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My commentary: A deep ACIM calendar quote for the day…  “This holy instant would I give to you…” and as a friend has commented, it is the same message each day until the end of the year, so I really don’t need to post the image again and again. But alas, here it is. 

I’m coming out of the funk I was in yesterday. I know people are busy. My dad used to tell me that every time he called. He would say, you’re “busy, busy, busy.” and you know what? because I was busy, I have many voicemail messages from him so I can always replay and hear his voice. Problem is, I don’t do that very often.


Because I am still, busy, busy, busy.

But I’m one person. I’d love for many to read this book I’ve poured hours, days, and weeks into. But of the 30 early readers, three actually read any of it. I’m grateful for those three. They know who they are. I would have opened it up to be read for free to many more had I known those thirty wouldn’t have had time. Some of my closest friends were honest from the get-go and told me they didn’t have time. 

Book launched today!

Now, I’m not saying all this to put guilt upon anyone, but to tell you, you can have hundreds of likes, loves, and comments on your posts and those will convert to ONE sale. It’s happened to me (with the last book). So, I do ALL of this writing, from my heart to those hearts who will listen. I do what I do, for the few. 

And FYI, though my dad’s words to me about how busy I always was will haunt me, he evened it up by also always telling me, “love you, love you, love you” at the end of each phone conversation or voicemail. So there’s that.

Omniscience God knows.

And so it is…

  • Ills are like rain on dirt. Rain washes away dirt so gems can be more easily mined!
  • Recognizing our individuality and uniqueness, yet all the while like sticky snowflakes, We Are All Connected.
  • A growing world is merging = EMERGING!
  • Acknowledging our inner alchemy.
  • Turning on Reiki Light.
  • Always turning to balance while Integrating the Spiral.
  • Choosing to make food and TIME work FOR us.
  • Thanking ALL for Grace, no matter how things look.
  • Prayer works!
  • OM-ing works! OM. AUM.
  • TRUST is huge!
  • Asking for help helps too!
  • Managing our Energy IS self-care.
  • Not burying head in the sand. (Pay attention to our health!)
  • Observing and documenting.
  • Involved but not entangled (with external happenings).
  • Amplifying and supporting ALL voices in commUNITY.
  • Accepting and surrendering what we cannot change but not quitting, burying heads in the sand, or laying down.
  • Freeing and beautifying. 
  • Raising vibrations.
  • Simplifying complex topics.
  • Aligning with SOUL to walk a purposeful path.
  • Each of us has God INSIDE us. Always in ALL ways reMember.
  • Every. Moment. Gratitude. 
  • Know who you are. Then, Blend. 
  • “Be Here Now” and Be Kind to ourselves/others.
  • Grow through the “not always pleasant” dirt. Yet, ALL for growth. (I see you.)
  • We Are All Connected.

By grace we ARE.

It’s ALL in God’s hands. 

Everything Resolves to Gratitude. 

Thank God, Omniscience, Source, Creator. 

From A Course in Miracles (flip chart calendar). Sharing these posts EACH DAY keeps me accountable for this self-practice. 

#courseinmiracles #acim

Why am I here?

I’m here to challenge you to dig deeper. Honor your past. Honor your ancestors. You are not here by accident. You didn’t pop out of a pod. A woman gave birth to you. And a woman gave birth to her. And so on, and so on. And a man was involved in some way too. The two became one. YOU!

ALL of your ancestors who came before, honor YOU! You stand on their great shoulders. Do you accept the responsibility of their sacrifices? Of their LOVE?

Balance is achievable though not always the point. Remember a wavy line separates the black from the white in the yin and yang symbol. It’s wavy because it’s always Balancing. Flowing. Never done.

Life endures. And continues.

We’re all pink!

Underneath our skin, we are all pink! Our blood is blue until exposed to oxygen and then, it’s red!

We Are ALL Connected. Each of us matter. I will own my choices. ❤️🦋🌀〰️

Speak your truth. Be FREE. Yell FIRE in a theater, IF it’s on freaking FIRE!

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

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