How did I get here?

I could write a whole book on how I discovered I’m an empath interested in the metaphysical connectedness of ALL to ease sadness and loneliness, but would anyone want to know? Because who am I? If I were famous some might be interested in that but mostly no one cares. And I’ve already explained a bit of how I discovered I am an empath in both my books, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life (still in process of getting the second edition out to Amazon), and in Blue Eyes: Ethereal Messages of Connection.

In short, I can tell you I’ve always known there was something riding on the airwaves that got me from quiet, insecure, and overly sensitive only child to where I am today–a woman ready to grab the mic and talk unashamedly about my life and the hell I’ve gone through to get to this awakened (not woke) state I Am currently living. I’ll talk on any stage without jitters. I’ll talk without a script. I don’t know how to get speaking engagements though–that seems to be a full-time job in and of itself (booking those events).

Here’s a short list of events that I feel opened me to the metaphysical:

  • Listened to my dad talking on the CB radio when I was very young
  • Dad telling me about “talking skip” with people all over the world on his radio in the middle of the night
  • Dreaming dreams
  • Having my mom vividly explain her dreams to me
  • Loving listening to the FM radio upon waking up in the mornings
  • Experiencing a seance with Catholic friends where “it got real”
  • Playing haunted house with my best friend
  • Playing in an old cemetery next door to the house I grew up in until 6th grade
  • Playing on the tracks with my first friend Joey and other neighborhood children
  • As an adult, experiencing hypnotherapy, past life regressions, and “visitations” from my mom and others from the Grand Beyond (Other Side)

How this can ease sad and lonely feelings

I have been working on getting the revamp of Integrated Spiral done– and rebranding it as, Integrating the Spirals because it’s more important than ever for such a time as this. And because I know more sad and lonely people than ever before. (Let me know if you’re interested in taking my Integrating the Spirals course.)

As an empath I simply want to help ease suffering. I help some by showing them how to meditate so they can understand the value of Detachment. And so they can learn the value of tilling their inner soil with their breath. And to provide peace and calm. And to Connect them with their spirit, higher selves, Omniscience God, and receive personal guidance.

Meditation provides those things and so much more. And many great and wise people meditate. I did a study many years ago on how many celebrities and authors meditate on a daily basis and it was astounding how many do practice meditation and claim not to go a day without it!

Will it go round in circles?

I love this song:

And it seems to fit (me anyway) because I am always repeating cycles, learning lessons, and breaking patterns–or attempting to break the patterns/cycles. And the bad guy did win every once in a while as Billy Preston sang in the song.

We often repeat patterns in our life several times before we learn the hidden meaning–the lesson. I use the term, Parts Integration because we’re always bringing information IN, integrating some, balancing, and releasing what we can’t use at the time. We’re doing the best we can with the information we understand at the time. We’re dancing either IN or OUT of rhythm with nature and the universe. I am letting the music move me around. Perhaps that’s Destiny.

We receive multitudes of incoming information

I think we must let go of some of the stuff we take in on a day-to-day basis, as we receive so much! We receive multitudes of disparate information, sh*t from all sides, on any given day. There’s no way we can consciously process it ALL. Right? So, we dump quite a bit but does some of it get stuck in our subconscious?

Never alone

Now, that I’ve been volunteering as an email correspondent for Dr. Raymond Moody (of Life After Life) and reading the multiple stories of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and Shared Death Experiences (SDEs) that people from every walk of life and culture have written in about what they’ve experienced, I cannot believe we’re alone in the universe.

Those stories alongside my own experiences and encounters have grown my faith in the subject of “aloneness” to a great extent. While I don’t consider myself a medium or psychic, I am clairsentient and FEEL a clear Yes and No in my body when I ask specific questions, when having a conversation with someone, watching an intense movie, or listening to songs. It’s a sensation I’ve talked about many times before in this blog so I won’t belabor it here. (You can read about GodBumps here and see my interview with one of the authors of the book, GodBumps here if you missed any of those.)

Release what doesn’t serve

Having gone through the stuff I’ve lived through and having sat through many therapy sessions and times of self-reflection and meditation has given me a certain set of skills that allow me to offer others assistance.

Some of the best things I learned was to write down my experience and then write it again, removing all emotion. To talk stuff out, even with only me (my Self), and use Tapping to release the emotions from my body. And finally to release what doesn’t serve you; let it go and be the “I Am” at this moment–utterly grateful, happily and blissfully–incomplete. Namaste.

Transcribed by and grammar-checked using Grammarly.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

About us

My husband is an award-winning illustrator, plus he’s a seasoned guitarist, bass player, and songwriter (with over 400 original songs). You can view some of his artwork and listen to all of his songs at:

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About me, your Spiral Sister

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture/chiropractor office, natural health foods store, art fair, music, or yoga festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. 

I invite you to check out my new metaphysical book–Blue Eyes: Ethereal Messages of Connection. There are two versions (Kindle and paperback) on Amazon:

I’m an Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving” available on Amazon. Plus, I documented how I naturally reversed 30+ years of chronic asthma in my holistic health book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, that’s available on Barnes and Noble with the second edition coming out soon on Amazon.


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5 thoughts on “An Empath’s Metaphysical Discoveries of Connectedness to ease sadness and loneliness

  1. 🤝🏼 😉💎

    I too have a great interest in speaking from my innermost self no holds no restrictions… And no idea how to start lol so for me personally until I’m so moved I’ll just continue to share myself energetically I am interested in your integrating spiral I enjoy your thoughts ideas opinions and suggestions 😊 I do hold space to one day meet in person I imagine it would be quite a workshop between us who knows what we could gift from our energies to others 🌱💞🎶

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  2. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 Having Awakened and Ascended to 5DAwareness in a 3DEnvironment I AM a USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath) EveryOne; this means it is important to set boundaries and assert these boundaries, herewith a Potted History of My “Empath” journey EveryBody:

    💎 Abusive, Conditioned UpBringing
    💎 Admitting, Acknowledging and Addressing My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) from said UpBringing
    💎 Total Acceptance and Trust of My EEP!!! (Energetic Evolution Process)

    …there is discomfort and pain involved; but, boy, it’s worth it…

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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