After Jan 3rd Tuesday night Reiki session

Good evening or good morning. I recorded this just after leaving one of my Tuesday night Reiki circles. I wanted to come to you with a few thoughts because I usually opened up from flowing Reiki energy and feeling the GodBumps. And singing the song at the end and holding hands. Tonight we had almost all new attendees at the circle. (This was recorded 3-Jan-2023)

One of the other participants was running a little late as he had been ill. And so he was the only other one that was there who had been in my Reiki one and two level certification classes. Everybody else was new.

It was amazing though, and I learned. Here’s what I learned.

Wow. So you know, I had practiced Reiki before just recently getting my level one and level two certifications. But that was I was certified back in 2009. So and I really hadn’t kept up with it and I hadn’t practiced it. I was feeling the energy then. But I didn’t know then what I know now. And I didn’t call the energy GodBumps. I didn’t even really say goosebumps. I just felt it and noticed it. And I really didn’t even start to delve into what it could be why was where it was coming from any of that. I just simply felt it. And I observed it and I made a mental note of what I was doing. At that moment I was feeling GodBumps. You can search this site for more of my descriptions of what GodBumps are ore read this previous post:

Fast forward all these years now. So I started feeling GodBumps in 2005 I actually remember feeling GodBumps while I was in a conversation with a lady at work. She was Anglican and I didn’t even know what that was. We were having a little discussion about the Anglican Church, religion, God, and my views on spirituality. And she was quite open to hearing that. And that’s when I felt the GodBumps.

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I was also doing the raw vegan diet in 2008. And so at that time, I would go into bookstores and coffee shops and raw vegan cafes and things like that, and I would get into these conversations with complete strangers. But because we were talking about things that were healthful and uplifting to the body the raw food and healing disease naturally. Homeopathy and naturopath and muscle testing and we were having all these kinds of conversations. And so every time I get a conversation with someone even at the health food store, I would have feel the GodBumps. But again, the only thing I could attach or connect the feeling to was the subject of the conversations. I didn’t really know anything else about it.

Now, fast forward to now Reiki level one, Reiki level two, and doing these certifications. Maybe it’s not for the piece of paper and to be able to say that I’m certified in Reiki but it is to qualify or quantify or organize the information in a better way for me to continue to practice it and hold it and be able to learn the protection. I probably learned it in one or two of the class I took in 2009 but I didn’t practice it enough for it to stick. So I didn’t use the protection or turn the Reiki light on, as we say before each session and before doing anything actually before driving the car whatever.

To remember to do that and to be practiced so that the muscle memory takes over which is the reason we practice these things any modality or sports to improve your performance. You/we practice so it becomes muscle memory. Dancing is that way, okay? So the reason (to get certified in Reiki) is not just for the piece of paper, but the reason is to get through the experience again with all of these new people so it will stick with me.

And so you see the same people in each session. You’re building layers upon layers of the cellophane energ–I speak about the cellophane and my book, Blue Eyes: Ethereal Messages of Connection–if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and most people won’t. But there are layers and layers of energy and energy fields and if you’re studying with Nassim Haramein, you hear people talking about the new quantum physics. If you’re interested in those things and you’re learning about those, you don’t know how to work the radio, you don’t know how the radio works, right sending the pieces of music and all those notes to the airwaves but you know that if you tune your radio correctly to the right station, the right frequency, the radio will play the music for you.

So it’s the same with Reiki and the more you practice and the more you are attuned when you certify and the more you practice, then upon that, it’s like getting a clearer and clearer signal. So tonight here we’ve got new people. So I say all that to tell you that what I learned now is that even people who came tonight who had only been through Reiki level one. And it had been years ago just like me when I first went a few months ago when I met Victoria and I started going. They are in the exact same spot now as I had been.

We were asking them because it was only three of us to more than six of us in the room. I think there were eight and there were three of us who were performing, if you will, Reiki or channeling or flowing Reiki energy, whatever terminology you want to use. Three of us were giving Reiki tonight. So, Victoria (our Reiki Master), told everyone that even though a couple of you have definitely done level one in the past and even though it’s been years ago. Perhaps this is your night to get gain a little bit of confidence and go ahead and give and practice on each other if you’d like.

