Have you tried the Carnivore Diet?

After consuming nothing but citrus fruit for more than a month, see my previous post: https://sheilamurrey.net/2022/03/25/when-was-the-last-time-you-felt-great/ and then lightening up to include some raw vegan foods, such as: celery, avocados, romaine lettuce, and saag spinach paneer with basmati rice for dinner too (a few times). And last month, I’d added green smoothies back into my diet to use up some protein powder I’d had in the pantry, as well as, try bananas again (that I had not eaten or used in smoothies for YEARS)!

I had noticed, even before adding the green smoothies, that I wasn’t losing anymore weight. But, in June I’d gained about 5 pounds back! Ugh! I had felt like I’d been sacrificing too–even with that frozen banana in my smoothies. And that’s never a good thing, and why a lot of people regain weight after dieting (which often leads people to conclude that “diets don’t work”).

But, is it true that diets don’t work???

Or perhaps, it’s that we’ve just never found the right balance of foods that will help us achieve our most desirable weight?

I happened to stumble upon this video with Dr. Ken Berry and a gal named Kelly Hogan (who has been eating only meat for 13 YEARS!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ-qwRGNgjo

I had an epiphany while watching this. I had never ONLY consumed meat. I’d always eaten meat with lots of veggies, mostly low carb veggies. I had been raised on meat and potatoes, and some Italian foods like spaghetti with meat sauce and lasagna.

After watching that video and doing a fair amount of research, I was off to the grocery store! LOL

I spent about the same, if not less, money for only meat, eggs, and butter, as I had been spending on all the veggies and fruits for me, (as well as the prepared frozen meals for hubby).

Now, my hubby could join me and eat what I was cooking. Ah, cooking! Yes, I’d been missing that. Something about the smell of food cooking. Pleasing aromas.

Photo by Geraud pfeiffer on Pexels.com

I decided to commit to eating a carnivore diet for at least 3 days. Perhaps a week or more if I noticed any difference. In particular, I wanted to see if the number would go down on the scale! Ha!

The first day

I ate my regular breakfast. One ruby red grapefruit. (and no, I doubt grapefruit is on the Carnivore Diet but I love grapefruit and still had a bag of them in the fridge that I wasn’t going to waste).

For lunch, I modified my green smoothie to only 2 handfuls of kale, 1 frozen banana, and 1 cup frozen strawberries, and WATER to blend. No almond milk. No coconut milk. No protein powders. (‘d been adding almond or coconut milk before and using up protein powder I’d had on hand–this time, I was going to go “bare bones” and see if it made a difference).

Mid-afternoon, I felt a little hungry and ate two Paleovalley beef sticks (that we’ve had stored for over a year–I love their turkey sticks).

For dinner, hubby and I both thoroughly enjoyed a lamb shoulder and a ribeye steak! It was the first lamb I had cooked in years (I had to look up the broiling time), and it was the first time I’d used the broiler since we moved to the condo last September!

We following Dr. Berry and Kelly’s advice and only seasoned these with salt and freshly ground black pepper. YUM! I have always loved lamb and never needed mint jelly. I did miss having a small 3 to 4 ounce crystal glass of red wine with this, but I focused on how indulgent the meat with it’s accompanying fat (another thing I’ve always loved about steak), so in moments I wasn’t even thinking about the wine (and I did have 3 bottles in the kitchen, so… willpower! Haha!). I also had a thought that the 4 Rivers barbecue sauce would be lovely on the side of the steak, but I abstained from that too.

Spiral side note: I do love this barbecue sauce (it’s the only one I buy), and hope to enjoy it again sometime: https://www.4rsmokehouse.com/product/signature-barbecue-sauce/

The second day

The second day of my carnivore trial run was on a Saturday.

Now the real test was if I could get through a whole day on nothing but what I’d bought the night before and what we’d had on hand–without feeling like I needed to go buy any missing ingredients (something that always seemed to happen to me whenever I started a new diet).

The morning after my first carnivore day, and drumroll please… I lost 1.7 pounds!

To say I was shocked is an understatement!

