Hello friends and readers this morning after Christmas Day, I thought it might be a fun exercise to say a few words and put this out onto a blog article to answer the question of what the mind-body, soul, and spirit connection is a question that came up recently and I thought I would take a moment to meditate on those words mind, body, spirit, soul, and connection and see what if any thoughts drop in about that in my rational academic mind, the topic of mind body spirit soul connection brings me to consciousness. Because consciousness is an overarching word term that we can use to describe how all of these pieces fit together within us.

Consciousness is, as we know, not something that resides in one place within us as human beings, but it can be the consciousness most notably and closely associated with our brain and our thinking. How we come to have the thoughts we have and what we consider to be real about us. That our consciousness has learned is something that can reside throughout our body. So we have consciousness of thought, yes, but the cells of our body are conscious.

So we have consciousness throughout our bodies. There’s also the consciousness of mind. There’s a consciousness of the body because of the consciousness that envelops and resides within each cell 50 to 70 trillion cells of the body and then I believe there’s a consciousness of spirit too because the Spirit will continue to live on it. Some say consciousness exists apart from the body, but can also come into the body and envelop and embrace and live within and breathe within the body. And then the soul which I believe from what my husband has taught me, dear ‘love of my life’ loving husband. He has taught me that our soul is in our blood. This makes so much sense to me because we carry our ancestors with us in our blood, you know, their DNA.

You know, scientifically we know these things right? From the lineage from whom we’ve come, from whom this body has come that we reside in. That is our soul. So the soul of our ancestors is quite literally in our blood in our DNA and in the chemistry of the blood. And this is also a reason why we inherit certain diseases if you will. Because, you know, our mother, our father had certain tendencies and things sometimes skip a generation or things sometimes only come with this on the male side of the family or the female side of the family. You know, certain traits, characteristics, or ills. So, someone in your history your parent or grandparent had heart issues. You may have a tendency toward heart issues, but perhaps your job with your soul is to upon knowing such do whatever you can to prevent those kinds of issues in your body so that your soul doesn’t really experience that. But that’s just one brief example.

This idea of mind, body, soul, and spirit Connections is a matter of consciousness. It’s a matter of how conscious we are of this whole soup or petri dish that we are. And I believe this is also key to determining or discerning or deciphering why we get certain sensations in the body. I’m not talking about just a stomach ache or something. You know, I’m [indistinguishable]. I’m talking now more about how we can feel spiritually inclined to believe certain things or come to certain understandings or have certain knowings because we feel certain things in the body. This could be our we sense love, how we feel love, how we feel when we’re so full of love, our hearts going to just expand and burst, or, for me and my particular situation or instance,

I feel what I’ve talked about many times and written about this sensation in my body, mostly in my thighs, which I call GodBumps. And you may remember that I did an interview with Davey Pfaffle about GodBumps. He and his wife wrote the book, GodBumps. Here’s the link to that interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EP0lqKnHGA

So the GodBumps sensation is similar to goosebumps, but it’s more internal. It’s something that it doesn’t necessarily show up as God bumps on the external flesh of my body, but within my body, I feel it. It’s like a bubbling effervescence thing, my word for how I feel the energy in my body. So it’s sort of tingly. It’s sort of goosebumpy. But it’s inside. It’s really like the best way I can explain it is when you drink a soda and you feel the bubbles on your tongue. That’s what I feel but it’s inside.

Now recently, I’ve come to learn through my Reiki classes and training, that when I hold dowsing rods, I asked the dowsing rods to show me my yes answer. At the same time, I feel the gut bumps in my thighs and all through my legs. I mean, it’ll just that sensation I’ll go all the way to my feet and swirl around and come right back up. The longer I sit with that yes answer. When I asked the dowsing rods to show me a knowing answer, I felt from my stomach all the way up. I felt God’s bumps was was unusual. And when that happened, I knew that I was a human dowsing rod. This doesn’t just work, you know willy nilly at any time of the day. But I really have to be in a serious question asking almost meditative thought. I don’t have to be meditating to ask the questions. But I just need to be present. I guess we could say sitting with the question. I have to make sure my feet are grounded. I have to make sure my legs aren’t crossed. And if I’m holding the dowsing rods, I have to be holding them up correctly and appropriately. And there’s a way to do that.

I had not learned the technique prior to the last couple of months. So whenever I used the dowsing rods before I got hit-or-miss responses, I had to be in a place like Sedona, Arizona where there’s a vortex before the dowsing rods really showed me that they did anything. So I didn’t use them very often because I didn’t really have much experience or belief in what they could show me because again, I hadn’t been drained. But a couple of months ago during my Reiki classes, I did receive that training and bought a new set of rods that were much more straight as an arrow robust copper, full copper, and a good length to not some $5 little cheapy dowsing rods that I’d had prior to that.