Well, of course, we start going and in my head, my academic mind, I just sort of let go of the know-how part the organization of the information part and I just tune in with my heart and I go to the neutral place and I become the channel I become the flower of the energy I become the empty vessel of which Source, Spirit, God Omniscience. The Reiki Masters flow the energy through. I set my intention for the recipients, which is their intention. And before I knew it, I was giving Reiki to three different people before it was said and done. And actually, the third person when I went to give her Reiki, asked me if she could give it to me. And I thought, what, but she’s only level one. But then, just as soon as I had this thought, I could not. The next thought was, it doesn’t matter. What do you always talk about Sheila, what do you talk about on Clubhouse?

When I was in Clubhouse I had a room called, Spirituality without the training wheels. Because once you’re connected to spirit, and once you’re connected to Omniscience God Source Creator. You’re connected to the Energy. ALL of the organizations are wonderful. You know, the church, the church service, the training wheels, and the guides. That’s all wonderful, but you don’t need the guides really. You can freestyle it now; you’re a free wheel. You’re a free spirit. So you know what your intention is. They know what they’re asking for, and what their needs are. Now you’re just making this energetic handshake. And you’re making this connection energetically to flow the energy through one person as the performer to the receiver. And just about cost. Okay, beautiful. I got it. So I know that’s my spiral way of getting to my point. I learned that you don’t have to be certified at the different levels, you’ve already gained an attunement, you do you would have to have at least a level one Reiki and attunement in order to practice Reiki or flow Reiki energy, again, that’s a type of energy. Omniscience is all energies, right?

It’s the yin and yang symbol. It’s sacred geometry. It’s the unified field that everything hangs on. So all the Reiki symbols hang, just like if you’d look in your picture in your mind’s eye a scaffolding or a chain link fence. And now you’re taking these symbols and Reiki language. It’s the Reiki symbols, but it could be anything else and you’re hanging. Let’s say it’s a million crosses, and the cross is your symbol. Hang the cross symbol on the scaffolding. Okay, the universe Omniscience God is providing the scaffolding and you’re just hanging the symbols on it to remind you, it’s not that you’re praying to the cross or that you need the cross to save you you’re being reminded that the cross is a symbol of salvation, or it could be a symbol of rebirth in general and regeneration. It can be a symbol of rebirth. You know, it could symbolize a lot of things for you. And that’s the same thing with all the symbology with the Ganesha with the praying to the statue of Mary. All of that. It’s all the same thing.

Those symbols/statues/images or such are just reminders of those deities/divine essence or presence and in our English language you know, we write in symbols, each letter in the alphabet is a symbol. So there’s no like heaven or hell good or bad ascribed to each symbol–it just is. And it is whatever it reminds you of, you might attach to the first letter of your name, and every time you see that first letter of your name it reminds you of you know, and maybe your Thanksgiving of being here on the planet. So that’s what I learned tonight. Even level one Reiki initiated can give Reiki and I felt it. I felt the energy run through my body and be in a place of gratitude, as always Everything Resolves to Gratitude.

It’s best to be out of your head and into your heart and into the feeling place so that you can experience the love and the sheer joy of these types of energy work. And do these types of healing modalities. Every cell in your body will thank you. Yes, ALL 50 to 70 to 100 trillion cells, whatever’s in there. They’re dancing, and they’re thanking you for putting yourself with like-minded people in a situation where you can receive. Be open to receiving many blessings and always is my prayer for you this evening. Thank you.

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Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

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After Christmas thoughts on Consciousness

Hello friends and readers this morning after Christmas Day, I thought it might be a fun exercise to say a few words and put this out onto a blog article to answer the question of what the mind-body, soul, and spirit connection is a question that came up recently and I thought I would take a moment to meditate on those words mind, body, spirit, soul, and connection and see what if any thoughts drop in about that in my rational academic mind, the topic of mind body spirit soul connection brings me to consciousness. Because consciousness is an overarching word term that we can use to describe how all of these pieces fit together within us.

