Integrated Spiral Philosophy & Self-Coaching DE-Program

I have been meditating on a new brand name for a few months now, and as of November 25th, 2020 it plopped into my mind, Integrated Spiral! Ah, the treble clef 🎼 incorporates the spiral 🌀 and is one of the most well known music symbols too!

And guess what?

My husband and I are incorporating music and sound therapy into this transformational program to make it fun and engaging!

We use music to relax us and to encourage us to move—flip sides of the same coin! ☯️

And we’ve found a way to integrate it into our daily lives, thus birthing this new DE-program. And it’s sooo exciting!! ❤️🦋🌀

New transformational program! Integrated Spiral!

I had drafted several elements of a coaching program (Omni-Directional Coaching), back in October 2018, but even after a year of participating in a high ticket business coaching program for myself, I resisted offering a coaching program because I had not fully INTEGRATED all I had learned, plus my business coach said I needed more “clarity.”

Well, NOW I’m ready! 😀

Integrating all the pieces of the previous Omni-Directional coaching program! WOWEE!

Yes, I had to complete the expensive coaching program I’d bought, plus gain mastery over my body (through tracking my diet, yoga, qigong, acupressure, and DAILY exercise), before feeling WORTHY to offer any kind of program. And yes, “feeling unworthy” is one of the main reasons (or common denominators) that hold most people back in life!

As you know, the spiral represents Energy, and I deeply Connected with the ancient spirals engraved into the stones of Knowth and Newgrange during our trips to Ireland in 2019!

Plus, the spiral has been with me my whole life, because I have naturally spiral curly hair! So it seems, the SPIRAL has been calling out to me forever! ❤️🦋🌀

Now, my calling has awakened me. I’m called to help spiritual types reconnect to their bodies. And also, to assist those who only see themselves as a body, to honor their soul and spirit daily. But how to tell people without sounding rude, condescending, or like I know it all (cause I don’t). I am a work in progress. And yes, I make progress everyday, and offer suggestions to you as I go.

Progress not Perfection. 🌅💦🌱🌳

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I feel that The Universe, God, Source, Omniscience (or whatever name you ascribe to the ineffable Energy Creative Life Forces) has prompted me to live out my philosophers dharma because:

  • I grew up in a loving home, yet one that was filled with bitching, bickering, arguing, fussing, and yelling
  • I was caught in the middle (as an only child) who adored PEACE
  • I became the PEACEMAKER between two passionate parents at war with each other
  • All from the earliest age I can remember!

Parts Integration

I have come to learn and know, that I am a SPIRIT in an earthly body. And for many years, I have put a high emphasis on personal responsibility, holistic health, and education. Yet, I still practice (do the work daily) to master (refine and balance) my own body and mind! ❤️🦋🌀🎼☯️🙏☮️

Emojis I use to remind me daily of what’s important (my values).

I wrote the following articles:

Now, I’m thrilled to have put together a coaching program that incorporates:

  • Raising of consciousness, Self awareness, and emotional intelligence—Omni-Directional spiritual material
  • Setting and attaining small goals (which lead to big results!)
  • Bringing mind and body into BALANCE with your personal beliefs (everybody seems to practice their religion differently—even within one Faith—ever notice that?)
  • Introduction into topics such as magnetic resonance and the new physics (and why it matters—it is how matter is created)
  • Honoring our ancestors (and each other, especially when pain, abandonment, cruelty, dishonesty, suffering, or such has occurred)
  • Mind settling and body tuning movements, especially helpful during turbulent times (why Qigong and Yoga bring ease to the body)
  • Holistic Healing methods employed such as: Sound (tension and release, the space between, music, tuning forks, chanting), light therapy, acupressure, crystals, meditation, and more
  • Ways to change your perception, so you can always offer kindness and compassion to anyone (bonus: this also helps you Connect and stay Connected with others—never feel alone again!)

And I wholly believe many of you can benefit from this program. I really do!

Have you considered joining any kind of structured program?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to look at each area of your life from a perspective different than your own?

Remember the phrase, “There are two sides to every story”? It sure seems to be the case during these times! And many of us have been shaking our heads lately because it’s so difficult to understand what others (whose views differ 180 degrees from ours) how and why they think the way they do!

Do you look back, or ruminate about the past? Are you ever anxious about the future?

Want to feel better when your emotions are triggered by a particular topic?

