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Well, hello everybody. My name is Sheila Murrey. And if you’re reading this, you’re already aware of who I am and the name of my blogs: The Wholly Integrated Self and Being Wholly Vibrant (where I encourage everyone to Take it upon yourself to live a wholly vibrant life). And you can find it at That’s Murrey with an EY. ❤️🦋🌀🎼

And I’ve picked up that little tip to sing it out from my friends and podcasters, Queen-Kimmie Tyson (she sings her name out as Kimmie with an IE). Shout out to her husband Shawn7 too–I like to hear him sing also, but he’s a rapper. And I don’t listen to rap quite as much as I do other styles of music. I love your voice too Shawn7, and your easy going style.

So what I would like to talk about today is podcasting.

I have been listening to Queen-Kimmie and Shawn7s podcast on my drive to and now, from Miami today, which is about four hours down from where we live in Bradenton, Florida. I’ve had time today to listen to many of their podcast episodes and pick up valuable information.

Queen-Kimmie and Shawn7s podcast is called, The BOSS Effect. B O S S stands for bold, outspoken, soulful storytelling. You can find their podcast on whatever podcast player you use. I highly recommend you check out several or all of their episodes because they’re so fun. They’re so authentic. They ask great questions of the folks they interview.

On most episodes they play a fun $10k game with guests which really lets you know a little bit more about how the guest speaker does their internal processing.

I’ve loved listening to each of these because when a person is put on the spot and they’re asked how to spend $100 without borrowing any money from any friends using only a beater truck and their skills, to make $10k in 10 days for themselves. I mean that’s that’s the kind of question that really makes your brain work. You know, you don’t just sit and meditate necessarily and go into a sort of LaLa land mental state, all calm and restful, when trying to answer those kinds of questions, right?

When you go to work on a question like that, your brain goes to work. And one of our mutual friends Cheryl Guidry (when they interviewed her), she talked about CBD–C as in Cat, B as boy, and D as in dog.

CBD is a special oil or substance derived from hemp, which is a sister to marijuana but there’s no THC in hemp. So you if you do get any THC, it’s a very miniscule amount in this oil.

But what this oil does, and I’m circling back to the brain because I do spiral thoughts (when your mind kind of goes in circles), getting to my point–when you want to improve your brain power (to answer a question like how you would earn $10,000 in 10 days.

Well, your brain is like a machine. Thinking can be called machination, right? It’s machining to calculate and come up with strategize, devise all these things. So it’s not in a relaxed state.

The CBD oil that I’m talking about helps improve brain cognition! Cheryl Guidry talked about CBD–find her company link here. And my daughter also sells CBD oil for a well-respected company: check it out here.

When you take the CBD oil, over time, (I literally take only two or three drops of the CBD oil every day, or every other day), the benefits seem to build. I may forget to take it a day or two. It’s fine. I start taking it again. And it’s like my brain functions like a car with eight cylinders, and all eight cylinders are firing versus a car with eight cylinders in the engine and only six cylinders or maybe even four are firing. You know I wouldn’t get very far right and the car would run very smoothly if it was only running on half power. Or two thirds power. So my point is, if you have any issue in wanting to improve your brain, power or cognition, yes, reach out to Cheryl Guidry or click this link (compare the two brands) because CBD is life changing.

I will say, the reason I first started to even explore taking CBD was because my mother had Alzheimer’s. The last probably 20 years of her life. It was very slow. It was a very slow decline but the last five years of her life, her quality of life diminished very quickly. And the last of those last five years my dad was her sole caregiver. So I looked for things that could help both of them–my dad as caregiver and also my mom–to help her get maybe 10 or 20% of her cognition back, but unfortunately I found CBD just weeks before she passed.

I had just started taking it for myself and wanted to be the guinea pig to make sure it would be okay to give her because my mother was very sensitive. AB RH negative blood type made my mother very sensitive to everything–she wasn’t able to take penicillin, for instance. Just very sensitive to chemicals, and anything synthetic and toxins which we all know we were all exposed to toxins in one way or another everyday.

Point is my grandmother had Alzheimer’s (or some form of dementia) when she passed away. That would have been my mother’s mother and my mother’s older sister. So with Alzheimer’s in my family that close, I really knew that I needed to amp up my approach to improving my brain power.

I work in technology. So when they say just work a puzzle every day to maintain brain health, I do. I troubleshoot every day on the computer. So I’ve got that piece down.

And I love MCT oil, which is a form of coconut oil. I love coconut so that’s not an issue for me, but not everybody loves coconut (and MCT sometimes still has a bit of coconut flavor).

CBD gives you a quick, easy way to improve your brain. It’s not inexpensive, but doesn’t cost a lot when you only take a few drops a day. I’m not even taking a dropper full. Which, if I was it would probably last me 30 days or 60 days but I don’t take much, so it lasts me for literal months, probably six months per bottle. I spend maybe 50 to $75 on a bottle, so that gives you just some idea.

Don’t quote me on CBD oil prices because it also depends on the strength that you buy. Maybe 500 milligram, 1000, milligram, 1500, milligram, that kind of thing. So I just take a very minimal milligram and a minimal dosage. And I can tell if I don’t take it for a couple of weeks. I’ll start walking into a room going Why did I walk in here? But by taking this every day, or like I said even every other day. I don’t have those moments. I don’t have the brain fog. I don’t have those senior moments, as they call them.

So again, I love what I do as far as my job. And the last few years I’ve been really thankful to be supporting our US veterans, but when my project with the VA ended, I thought I was gonna be laid off. I started actually for my own business on the side. But you all know that.