Consciousness is, as we know, not something that resides in one place within us as human beings, but it can be the consciousness most notably and closely associated with our brain and our thinking. How we come to have the thoughts we have and what we consider to be real about us. That our consciousness has learned is something that can reside throughout our body. So we have consciousness of thought, yes, but the cells of our body are conscious.

So we have consciousness throughout our bodies. There’s also the consciousness of mind. There’s a consciousness of the body because of the consciousness that envelops and resides within each cell 50 to 70 trillion cells of the body and then I believe there’s a consciousness of spirit too because the Spirit will continue to live on it. Some say consciousness exists apart from the body, but can also come into the body and envelop and embrace and live within and breathe within the body. And then the soul which I believe from what my husband has taught me, dear ‘love of my life’ loving husband. He has taught me that our soul is in our blood. This makes so much sense to me because we carry our ancestors with us in our blood, you know, their DNA.

You know, scientifically we know these things right? From the lineage from whom we’ve come, from whom this body has come that we reside in. That is our soul. So the soul of our ancestors is quite literally in our blood in our DNA and in the chemistry of the blood. And this is also a reason why we inherit certain diseases if you will. Because, you know, our mother, our father had certain tendencies and things sometimes skip a generation or things sometimes only come with this on the male side of the family or the female side of the family. You know, certain traits, characteristics, or ills. So, someone in your history your parent or grandparent had heart issues. You may have a tendency toward heart issues, but perhaps your job with your soul is to upon knowing such do whatever you can to prevent those kinds of issues in your body so that your soul doesn’t really experience that. But that’s just one brief example.

This idea of mind, body, soul, and spirit Connections is a matter of consciousness. It’s a matter of how conscious we are of this whole soup or petri dish that we are. And I believe this is also key to determining or discerning or deciphering why we get certain sensations in the body. I’m not talking about just a stomach ache or something. You know, I’m [indistinguishable]. I’m talking now more about how we can feel spiritually inclined to believe certain things or come to certain understandings or have certain knowings because we feel certain things in the body. This could be our we sense love, how we feel love, how we feel when we’re so full of love, our hearts going to just expand and burst, or, for me and my particular situation or instance,

I feel what I’ve talked about many times and written about this sensation in my body, mostly in my thighs, which I call GodBumps. And you may remember that I did an interview with Davey Pfaffle about GodBumps. He and his wife wrote the book, GodBumps. Here’s the link to that interview:

So the GodBumps sensation is similar to goosebumps, but it’s more internal. It’s something that it doesn’t necessarily show up as God bumps on the external flesh of my body, but within my body, I feel it. It’s like a bubbling effervescence thing, my word for how I feel the energy in my body. So it’s sort of tingly. It’s sort of goosebumpy. But it’s inside. It’s really like the best way I can explain it is when you drink a soda and you feel the bubbles on your tongue. That’s what I feel but it’s inside.

Now recently, I’ve come to learn through my Reiki classes and training, that when I hold dowsing rods, I asked the dowsing rods to show me my yes answer. At the same time, I feel the gut bumps in my thighs and all through my legs. I mean, it’ll just that sensation I’ll go all the way to my feet and swirl around and come right back up. The longer I sit with that yes answer. When I asked the dowsing rods to show me a knowing answer, I felt from my stomach all the way up. I felt God’s bumps was was unusual. And when that happened, I knew that I was a human dowsing rod. This doesn’t just work, you know willy nilly at any time of the day. But I really have to be in a serious question asking almost meditative thought. I don’t have to be meditating to ask the questions. But I just need to be present. I guess we could say sitting with the question. I have to make sure my feet are grounded. I have to make sure my legs aren’t crossed. And if I’m holding the dowsing rods, I have to be holding them up correctly and appropriately. And there’s a way to do that.