It’s possible! This program helps us to stay energetically and emotionally neutral, balanced, objective on every subject, so you can truly listen to another without judging or jumping to conclusions–we’ll actually consider more than two sides. We’ll go well beyond a singular viewpoint when we get into the omni-directional aspects of stories and beliefs.

Feelings are not facts, but they are true to your body. And it can be so very helpful to talk things through in a safe space.

If you’d love to be more present and find more JOY in the NOW, then you’re really going to love this transformational coaching program called, Integrated Spiral.

When we enjoy (truly live IN Joy) every moment of every day, we’re truly living a wholly vibrant life! YES, it’s very possible to BE in joy while living a mindful, present life, regardless of whatever is going on. It is possible to be balanced, and flow in harmony with the rhythm of life without being consumed or overwhelmed by it.

If we can help hold each other accountable, and truly listen to each other, you’ll find that there are multiple sides to every story and many different ways to view each area of your life. We’ll help each other reach the better feeling thought about each situation, obstacle, or challenge we ALL encounter. We’ll use music and sound therapy, especially gentle and relaxing for those who “can’t meditate” due to a “busy mind.”

We’ll document our own progress all along the way, and you won’t “need me” or any other coach for years (much less forever).

As a broken bone heals on it’s own with only a bit of reinforcement (from a sling or crutch, etc.), coaching can be of assistance to ease your mind, strengthen your body, resonate with your soul, and align your spirit with Omniscience.

The personalized, customized self-coaching I offer helps you analyze any area or areas of your life that doesn’t seem to be as you’d like. Or if you’re an “over thinker,” my program can help you “let go” and live in ease, more often!

Now, what if one-on-one coaching is too intense for you? What if you’d prefer to work within a small team, of 4 people?

Integrated Spiral self-coaching is based on a peer-to-peer coaching model (a sort of DIY experience plus accountability) that may be all that you need to bring everything back into BALANCE.

What can you share to expand the consciousness of the whole, to raise our individual and collective vibrations? Please feel supported to do so!

We will offer opinions, advice, health coaching, yoga, meditation, movement, songs, drumming, crystal Energy, prayers, mantras, with no thought of gain, where we exchange our energy graciously, for the better health of ALL.

Let’s leave our EGO out.
We’ll share for the sake of learning and improving the health of ALL.

Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like/love.

I am your facilitator and servant leader, but am not above or below anyone.

All are welcome who feel drawn to work on themselves for healing, and emotional balance. Feel free to invite those who seek answers.

I am founding this group to honor the words Spirit gave to me:
“We Are All Connected”
“Put Your Hands Together When You Pray”
“Everything Resolves to Gratitude”

We may feel like we’re on an individual journey in life, but we are never alone. And we grow and do better with an honest hand up.

For more information, send me an email with the subject line of: Integrated Spiral. I’ll reply to you within 24 hours (or sooner).

I believe the more we search for answers and try a variety of holistic methods, the more deep and integrated our healing. And the healthier overall, we become.
(For example, I wrote a book a couple years ago about how I reversed “lifelong” asthma.)

My hope is that you ALL will come to this deep and profound awareness of how much the Universe desires you to live an integrated life, and allow the Universe to integrate with you too!

While I was preparing this coaching program where we joyfully learn and practice ways to embody our light, or lighten our bodies, and ride the energy spiral to balance, (ah, don’t you LOVE the journey of a work in progress?), I made several posters like this:

Program topics. Organization of my thoughts and teachings.

In Integrated Spiral we’ll draw out our thoughts in a spiral path.


Let me know your glorious thoughts and if you might be interested in joining the Integrated Spiral philosophy program (sitting in a virtual circle with me)!

Are you “always thinking,” yet desire to breathe with SPIRIT? 

Do you ever have anxious feelings? You’re in the right place.

Do you wish you could “take the high road,” or “go general and find a variety of perspectives to find objective ways to view particular situations and “let go” of them (either mentally or physically “trying to change” things)?

This is what we do in Integrated Spiral™. 

Using the spiral form as a guide, and moving from the Inner to the Outer, and Outer to the Inner–we Connect and Align: Mind to BODY and Spirit to SOUL.

We listen to you. And our small, intimate groups share information and methods that help us ALL bridge Heaven and Earth. 


We’re always learning, growing, and curious.

We are interested in expansive topics. God, Spirit, Expanding Consciousness, Prayer, Meditation, and Mindfulness.

We once found ourselves inclined to stay busy, busy, busy! And perhaps like us, you work hard, work out, exercise, dance, or run to stay busy and ignore your MIND. But, ignoring your purpose or not acknowledging your SOUL can come back to bite us. Have you been noticing that?

