Book Review: What Dreams Have Come

A beautiful soul-reaching, inspiring, reverent, vulnerable, and enlightening read!

What Dreams Have Come book cover

What Dreams Have Come is an excellent book! I read it within 24 hours, as it is highly engaging, elegantly, and lovingly written!

Intimately personal

Film producer, co-founder of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, and author, Stephen Simon, with his beloved wife Lauren (who gently crossed over to the Grand Beyond in her sleep), provides us ALL the opportunity to gain a sense of the “Other Side,” while welcoming us into their personal lives (by sharing the synchronicities of how they met, including family photos, and intricate details).

Over the years of seeing Stephen host the monthly DVD Spiritual Cinema Circle, we felt we had gotten to know him, personally. And he would often speak of Lauren and all the work she did for the Circle. We also felt Connected to Stephen and Lauren through their posts on Facebook. But never did I feel as privy to their innermost thoughts as I have sensed from reading this book. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then books such as these are doors to the heart.

Intertwining honor and love

Stephen and Lauren lovingly crafted a book rich in story that graciously includes the ways they honored and cared for each other (and continue to), as well as demonstrate the ways in which they highly value inclusivity (by bringing us in and honoring their family, neighbors and friends—including my favorite spiritual author).

Emotionally stirring

I cried, laughed, and yes, had jaw-drop moments while reading, What Dreams Have Come. I resonated with much of Stephen and Lauren’s candor and playfulness. (And not to give anything away, but my husband and I often recite our favorite movie lines to each other too!)

There were the touching moments of serendipity and synchronicity built into the way Stephen and Lauren met, and noted all the way through their marriage. The way they shared their pain and triumphs were inspiring to me.

I also really loved the end of the book—totally thrilling! And of course, this is not the end of a love and life together for the Simons.

UPDATE: Please listen to Stephen Simon’s interview with Allison Dubois: Interview

In summary

This book is soul-reaching, and deeply inspiring. It is reverent, vulnerable, and enlightening. I’m in awe of what Love can do—in ALL ways.

Pick up a copy

Buy it here. It is available as a paperback and on Kindle (so you can read on your smartphone).

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17 thoughts on “Book Review: What Dreams Have Come

      1. No I haven’t written about my NDE but I have spoken about it. A lot of it I don’t remember to be truthful. I do know how upset I was when I was told it was not my time. I did NOT wish to return here. Shiela, to experience Absolute Love in Perfection Form is something I will never forget and look forward to again. Very difficult to describe otherworldly terms in concrete terms.

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      2. I sooo agree that it is difficult to describe otherworldly experiences in our limited earthly languages! Beautiful, AmyRose. I can grasp a bit of why it would be hard to leave Absolute Love and return here. You must have a grand work to do! ❤️🦋🌀

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      3. I’ve begun to understand that exact purpose right now, Sheila. And it humbles me that I am being trusted with such responsibility. To not know why since 1984 (NDE) and to walk in faith all that time, just knowing I was being prepared for something, speaks in of itself how deeply I was affected by my experience. I am in awe of how God works …. never as we ourselves would “think”. Incredible!! xo

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