I had not learned the technique prior to the last couple of months. So whenever I used the dowsing rods before I got hit-or-miss responses, I had to be in a place like Sedona, Arizona where there’s a vortex before the dowsing rods really showed me that they did anything. So I didn’t use them very often because I didn’t really have much experience or belief in what they could show me because again, I hadn’t been drained. But a couple of months ago during my Reiki classes, I did receive that training and bought a new set of rods that were much more straight as an arrow robust copper, full copper, and a good length to not some $5 little cheapy dowsing rods that I’d had prior to that.

So now I have these good dowsing rods and I’m sitting there and I’m asking these yes, no questions. And the answers show up in the rods, but I also feel the answers in my body. So that’s been quite enlightening to me most recently, and then also working with studying the work of Dr. Raymond Moody. He’s written a book called Life after life. And also God is bigger than the Bible. And he’s written many books over the years. He’s an elder gentleman now, but his small team had reached out to me someone from his team and asked if I would be interested in volunteering to write some correspondence replies for him and I jumped at the opportunity I mean, my soul just here we go again to answer the question, coming back around spiraling around full circle to answer the question of what is mind-body, spirit, soul, and Connection.

Well, my whole consciousness was like singing in a chorus. I felt all through my body that I would do this work for free. Even though I felt a tad bit off, I don’t know if I have time. It was one of those decisions that I really didn’t have to think about because I knew that if I need to wake up an hour early every morning, two hours early, whatever it took. I was going to do that first it was going to be like saying thank you soon as my feet hit the floor. use the restroom. Go into meditation. Do the gratitude flow that I teach with integrated spiral and then sit and read and meditate upon and think about my answers to these persons who have written to Dr. Raymond and write up some correspondence.

Of course initially, I’ve just begun this work. So I’m very green about it. And so I just send my will or maybe become the responses to the persons who write Dr. Moody. send those to my team lead if you will. And she will review them and she may delete a sentence or two or Addison’s to that kind of thing. And then she’ll use that to send from the official address because of course I don’t have access to Dr. Moody’s email, system, or email addresses. But this gives me a purpose. This gives me a reason to formulate such kinds of response answers, and then send them back to my team lead. And then, of course, they can go out as they will. Or not, you know, but they have the choice to use them or not, and if they use them if you were to write Dr. Moody and receive an answer from me, it may or may not be 100% my words but it would have the tap the contact signature line of Sheila Murrey on behalf of Dr. Raymond Moody, you know, that kind of thing. I’m not exactly sure even how we’re signing those right now or how they’ll be signed in the future. But it’ll be something to that effect. So you would know if the answer came from me.

The point of this is what I’ve found in this process is that it’s given me a very pointed, very specific, very identified means of connecting my soul desire. The work that I desired to do on my soul desires to do you know, I’ve always known for many, many years now that I’m a writer.

A writer writes, so I write all kinds of things. I write so much that sometimes I write the same thing again, but can pull it in a completely different way because the way I said it many years ago was very different than how I would say it now because of everything I’ve learned. But that’s something that I feel my mind and my body have led me to do to become a writer, but my soul and my spirit they’re wanting to communicate, and they wanted to communicate my whole life but being raised and coming up in a family the way I did very small family as an only child. I didn’t often feel heard in many ways I had my voice squelched either by the bullies at school, or just, I don’t believe I was ever a shy person, but definitely, I’m an empath and an introvert so because when I would put myself out there and then feeling kind of the brunt of that exposure.

In fact, I remember telling my first husband this one when I first met him, and was probably one of the reasons I fell in love early in my life. was because I felt like I didn’t have skin. I felt like I was a very broad person. And so anytime I shared anything with anybody, I could feel the brunt of it being received. And that’s the empath to my nature, you know, but I didn’t know that I didn’t even know what the hell of an empath was.

So, here’s the point. I’m getting to consciousness now. I’m coming full circle back around to the answer here. Is that consciousness, capital see, it envelops all of us it envelops our body. It envelops our minds. It envelops our spirit and our soul. Because we’re always thinking of how we’re being perceived right? And whether we’re being heard, and then beyond that, are we being understood?