So now I have these good dowsing rods and I’m sitting there and I’m asking these yes, no questions. And the answers show up in the rods, but I also feel the answers in my body. So that’s been quite enlightening to me most recently, and then also working with studying the work of Dr. Raymond Moody. He’s written a book called Life after life. And also God is bigger than the Bible. And he’s written many books over the years. He’s an elder gentleman now, but his small team had reached out to me someone from his team and asked if I would be interested in volunteering to write some correspondence replies for him and I jumped at the opportunity I mean, my soul just here we go again to answer the question, coming back around spiraling around full circle to answer the question of what is mind-body, spirit, soul, and Connection.

Well, my whole consciousness was like singing in a chorus. I felt all through my body that I would do this work for free. Even though I felt a tad bit off, I don’t know if I have time. It was one of those decisions that I really didn’t have to think about because I knew that if I need to wake up an hour early every morning, two hours early, whatever it took. I was going to do that first it was going to be like saying thank you soon as my feet hit the floor. use the restroom. Go into meditation. Do the gratitude flow that I teach with integrated spiral and then sit and read and meditate upon and think about my answers to these persons who have written to Dr. Raymond and write up some correspondence.

Of course initially, I’ve just begun this work. So I’m very green about it. And so I just send my will or maybe become the responses to the persons who write Dr. Moody. send those to my team lead if you will. And she will review them and she may delete a sentence or two or Addison’s to that kind of thing. And then she’ll use that to send from the official address because of course I don’t have access to Dr. Moody’s email, system, or email addresses. But this gives me a purpose. This gives me a reason to formulate such kinds of response answers, and then send them back to my team lead. And then, of course, they can go out as they will. Or not, you know, but they have the choice to use them or not, and if they use them if you were to write Dr. Moody and receive an answer from me, it may or may not be 100% my words but it would have the tap the contact signature line of Sheila Murrey on behalf of Dr. Raymond Moody, you know, that kind of thing. I’m not exactly sure even how we’re signing those right now or how they’ll be signed in the future. But it’ll be something to that effect. So you would know if the answer came from me.

The point of this is what I’ve found in this process is that it’s given me a very pointed, very specific, very identified means of connecting my soul desire. The work that I desired to do on my soul desires to do you know, I’ve always known for many, many years now that I’m a writer.

A writer writes, so I write all kinds of things. I write so much that sometimes I write the same thing again, but can pull it in a completely different way because the way I said it many years ago was very different than how I would say it now because of everything I’ve learned. But that’s something that I feel my mind and my body have led me to do to become a writer, but my soul and my spirit they’re wanting to communicate, and they wanted to communicate my whole life but being raised and coming up in a family the way I did very small family as an only child. I didn’t often feel heard in many ways I had my voice squelched either by the bullies at school, or just, I don’t believe I was ever a shy person, but definitely, I’m an empath and an introvert so because when I would put myself out there and then feeling kind of the brunt of that exposure.

In fact, I remember telling my first husband this one when I first met him, and was probably one of the reasons I fell in love early in my life. was because I felt like I didn’t have skin. I felt like I was a very broad person. And so anytime I shared anything with anybody, I could feel the brunt of it being received. And that’s the empath to my nature, you know, but I didn’t know that I didn’t even know what the hell of an empath was.

So, here’s the point. I’m getting to consciousness now. I’m coming full circle back around to the answer here. Is that consciousness, capital see, it envelops all of us it envelops our body. It envelops our minds. It envelops our spirit and our soul. Because we’re always thinking of how we’re being perceived right? And whether we’re being heard, and then beyond that, are we being understood?

There are so many facets to us and ways that we can express ourselves which is why so many people turn to art, you know, so they can just express themselves in their art. Or in their music and they never really have to. They never really have to acknowledge or even perceive how they’re being perceived. So they just do their art they put it out in the world and then you know, let the chips fall where they may, whereas a speaker, a teacher, or rider, we’re always looking for, well, especially the speaker and the teacher, right? Educator is always looking out at their students or at their audience to see how their words are landing. We’re looking for people’s faces, or their eyes to light up for their ears to perk up, you know, that kind of thing. A writer is always looking for interaction, we’re looking for somebody to call us up and mirror back to us how they, how received our words, how, whether they understood them or not, whether they read them or not. And how they landed, they were they hit home, you know. So, we are looking for acknowledgment, not in the way of the ego necessarily where we’re Oh, you’re so wonderful, you know, your words spoke to me like no one else’s have ever, you know, or we become the best selling author, or we have our works published in magazines, that kind of thing. I mean, that’s all nice. And good and warm, fuzzy stuff. But that’s not necessarily what I’m talking about, because that’s getting into the realm of this ego whether that exists or not. But I mean, just from this soul level, and spiritual level of wanting to be acknowledged in a way that proves to us that we’re really here.

