Integrate, integrate, integrate

Integrate moment by moment

❤️🦋🌀I have been reminded (by my body and my experiences this year), that as I write the words the Universe presents multiple ways to help each of us integrate the concepts represented by the words we write.

An example of this was when I designed my t-shirts, mugs, and more with the words “Minding my Energy” (which, is all about managing our energy), and a few short months later, I was faced with literally managing my own electrical energy, as well as re-energizing my body through diet and exercise!

I’ve been presented (sometimes daily) with quite interesting and challenging ways to actually manage my energy! And then, it IS my choice (and has been), to laugh WITH the Universe, or struggle. ❤️🤣😘

We are always tuning

Integrating mind and body involves getting your thoughts, intentions, priorities, physical activity, and reactions to external factors—ALL in BALANCE.

Yin yang observations and why we seek Balance.

We achieve and live in a state of whole health, as we embody balance. Our work, if there is any, is to always tune in to balance. ☯️

Spirit & Soul

Many books have been written about integrating our Spirit and Soul, and practices eons old such as Qigong and Yoga exist to guide us in integrating our breath (and Spirit) with our physical bodies.

My philosophy is this: breathing incorporates and integrates Spirit to Soul (think oxygenation of the blood).

All we need to do is, DO the daily, consistent practice. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ah, the spiral of tension and release. Action and rest. Charge and restore. ❤️😉

If you need help with the consistency part, there are many groups and coaches available—there are even apps! Learn, do, and stay accountable. (I offer a free Messenger “Move your body” group. Write a comment below or find me on Facebook to be added.

NOTE: Let me know if you comment, if you want me to keep your comment hidden, so others won’t see it.)

Minding (Managing) my Energy design – buy it here:

Body – My diet

I have been participating in a weight loss program sponsored by my health insurance company (Omada), for 15 weeks. More about that soon in another post.

It involves tracking and monitoring key health metrics daily—including weighing in.

Watching the number on that scale each morning has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s biofeedback and psychology working at its best, whether I like it or not. Ha!

I am now, using the challenges I face (like gaining those couple of pounds last week), to push myself to learn more.

I watched (and later connected with) a menopause doctor, learned some more acupressure points (that really seemed to help last night!), and started my Activ5 workouts while watching DVDs, that I think are going to be real game changers for me!

I feel, mind, body, and soul that I am on a healthy path, now, to release the excess weight on my middle aged body. I am so excited! In fact, I actually released 1 pound and 1 ounce, overnight! (I have let go of 10 pounds in 15 weeks, and this includes days of losing, gaining, and plateau weeks.)

Body – Living environment

Most of my followers know that my husband (who is 11.5 years older than me), moved to an off grid living arrangement at the end of February. And then COVID hit. We didn’t have any time to adjust to our new address, until we were on lockdown (especially him, because he’s over 65).

I haven’t written much about the changes (yes, challenges), we faced because I do my best to stay focused on the positive I desire, silver linings, and all of that. Suffice to say, every single day we were “managing our energy,” personal energy, electric from the sun/generator (we had two generators die, and a tropical storm hide the sun from our solar panels, etc.), and consider every single use of energy consumption (right down to learning how to live without hot water, and store only so much in a dorm sized fridge)! Off grid living is NOT for the faint of heart.

We’ve figured most of it out now, some 9 months later, but we are still integrating the thoughts and new mental exercises to live this lifestyle in gratitude.

Body – Writing it out

Words are a kind of tuning instrument for me.

You see, everything is energy. And life exists (manifests) along a spectrum of energy.

A body is just a dense collection of energy at one point on the spectrum (and why it is visible), and it reverberates with and emits emotional energy (invisible) according to what is near it. It’s reactionary!

Think of a guitar string. If the guitar string is not plucked, there is no reaction. Thus, there is no sound. When plucked, the string makes sounds in alignment with it’s tuning—high or low.

You are like the guitar string that has the ability in every moment to choose how you are tuned, and whether you will respond to the plucking!

Choosing how to respond to the plucking, takes mental energy. And mental energy is far less dense and changes moment by moment, faster than the speed of light! So, why does it seem to weigh us down? (Stress seems to occur when we “carry” the “weight of the world” around on our shoulders (yet, it’s mere thoughts in our heads)!