There are so many facets to us and ways that we can express ourselves which is why so many people turn to art, you know, so they can just express themselves in their art. Or in their music and they never really have to. They never really have to acknowledge or even perceive how they’re being perceived. So they just do their art they put it out in the world and then you know, let the chips fall where they may, whereas a speaker, a teacher, or rider, we’re always looking for, well, especially the speaker and the teacher, right? Educator is always looking out at their students or at their audience to see how their words are landing. We’re looking for people’s faces, or their eyes to light up for their ears to perk up, you know, that kind of thing. A writer is always looking for interaction, we’re looking for somebody to call us up and mirror back to us how they, how received our words, how, whether they understood them or not, whether they read them or not. And how they landed, they were they hit home, you know. So, we are looking for acknowledgment, not in the way of the ego necessarily where we’re Oh, you’re so wonderful, you know, your words spoke to me like no one else’s have ever, you know, or we become the best selling author, or we have our works published in magazines, that kind of thing. I mean, that’s all nice. And good and warm, fuzzy stuff. But that’s not necessarily what I’m talking about, because that’s getting into the realm of this ego whether that exists or not. But I mean, just from this soul level, and spiritual level of wanting to be acknowledged in a way that proves to us that we’re really here.

Obviously, we’re in a body so we know we’re, doing something here. Even people that feel like they’re soulless, you know, and they don’t feel like they know their soul or spirit identity. Are they questioning if they even have one? They do have one. Everyone has one. If they’re in a human body, and they were and they were born on planet Earth, they may not be in touch with it. They may not interact with it. They may totally reject the idea of having one like the atheist rejecting God. But obviously, if there is a God, that created everything that we see, touch, hear taste smell. Then just because you say there isn’t a God doesn’t mean there isn’t it just you’re not in touch with it. You’re not in touch with all that that is you know, whatever label you want to put on God. But again, that’s a spiral thought, by the way, I’m just been off for a moment.

So again, the very simplistic answer to all of this is consciousness is everywhere in the body and can be everywhere, anywhere, all at once.

Your consciousness makes you who you are. And it continues to grow you and just as I was drifting off to sleep last night, the thought occurred to me of when you’re a baby, and you’re born you your birth into this world, and you’re such a tiny, small package. of a human. What must it be like? To your mind, you really didn’t have any worries, right? You didn’t have many thoughts. It was whether you were hungry, it was probably just all sensation. You’re probably laying there in your little crib or in your mother’s arms and you’re just this bundle of sensations, which is probably why babies cry so much. But then there are other babies who hardly ever cry, right? So we’re each experiencing the world, the external around us so very different. And then we’re processing that internally. And I wonder now if, I wonder if as a baby, what thoughts I had and did those thoughts. I mean, I would think they did. Those thoughts would help me talk to the cells of my body and helped me you know, as I started looking around and started getting older, right? Oh, I want to be tall like Mommy, I want to be tall like Daddy or I want to have long hair like mommy or I want my eyes to look like mommy’s eyes.

Do you know what I mean? Like, did I help? CO create how my body began to look as I grew up, and then when I started meeting other children, you know, and I started going to school and admiring certain teachers and things like that. Did I literally tell the cells of my body what I wanted my body to look like? One of the first stories I remember is about body autonomy. Is my mother not being happy with the size of her breasts? So she always said I hope that you have large breasts like the women on your dad’s side of the family, you know, so it seems kind of silly to say that now but how many women do have an issue with the size of their breasts? I mean, look at the sheer numbers and amounts of money spent on breast augmentation, you know, so, in one way, it seems silly for me to bring that up as a topic here. But in another, it’s so real for millions of women, the feel the size of their breasts, either too small or too large, and I’m sure there’s some number of women that feel that their breasts are too large, but most women go out and spend a lot of money if they have small breasts on getting larger breasts. You know, it seems silly to me because it’s not something that I ever had any thoughts about other than just remembering my mother saying that to me because she said it many times. And, um, but I guess I had average-size breasts, so it just wasn’t something that I ever thought about, you know, I never desired to have my breasts made to be any larger. So I always felt like women who did that are somewhat silly.