What’s more, I had no cravings the night before. Usually I’d want a Werther’s Original caramel hard candy, or small square of dark chocolate, 3 or 4 ounces of dry red wine, something at the end of the day–especially on a Saturday night while sitting at home, watching a couple of movies. NOPE! Not this time.

This time, I had a couple of scrambled eggs for breakfast about 11:30am and a Paleovalley meat stick around 1pm. I didn’t make a smoothie today.

Dinner was a big ribeye steak grilled on the stove in my cast iron grill pan with a bit of grass-fed ghee on the pan (because I thought the steak might stick–it didn’t).

Again, I had a thought that some red wine might taste great with this, but I let the thought go pretty easily and did not succumb to it. And again I was surprised that I didn’t want any other bite of anything.

The third day

The third day of my carnivore adventure was on a Sunday.

I drank 32 ounces of water, went to the bathroom, and had a good BM. Well-formed. No smell. Substantial. (Yes, we talk sh*t here in this blog. Haha!)

Weighed in and had lost, or gently released shall I say, more than another pound! 1.1 pounds to be exact. Again, I am happily impressed!

I treated hubby and myself to a big brunch of 3 scrambled eggs (each), leftover ribeye, and chopped Paleovalley beef sticks. I did add a couple ounces of raw goat cheese to the pan of eggs and meat.

Since we ate after noon today, we ate dinner about 6pm and actually, it wasn’t enough! I’d bought a package of chicken wings but didn’t look at the weight. The package was just over a pound (and I’m supposed to eat a pound of meat for myself). Hmm, what to do!

I hadn’t cooked chicken at home in YEARS. So, I got the fry pan ready with the ghee in it and good and warm. I cooked the whole package of wings and when I could tell (by slicing into a few with a knife) that they were done, hubby and I shared (he had 5 and I had 4). I knew I would probably still be hungry, and I was. So, I ate another Paleaovalley turkey stick. And then, I waited. I didn’t feel full, but I wasn’t hungry. So, I drank another 32 ounce glass of water and had a cup of herb tea.

That got me through a movie and couple of Westworld series episodes (as last night was the premiere of the new season)! Love that show!

Morning of the fourth day

As you may suspect by now, yes, I lost another 1.1 pounds!!!

Okay, this is convincing me that for now at least, I am going carnivore! LOL

But I am going to have my grapefruit in the morning (the next few mornings), until that bag is gone. And I’m going to make my kale, strawberry, and banana smoothie this afternoon. I will post again in a few weeks and let you know the progress.

We have a big bag of shrimp in the freezer and salmon filets–so that will be dinner today/tomorrow. After that, we will be on vacation for a week, so we’ll see if I can stick to this during that time. If not, I’ll restart the Carnivore Diet when we come home.

I’ve noticed that a big part of this diet, other than all the meat and animal products, is learning how to read and abide by our own personal hunger cues (instead of looking a the clock) to know when it’s supposed to be time to eat.

I put what kale I had left (after making my smoothie today) in the Vitamix with some water and poured into an ice cube tray to use if I make a beef stew or such.

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Integrate, integrate, integrate

Integrate moment by moment

❤️🦋🌀I have been reminded (by my body and my experiences this year), that as I write the words the Universe presents multiple ways to help each of us integrate the concepts represented by the words we write.

An example of this was when I designed my t-shirts, mugs, and more with the words “Minding my Energy” (which, is all about managing our energy), and a few short months later, I was faced with literally managing my own electrical energy, as well as re-energizing my body through diet and exercise!

I’ve been presented (sometimes daily) with quite interesting and challenging ways to actually manage my energy! And then, it IS my choice (and has been), to laugh WITH the Universe, or struggle. ❤️🤣😘

We are always tuning

Integrating mind and body involves getting your thoughts, intentions, priorities, physical activity, and reactions to external factors—ALL in BALANCE.

Yin yang observations and why we seek Balance.

We achieve and live in a state of whole health, as we embody balance. Our work, if there is any, is to always tune in to balance. ☯️

Spirit & Soul

Many books have been written about integrating our Spirit and Soul, and practices eons old such as Qigong and Yoga exist to guide us in integrating our breath (and Spirit) with our physical bodies.

