression of integrative medicine. List of some people’s names who promote human energy and living universe energy. Everything at every level is alive in the universe, remembers, and evolves. Homeopathy; survival after death; and psychic abilities. Sounds like several rabbit holes.

Next point on the spiral: Discussion topic the toilet lid. Toilet has a lid for a reason. Put the lid down before you flush; when you flush, all that stuff goes up into the air and spreads out around your bathroom.

Next point is road rage. And the spirit of “Taking it personally.” Shakespeare: All the worlds a stage – Control = Ego. Fairness justice come from the Ego; Ego is everything other than pure essence ego. “What are we pretending not to know?” Marianne Williams.

Next point on the spiral: Meditate, set my route. Oh, this was from Stonehenge.

So, the meditation at Stonehenge had me sitting my root chakra next to the blue healing stone buried in the ground and began to thank Omniscience in and for all ways. That was deep.

Mindfulness and Yoga

Next point on the spiral. Start with mindfulness awareness, presence time, prioritize stillness, breathe connection. Be here now. Morning gratitude ritual. Opposite multitasking nourishing with food and grace before meals. We are all connected.

Next point: “Tune us the sitar neither low nor high and we will dance away the hearts of men.” That’s a quote that my yoga teacher, Dr. Ronald Porter uses when he teaches yoga in St. Pete. Let’s see I think this is my quote. Let me read it. There’s a little something more to it other than just being told that deep breathing as another alternative modality to relieve a health issue. Otherwise, we’d all be healthy and feel good with the amount of quality and knowledge that abounds in this information age. I have my name attached to that. So I’d have to look and see if that comes from my blog or I pick that up somewhere.

Next point: Yoga puts us in touch with the sun, subtleties way of life, which is not equal to religion. Yoga is not a religion, but it can be. Anything can be a religion IF you turn it into ritual (by “practicing it). More people do yoga for the body in the US than in India.

Next point on the spiral: What feels good to you?

Spiral side note: Do something new!

Next point: Do something new. Or release something, per Sherry Frost 2008. And I have a bunch of key words here fitness well being robustness, stamina, vigor, tone, top form wholeness, fine feather constitution. Palliative release is cure deliverance, solace, comfort, remission, consolation, cheer, breathe, help assistance. Alleviate, mitigate, lightening, rest, respite, happiness, satisfaction, analysis, medicine, therapeutics, and healing. Use the heart close rather than the hard close, especially in business. We are all in – and that was the business coaching comment. More tags intuitive, uncontrolled, common, ordinary, universal, regular, Natural Alternative, organic, Holistic Health Wellness modalities remedies therapy treatment relief prescription free drug free non toxic primitive, vital prime primal necessary fundamental essential original integrated, comprehensive full total energy strength, vitality, hardiness and bloom.

Next point: where are my wishes? This was part of a talk can only help it can’t hurt but the universe doesn’t hear no. So I wanted to rephrase that. Non toxic native to the body. I don’t have all the answers, but my allergies have reduced. Now I’m working to help my granddaughter’s I connect to others for answers and learn. I’ll keep those because those cards seem to really stand out in a speech.

Spiral side business note: Want to grow your brand?

Next point: Do you want to grow your brand, or your client list? You can see a lot of these things are gonna come out of the spiral though because they just don’t fit. One of these things is not like the others. That’s what we’re looking for. I can do all your online work for you. Highlight differences, no prescriptions needed drug free options. I can consult with you to build your email list. Send regular updates, offer coupons and specials, and promotions. And send out communications. But that may not mean anything to a therapist or mental health person. They need a website. They need help when they say, “I’m going to pull my hair out.” For those of you who are avoiding having an online presence, losing sales will be the result.

Spiral side business note: Continue learning & side hustles

Okay, next point: Neural network pathways fractals. Alana held on to the tree for dear life. Fractals, kaleidoscope, mystical power, infinite space, ineffable experience, one dose of magic mushroom can cure anxiety and depression. No fear of dying. Recalibrates view of death, quest on and we’ll learn together. It took a hypnotist a year to build her email list to 972 or so people. Joint ventures. Alliances work if you have 1000 emails and they have 1000 emails. Partners will be more willing to share their list with you, etc. if you both have similar size businesses. Say you send out an e-zine twice a month to build a relationship with chatty kind of people. And you write with personal tone, but they’re not all targeted for this type of information. You will sell 2%, 3%, or maybe 5% from your list; 20 to 50 sales from 1000. That’s your tipping point and it’s all a numbers game. I think that’s what I got from business coaching. Get the right people on your list! It can be fun to cross each 100 email address milestone while list building. Manage your contact list somehow. Yeah, there’s ideas about that which I don’t recommend anymore.

