Teaser from my new book, Blue Eyes

Teaser from my new book, Blue Eyes

My new book, Blue Eyes, is with the editor and due out within the next few weeks. (Let me know if you’d like to be on the book launch team and be one of the first to read it!)

I thought I’d take a moment to share a page (from the ePub formatted version) in the screen capture along with the text of this story and how I believe my experiences ties into what I’ve learned from Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief.

Mystical vision / visitation!

One night, I was shook awake by a profound and mystical vision of my mother! This was unlike any mere nighttime dream. 

The wholly encompassing presence of my mom (when she looked like she did in her early 40s) was something intensely surreal and mesmerizing… I shall not forget the experience. This experience was incredibly unfettered, I wanted it to last forever.

It felt as though we talked at the foot of the bed for HOURS, though I bet it was only a few minutes. I didn’t recall anything of what we discussed, save for this one message from mom:

I Am in your blood.”

I sat up in bed—stunned. I feel this message from my mom is still applicable for you dear reader, even if you were adopted, as the ones who loved and raised you affected you! The book, Biology of Belief about the science of Epigenetics, proves that nurture is as important as nature. Those who raised you are in you also, because they programmed you.

From that morning forward, I felt a very real awareness, or knowing, that those on the Other Side are often very near to us (we simply move about unaware) because WE are busy with life—and that’s okay too!

They send us little messages (like winks from the Universe) and are thrilled when we acknowledge them and their messages. We can simply acknowledge our awareness of their presence by blowing a kiss, smiling while thinking of them, patting our arms/legs, giving ourselves a hug, whispering their name, and so on. We don’t have to explain what or why we are doing anything to anybody else. ❤️😉

Our loved ones in the Grand Beyond are living in the most beautiful, vast, indescribable place! And if we could glimpse it, we’d never grieve or wish them back here in the physical.

Therefore, I have wished to save others some grief. I’ve sent those whom I knew were grieving the following messages:

“I woke up with a thought for you about your mom (or dad, other relative).”

“Kiss the palm of your hand. Then place your hand on the side of your face.”

“Our mother’s / father’s blood (and love for us), is in our blood.”

Oh, and mom says anytime we use something they gave us, wear a piece of clothing or jewelry they bought for us, cook with a pot they used, drink from a cup of theirs, eat from a plate they left us, whisper their name, or simply think of them, that acknowledgement, or action—honors them greatly. And they feel it. (Kiss!)

Sheila Murrey, Blue Eyes

Again, I’m so excited to release this book out into the world, so do reach out to me (email or comment below) if you’d like to be one of the first to read it, and join the book launch team to buy it for a couple dollars and review it for me!

Much Love and many blessings to ALL!

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Lucid dreaming: Time Travel

Time travel

In this situation, I was at a gas station and back in the day when everything was new. I was sitting beside a new teal colored refrigerator and everything all around me was new and clean. I was with my parents and children (when my kids were young). I don’t know if had been traveling somewhere and stopped in there or someone we knew owned the filling station. And there was a larger building next to it that we seemed to get lost in.

At one point, I’d walked into a room where the guys from Recycled Percussion were talking. I joined in the conversation.

Recycled Percussion band on stage. Photo credit: https://www.recycledpercussionband.com/partners-clients/

At one point, Justin walked out into the hallway and I joined him. He was standing a few feet from me, on his phone or something. When I approached he seemed guarded. He prefers his privacy. I walked towards him and asked him a question. He was friendly and warmed up to me a bit.

Justin of Recycled Percussion and Chaos & Kindness. Photo credit: https://chaosandkindness.store/pages/meet-the-team

I knew my kids would have loved to meet him, so I went back to the gas station to find them and bring them over to meet him and the rest of the guys in the band.

Telling Time

When I got back to the gas station, there was a message for me to meet mom and dad and my children at their van.

But once outside, there weren’t many vehicles around. At the corner of the lot, I found a van, though it didn’t look like mom and dad’s.

I peered into an old van. I’d called out a name. There was no one around. No one answered my call.

