Driving home from Reiki circle Feb 28th. Our circle is a free Tuesday night healing session–you can find out more about it on Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/spiritual-mastermind-reiki-meditation-group-swfl/events/291647928/

Quite the spiritual experience

I had quite a spiritual experience. So Reiki tonight was so exciting because there was another Sheila there and I love her already. Just her energy. You know, it was just amazing. She’s originally from Brooklyn, New York. And you know, that has nothing to do with it. Right? (I’d spent time working there in 2000). It’s spirit all the way (guiding this) and I’ll explain why.

So we always have almost a little Meet and Greet at the beginning of each evening. That’s how we can learn about each other just a little bit, introduce ourselves. And we talk about a particular topic tonight.

Topic: What does Reiki mean to you?

It was What does Reiki mean to you? So to each person when we introduced ourselves, we talked a little bit about what Reiki means to us what we think it is, how we interpret it, if we feel anything either, while we’re giving or receiving Reiki, and so forth.

Then we have a little break and people can snack, go to the restroom, whatever. And then we go into meditation. And we have meditation and Reiki and Victoria our Reiki master walks us through a meditation those of us who are giving Reiki have a process that we go through and then we work on the person now during the break, the people who are receiving Reiki have to pick a practitioner, they will because practitioners don’t want to like force themselves on people. So that’s, that’s how it goes.

Alright, so that said, Sheila picked me to work on her. And that was beautiful. You know, I was like, great. And so as I’m working on her. I’m picking up a little bit more feeling like every time I practice Reiki and every time I give Reiki to a person this distance Reiki I feel a little bit more or I feel different things sometimes I’m feeling in my body which I figure because I’m an empath, right like I feel God bumps for sure. Like strong usually write when I start so that to me, it’s signaling or letting me know you know that God’s Spirit is with me. Right and the Reiki is on, in other words, so that’s how I interpreted it anyway. And so that happens. And then I’m usually directed to do certain things with my hands above the person’s head and then I put my hands on their head. And so it’s like giving a blessing. And then on their shoulders and then go into the whole Reiki practice.

What I receive during Reiki

Sometimes I get a vision of something, or like a picture of something. It’s not like a movie. You know, it’s not like I’m watching a movie. It’ll be just like a flash of something or an outline of something, or an image of something. Almost like if you’re turning pages in a magazine just quickly, so I got a flash of a guardrail because Sheila had told me that she’s a mom, and she had her daughter. And as mothers, most of us mothers are enmeshed in our children’s lives, no matter how old they are.

I won’t go into her specific details. But to say that there there was an issue and so she’s kind of enmeshed in that issue with her daughter. And so, you know, through the filter of my lens, I see that as concern and worry. Yeah, just care overall, as we care about our children. And what’s happening in their lives. Um, so I just had that as the issue or the need, right? It’s just to kind of like help her. As I’m doing the Reiki just asking for the or setting the intention of asking the energies to just like kind of help her feel better, right? And just like, easy about it all and let it go, let it go. You know, that kind of thing. So what was coming to me with this flash of the guardrail was like, to let her know just be there when your daughter like when she starts to go off the edge of the road, kind of like the guardrail is there but the guardrail doesn’t completely stop the car. And the guardrail doesn’t like isn’t part of the cars, journey or drive past it. If you can get my analogy here, the guard, it’s not like you’re playing bumper cars with the guardrail, right? The guardrail is just there. The guard rails are there. It’s almost like it’s a safety device, you know, but it’s not interfering.

So that’s that was what I was getting was like this is the mother’s role now in the child, the grown adult child’s life, just be the guardrail, you know? But I didn’t go into all that with her. I just said a couple of words to her. After that, I didn’t want to like have her mind grab onto my words and then just take that I just wanted her to rely on the receiving of the Reiki, right? I’m not there to implant any thoughts or ideas in someone’s mind.