Probably a couple years ago now, actually. But then COVID happened and I wasn’t laid off when I had initially been told I would which was great because I got to work for the last couple of years for the VA continuing to work on computers from home which is what I enjoy. And I get paid well I mean I went to school for this and have degrees as well as a 30 plus year career in technology. So it’s not something that I thumb my nose at or want to throw away to become an full-time entrepreneur.

But there are things aside from tech aside from computers that I love, which would be my spiritual writing my spiritual mentoring.

I’d love to meditate more.

I love to talk with people and have real and authentic and down to earth conversations with people even when they disagree with me about who God is where God is what God is, because I don’t believe are in a human form that will ever understand. Anyway, we’ll never understand the mind of God but I love talking about it.

I love putting my body into a space of learning and absorbing not only what others tell me, but what I hear myself say because it’s often nothing that I’ve thought of–it just drops into my mind. I don’t call myself a medium, channel or any such labels. The words simply F-L-O-W from Spirit through me. I then get the feeling of what we call, GodBumps.

And there’s some other folks that I’ve connected with on Facebook talk about the sensation of GodBumps as well! They wrote a book about it. Their book is called GodBumps you can search for it (authors Davie and Joyce Pfaffle). Join their Facebook group called, GodBumps–I’m on there too!

Davie shared their links:

My YouTube channel where 135 & counting videos that gave me GodBumps are:

The only requirement for this group is to have posts be about GodBumps.

This is where we share what gives us GodBumps, tingles, goosebumps, visions and other sensations from Spirit. is where you can find out more about GodBumps and the Kindle link for our “GodBumps” book.

My blogs about GodBumps:

It’s just an amazing journey when you like to dabble in metaphysical things. When you are drawn to nature as the basis of your religion not that we’re worshipping the created. We’re worshipping the Creator through what has been created not through books, necessarily, although we use books and scriptures as sacred text, but also sacred sites and things that are tangible that we can feel and touch see and smell and taste them have been here for 1000s of years.

I mean, things that were written down have been mistranslated and I think we all know and understand that things can be lost in translation, the meaning of words can be lost. So we’re skewed skewed just enough that is a one word. Now if you take one Holy Bible scripture that has one word and that is so limiting and divisive that you can form other religions just by using that one word and that one word is only if you can do that with the power of one word, just imagine how powerful those written texts are. And if you get that one word wrong then how far off the path do you go?

And does your life become and I don’t want to wake up in the grand beyond one day and go my complete the whole path that I was on was wrong. But you know what, in the worst case scenario even if that happened, God is still an entity and a force to create creative source of energy that we can barely grasp the concept of, and I believe that God or omniscience as I call it, God would totally take care of that because omniscience sees everything omniscience is the field the unified field that puts everything together that allows everything to be put together and created right so the energy creates and the energy is the foundation as well for all of the creation to sit and stand upon. That’s how I view it. And when I start talking about that subject, that’s what I want to spend the rest of my days on.

After I retire from tech whenever that is, whether that’s this year or next year, or when I turned 62 or 65, I’ll coach. On the side, I do coach people or mentor, but I prefer to use the term facilitate because it’s really a facilitation.

Remember John Travolta’s character in the movie, Phenomenon? Go back and watch the part where he does the energy dance with the spoon at the yard sale.

You know Kreskin, years ago when I was a kid, Kreskin on TV used to bend spoons I think your yellers others, they would bend spoons. But John Travolta in Phenomenon takes a spoon with his finger (without touching it) and he makes the spoon kind of do a little circle or dance. And I said that’s it right there. It’s a dance of energy.

We are all dancing with Source Energy every single day. Everything we think everything we say. We breathe in spirit. We breathe out a mixture of our soul, which is in our blood mixed with that air that we had breathe in. So we’re, we’re mixing spirit with soul in our body every time we breathe and we’re impacting other people’s lives.

Every time we breathe every time we speak, whether we know it or not. So when we can glimpse that and have a tiny more bit of awareness, we become a little bit more responsible about what we’re reading, what we’re watching who we’re conversing with what we’re saying. Every and I know. I know. The phrase that may come to mind now is don’t sweat the small stuff, but it’s all small stuff. And I believe all the small stuff matters because we’re created from small stuff, molecules, atoms, the nucleus, the nuclei, the neuro peptides, the neutrinos, that’s that’s where I was going with that neutrinos are one of the smallest particles that physics that science has found.

Physicists say that 10,000 neutrinos go through our bodies because our bodies are not solid. They’re soluble. Every second 10,000 neutrino particles every second bombard our bodies, and they go through our bodies.

So can you imagine we’re kind of like this mushy collection of molecules that’s bound together by what? Blood bone? muscle tissue ligaments? Yeah. It’s really fascinating. When you think about we’re like this meat sack walking around.

And our blood is formed from being a fetus in a mother and whomever she is or was and then her parents and their parents and their parents. And their parents. I mean, wait, life has continued on this planet anyway, as far as we know, from perhaps two people or more, you know, and then you are sitting here as a result of all these people that have come before you so when you hear people say we stand on Grand shoulders are great shoulders, to know what we know and to advance science tech and center that is so very true. We wouldn’t be here without our parents, their parents and so on and so forth.

The Native Americans have a beautiful belief system that speaks to that. That’s many of them call it seven generations. So that’s where they get that little dishwashing liquid, you know, company that was formed, Seventh Generation, right because we want to take care to not overreach what we do on this planet so that seven generations from now (after us), people will still have things to enjoy, like we have to enjoy today. But listen, I’ve went on longer than I imagined that I would when I began this. And I really want to say that I appreciate you all for reading and for listening. And I am IN Joy. I am in gratitude, as Everything Resolves to Gratitude.

Take it upon yourself to live a holy, vibrant life because We Are ALL Connected. It all matters. Amen. Namaste. OM

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