Today was moving day

We packed up our most personal items today from our RV (that we’ve been living in for 11+ years).

We’re moving to a 1/1 villa in a 55+ community.

It’s the end of a dream to live Off Grid, on my son’s property. The property where my dad transitioned.

Moving day.

I’ve never been afraid of death. But saying good bye and letting go has never came easy.

I go back in my mind—to the last time I sat on the side of our bed with my mom (and I gave her back her wedding band that I’d had for years (no idea what happened to it). And to my last visits with my dad in our RV (when we lived in Merritt Island—dad and my cousin had moved our rig there in 2018).

One of our last visits, dad had cleaned out our floor heat vents. He said we’d have to sink the screw a bit and we didn’t. After dad passed, I thought of him every time I stepped on that floor vent screw. (And it was okay.)

Speaking of my folks, I whisper “I love you” to my mom, dad, and both sets of grandparents and ancestors, every morning when I do my Gratitude F-L-O-W and blow them a kiss. (

But, here’s the thing, I simply feel like a failure today. Like 17 months of off grid living was for nothing. And I miss my son. (Yes, we’ll go back and visit, and for now, our RV is still there, but my feelings are still, my feelings).

I know, “Love truly does conquer ALL.“

And I know, in multitudinous ways, “We Are Not Alone.” We Are ALL Connected.

Yet, I am sad.


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7 thoughts on “Moving day

  1. This touched my heart, Sheila. It’s so hard to let go of a dream that we actualize and realize it was only finite and more fragile than we imagined. The memories and wistfulness lingers, but now it’s time to move on to your next chapter. ❤️

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