On my drive home from the Group Past Life Regression session with Patricia McGivern on January 28, 2023.

After the session, Patricia and I had lunch and talked about a whole lot more things. So I’m going to try to keep this to just what I experienced during the regression, which also I recorded so I could do it again at home and be more comfortable.

The I last time I did a group past life regression with Patricia at the Celestial Circle (Palm Harbor, FL), everybody was on the floor and I was in a chair and had tried to put my feet up on another chair. When I returned from the restroom somebody had taken the chair. So I was uncomfortable pretty much the whole time. So this time I decided to sit on the floor because everybody had been on the floor before and this time everybody stayed in a chair. But two ladies did put their feet up on other chairs so there’s that. So even though I tried to bring everything with me pillows, blanket socks, and so forth. I still didn’t fit in with the crowd. Go figure. This was a whole new group.

By the way, this is my second experience at the celestial metaphysical store in Palm Harbor with Patricia we’re in the back room and there must have been 20 other people, and even a few more paid that didn’t show up. And mostly older ladies although there were a few younger. The room was sort of split in half with younger on one side of the room.

This time instead of sitting at the far end of the room and the other half of the room was older ladies older than me, I would say I sat straight across from Patricia. And there was a younger man to my left and an older man to my right. So it was this really neat mix of people from pretty much all walks of life. The lady I sat next to reminded me so much of my mom and Aunt Alberdia. Her name was Ruth and is easy for me to remember because of Ruth from the Bible. I chatted with her for a few minutes because I got there early so I would have plenty of time to pick my seat, figure out where Patricia was sitting, and then seat myself accordingly.

Ruth lived in DC for many many years and she was a construction worker and drove big trucks and heavy equipment things I would have never thought that to look at her and I told her so. She said she was very strong-minded and strong-willed. That will come up later when I get into talking about people’s experiences but back to me.

I’ll focus on my experience. I was given and I did write down some notes after but some more came up for me as usually happens. Even after I put my pen down I start getting more pictures and images of things I had seen. So it’s like my mind is integrating what I experienced what I saw, and the vision. Probably the standout point was toward the end.

So I’m gonna skip around a little bit. Big surprise. Spiral thoughts.

At the very end, I saw that the gift that I was given was a small box. Way out in front of me. And it lit up. Like when you open this box, it lit up with a golden light. And I saw a golden pyramid or go actually it was just a triangle of gold. So some sort of triangle of gold. Then I saw Reiki symbols, another big surprise having been studying for Reiki levels I and II. And then I saw a lotus flower and I’d never seen one of those before in these regression sessions. The Lotus sort of pulsated was breathing was growing just a little bit sort of just like a flash. And then I saw again another Reiki symbol though when I say Reiki symbols that are just to give you a general idea. They were not the Reiki symbols I had been learning these are different symbols. Interesting.

Now the reason that’s important is that after the whole thing was over and people were talking about their experiences and what they saw the lady to the left of me, a younger gal she was talking or trying to answer a question that the younger man had brought up. He was in Egypt and saw something at the top of a pyramid and the end that he was asking does anybody know if there was a cap or top on the pyramid that had lettering engraving or writing on it? He said I saw some sort of like really old Greek or combination of old Arabic and Greek because he said the letters kind of had a scroll to them. The thing is they were kind of certain circular letters or symbols. They weren’t strict like Chinese writing is boxier or squared.

So that was interesting that he was seeing something like that and I got that gift at the end of the correlate anyway, and I told her why have you seen Billy Carson on Facebook because he talks about the Anunnaki and the pyramids and a lot of other ways out things that we were all kind of talking about ‘way out’ stuff from what we experienced and everybody experienced a lot of things differently. But the big thing that came through for half of the women was that there was somebody named Sarah coming through that I found very interesting. I think my friend Nancy would love that! I took it that Nancy’s daughter Sarah was telling me she was there. That’s the feeling I got. By the time the third person said, you know, my name was Sarah. I was like, whoa, wait, come on now, you know, and then it was like four and five and so Sarah was like big time coming through. But in all but one case she had long blonde curly hair and blue eyes. The lady to the right of me said Sarah had brown hair and brown eyes. Interesting.

At first, I just thought the first three ladies were picking it all up from each other because of their close proximity. Six were seated next to each other and they all knew each other so they were neighbors. I just thought well this must be a Sarah that they all know, you know, that’s coming through the same way for them even though this is supposed to be them living in a past life. Alright, so now that may help you make sense of this day.

So the first life that I saw, and I told the group this, I was in because when you’re doing this, you’re visualizing the place first. So the place where I was at was, yes, I saw a garden. Yes, I saw the bushes and I went to my grandmother’s rose in my mind. And then whoosh, I was in my grandmother’s house.

