Sooo I did a new thing this week. I started adding memes I created to Pixabay! I invite you to check them out and let me know what you think, ask about any of them, or such. I will number them to help make commenting easier.

#1 Breathe

Breathe. You are a Fractal of Omniscience.

#2 How to breathe to calm down your nervous system

#3 Take It Upon Yourself and strengthen the fabric of the Universe that Connects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

#4 If you ever feel you owe God an apology…

#5 When all else fails, Omniscience has your back…

#6 What if we could heal or re-grow (adult) new teeth by humming?

#7 What if GodBumps were the body’s way of telling our mind we have available Energy to heal and restore?

Pixabay limits newbies to seven uploads a week, so stayed tuned here or there to see what gets published there next week! Thank you for playing along!

Here’s the link if you would like to follow me or sign up for yourself to begin posting:

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