Here’s where it gets cool. So as I’m finishing up with Sheila, I am, I go to sit down after I’m complete. And as I go to sit down, I see. I looked down and I see that on her left wrist, she had it this just occurred to me it was a spiral you know, it’s one of those things like you carry your keys on. That’s a little bendy. A jumper is like a spiral springy thing, so I thought it was a bracelet actually, when I saw it on her until I began recording this. I’m realizing it was more of the springy rubber but I can’t even think how to describe it. It was a spiral. And it was been bendable and springy. And maybe it was plastic. I’m not sure. But at the time when I looked down, all I saw was a bracelet and it was blue and it was the exact color blue that I wrote blue eyes about for Christina (my sibling who lived less than a day). Spiral thought: I used to always say Christina was my unborn sibling but she was born she just lived less than a day (that’s all explained in the book Blue Eyes: Ethereal Messages of Connection).

So as I sit down then of course I have this blue color in my mind, so to be scientific about it, you know there I was. I did see that and then I closed my eyes and I went right into meditation with Victoria for the rest of the meditation part of session. And as I’m meditating, I get what is just normal to get for me to see my field of vision turn blue with my eyes closed and it does its full dance. It’s almost like watching the smoke rise above the fire. That’s kind of what I get. And that tells me that Christina is with me. So I already knew she was with me. And now I’m seeing that, if you will a manifestation of it, just with my eyes closed, you know, a visual of her energy with me.

I don’t know if that lasted five or 10 minutes, but I was already really kind of caught up and just oh you know gratitude. Like I was just filled with immense gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. I did a few more things with my hands. I know I sent some emotional healing over to Sheila still sitting right next to me and to myself. You know just asking for Reiki energy just Yes, continue to work on us. And even though I’m done like physically standing behind/beside her and doing these actions, you know, just leave Reiki on and just continue to be. Our minds as mothers, you know, who have grown adult children.

The woo-woo part of the spiritual experience

So anyway, here’s where it gets, like whoo, whoo, I guess.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A new song

Victoria has never done this before. Out of all the sessions I’ve been to, she’s never put on a particular song, a different song. We always use the same song and we always sing. And we do um, and that. Okay, so tonight she didn’t do that she used a completely different song. It was a female voice. I do not know who the singer was usually I’m good with it. You can ask my husband. He’s always helped. If I hear a song, I haven’t heard that. 30 years. I’ll know who the singer is by their voice. I just have an ear for singers and voices. You know, like, I’ll know was Whitney Houston? It could have been when they used them but I never heard her sing the song. So the song was You are so beautiful. It could have even been Christina Aguilera because I know she’s saying it but I haven’t. I may have only heard her sing it once so you know, it could have been a different version of her singing maybe I didn’t recognize her voice. But typically I’m good with picking out who the singer is. I have no idea who was singing for us. But the closest I could imagine would be Whitney Houston or Christina Aguilera. But, you know, I give it up for whoever it was because she did an amazing job and sang beautifully. And so as I’m hearing the song though, the imagery comes to me that Christina is singing this to me. And it’s my sister’s voice and maybe that’s why I don’t know who the real singer was right? But it was my sister’s voice Christina’s voice singing it to me singing the song to me. You’re everything I hoped for. Do you know? And I mean just every piece of the lyrics.

It goes deeper

It just kept going deeper and deeper in me and I’m crying now reliving this it was 10 minutes ago, but I was crying like tears. I was bawling. But I mean, I was like tears started streaming from my eyes. And I was like, I don’t want this to end because it was so loving, you know, and then before the song ended, I was singing it to Christina. So I was telling her I was looking at the blue. I was seeing her blue energy dancing behind my closed eyes. And I was singing a song back to her. Then it was the two of us singing it to our mom and dad and me realizing I’m always saying my mom, my dad, my sister. Well, our, and I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I’ll have to look in the book. Did I even ever write it that way in the book, our mom and our dad, you know what I mean? So when we were announcing it to them, you’re you were so beautiful. You are so beautiful to me. And we were singing that to each of our parents whom we picked. But as I tell in the book, she chose not to come. She chose to go back, you know, and we all have this conscious choice.