The doorknob was the very old-timey antique doorknob, the door went up the stairs to what would have been my mom and an opera this bedroom but this looked to me to be before my mom and Alberdia was born. So I don’t know if grandmother and grandfather had just finished building the house and then had Alberdia. Yeah, so I don’t know the time frame. And the number that came up I didn’t think was a year as is usually the case I was given a number of like I think it was 1314 or 1326 or 1328, something like that. Because, again, this is not a science. It’s an art. So I thought well, that wouldn’t be right. My grandmother and grandfather built the house. I don’t know early 1900s something my mom was born in 1939 so 1935 or something. They built the house so you know that didn’t make sense to me that number I was getting. Patricia is always telling us don’t judge these things with the conscious mind. Just pick the number you know, have the number, see the number pick it, claim that number, but it’s it may or may not relate or may relate to different parts of the story that you’re going to get. So that’s the number I got something in that range between 1314 – 1316. I analyzed it, as I so often do and then I went to 1326 or 28.

So then I saw myself sort of either as my grandmother in those younger years and what she was experiencing with the green she loved greens so the walls were painted light green, they were stuck out the floor the door itself was this like rough kind of very, very, I would say rough wood and then the wood forwards and she had on a shoe that was like a boot that was sort of the ugly clogs some wear these days. But the while I’ve now I’ve just I just lost the name, but they are the ones you slide into. That sort of rubber plastic. Crocks.

My grandmother was upstairs and I could see the upstairs. I felt like I was right in the house. And I was either my grandmother, or I was the angel on her shoulder or I was looking at her like me and myself. I was looking at her and looking at what her life was like or would have been like. I think I was seeing through her eyes!

So I was trying to remember if there was anything else about that particular life that I wanted to say but it was weird. It was like the multiverse. I went to everything that’s happening now. So is this really a past life I’m seeing past present future is all happening now. Everything was like it started like I saw the fractals coming in. It was sort of like a hall of mirrors kind of effect. And by that point, I was about out of that life anyway. Oh, those dungarees. So she was wearing it when I looked down. My grandmother was wearing me as my grandmother or whatever right? She was wearing these almost like a burlap sack potato sack of pants and they were cut off sure because she was out working in the garden in the mud in the field and stuff so they were cut off for convenience, for working sake, not for styles. So they were almost like a cross between a dungaree crop pant. A very scratchy, very heavy material to protect your legs so she was working out in the garden or in the field. Oh, and her hands were the way my grandmother’s hands were in life, kind of mangled from working at the box factory for years. She had been injured at the box factory. That’s a true story, but I hadn’t thought about any of this stuff in many years–if at all.

So it’s like I was sort of seeing life from her perspective things that I wouldn’t have thought otherwise. But whether true or not I still don’t know. I’d have to speak with my uncle and see if he can validate any of that but yeah, I get the sense that she was standing upstairs looking outside and she was looking at the animals that actually did have animals on a small farm. Her and my grandfather’s farm.

So yeah, that was what I saw. I don’t think I saw anything like how she died because I know how she died, as our lives overlap by 18 years. I was 18 when she passed away. And I almost said it there when I asked what was my grandmother. Okay, anyways, it’s a little wackiness um,

My second Past Life was something to do with 16. Again, it was like 1628 or something like that. And it was a very different life. I was a man I was in Japan and I distinctly recall sitting on a solid red bench. Interestingly, at the lunch that Patricia and I went to we ended up, we were going to one restaurant, but they were closed. We turned around and went back. She didn’t know there was a Japanese restaurant there in the same center, the plaza with the Celestial building and so we went to a Japanese restaurant. A true Japanese restaurant that didn’t have Thai food and things either so we were kind of limited on we were either gonna eat sushi, a lot of raw fish or just get a salad we does opt in for a salad but the sushi set was still on the table. I flipped the little container over and I said the bench I saw myself sitting on looked just like this that would hold the soy sauce and it was the same solid color red. It’s just that the bench would have been the soy container. The soy sauce, little dish flipped over and that would have all been painted red has had no back and no sides.

So I was this man in Japan sitting on a red bench. And let’s see I don’t remember if I saw my feet or my hands or what I was wearing. I don’t think I did. I was trying to think what was spectacular about that life. Oh, well. Definitely I got the message that thank you. It’s still the best prayer we could ever say even though it’s so simple, and it’s seemingly inconsequential. And we say it so flippantly. But people don’t either they don’t say it enough or they don’t say it sincerely and they don’t mean it. And what I learned and this was reiterated to me at Newgrange when I put my hands on the stones there. While coming in and out several times, I was able to have that time to be able to do that, to have that presence in mind to do that. I laid my hands on the stones at Newgrange (in the chamber) and said thank you.

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Thank you you know, I mean, the magnificence, the magnitude of their being there, the ancient ones, the age of them that what they’ve experienced the people who have touched them coming in and out and just the presence in the space that they hold and it really just touched me deeply. And so that’s what I got from being that man in Japan. And just really I guess having that sense of awe and sense of presence and awareness of being there. And sitting on that bench. Maybe it was the idea of sitting on the bench watching the world go by I don’t know what’s in the cherry blossoms watching children play. What else is life about? You know, but experience life is about the experience and being grateful for it. And I’ll take a deep breath and end this now.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Be open to receiving many blessings and always is my prayer for you every moment. Spirit sees ALL timelines, interactions, and interweaving lines. We will know too when we are on the Other Side.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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