A college degree used to be near guarantee of finding full time permanent work, yet now, you may want to consider supplementing your income and build work experience with public exposure for those without a formal degree or second job. Seniors are supporting themselves while attending college, per data source: National Center for Education Statistics. Hopefully that’s the end of the business stuff.

Goal of Meditation

Next point: The goal of meditation is to release resistance release resistant thoughts then the thoughts that do come will be useful to you. Write or speak into a recorder, which is what I’m doing right now with Otter. Thank you very much. All right. Here we get to the crux of something.

Spiral side note: My history

Okay, Mom and Dad were opposites. How could that happen?

Mama always said opposites attract. We materialize our thoughts law of attraction or not. I’m glad you look for patterns. One of my friends loved these kinds of groups for two and a half years. Self Mastery is important ignorance versus knowledge. Ignorance is expensive. Again, with the beginner’s mind, well, that’s the seven habits. Stephen Covey. Not all who fight were alcoholics, right. I kept telling my counselor that. For years he thought every time I walked into his office, that my parents were alcoholics. And no, my parents were not alcoholics. But they still argued. They had just a high level of passion. They either were passionate and touchy, warm and fuzzy, or all lovey dovey. Or they were at each other’s throats. And it was a war.

Next point: From class participants I learned: About imagination. Love, how you engage with your senses; smelling sagebrush; staying in the race; planning everything. One said we wake up to miracles from angels when we least expect it. Reminded me of when I met Richard. Another participant suggested vision boards. I’ve used vision boards. I’ve used the list making as well, which is what I did prior to meeting Richard. One suggests awakening to a new perspective. One participant had a pattern of running away from relationships and school life; she allowed herself to be in that box though. Allowing is huge. She didn’t like the cards she was dealt. She looked at her patterns and felt the need to be perfect and for years I have told people I do not believe in Perfection.

Spiral side note: Don’t get caught up in who’s right

Because nothing’s perfect except a drop of water. You take a drop of water on the tip of your finger and watch it fall into the cup. You see that? Immediately the waterfront forms a perfect sphere. And I think in the natural world that’s built off of its perfect natural healing another point on the spiral energy medicine connected consciousness Why are you poisoning your family how know your how old natural foods alternative healing biofeedback clinic techniques, belief how you heal and just don’t get so caught up in the religiosity or the need to be right as so many things can be proven wrong at a later point in time. Remove the interference and the body will heal itself. Sure words never spoken. Now we’re about 90%. So another point on the spiral. SARS Cove two is not a childhood disease. Anyone who’s healthy with a good strong immune system will look likely survive COVID.

Spiral side note: Sacred Science Herbal Detox

And triphala which is T R I P H A L a is an herb if you take it every day and moisturizes the stool, you can take a half to five grams nightly around bedtime and I was taking that every day and have stopped. So that’s something I can do again. Note to self Kanwar, veggies, millet, fish fruit, mung beans, double water to rice and beans cook for 20 minutes eat three times a day that was part of my that was part of my sacred science herbal detox that I did last year which I will do again. The liver is the main blood filter and does a ton of things so purging through the bowels is good and kidneys purify water, any soluble toxins you can pee them out. At and here’s the information about that cyst that I was talking about earlier, fat soluble pesticides, some of those turn into cysts tests and labs will prove or provide information about what symptoms you’re What if you have symptoms and you have tests and labs done. They can point you in a direction to us to either heal or or detoxify. Help your practitioner know what you need to detoxify from.

Finishing up the outside of the spiral

Next point: Exogenous is from the outside in. Chemicals are exogenous and there are Xenoestrogens like plastics. Pesticides, endogenous is from the inside such as, cellular waste and toxins, poisons like bee venom, and pollution.

Next point: Sleep is a brain tonic per Dr. Perlmutter. Learn something new that you’ve never done. I use some clever tricks to shut off my mental chatter before bed. One is breathwork. I count my in breath. Then I hold my breath and then I exhale for more of those counts than the total of the in and hold count. In other words, I breathe in to a count of five. I hold my breath to three and then I exhale for eight because that would be five plus three.

Next point: Never get in my own head about this. We never know what someone is going through.

Next point: Do you want me to keep you in the loop?