An example of writing it out as I prepare for a talk

In closing

I believe the more we search for answers and try a variety of holistic methods, the more deep and integrated our healing. And the healthier overall, we become.
(I wrote a book a couple years ago about how I reversed “lifelong” asthma.)

My hope is that you ALL will come to this deep and profound awareness of how much the Universe desires to integrate with you too!

As I prepare a course on integrating where we joyfully learn and practice ways to embody our light, or lighten our bodies, and ride the energy spiral to balance, (ah, don’t you LOVE the journey of a work in progress?), I’ll give you a peek… let me know if this resonates with you:

Potential new course topics. Organizing my thoughts and teachings. ❤️😉

Comment below. Let me know your glorious thoughts and if you might be interested in taking my course (or sitting in a virtual circle with me)!

Much love and many blessings! ❤️🦋🌀

A bit about me

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Women, Wine, and Wellness

Women, Wine, and Wellness Brevard

I joined the local chapter of Women, Wine, and Wellness in Cocoa, Florida to launch my new business, on October 7, 2019!

I attended last month’s event as a spectator and so enjoyed it, that I wanted to attend again anyway. So happens that the timing was perfect for me to grab a vendor table and announce my new mind, body, spirit, soul-aligned business!

Lauren Thew and Kali Bernardo have given me much business and entrepreneurial advice. And I am in awe of how elegantly they run this chapter. Kudos, ladies! ❤️🦋🌀

From helping me know all the things I needed to have put in place like:

  1. Clarity of offering (longer version of an elevator speech)
  2. Discussion about rates and fees
  3. Discussion about in-home or virtual
  4. Practice embodying it (by repeating it verbally in front of a mirror and recording myself)
  5. Printed materials: Sign in sheet, flyer, coupon,
  6. Welcome kit with accountability and engagement agreements/ session information
  7. Disclaimers, how to accept payment, pay plans, and more!

My new business

Here’s my introduction on their Facebook business page:

Here we go!

Front of business flyer

I’m so excited to be introducing my new brand at our upcoming event, and I plan to have a vendor table at each of the upcoming monthly events!


Girl power! Hahahaha 😉🤣 Yes!

And I’ll be inviting folks to my next meeting too!

UPDATE: The business launch was a lovely success! I made several new friends, contacts for tech work, and a new preferred customer! Yay! I am having fun thinking of all the brainstorming and stuff we’ll be doing together!

The next Women, Wine, and Wellness event will be November 4, 2019. Come on out and join us! I will have a vendor table and offer mini EFT sessions! ❤️😉

For Fun

Check out this original song, Last Call Before Christmas. It’s one of my new favorites (as I was the muse for it), written by my husband and performed and recorded in a Nashville, TN studio. Help us spread the word about it, won’t you?

#LastCall #NewSong #OriginalSong #ChristmasSong


An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, the brand new book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is now available for online sale and distribution (PDF format).

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Isn’t wordplay aWEsOMe?

I love picking out words within words to emphasize a point. And the word ‘aWEsOMe’ is a perfect illustration of this.


You see, I love meditation. And one day, as I was complimenting someone about something, when I wrote the word, ‘awesome’, the letters WE OM jumped right out at me! (Yes, I use OM, also spelled AUM, in my meditation.)

Astonished at first, over time I began to realize that my ability to spot patterns–also why I love my work in technology–was why certain letters would sort of pop out to me. I learned that I could artistically write words this way to influence a specific purpose.

For the past couple of years I have signed off my emails with the words, “In Joy” because I understood the meaning of ‘enjoy’ as a way of living IN the state of joy.

Emphasizing hidden meaning

An intuitive dear heart and friend of mine blogs often, and also writes some words using capital letters to emphasize the words’ meaning. I love that! (You can check her blog out here.)

Alania writes words such as, ‘ReMember’, ‘ReConnected’, ‘mySelf’, ‘SEEing’, and ‘BEing’, to assist us in our focus. To shine a spotlight on the important aspects of those words.

I have been writing aWEsOMe in this way for some time now as a gift to all who read it, as a way to (perhaps subliminally) accept meditation into their daily routine.