Digging a little deeper…

For our “heady” analytical ones:

Do you tend to let your body suffer, eat or drink too much? Perhaps, you’re carrying more weight on your body than ever before. Or maybe, you’re not as apt to take on new tasks as you may have years earlier because you “don’t feel like it”?

For our active physically fit ones: 

Do you suffer from anxious thoughts, stress, overthinking, guilt, emotional distress, or burnout?

Do you wonder if you could feel more WHOLE? More Connected?

If so, this personal and customized small group, self-coaching (collaborative) DE-Program is for you!

You already have all the books, the audios, podcasts, videos and such that you need, but for some reason you can’t get motivated to implement what you’ve learned. Integrated Spiral™ helps by offering the support you need.

This DE-Program helps you INTEGRATE information (books, teachings, or tools) you currently have on hand (but never seem to have the time to utilize or put into practice), in order to help you meet the goals you had in mind when you bought (or downloaded) those items. 

This time, in 4 short weeks, you’ll learn a strategy to help yourself put things in order and weave them gently into a loose framework that will help you feel better, and realize achievements that you may have been procrastinating about due to overwhelm or being “too busy,” or feeling as though you never “have enough time in the day” to incorporate all those practices or tools. 

Integration is not only possible, but really achievable. And you’ll love the outcome. A daily ritual (or routine if you prefer that wording), where you’ll actually put into practice the things you learned (or wanted to learn), tried, or gave up on (because of a busy mind). 

Like working a puzzle, we’ll help you put those pieces together. We have a knack for that.

Often we know that growth (integration vs procrastination) moves us forward as we:

  1. Get organized and partner up
  2. Establish and maintain a holistic routine
  3. Measure, track, and celebrate our progress

Action and Application are keys to the integrating our spirit, mind, body, and soul. 

Nothing changes unless you apply and live what you’ve learned. Integrated Spiral™ helps you do that.

Integration is achievable. Join us.

Keep reading the ABOUT section, followed by DETAILS:  


What? A transformational self-coaching DE-Program that combines music and sound therapy with meditation, reflection, sharing, diving deep into issues, to calm, center, and balance one’s emotions? WOW!! 

Spiral Sister, Sheila Murrey, has found a way to help us balance and restore our bodies, deprogram our minds to help us think more critically and logically, intuit from spirit, and align with our souls to actually accomplish MORE!

Yes, where other self help “programs” miss the beat, together–as a small intimate group–WE incorporate everything we’ve previously learned (and let go of a lot), embrace foundational principles (of our ancestors–yes, we each stand on grand shoulders), incorporate energy medicine, meditation (or prayer as you prefer), journaling, and move our bodies (using movements gleaned from a variety of sources) and encourage participants to share other methods! All of this culminates in a ground-breaking, yet rooting and grounding DE-Program like no other!

Excited yet? We are! And we’d love to meet and share with you.

Please reach out to Sheila and join the next 4-week DE-Program.

For a bit more about the birthing of Integrated Spiral™, read this.


C.D. from Florida
“Thank you for talking with me and helping me feel better about a family member. Your words really helped to shift my perception! I am seeing that relationship in a whole new light now and I really appreciate it! (Hugs!)”

M. (Community Forum)
“Dear Sheila Spiral Sister, Your message came just in time. I have just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer! :cry: Now I have a chance to choose a different path, I am going to follow my heart and discovery my own potential to heal. Thank you for your resources. Thank you for sharing your personal journey and generous offer!”

Q.K. (Online)
“OMG, I just literally needed to hear that right now in this moment. My soul needed to hear that, as I type through my tears, I want to say thank you. I was thinking I should just quit, just give up and go back … this has given me life.”

C.S. (Facebook)
“Sheila, I love you! I am so happy the box meant so much and you have a heart for roses! Hugs my sweet friend!”

“…Using everyday instances to highlight the depth and breadth of that change. Rather a lesson to us all about how enjoying life is the result of us being open to receive in all aspects of our daily life. Nothing special, just everything we do, see and speak about, let alone act on!” 

I. (Email x2)
“I got u in my back pocket…🙏…it’s comforting to know you are there💗💗💗” 


“I so enjoyed our connection today!!……we had so much to share….we didn’t even have time to talk about the VAX…🙀”

Ready to jump in?