I now realize how many women really get caught up in that kind of snare. You know, when they see women on TV and movies on the cover of magazines and so forth that look a certain way they really really, really, like that’s their prime focus is to look a certain way. And well, anyway, so I do have judgments about that, I guess, in that I just feel that’s somewhat silly. Just be happy in the body that you have. I mean, sure, if you can change something with a little nip and tuck, here they are. Why not? Then I look at the extreme cases of Joan Rivers and, and ladies who literally ended up dying over the continual process of the nip and tuck again, everything coming back into balance, the consciousness, mind, body, spirit, and soul when all of this is connecting and talking with each other. It helps us I believe, to reside or keep our being in more of a state of balance.

We’re always balancing. We never like to get that done. But what I’m saying is, if you imagine that yin and yang symbol in 3d breathing, the black, the white, always coming back into balance and balancing like a wave in the ocean. You have, I think, a better chance of living well. Living. Happy, finding joy in your day-to-day, and just being healthy and vibrant and thriving, no. And grow and enjoy.

And on that, I’ll close. Thank you for the opportunity to share this discourse. Many blessings to you in ALL ways

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Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Talk after Reiki II graduation ceremony

Here’s the audio of my talk:

Hi, I would love to speak with you now about an exercise that we did today at our Reiki graduation ceremony. And I think this exercise within a group in particular, a small group would be really good to do especially to set initial intentions and to ground each participant and to help them connect with each other. You may want to do it at the end of a first session or the beginning of a second or third session especially if you have sensed there to be some disturbance in the group dynamics or the energy of the group. And essentially what it amounts to is each person arranges their body (to point their solar plexus towards the person they are speaking to), and in particular, their eyes to look at each person in the group one at a time and then simply state the other person’s name.

For example, I’ll say XYZ is the name of the other person, so you would say “XYZ, I experience you (or the universe experiences you) as ABCDEFG type of person meaning you can use a couple of words or a couple of sentences, but it shouldn’t be any more than a couple of minutes for you to describe each person. You might say things like, “Carol, I experience you (or the universe experiences you) as a loving, tender hearted, caring, nurturing person. You put yourself out there for everybody around you. You give so much from your heart, and you may even over get to the point of diminishing your own self. But you are wise enough to know you can always refill your empty cup. I love you. Thank you. And that’s that’s really it.

You know, you’re giving people the opportunity to understand you’ve heard them. You’ve seen them. You’ve experienced them. And I love this practice. I love the practice of this exercise because it helps each of us connect better with each other, heal any perceived grievances we may have had or held against each other. It really opens our hearts and lets each other appreciate and tune into each other’s energy and realize that we’re not alone. That others see us even if they’ve only known as for a short time.

Like I said, you may use this activity at the end of the session when you’ve only had a couple of hours together participating in a group. I would think that it might be fun in the beginning just to keep it very short and tell each other a perception that they have upon meeting because we all know that.

Initially, when we meet people within the first seven to 30 seconds, we form an opinion of them. And then later when we do this exercise again, after the first session or second session we’ve had a few hours together (if somebody’s taking notes of this or you’re writing these these perceptions down), you can look back and see how much your perception has changed of that person or how in tune you were to pick up on who that person really is. Maybe you’re seeing that person’s heart or their higher self and you’re getting in touch and you’re getting in tune and then therefore this is validating your intuitive awareness.

So, try that exercise and let me know what you think of it and how it works for you. We just did it at our Reiki II level graduation ceremony (and I can tell you that even during the Reiki II weekend class participation, we had some energy disturbances between a couple of the participants) and I was so utterly amazed and impressed when each of those people got to express to each other in our group setting, how they experienced the other person because it was totally positive! There was no negativity. When another participant got their opportunity to share actually said, “I’m not gonna pull any punches and I’m gonna be brutally honest…” and I thought, “Oh gosh, here it comes.” And I didn’t think that particular person had an issue with anyone else. So, when that person got a chance to speak to the other, she let it all hang out and of course it was all worded quite eloquently and was very caring. However, when I heard the words ‘brutally honest’ I thought here comes the negativity. How could this be negative because I thought these two folks got along famously. Well, they did but it was just again, bringing back to my consciousness, how the words that we choose, can even kind of set us up for a different expectation. I thought the next words out of her mouth was gonna be something negative after she said, “I want to cut to the chase and be brutally honest,” right? Maybe just the use of the word brutal especially in this loving, nurturing type of environment and the circle we’ve built over several weeks together. I wasn’t expecting THAT word. I think it was kind of jolting to me. Right?