Spiral side note: Health tests

I had some information about the Dutch test which is a urine strips that tests for hormones. You can also do hair analysis. Alcohol depletes magnesium magnesium for magnesium you can use a lotion. If your metabolic type is slow, sometimes very high calcium drops potassium in the cells. Just I have a lot of information on the very tiny card so I’m just I couldn’t keep them and I do recommend a magnesium lotion called Ancient Minerals seems to have worked very well for me and some others so you might want to check it out, if you haven’t heard of it. And if you need magnesium estrogen issues related to excess copper and cells and tissues stored in liver and brain. That’s that one.

Next point: Christina Reishi. Elderberries syrup she’s working on her new website with a friend and may need assistance with SEO. The natural products industry is very competitive. Yes.

Spiral side note: Current work

Next point: 9/20-21 I began learning government proposal writing. This doesn’t fit in at all with what we’re talking about. So, I can put this aside it’s for my career job/work. I have a card with some names on it. And how several people remembered me, and I wrote their names down to remind myself of my accomplishments in my “work” history. I didn’t just go out and find each job that I worked, which if you look at my holistic resume, you can see how many companies I worked for. And each of those was because somebody remembered me and that was just a thank you type card to myself for all the people that I have to thank for being in the career that I’ve been in for over 30 years.

Completing the spiral, for now

We’ve now drawn out our spiral for this and ready for what comes next… (see next blog article:

I know you’re heartbroken that we’re done, but this blog article is sooo long! Ha! We need to end it now. The next article will tell you what the next steps are–I promise.

At this point though, you have everything organized and laid out in the spiral form (or stacked to put away for the moment). Give yourself a big hug from me, and feel the feelings of accomplishment!!!

You’ve decluttered and organized the big pile of convoluted chaos that you started with. And now you’ve got all of your thoughts and ideas in a loose framework structure where you can begin to weed out (we already did some weeding) as we got rid of cards. And we put cards aside if we thought we might need them for another project.

This process is kind of like cleaning out your closet. Or when you’re downsizing and you’re going to live a simpler lifestyle. It’s the same kind of processes!

Yes, this Integrated Spiral™ method could be used for downsizing as well. I didn’t even think of that until talking through this. So, thank you! Thank you for reading and/or listening, if you’re listening to this audio. (You can probably tell I spent HOURS editing this! Ha!)

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Many blessings to you in ALL ways. Amen. Namaste. OM

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Otter: Rant on Whole-ism – Holism, Dao, and Health

The whole Dao thing

Am I recording? All right.

Well, I’m sitting here driving and just letting my mind go blank go into neutral, as we mostly drive on auto pilot with our subconscious anyway. And I’m noticing something as I’m thinking about Taoism and the whole ism thing, holistic and spiritual versus materialism.

So yeah, if it’s true that one of the things I’m supposed to do while I’m on the planet is act as a bridge, to bring heaven to earth (regarding the “as above so below” thing)… and seeing that a lot of my friends seem to gravitate toward or to me (my presence or my essence), because they also believe in Holism, Taoism, holistic health, Buddhism, New Age, or loving light.

But years ago, and I realized this when I was writing my book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life–a holistic health book—that a lot of people that were spiritual, manifesting as teacher, minister, messenger, psychic, nun or simply someone that works with the clergy, they tend to be unhealthy. They tend to be overweight, sometimes grossly overweight, quite obese, morbidly obese, or just the opposite. Conversely, some are tiny, skinny, they look like they they eat like a bird and they’re unhealthy. And, who knows, I mean, the picture of health may not be the perfect BMI or the perfect weight anyway.

Over or under weight

I mean, you could be overweight or underweight and still be perfectly healthy and perfectly fine. But I’m just saying that predominantly, you could kind of look at these people who were more spiritual, and they look like they weren’t taking care of their bodies, maybe as well as they could have. In my opinion. I look at the whole other group of people were really physical, you know, they’re physically active, even older seniors that are playing tennis or golf or pickle ball. All of that crowd you know, the golfers, the ones who walk and jog and swim and and do all this the yoga right the yogi’s who are probably perhaps the only people who are actually working on their physical body, their physicality and blending their spiritual with their consciousness of breath. They’re doing all of that to to bridge and to bring heaven to earth the yogi’s, right? So they’re practicing yoga every day, maybe multiple times a day. Not like me, the sporadic yoga person, but I get the reason.

So the reason I’m moving my body when I’m breathing is to imbue the cells of my body with oxygen that then goes into my blood, which I believe is where my soul is, I feel my soul through my GodBumps that I feel internally in my body. For more about that, see author Davie Pfaffle’s interview of me on his YouTube channel:

Internal Resonance

It’s a internal resonance. It’s a sensation that I feel I’ve written about and talked about for years. I know that my soul is in my blood when I put on good music and I feel the rhythm and I’m moving to it. That’s, that’s one reason why they call it soul music, right? Because you can FEEL it. You can feel this vibe in your body when certain music was on when certain music moved you when it touched you when it like, moved your emotions, right because that’s energy in motion.

