Final thoughts

No, I’m not dying. Not yet anyway.

But I will one day.

So will you.

Dying thoughts

I’ve never been afraid of death.

It’s wild though because death and public speaking are supposed to be the two main, or top fears of people.

What’s important to say is, before, or as I take my last breath on this earth, I will be thinking of my family.

I woke up in the middle of the night tonight thinking how amazing it was that I got to fly in a jet airliner twice in 2019, to England, Ireland, and Scotland! The sheer magnitude of it! Of traveling that way!

And how my ancestors from “across the pond” (England, Ireland, Denmark, and Germany), had to deal with months on a ship and high seas to reach America—a far away land they could only dream of before they came here.

I go back in my mind—to my travels abroad of 2019–and give deepest thanks for every moment!

I whisper “I love you” to my ancestors, most of whom I never knew in this life.

And then, I whisper, “I love you” and blow air kisses to my daughter, son, and granddaughters!

I touch my husband (sleeping beside me) and feel incredible gratitude for his love and our years together. Especially since there was a person, unbeknownst to me at the time, who attempted to keep us apart.

Spiral thought: A recurring theme in my life, people jacking me around, trying to keep me from getting a job, or such. And without my knowing, sometimes for YEARS! Suffice to say, I hold no grudges, nor do I wish any ill on those certain individuals. And yes, I know who they are, though I sincerely doubt I will ever know their intentions or reasons for their behavior.

In the grand scheme of things, I have been shown that “Everything happens for a reason.” And more importantly, “Everything Resolves to Gratitude.”

I breathe easy and sleep well. I know the love of family, forward and back.

I know, “Love truly does conquer ALL.“

And I know, in multitudinous ways, “We Are Not Alone.” We Are ALL Connected.


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