Why should we care about anyone’s lifestyle choices?

Why should you care about whether my husband and I have sex or not? Or why should we care who sleeps with who? (Consent implied.)

Why are other people’s personal lifestyle choices any of our business? Why do we judge?

I get that you may care about my well-being because:

I am a human;

I’m a woman, mom, and grandmother;

I am kind;

I am an empath;

I am sensitive.

And that’s all well and good.

I care about you too! Because We Are All Connected.

We are each a bright shining fractal of Ever-Living, LIMITLESS Source Energy! Creation never ceases!

I am love-and-in my spirit and heart: I love unconditionally–that means without conditions, such as: I don’t care how much money you have or don’t have. I don’t care what ancestry you have, what skin tone, what ailments, what religion-or not, and certainly not what gender or sexual orientation you are-think you are or want to be!

Underneath the outer layer of our skin, we are all pink! Our blood is blue until exposed to oxygen and then, it’s red!

I think we care about each other because we are human. We are ALL human beings.

Why are other people’s personal lifestyle choices any of our business? Why do we judge?

Sex life – must it be out in the open?

There, I said it.

Where are my BISEXUAL friends?

Men, women, non-binaries?

Are you willing to speak up?

And why is it important to authentically speak our truth?

I don’t want to exclude ANYONE. I want to be known for Inclusivity.

Because We Are ALL Connected. Because I believe each of us matter. I believe each of our voices matter. ❤️🦋🌀〰️

And, yes, I want you to yell FIRE in a theater, IF it’s on freaking FIRE!

Speaking your truth is healing!

Family secrets

For many years of my life my mother didn’t trust my dad. She loved him dearly, but he had committed infidelities. She trusted me and told me when I was young of his indescretions. Probably not the best thing to do, but my mother was very close to me. For years, she called me her miracle child, her angel. And I don’t think she ever meant to turn me against my dad, but she needed someone she could trust and so, she confided in me.

Many years later, after her passing, my adult son, found pages and pages of her diary. And many of the things he read were disturbing.

He’d not heard all of the “bad” stories about my dad before and he was getting the uncut version from mom’s writing.

Since my son was very close to my dad, these revelations from the pages of mom’s diary threw my son into a tailspin, literally! (In fact, he had an accident one night after learning all that and it nearly killed him!)

In one letter my mom even accused my dad of “running around with men.”

I had seen a similar note she had written too, and she had used the word, “camp.” Since they did call their northern home “the camp” and since we all went camping, I didn’t think much of it, until I mentioned it to a gay friend. He asked me, “don’t you know why men use the word, “camp”? And I didn’t—though I had heard some references to certain movies being “camp,” like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was pretty gay.

Anyway, I will never know if my mom’s suspicions were founded on anything true or not, other than I know my dad was a lady’s man. And my whole point here is to ponder why I should care anyway.

When a friend of mine posted the following one day on Facebook, it brought up all these memories and I started taking down some notes on the subject:

Post from a friend

Jan 31, 2019 S.S. a friend of mine posted the following on Facebook:

Who are my BISEXUAL friends out there?!

Men, women, non-binaries?

Are you willing to speak up?

I’ve been reflecting on the invisibility of our kind… LOL. It’s funny, but not funny. Sometimes it’s really damaging or just plain frustrating.

Are we now willing to admit it to it?

When maybe it’s been safer not to.

It’s been a long road for me to talk about it publicly. But then, how do we find and know each other?

For support, for connection, for community… It’s a unique and often lonely path seeking to be understood by our families, our culture, even our friends… even WITHIN Pride community.

Can we find better ways to be included?

To support one another. To be seen and heard.

How does being bisexual affect our relationships? Our choices? Our mental health?

How do we self-determine or craft our personal narrative outside the lines of “moderate” culture? How do we get better at articulating our truths in this world?… Thoughts?

Love you ALL for your courage to live authentically! ❤❤❤ #BeProudOfWhoYouAre #RadicalAuthenticity

(As a disclaimer, bisexual is just the term I identify with most strongly. Of course, this is meant to be inclusive of those who consider themselves pansexual, omnisexual and heteroflexible. 😊)

Jan 31, 2019 S.S. posted on Facebook

I humbly applaud my friend for her transparency to share. I felt the courage and conviction of her words. Yet, I sat on several drafts of THIS post for YEARS.

No labels

I am all for NO LABELS!

I could care less what people do (or with whom) in the privacy of their homes, cars, RVs, motel rooms, tents, bathrooms, etc. and I don’t even mind public reasonable shows of affection (it doesn’t have to be vulgar—yes I know I am still judging). And between consenting adults, please. (My mind cannot abide with people taking advantage of children—see my previous post about that.)

Yes, I accept all for who they are. (But I don’t have to live with them.) I have had way too many experiences on different levels than to judge—more than I just did.

We were given a brain and free will though. We do NOT have to remain in abusive situations!

My adult kids and I have talked about this issue a ton of times, and I love our open communications about it all. (We have talked more since my son found mom’s diary pages.)

Neither of my kids judge others either, and as a parent, that’s something I am exceedingly happy about. (Because I feel it’s the one thing I did right as a parent)! 😉🥰❤️

But secrets can still be disturbing when they are revealed.

Putting all this out here, on my public blog? Well, it sort of feels like I am in that dream where you go to school naked!

It is far easier for me to tell you what Heaven (what I call the Grand Beyond) looks like than talk about sex here.

Isn’t that weird?

Are you ready to bare your soul? Free your soul?


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