Observations based on the Egoscue movement method I learned from Tony Robbins’ 5-day challenge last week, co-mingled with an article I saw at work and crossover to moves I do daily to ease stress and tension brought a thought to mind that I could document this.

Part of my daily body actions are: Donna Eden Energy Medicine movements, breath work, eye exercises, along with some Qigong, Yoga, Asian squats, and now, this Egoscue method. All together I call this my daily F-L-O-W, a method I share in sessions of Integrating the Spirals™.

I incorporate prayer and meditation, focus, and physical movements in my daily F-L-O-W and now find the Egoscue helps me align my body properly before beginning some of the postures.

Photo by jasmin chew on Pexels.com

During the 5-day challenge last week, at the beginning and throughout every motivation speeches Tony encouraged each participant to stand up, bring a lot of Energy into our bodies by moving around a bit, and throwing high-fives to the screen or someone near us. He encouraged us to move to raise our bodily energies. And it felt sooo good! We did this at least once each hour. It really got me motivated to include some sort of movement into each hour of every day! Even if I forget one hour because I am super focused on something for work, I stand up every two hours. As well, I will get more water to drink, tea, go to the restroom, etc. so I get a bit of walking in too.

I used to walk each morning at 7am and watch the sunrise and am going to work on that next as a means of integrating it back into my loose daily routine. Life’s an Art, remember. I am much more of a flexible person that rigid. I am much more spontaneous than structured in my activities but I appreciate the value of structure, organization, and planning. I tend to aim toward the middle of the personality four squares. I tend to be a centrist, and sit in the neutral zone. But while this tendency helps me appreciate from ALL sides, I do think it tends to make me live in the gray zone much more than the black and white contrasts of life, which are also beautiful in many ways. But I digress, or as I call it, veer off into spiral thoughts.

All this said, to help you find what feels good to you and then do it. I was very glad to hear Tony say it can take people six months to forge these kinds of body movements into one’s routine as a habit because I never bought into the theory that it “takes 21 days to establish a habit.” In fact, I’ve actually done several things for a year or more and then stopped because the habit never “took” with me. Apparently, my personality isn’t wired to habit or addiction, and of course when it comes to addiction that’s a good thing. I’m strong-willed.

As for the Asian squats I do, now, I am able to sustain this position for a minute or minute and a half. I used to be too fat (just calling it like it was) to get into the position, and as well, my knees were too weak. Losing twenty pounds in the last few months and strengthening my knees by simply attempting to get into the Asian squat position helped me finally get into it. I do it at least three times a day, always thankful while squatting that I don’t have to do it for work or to use the restroom. I do it for fun and challenge not because I have to.

Now, the challenge for me in the Asian squat is to move from standing to squat without using my hands in any way, and return back to standing after squatting without using my hands. I had to rely on my hands a lot to get into and out of the squat and I didn’t get discouraged when it took me months to achieve the position. I focused on the progress I made each day.

Align with your soul and then, blend. Every cell in your body will thank you. Yes, ALL 50 to 70 to 100 trillion cells, whatever’s in there. They’re dancing, and they’re thanking you for putting yourself with like-minded people in a situation where you can receive.

Be open to receiving many blessings and always is my prayer for you every moment. Spirit sees ALL timelines, interactions, and interweaving lines. We will know too when we are on the Other Side.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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