You’re breathing and oxygenating your body while you’re dancing. You’re getting that oxygen which is from the ether or spirit and you’re getting that into your blood. So you’re oxygenating your blood, which is bringing heaven or ether or spirit into your body, which is your soul. Your soul is based in your body.

So anyway, not to get off track here, but I noticed that the spiritual people tended not to take care of their body. Spiritual types tend to have more body breakdowns like with body structure, even bones and ligaments and joints, aches, pains, arthritis, all kinds of chronic ills. And then the more physically fit people were they had to work harder to kind of get their mind straight or mind in order or reach for the spiritual. You know, they didn’t think they were spiritual people. They say things like, “I’m into my body.” I’m into the right weight for my body. I hear them say, “I’ve got the right physique and I go shopping and I buy all these clothes and I wear pretty shoes and heels” and all this sort of thing and they are really into their body! Look at them showing off on the social media. They are unapologetically vain, but then say they don’t feel spiritual. They often say they want to be more spiritual.

So I thought when I wrote my health book, I think there’s a market for somebody like me to talk with people who are seeking spirituality. Because they are physically fit, they do take care of their body and they get that their body is their temple. But they just feel like they need more they want to see more spirit, right? They want to grow their spirit or they want to, at least, understand their spirit, their soul, why they’re here and all that sort of stuff. But then you’ve got those people who have all the spiritual as well as, a lot of the spiritual answers but they’re just not taking good care of the body.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I can hit both groups, target markets, and help them–marry them, and come into balance and I had that thought when I met Master Lama Nicholas Packard (when he came across my path and I learned about Taoism and took Tai Chi Qi Gong lessons from him). I’d already been doing yoga and I’d already been meditating and I reasoned, this is just perfect because Lama Nicholas is now explaining Balance (to me) and polarity and why we have good and bad why we have good and evil in the world. Because it’s ALL order. Three brings polarity, bring this balance and you can’t have one without the other and it’s all about proportion. I was gonna say moderation but you know, that’s probably where some of those concepts come from is everything in moderation because it’s in proportion, everything needs to be proportionate.

So when you draw the circle, and you draw the wave inside the circle, and you draw the yin and yang, there’s a DOT in each one. There’s the little white in the black and there’s a little black in the white and that represents Balance–with a capital B. And the wave is the change that’s always occurring because when wind moves across the water, there’s always a wave on the water. The water is always moving–even if you can’t see it. There is a time and you’ve probably all experienced this when you look at a body of water and it’s completely balanced–calm. It’s like glass. And it perfectly reflects the sky. And you’re like, wow, for a moment there.

Shangri La and Water

I would think, for a moment at least, that I’m in Shangri La. I would think that I’m in a perfect state of ease, calm balance, right? Because water seeks its own level.

So yes, you can stir the water you can treble the water like the old song. But water will always seek its own Balance. Water seeks and conforms in each moment, to its own level–ALL the time. At some point water may take a while and the water may bubble and do all kinds of stuff. But at some point it will still and Balance.

So your body is like that because our bodies are more water than anything else and bacteria and fungi and microbes. Things like that. But the cells of our body are mostly water. So our body is mostly water. Our body is mostly in this state of constant chaos and turmoil and upset because we allow things to disturb us.

But what if, and this is what meditation is fo–what if we calm the body?

What if we calm the waters inside the body?

Then the body can start to heal and can start to do what it needs to do to regenerate itself so that when apoptosis occurs in the cell (and the cell dies), the next cell that’s made from the pattern of the previous cell, is replicated off a blueprint that’s good and healthy. You know, the cell that had a problem or had a cancer is gone and died and the one that replaces it now replicates from the good blueprint. Now, you’ve got a better chance of being healthy. And I think we all have a better chance of being healthy than we have of being ill.

I’ve been ill and I don’t like it. I don’t think a lot of people like being ill unless of course, they can gain something from it. There’s got to be a gain somewhere in it for them if they want to continue to be ill because I think most people don’t like to be ill.

I’ll do anything to get healthy, get better, and live well. So I would encourage you, especially if you have asthma, because that’s what I reversed in my body… yes, I regenerated my body from asthma. If you have any chronic ill, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of my book or even write to me if you can’t afford the 10 bucks that my book is selling for. But pick up a copy because it offers lots of tips, tricks, techniques and ideas for potential solutions.

