Integrate moment by moment

❤️🦋🌀I have been reminded (by my body and my experiences this year), that as I write the words the Universe presents multiple ways to help each of us integrate the concepts represented by the words we write.

An example of this was when I designed my t-shirts, mugs, and more with the words “Minding my Energy” (which, is all about managing our energy), and a few short months later, I was faced with literally managing my own electrical energy, as well as re-energizing my body through diet and exercise!

I’ve been presented (sometimes daily) with quite interesting and challenging ways to actually manage my energy! And then, it IS my choice (and has been), to laugh WITH the Universe, or struggle. ❤️🤣😘

We are always tuning

Integrating mind and body involves getting your thoughts, intentions, priorities, physical activity, and reactions to external factors—ALL in BALANCE.

Yin yang observations and why we seek Balance.

We achieve and live in a state of whole health, as we embody balance. Our work, if there is any, is to always tune in to balance. ☯️

Spirit & Soul

Many books have been written about integrating our Spirit and Soul, and practices eons old such as Qigong and Yoga exist to guide us in integrating our breath (and Spirit) with our physical bodies.

My philosophy is this: breathing incorporates and integrates Spirit to Soul (think oxygenation of the blood).

All we need to do is, DO the daily, consistent practice. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ah, the spiral of tension and release. Action and rest. Charge and restore. ❤️😉

If you need help with the consistency part, there are many groups and coaches available—there are even apps! Learn, do, and stay accountable. (I offer a free Messenger “Move your body” group. Write a comment below or find me on Facebook to be added.

NOTE: Let me know if you comment, if you want me to keep your comment hidden, so others won’t see it.)

Minding (Managing) my Energy design – buy it here:

Body – My diet

I have been participating in a weight loss program sponsored by my health insurance company (Omada), for 15 weeks. More about that soon in another post.

It involves tracking and monitoring key health metrics daily—including weighing in.

Watching the number on that scale each morning has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s biofeedback and psychology working at its best, whether I like it or not. Ha!

I am now, using the challenges I face (like gaining those couple of pounds last week), to push myself to learn more.

I watched (and later connected with) a menopause doctor, learned some more acupressure points (that really seemed to help last night!), and started my Activ5 workouts while watching DVDs, that I think are going to be real game changers for me!

I feel, mind, body, and soul that I am on a healthy path, now, to release the excess weight on my middle aged body. I am so excited! In fact, I actually released 1 pound and 1 ounce, overnight! (I have let go of 10 pounds in 15 weeks, and this includes days of losing, gaining, and plateau weeks.)

Body – Living environment

Most of my followers know that my husband (who is 11.5 years older than me), moved to an off grid living arrangement at the end of February. And then COVID hit. We didn’t have any time to adjust to our new address, until we were on lockdown (especially him, because he’s over 65).

I haven’t written much about the changes (yes, challenges), we faced because I do my best to stay focused on the positive I desire, silver linings, and all of that. Suffice to say, every single day we were “managing our energy,” personal energy, electric from the sun/generator (we had two generators die, and a tropical storm hide the sun from our solar panels, etc.), and consider every single use of energy consumption (right down to learning how to live without hot water, and store only so much in a dorm sized fridge)! Off grid living is NOT for the faint of heart.

We’ve figured most of it out now, some 9 months later, but we are still integrating the thoughts and new mental exercises to live this lifestyle in gratitude.

Body – Writing it out

Words are a kind of tuning instrument for me.

You see, everything is energy. And life exists (manifests) along a spectrum of energy.

A body is just a dense collection of energy at one point on the spectrum (and why it is visible), and it reverberates with and emits emotional energy (invisible) according to what is near it. It’s reactionary!

Think of a guitar string. If the guitar string is not plucked, there is no reaction. Thus, there is no sound. When plucked, the string makes sounds in alignment with it’s tuning—high or low.

You are like the guitar string that has the ability in every moment to choose how you are tuned, and whether you will respond to the plucking!

Choosing how to respond to the plucking, takes mental energy. And mental energy is far less dense and changes moment by moment, faster than the speed of light! So, why does it seem to weigh us down? (Stress seems to occur when we “carry” the “weight of the world” around on our shoulders (yet, it’s mere thoughts in our heads)!

An example of writing it out as I prepare for a talk

In closing

I believe the more we search for answers and try a variety of holistic methods, the more deep and integrated our healing. And the healthier overall, we become.
(I wrote a book a couple years ago about how I reversed “lifelong” asthma.)

My hope is that you ALL will come to this deep and profound awareness of how much the Universe desires to integrate with you too!

As I prepare a course on integrating where we joyfully learn and practice ways to embody our light, or lighten our bodies, and ride the energy spiral to balance, (ah, don’t you LOVE the journey of a work in progress?), I’ll give you a peek… let me know if this resonates with you:

Potential new course topics. Organizing my thoughts and teachings. ❤️😉

Comment below. Let me know your glorious thoughts and if you might be interested in taking my course (or sitting in a virtual circle with me)!

Much love and many blessings! ❤️🦋🌀

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

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  1. Your brainstorming sheet looks like my notebook. Spirit speaks only one Truth. It comes through to us from the same place. Our daily experience of the Omnipresence of the Divine is the foundation of all transformative practice. I look forward to seeing how you present these ideas and experiences. Blessings to you and Richard.

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