For quick response, it’s best to text Sheila at 321.289.2262


The Integrated Spiral™ small group, self-coaching DE-Program consists of 4 modules that are facilitated, one each week, over a 4-week timeframe (and include background melodious guitar music–there’s a neurological, sound healing reason for this). 

We dive deep, but gently. 

We create our own unique plan, with the help and guidance (not judgment) of the intimate group.

Integrated Spiral™ includes:

  • Module 1 (Week 1): Prep work (Methods, Tools, Intention)
  • Module 2 (Week 2): Energy work (Ancestral, Connecting, and Centering)
  • Module 3 (Week 3): Sacred Presence (Meditation, Prayer)
  • Module 4 (Week 4): Design Integrated Structure

The Integrated Spiral™ DE-Program is intimate and participatory, so each group typically has 4 participants, but some groups have embraced a few more. Small groups tend to help members share more openly, building deep and lasting trust with each other, and form incredible friendships, while we tune and integrate Mind and Body, Spirit and Soul. 

Each session affords our participants the time and space they need to courageously “go deep” on particular topics and realize (with real eyes) lifetime well-being results.

New groups start often, as participants register–we intuitively align and assign pending member participants to the group we feel will bring each individual to their highest and best Self. 

Text Sheila (or leave a voicemail message) at: 321.289.2262
– OR –
Click the Email button in the footer of this page to send Sheila an email and get on her list for the next group session dates/times.

To register for the DE-Program, click here to sign up with a credit card. Or you may use PayPal to send an energy exchange of $81 for the 4-week DE-Program:


Recently asked questions…

What are some benefits others have said they’ve experienced after completing the 4-week Integrated Spiral™ DE-Program?

Most come away with a superior feeling of accomplishment and fully empowered to embrace their daily routines, with the addition of the new “installs” or rituals, they crafted for themselves (with our help and guidance), during the DE-Program. 

What is “self-coaching”?

Sheila defines self-coaching as a sort of energetic partnership. A way to bring all you have to the table and courageously share openly with others to gain insights and support. We don’t seek or need to gain the approval of others, yet speaking our intentions and being heard is such a profound kind of biofeedback. 

We nourish each other. We hold space for one another. We may learn something intrinsic and important by simply listening to another. We may find a new way to integrate something we’d learned elsewhere into our daily routine. 

By sharing strands of our own mental spirals, it may encourage us to share more fully, empower self control, and strengthen our resiliency to life’s challenges.

What are mental spirals?

Sheila defines mental spirals, or spiral thoughts, as the open loops in our thinking, winding, continuous thoughts that can lead to anxious feelings, worry, tension, inability to fall asleep, feelings of low self worth, feelings of pressure, feeling like you go on tangents.

Working in a small, intimate group, we come up with ways to help loosen the spiral and add in more S-P-A-C-E between the layers, so you breathe easier, relax, and actually… become more mindful in an easy-going way. 

What if I miss one of the sessions? Are they recorded?

One of the main components of Integrated Spiral™ is Presence. Your presence and participation is extremely important. 

Slides, PDFs, or notes can be emailed to you of the session, but for privacy, and to encourage deep emotional dives (close knit participation), we’ve chosen NOT to record our sessions. 

What might an Integrated Spiral outcome look like?

Spiral Sister Sheila has written a blog article (with an audio file too) where you can experience one aspect (many of the benefits are an organization of mind-body practices – and each is different). This particular example is one where we used Integrated Spiral™ DE-Program to move past procrastination and an overwhelming amount of hand written notes to achieve organization for a large writing project. Here’s the link:

How long are the sessions?

Our sessions run about 2 hours in length. Please do your best to fully participate for at least 2 hours. 

What are Sheila’s credentials? Why should I trust her with my innermost thoughts?

Sheila has been a trusted friend and confidante of many people over her 50+ years of life. She’s held career roles of increasing responsibility in the fields of Higher Education, Government, and Corporate Information Technology (see her profile on LinkedIn). 

Sheila has been researching and writing on holistic health matters since 2005, when she naturally reversed asthma in her body. She’s practiced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping), since 2005 and taught it to many others (in person and via video conferencing and chats), since 2012. 

“Spiral Sister” Sheila runs two blogs and has a worldwide audience at

What other questions do you have? Click the email button below and ask. We’ll add more Q&A to this page as we grow. We all continue to grow! (Wink!)

If you are in crisis or immediate danger NOW, go to these resources:

Ready to jump in?

For quick response, it’s best to text Sheila at 321.289.2262

Many blessings in ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀🎼🙏☯️
Much love. -and- Thank YOU.

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