3 virtues: detachment, indifference, sameness

When you begin to pay attention to the little things you do, day in and day out, that are things you do out of HABIT, you can begin to gain more awareness. And with awareness comes consciousness. Life offers so many choices! You can choose to change your health and live better–you can! You can begin by practicing the 3 virtues.


I mean, once upon a time I didn’t know any of this information. My husband’s aunt suggested acupuncture to me! Little did I know that by trying out acupuncture, which did indeed turn out to be something that helped me immensely, that I could heal my body. I had to do many, many sessions over a period of about six months to a year but I got off five prescription medications and then my body began to heal. I did other things too. I had to understand that I had a choice and could detach from the medical paradigm that I’d found myself ensnared in!

Eat whole food, release addictions

I cleaned up my diet. I started eating things that I’ve never eaten in my life like avocados and ginger, the real ginger root, garlic, lots of garlic and even I took garlic as a supplement to help clear up and then the mucus that was really kind of taken over my sinus and my lungs from eating a lot of dairy in particular cheese.

I was a cheese hound! But, I gave up cow cheese for a while and eat raw cheese occasionally now, YEARS LATER. But back then I ate raw vegan cheese made from nuts, and I made my own nut milks too. Now, I don’t go overboard and I will go without regular cheese for months–because it’s sometimes hard to find good unpasteurized raw cheese (though I love raw goat cheese the best).

Point here is, I healed using a combination of a lot of things like adding good supplements to my diet, eating partly eating less a lot less dairy. I never drank milk anyway and I didn’t eat much ice cream but cheese was my dairy product of choice. And I had to kinda get to a point where I could see my addiction to it. Any kind of “longing for something” can actually be “addiction.”

And doing things like meditation, yoga, Qigong back then helped me so much–back when I was healing of the asthma. I first had to stop torturing my body with those five pharmaceutical medications because they were only making me worse, making me dependent on them. And I didn’t want to take pharma drugs the rest of my life, which is exactly what I would have been doing. I had done for many years. So I would have continued to do that and my body would just simply gotten weaker, weaker than I would have gotten something that was whatever the side effect would be from all those medications.

Spiraling back for a moment–by the way, Pharma doesn’t test medications together. They may test the one or maybe two medications that are predominantly prescribed together, but they’re not going to test five medications together. So who knows what was going on in my body from taking 5 meds plus, weekly allergy shots for two years. But that’s another part of the story that’s in my book. That’s why I said earlier, I had become ensnared by the Pharma.

The spiritual path

What I can say is there’s two paths you can go down–you can choose spirituality. You can choose to get right with God, so to speak. You can choose to live like Jesus. Be like Jesus. Develop the virtues and attributes of someone that’s in heaven. But do it now while you’re on earth. You can choose from any number of diets like the raw vegan diet or a macro, or vegetarian diet, where you’re predominately eating whole clean foods, organic, sustainably sourced. You can do all those things and feel well, but if you’re missing out on your spiritual aspects, which would be beautiful time alone time when you’re praying and or meditating where you’re not asking for anything, you aren’t living in WHOLENESS.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving to Creator

When you’re giving material things up, living simply, not longing for stuff (or even people), not attaching to things, and when you’re living in gratitude, that’s getting WHOLE.

When you’re dancing in worship to your Creator, and you’re being thankful to your ancestors, your parents–without whom, having lived their lives, succeeded in overcoming the many obstacles they must have faced in their life–you wouldn’t be here. WOW! That’s awakening. If you’re not giving gratitude things to those folks every day, you’re missing you’re missing out on a component.

So I put together something called Integrated Spiral because I’m balancing and integrating ALL of this every day. But the point is, if you can do these things, live your beliefs and turn them into Practices, you don’t need to worry about being perfect. Just do your practices every day.

Do certain practices that bring health back into your body, as well as imbue spirit into your body. Honor the directions there’s more than four honor the season. Dress for the seasons eat with the seasons, it local foods. Spend time with family and friends and relatives and babies children. You’re not a person if you’re a person that doesn’t like children or can’t seem to relate with children learn you know, give it some time, practices. Talk with people that are from different countries and different backgrounds, different cultures. Open your mind, open your perspective. Change your perspective. Expand your consciousness and never forget that We Are All Connected. And what you do on your side of the tapestry affects someone on the other side of the tapestry when you pull that thread and again and I say give thanks. The best prayer that you can ever say is Thank You when you say it with intention and genuine authenticity. Thank you. Everything Resolves to Gratitude in the end, you’ll see much love and many blessings in all ways.

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