So during the healing session, one of the flashes that I had. I’m not saying I’m good enough to know if it was for Sheila or me right? But, yeah, one of the flashes that I had was that this issue of choice and of fear, too, and that fear. We just that’s just a word. Okay. But what that is, is a frequency. Right. And so everything that happens to us in spirit, and of course as in Christina’s case, in my sibling’s case, she was a fetus you know, an egg and sperm and fetus and baby, right? So, in those months of developing in our mother’s womb, see, again, I started saying my mother, our mother’s womb. So she was picking up all of the frequencies around her. If you can imagine, you know, when you swim in the water, how sound you know, if somebody calls your name, and you’re not underwater, you hear it one way but if they call your name while you’re underneath the water, you hear something that you hear differently, right? So imagine that baby in the womb picking up all these frequencies. So when she told me this was years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday.


So while I was in the hypnosis session with Patricia McGivern, and, and while I was meeting Christina, she was telling me because it was like, Why didn’t you come you know, why didn’t you call I loved you. I know I loved you. I was a baby too. I was less than two years old. At that time when she was born and subsequently died. But you know that my mom and dad like my mom so sad that she lost Christina and that, you know, they loved her and they wanted her she was so wanted, you know, why would she choose not to come? Because she said no, I chose not to. Well, then it was the issue of fear. I won’t give it all away because of the book but suffice it to say it wasn’t so she let me know tonight it wasn’t that she used the word fear and maybe not even in the same like definition as we would understand that term now. But we’re all looking at life through our lens through our perception of everything that we’ve lived. And so each step of the way in our lives, and that we wouldn’t have gone wouldn’t have had that obstacle or taken that step. We wouldn’t have been faced with certain challenges in our lives if it wasn’t for a reason. And so, part of that is that we are navigating this like a sea of frequencies. And so she was just in her baby state, navigating the sea of frequencies and fell off to her, you know, and so, she gave me the word fear, you know, all those years ago, but it wasn’t like a fear like Boo. It wasn’t like fear. Like, you know, you’re running from the bad man or you know, whatever, right? It wasn’t like any kind of like scary horror, fear, it was fear. She used the word fear, just to let me know it was the different frequency of energy, and that’s what felt after her.

Babies can make choices

And so she’s a baby. And she made that choice. She made that distinction in that decision. So she was discerning even as the spirit in this baby’s body like in that space of liquid you know that the baby’s in. So, I mean, it’s all very deep. But then again, it’s simple too so it’s sort of complex, but convoluted. But I think that every time I’m in meditation, she gives me a little bit more. It’s just she’s helping me step by step to understand how it’s not complex and complicated. It’s just that I don’t have an understanding that she has, you know because she’s seeing the broader, much broader universal picture of everything from her perspective, versus mine.

Limited perspective

I’m in a limited, I have a limited view of things and limited perception, even though of course, I’m always working to expand my consciousness and educate myself and look at life from myriad and multiple perspectives and that’s why I love teaching, the things that I do share the kaleidoscope and the mirror ball and all the different tools and tips and techniques that I use when I have sessions with people because yes, there’s it’s just nobody has all the answers. It’s just because we’re we are a fractal of omniscience, looking at life through a very limited lens, even if we have many, many, many years of experience and education, and all different kinds of degrees. and whatnot. Alright, I’ll leave it there for now. Happily, incomplete.

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Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

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  1. I just want to say thank you… Just brought up so many things for me in so many secret areas that I can’t even begin to list them all… I just want to say thank you so very much for sharing and holding the space that allows all i am able to experience through listening to your own experience 😌🙏😉

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      1. Well I appreciate you as well and every avenue that I’m able to go down with this new inspiration hope this spiral of infectious innerstanding of Our lives… Thank you so much for all that you share and I’ll say it again by most favorite ones are the ones where you are recording and I can actually hear you because I can really feel you while you’re speaking and I too am able to get those God bumps you so often speak of 🙏🙏🙏🤝🏼🤝🏼🤝🏼🌍🌍🌍

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      2. “spiral of infectious innerstanding” ooohh love!!! And yes I understand. There is sooo much that can be felt through the frequency and vibrations, ah the tones of voice. It really gives you the meaning. Thank you, thank you, Nikki! ❤️🙏❤️🙏

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