But this is why I love doing WordPlay. This is why I love facilitating especially small groups, four to eight people, because I think you can really build lasting friendships and really bond with one another. You can really find out a lot about yourself too, because I found myself when I was not forced but when I was prodded if you will (by means of this exercise), to give my opinion of my experience of another human being. I found I immediately tuned in to my pure essence my higher being, God, Omniscience, Source. You know, I immediately tuned in. I immediately got the dowsing rods kind of feedback in my body of the Yes answers every time I spoke something to someone (as I was telling the truth of course) through the whole process. Every time I spoke to the person I felt GodBumps! I felt the GodBumps sensation in my thighs, which is my Yes answer. And now after Reiki level II, I know when I feel God bumps above the waist (in my torso and arms) that is my No answer, as it’s a very strong sensation (meaning the answer No is quite firm). A No answer like this is both inside me and coming to me from The Field, with the stronger the sensation.

This is akin to one looking at the different hues and shades of a certain color. When a color is really bright, that’s the equivalent of when I get a really strong sensation. Similarly, when the color is a pastel color that’s equal to when I feel the slight subtle GodBumps sensation. So the stronger sensation is my Yes answer (or agreement from the Universe on whatever is being discussed), and the more less sensation of GodBumps above the waist is for when I get firm No answer from the Universe.

I’ve learned that through Reiki II for myself personally. I’ve also learned I’m a human dowsing rod and that was validated during the instruction of how to properly use the dowsing rods (as I’d never been instructed how to use them properly before). I’d had a cheaper pair before and I knew they worked to show me where the energy was but I never used them for any specific purpose. I didn’t know I could use them to obtain a yes or no answer nor how to hold them properly with my elbows close against my body. So now, I love the dowsing rods.

I mostly focus on tools, techniques, tips we can ALL use that will aid us in our development mentally calming the mind, growing spiritually, and healing physically. I look for things that we don’t involve external tools. If we’re laying in a hospital bed and we’re near coma we can do these things. That’s the kind of medicine I’m looking for and is what holistic health means to me–holistic medicine. Things you can do on your own, within and of yourself. And you’re a creator. You need no other external tools or external medicines, and so on and so forth. Your breath, your energy, the feeling of your own body (acupressure and reflexology for example), the sensing, the tuning in the going within the meditation, the prayer, the mental attitude, the self talk, the self awareness, the awareness of your conscious thoughts, all of that’s holistic medicine to me. And with that, I send you my love and blessings. Many blessings to you in all ways. We are in this journey together at this time. While I’m breathing and I’m this side of the dirt, I’m alive. And even once I transition whenever that shall occur. I want you to know I’m always there for you. Your loving Spiral Sister in Christ Jesus’ name, Amen. Awoman. Namaste. OM

Many blessings to you in ALL ways. Always.
Omniscience IS IN Everything. Go about your day with God knowing Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone. You are never alone.

p.s. Please comment and connect with me if you’d love to receive distance Reiki healing.

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Otter: Rant on Whole-ism – Holism, Dao, and Health

The whole Dao thing

Am I recording? All right.

Well, I’m sitting here driving and just letting my mind go blank go into neutral, as we mostly drive on auto pilot with our subconscious anyway. And I’m noticing something as I’m thinking about Taoism and the whole ism thing, holistic and spiritual versus materialism.

So yeah, if it’s true that one of the things I’m supposed to do while I’m on the planet is act as a bridge, to bring heaven to earth (regarding the “as above so below” thing)… and seeing that a lot of my friends seem to gravitate toward or to me (my presence or my essence), because they also believe in Holism, Taoism, holistic health, Buddhism, New Age, or loving light.