Obviously, we’re in a body so we know we’re, doing something here. Even people that feel like they’re soulless, you know, and they don’t feel like they know their soul or spirit identity. Are they questioning if they even have one? They do have one. Everyone has one. If they’re in a human body, and they were and they were born on planet Earth, they may not be in touch with it. They may not interact with it. They may totally reject the idea of having one like the atheist rejecting God. But obviously, if there is a God, that created everything that we see, touch, hear taste smell. Then just because you say there isn’t a God doesn’t mean there isn’t it just you’re not in touch with it. You’re not in touch with all that that is you know, whatever label you want to put on God. But again, that’s a spiral thought, by the way, I’m just been off for a moment.

So again, the very simplistic answer to all of this is consciousness is everywhere in the body and can be everywhere, anywhere, all at once.

Your consciousness makes you who you are. And it continues to grow you and just as I was drifting off to sleep last night, the thought occurred to me of when you’re a baby, and you’re born you your birth into this world, and you’re such a tiny, small package. of a human. What must it be like? To your mind, you really didn’t have any worries, right? You didn’t have many thoughts. It was whether you were hungry, it was probably just all sensation. You’re probably laying there in your little crib or in your mother’s arms and you’re just this bundle of sensations, which is probably why babies cry so much. But then there are other babies who hardly ever cry, right? So we’re each experiencing the world, the external around us so very different. And then we’re processing that internally. And I wonder now if, I wonder if as a baby, what thoughts I had and did those thoughts. I mean, I would think they did. Those thoughts would help me talk to the cells of my body and helped me you know, as I started looking around and started getting older, right? Oh, I want to be tall like Mommy, I want to be tall like Daddy or I want to have long hair like mommy or I want my eyes to look like mommy’s eyes.

Do you know what I mean? Like, did I help? CO create how my body began to look as I grew up, and then when I started meeting other children, you know, and I started going to school and admiring certain teachers and things like that. Did I literally tell the cells of my body what I wanted my body to look like? One of the first stories I remember is about body autonomy. Is my mother not being happy with the size of her breasts? So she always said I hope that you have large breasts like the women on your dad’s side of the family, you know, so it seems kind of silly to say that now but how many women do have an issue with the size of their breasts? I mean, look at the sheer numbers and amounts of money spent on breast augmentation, you know, so, in one way, it seems silly for me to bring that up as a topic here. But in another, it’s so real for millions of women, the feel the size of their breasts, either too small or too large, and I’m sure there’s some number of women that feel that their breasts are too large, but most women go out and spend a lot of money if they have small breasts on getting larger breasts. You know, it seems silly to me because it’s not something that I ever had any thoughts about other than just remembering my mother saying that to me because she said it many times. And, um, but I guess I had average-size breasts, so it just wasn’t something that I ever thought about, you know, I never desired to have my breasts made to be any larger. So I always felt like women who did that are somewhat silly.

I now realize how many women really get caught up in that kind of snare. You know, when they see women on TV and movies on the cover of magazines and so forth that look a certain way they really really, really, like that’s their prime focus is to look a certain way. And well, anyway, so I do have judgments about that, I guess, in that I just feel that’s somewhat silly. Just be happy in the body that you have. I mean, sure, if you can change something with a little nip and tuck, here they are. Why not? Then I look at the extreme cases of Joan Rivers and, and ladies who literally ended up dying over the continual process of the nip and tuck again, everything coming back into balance, the consciousness, mind, body, spirit, and soul when all of this is connecting and talking with each other. It helps us I believe, to reside or keep our being in more of a state of balance.

We’re always balancing. We never like to get that done. But what I’m saying is, if you imagine that yin and yang symbol in 3d breathing, the black, the white, always coming back into balance and balancing like a wave in the ocean. You have, I think, a better chance of living well. Living. Happy, finding joy in your day-to-day, and just being healthy and vibrant and thriving, no. And grow and enjoy.

And on that, I’ll close. Thank you for the opportunity to share this discourse. Many blessings to you in ALL ways

Transcribed by https://otter.ai and grammar-checked using Grammarly.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

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      1. You’re so right, I really do love this article!!!! Thank you for sharing with me! My family and I live in Sedona now and manage an Airbnb to spread magical experience of coming to Sedona! So I can’t help myself when I spot a Sedona picture 😆. You got so many special adventures in at lovely spots!! I love your writing voice and the way you took your reader on the trip to.

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      2. Awww you’re so kind!!!! Omg I have a Sedona chapter in my book too 😆! Thank you for sharing Sedona’s beauty with the world with your beautiful voice!!

        I just followed you on Instagram with our business account, it has the Airbnb link there and lots of Sedona love 🤗🤍


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