When I went back to the kitchen of the gas station, everything was old, rusty, and there was moss growing all over everything. When I found someone, he knew nothing of my family and had not seen anyone.

I made my way back into the kitchen of the gas station, by the rear door, so this guy couldn’t stop me. I laid down by the old fridge and drifted to sleep. And then everything was new again in my consciousness. I could find my parents and children! But then, my alarm rang and woke me up. Ugh.

First thoughts upon awakening:

Maybe this happened in another lifetime?

Maybe this is why I’ve always been drawn to the Shell stations? (I met my first husband at a Shell gas station, and I dated someone who managed a Shell station at one point too. My first husband and I used to work at a small truck stop and I pumped fuel and was the cashier as one of my first jobs when we moved to Florida in the mid 1980’s.) Synchronicities abound.

Maybe this is why I loved The Twilight Zone when I was a kid. And Outer Limits. And stories by Edgar Allan Poe. And shows with Vincent Price. And built haunted houses. And dressed up as a witch. And dug in caves of sand.

I will begin a new habit. I’ll pick up my phone as soon as I awaken from the next lucid dream and turn on my Otter app. See ya again soon!

What Love, Like, and Westworld have in common

I awoke from a dream.

My mother and I had been visiting. I had been talking with her and fitting her with a dress for some special occasion. My daughter/granddaughter was asleep in the next room.

At some point my mother’s acute hearing turned to the bedroom and she quickly made her way to the door, opened it, and caught my daughter/granddaughter quietly playing on the floor, next to the nightlight.

My daughter ran across the bed, to the adjacent bathroom, all the while screaming at the top of her lungs because mom was going to whip her.

From my now vantage point, it was terrorizing! I wanted to intervene, but I was frozen in stillness.

After I woke up, I had to analyze the dream, and write it down because in an instant I became the clockmaker. The clockmaker god of my own Westworld.

We can love someone, yet not like them.

We can love someone and not always like them. ❤️🦋🌀〰️


How is that possible?

Love is always unconditional if it’s truly love.

Liking someone, it seems to follow, is about Control.

In the case of my daughter, she had not went to sleep when my mother put her to bed. She disobeyed.

Mom’s need to control her led to a whipping which meant none of us would fall asleep naturally happy or at ease.

All my daughter had wanted was to listen to mom and I talk, and would have fallen asleep on the floor, not really hurting anything. However, my mom had a different expectation.

Thus, when my daughter didn’t adhere to my mother’s expectation, mom viewed it as disobedience and the thrashing ensued. Oh, my poor daughter! “Mom don’t”—I wanted to yell.

In the series, Westworld, Creator god makes each person with a bit of him in them, or in his image.

How are we making ourselves, and our children?

How we’re seen from the Other Side

A dream: How we are seen from the Other Side

Early this morning I saw my dad in my dream. (FYI my dad passed away / crossed over the the “Other Side” March 8th, 2019, and I wrote his eulogy here. The day after dad “died,” I had an early morning vision, and wrote about it here.)

Dad showed me (in this vision type dream of the afterlife) that there’s no time on the other side, and what this means is that they see us as one of those age progression photographs—we are ALL ages, all at once!

How dad sees me from the “Other Side.”

Dad says he sees me as I am now, when I was first married, had my children, and as I was at every year of my childhood! All at the same time… which for me, is mind blowing!

He showed me that is why our bodies still have stem cells and why, as we age, we desire to write a letter to our younger self! Also, it’s why we think we carry around our inner child within us our whole lives!

It was such a wondrous dream! It seemed to take no time for papa to download this information to me.

I wrote the details of the dream/vision all down immediately upon waking up, but later, while taking my shower, I also had a flash in my mind’s eye, that this is why artists paint in the cubism art style—they are attempting to show us how we live all aspects of ourselves (of our past selves) in this, Now.

I hope this has given you some things to think about, especially if you’ve ever wondered how (or if) you are seen by loved ones who have crossed over to the Grand Beyond.

Much love and many blessings. ❤️🦋🌀🙏☮️ OM

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I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural fair or festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon. 

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here

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