My philosophy is this: breathing incorporates and integrates Spirit to Soul (think oxygenation of the blood).

All we need to do is, DO the daily, consistent practice. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ah, the spiral of tension and release. Action and rest. Charge and restore. ❤️😉

If you need help with the consistency part, there are many groups and coaches available—there are even apps! Learn, do, and stay accountable. (I offer a free Messenger “Move your body” group. Write a comment below or find me on Facebook to be added.

NOTE: Let me know if you comment, if you want me to keep your comment hidden, so others won’t see it.)

Minding (Managing) my Energy design – buy it here: https://sheilamurrey.net/store/

Body – My diet

I have been participating in a weight loss program sponsored by my health insurance company (Omada), for 15 weeks. More about that soon in another post.

It involves tracking and monitoring key health metrics daily—including weighing in.

Watching the number on that scale each morning has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s biofeedback and psychology working at its best, whether I like it or not. Ha!

I am now, using the challenges I face (like gaining those couple of pounds last week), to push myself to learn more.

I watched (and later connected with) a menopause doctor, learned some more acupressure points (that really seemed to help last night!), and started my Activ5 workouts while watching DVDs, that I think are going to be real game changers for me!

I feel, mind, body, and soul that I am on a healthy path, now, to release the excess weight on my middle aged body. I am so excited! In fact, I actually released 1 pound and 1 ounce, overnight! (I have let go of 10 pounds in 15 weeks, and this includes days of losing, gaining, and plateau weeks.)

Body – Living environment

Most of my followers know that my husband (who is 11.5 years older than me), moved to an off grid living arrangement at the end of February. And then COVID hit. We didn’t have any time to adjust to our new address, until we were on lockdown (especially him, because he’s over 65).

I haven’t written much about the changes (yes, challenges), we faced because I do my best to stay focused on the positive I desire, silver linings, and all of that. Suffice to say, every single day we were “managing our energy,” personal energy, electric from the sun/generator (we had two generators die, and a tropical storm hide the sun from our solar panels, etc.), and consider every single use of energy consumption (right down to learning how to live without hot water, and store only so much in a dorm sized fridge)! Off grid living is NOT for the faint of heart.

We’ve figured most of it out now, some 9 months later, but we are still integrating the thoughts and new mental exercises to live this lifestyle in gratitude.

Body – Writing it out

Words are a kind of tuning instrument for me.

You see, everything is energy. And life exists (manifests) along a spectrum of energy.

A body is just a dense collection of energy at one point on the spectrum (and why it is visible), and it reverberates with and emits emotional energy (invisible) according to what is near it. It’s reactionary!

Think of a guitar string. If the guitar string is not plucked, there is no reaction. Thus, there is no sound. When plucked, the string makes sounds in alignment with it’s tuning—high or low.

You are like the guitar string that has the ability in every moment to choose how you are tuned, and whether you will respond to the plucking!

Choosing how to respond to the plucking, takes mental energy. And mental energy is far less dense and changes moment by moment, faster than the speed of light! So, why does it seem to weigh us down? (Stress seems to occur when we “carry” the “weight of the world” around on our shoulders (yet, it’s mere thoughts in our heads)!

An example of writing it out as I prepare for a talk

In closing

I believe the more we search for answers and try a variety of holistic methods, the more deep and integrated our healing. And the healthier overall, we become.
(I wrote a book a couple years ago about how I reversed “lifelong” asthma.)

My hope is that you ALL will come to this deep and profound awareness of how much the Universe desires to integrate with you too!

As I prepare a course on integrating where we joyfully learn and practice ways to embody our light, or lighten our bodies, and ride the energy spiral to balance, (ah, don’t you LOVE the journey of a work in progress?), I’ll give you a peek… let me know if this resonates with you:

Potential new course topics. Organizing my thoughts and teachings. ❤️😉

Comment below. Let me know your glorious thoughts and if you might be interested in taking my course (or sitting in a virtual circle with me)!

Much love and many blessings! ❤️🦋🌀

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural fair or festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon. 

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here

Be the best version of who you want to be

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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