Once every so often this happens. I’ve been working late into each night this past week, and all through this weekend. I hope to get a few nights off this coming week!

I don’t have much time but I thought I would jump in with a few thoughts as today seems to be a pretty significant day in our lives, my husband’s life and mine, because we made a deal today to sell our car. And what happened was we had the car scheduled for maintenance–an oil change. tire rotation, windshield wipers, inside cabin filter, and the AC checked (which I was a little concerned about initially thinking that could run us anywhere from $79 just adding Freon to it to perhaps an entire system go over which maybe could have been $200 to $500. I don’t know just guessing, based on past experience with these kinds of things.

So we take the car in. And kudos to Dustin service manager at Nissan here in Bradenton because he was celebrating 10 years on his job today which was pretty exciting. You know, I love celebrating milestones like that with folks. So my husband and Dustin developed a pretty cordial friendship and chatting on Facebook Messenger and things like that over the past few years since we lived here (the first time), five years ago. Spiral thought, right? The point is we go in, we’re just having a little chitty chat, and unbeknownst to us, one of the salespeople was standing there. A nice lady–I had my back to her so I didn’t even notice her–was standing there being a fly on the wall. And I said, Well, Dustin, you’re not going to believe this but Carvana offered us $15,000 For our car, a month or so ago. And without skipping a beat she said, “We’ll buy it. We’ll buy it from you for $15,000. How many miles are on it? And I told her about 41,000 and it’s five years old, so I mean, it knocked my socks off when Carvana told me what they’d give us because I’m used to always being upside down on my car loans. Like I’m just notorious for that throughout my whole life. So being that we owed a lot less than that, like less than $6000 now on this car, I thought well and yes, it should have been paid off years ago, but that’s another story.

I wasn’t paying attention when we got the car loan because the payment was low. I think this happens to a lot of people. But I thought it was a four-year loan. It was a six-year loan. I’ve never done that in my life, but they kind of snuck it by me somehow and we put so much time into the process that I didn’t want to have just once I did realize that I didn’t want to stand up and walk out because I wanted the car at that moment in time but whatever. It’s not like it was that expensive of a car.

We went inside and sat with her and she took the car to get it appraised. They came back with very near that same dollar amount and she said that prices have been going down. (I keep reading the prices of used cars are going up, but I wasn’t going to argue.) Well, I don’t know maybe it’s going up but whatever. I figure the bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. If they want the car and they’re gonna give us something near what Caravan was going to give (and who knows if they would have really given us that) go ahead and take the car. That was just my feeling. Let’s rip the band-aid off quickly. Let’s get this deal done. But they couldn’t get the 10-day payoff today.

So we do have to take the car back Monday when our credit union is open and we can get the payoff amount. Then they can put together the final number for us but I’m feeling really good about this. I mentally said goodbye to the car.

There’s a little emotional attachment around this particular car. When we got it I felt like my mom from the ethereal helped show me this particular car. Mom picked it out if you will for us and it’s blue. So “Blue Eyes” as you know. If you’ve read, Blue Eyes: Ethereal Messages of Connection there’s this whole attachment to this Indigo cobalt blue color I never had before the last few years. But especially since 2016-2017 that color has a very strong connection for me. To see a blue car on the car lot. I mean, that’s just gonna, that’s just gonna pull me in right there. But beyond that, my mom gave me a very specific sign for this particular car. So, I don’t want to live my whole life making decisions based on what some would call “wishful thinking” or something. I have to believe that we got the car though, we’ve enjoyed it for five years we’ve had it, and it’s gotten us through a lot in our life. But with me working from home and Richard and everything that’s happened with him, retiring again and the stroke and all of that–we’re just not using the car. I mean, I’m in it once a week for less than a mile to go to the store. Some things I found out during COVID that I could have all this stuff delivered to us.

So why do I need this car? (Richard did a short drive to the store Friday, first time in six months, but it made him nervous.)

#1 I’m making the payment.

#2 I’ve got the insurance.

#3 the gas.

#4 the maintenance.

#5 the aggravation of driving, especially in Florida where we have loads and loads of traffic it seems no matter where we go.

I can always have Enterprise deliver a car (to us) for the day. And I can rent a car. I can use Uber or Lyft. I can walk. I mean, I have options. I don’t need to feel like my independence is hinged to a car. And that’s the bottom line for today. That’s the big lesson I learned.

I started thinking about this just a few months ago. I talked it over with my adult children and a couple of friends. And it just makes financial sense to do this. So I’m feeling good about this. And I know there are a lot of people that are I have a friend even searching for a car right now but you know she’s not she wouldn’t qualify for this and it would be more money than she would want to spend anyway for this particular kind of car. She had her heart set on a van so I’m just believing for her that her needs will be met as I release this to the universe, a car I don’t need. And then magic will come her way. You know? But that’s it.

I just wanted to get a few little thoughts down about this today. And I’m using something that I learned many years ago when I worked at the Space Center. I took a NASA class from Stephen Covey on the seven habits for highly successful people. And one of those things was you do the big things, your planned things. You work your goal. You knock out the big parts of your job, daily tasks that you need to do. And then the little things–the little rocks is what he called them–fit them in where you can. The concept is that you put the big rocks in your glass jar first and then you dump in the little rocks which are all the little tasks you can do in 5-10 minutes while you’re waiting on something else.

So as I’m sitting here working on a Saturday, yes, I am under the gun with a proposal that I’m writing. I’m working with a team member and we’re working all day today and all day tomorrow on the weekend. Because we have a deadline and we’ve got to get a certain number of documents to get done and it’s all good. I’m in the middle of that and listening to podcasts (Yes, Gloria Grace Rand’s podcasts and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Zoom at 5pm today) and then I’ll post this–I’ll grab this from otter and I’ll edit it through Grammarly and then it’ll be up on the site on my blog site–probably be very late tonight.

I hope everybody’s having a lovely Saturday. I hope you had a lovely Easter if you celebrate that. And just take care of yourselves and learn that life is about accumulating. Yes enjoying the things you accumulate and then letting go. And when my time is done on this earth, my kids, my adult children will have less stuff to deal with, you know, living simply. I’m enjoying watching the bank account grow. I want to retire next year and this is one of those little stepping stones to help me get there. Love and Blessings!

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8 thoughts on “Working on the weekend and we sold our car!

  1. I’m sentimental, but we’re at a point where we’d rather get rid of “stuff” than accumulate it. And as I would tell myself, you didn’t sell your memories, just the car.
    I think during Covid a lot of people came to a realization of how much of the “stuff” in their lives they could live without. If we all ended up streamlining our lives, even a little, it will at least be one good thing coming out of those not-so-jolly years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear you and agree. After living in an RV for 11 years (the last 17 months of which was off grid too), it may seem hard to believe but we are still downsizing. That’s how ridiculous and insidious consumerism is. We have been in a one bedroom rental condo for nearly two years that’s furnished and we mostly only buy consumables and yet, I still have stuff to give away before we move in August.


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