My Facebook friends often see my write the word, ‘crazy’, like this: cRaZy (though in this example the R and Z aren’t important–I just think the mix of every other letter from capitals to lowercase lends itself to the mixed up meaning of the word.

I am pondering the word, scared. Ever notice that it contains the same letters as the word, Sacred? Wondering why we’re sometimes scared of the Sacred things.

I enjoy the expansiveness of the word ‘ALL’ within the word, ‘always’, and you’ll find that I often close emails and articles using it.

UPDATE: I now have a t-shirt design incorporating this idea! See it here:

What are your favorite words?

What thoughts and words mean a lot to you?

OM is very important to me, and may be my most favorite word because it represents Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence. Indeed, the Omni of Everything.

The synchronicity play of the Universe has not been lost on me, it’s just taken me a few years to see it when it comes down to names:

Look at the ALL I found in some names of my “teachers”:

Allen – first husband

Alania – teacher friend

Alison – Energy Medicine Doctor friend

Why do some people believe Love hurts?

Because they are only flowing that Energy one way. It’s not connecting and they feel the disconnect, loss, grief, etc.

We Are All Connected, yes. However, we have Free Will to block it and pinch off the flow.


Sorcery — Source…

Interesting, huh?

Always — ALL ways.

Blessings to you in ALL ways.

We Are All Connected. OM

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.

Check out this original song, It All Starts Within You. It’s one of my husband’s tunes – performed and recorded in Nashville, TN. You can download it (it’s Track 9) from this link:

A bit about me:

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, the brand new book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is now available for online sale and distribution (PDF format).

Buy it here.

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Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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Be Open To Receive – a follow up

This blog post is going to attempt to catch the many times that I myself need to “be open to receive.”

I believe teachers, okay, everyone really, should practice what they preach. So here I am, practicing what I preach (read my book chapter, Be Open to Receive for context).

Talking with someone near and dear, he mentions a certain “theory” that has recently been trending on Google. I poo-poo it. Ta-da! What happens? I am doing research on a seemingly unrelated topic for an Examiner article that I’m writing and POOF! The same theory shows up! I begin to feel perplexed. I take a shower and I realize that I must “be open to receive” and at least, research it.

Another day, one of the subjects of my book chapter and I go to lunch. For me, just the very act of going to lunch was “being open.” In fact, due to both of our schedules, the lunch was rescheduled many times!

So, of course, as I imagined would be the case, this person presented me with new insights on several topics. I made notes on my iPhone for further investigation. Later, she presented me with some additional information though, and my first response? I asked, “Did I ask for this”? But just as quick, I realized what I was doing, so I followed with, “thank you, at some point in the future this might be some information I will need, though right now, it is not what I had in mind.”

I have been presented with a challenging opportunity. Okay, it did not present itself quite so elegantly packaged exactly. It came by way of a bit of struggle. Little bit of ranting and complaining occurred here at the old iMac.

In the struggle of attempting to meet the “rules” of a big blog site, I realized I could update this site (or at least open to the idea and explore this as a solution), hence, Take It Upon Yourself gets a shift. Oh JOY! Now, We Are All Connected is born. The page that all of my posts about Limitless Creator, God, Spirit, Energy, and so forth, will be linked. Let’s see if we can have some fun with this!

Isn’t life fascinating? Brilliant? Heart-opening?

I am finding it challenging at times to “be open to receive.” The Universe is showing me that I still say no often, judge, and close doors that I don’t think I need to walk through.

When you let your ego take a back seat to what’s out THERE, all around you, YOU will be amazed how God, Creator, Universe will speak to you.

I nearly feel that every time I open my mouth to judge something, a moment later I might have to eat my words! I write quite a bit about self help issues, no doubt because I need to help myself! So, it should come as no surprise that I’m always in analytical mode. Constantly weighing pros and cons, always finding that change is the only constant in life.

I hope my sharing these struggles and triumphs might help you too.

I over-think, I contemplate, then I allow the Universe to show me.   When I’m wrong, I admit it. I am humble. I am living in my head a lot. But I write. Writing is my voice. I am transparent. When you read my words, you see my soul. I hope it helps you. I always want you to Take It Upon Yourself though. Strengthen the fabric that connects us all. Challenge me. Improve us all.

To be continued…