But years ago, and I realized this when I was writing my book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life–a holistic health book—that a lot of people that were spiritual, manifesting as teacher, minister, messenger, psychic, nun or simply someone that works with the clergy, they tend to be unhealthy. They tend to be overweight, sometimes grossly overweight, quite obese, morbidly obese, or just the opposite. Conversely, some are tiny, skinny, they look like they they eat like a bird and they’re unhealthy. And, who knows, I mean, the picture of health may not be the perfect BMI or the perfect weight anyway.

Over or under weight

I mean, you could be overweight or underweight and still be perfectly healthy and perfectly fine. But I’m just saying that predominantly, you could kind of look at these people who were more spiritual, and they look like they weren’t taking care of their bodies, maybe as well as they could have. In my opinion. I look at the whole other group of people were really physical, you know, they’re physically active, even older seniors that are playing tennis or golf or pickle ball. All of that crowd you know, the golfers, the ones who walk and jog and swim and and do all this the yoga right the yogi’s who are probably perhaps the only people who are actually working on their physical body, their physicality and blending their spiritual with their consciousness of breath. They’re doing all of that to to bridge and to bring heaven to earth the yogi’s, right? So they’re practicing yoga every day, maybe multiple times a day. Not like me, the sporadic yoga person, but I get the reason.

So the reason I’m moving my body when I’m breathing is to imbue the cells of my body with oxygen that then goes into my blood, which I believe is where my soul is, I feel my soul through my GodBumps that I feel internally in my body. For more about that, see author Davie Pfaffle’s interview of me on his YouTube channel:

Internal Resonance

It’s a internal resonance. It’s a sensation that I feel I’ve written about and talked about for years. I know that my soul is in my blood when I put on good music and I feel the rhythm and I’m moving to it. That’s, that’s one reason why they call it soul music, right? Because you can FEEL it. You can feel this vibe in your body when certain music was on when certain music moved you when it touched you when it like, moved your emotions, right because that’s energy in motion.

You’re breathing and oxygenating your body while you’re dancing. You’re getting that oxygen which is from the ether or spirit and you’re getting that into your blood. So you’re oxygenating your blood, which is bringing heaven or ether or spirit into your body, which is your soul. Your soul is based in your body.

So anyway, not to get off track here, but I noticed that the spiritual people tended not to take care of their body. Spiritual types tend to have more body breakdowns like with body structure, even bones and ligaments and joints, aches, pains, arthritis, all kinds of chronic ills. And then the more physically fit people were they had to work harder to kind of get their mind straight or mind in order or reach for the spiritual. You know, they didn’t think they were spiritual people. They say things like, “I’m into my body.” I’m into the right weight for my body. I hear them say, “I’ve got the right physique and I go shopping and I buy all these clothes and I wear pretty shoes and heels” and all this sort of thing and they are really into their body! Look at them showing off on the social media. They are unapologetically vain, but then say they don’t feel spiritual. They often say they want to be more spiritual.

So I thought when I wrote my health book, I think there’s a market for somebody like me to talk with people who are seeking spirituality. Because they are physically fit, they do take care of their body and they get that their body is their temple. But they just feel like they need more they want to see more spirit, right? They want to grow their spirit or they want to, at least, understand their spirit, their soul, why they’re here and all that sort of stuff. But then you’ve got those people who have all the spiritual as well as, a lot of the spiritual answers but they’re just not taking good care of the body.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I can hit both groups, target markets, and help them–marry them, and come into balance and I had that thought when I met Master Lama Nicholas Packard (when he came across my path and I learned about Taoism and took Tai Chi Qi Gong lessons from him). I’d already been doing yoga and I’d already been meditating and I reasoned, this is just perfect because Lama Nicholas is now explaining Balance (to me) and polarity and why we have good and bad why we have good and evil in the world. Because it’s ALL order. Three brings polarity, bring this balance and you can’t have one without the other and it’s all about proportion. I was gonna say moderation but you know, that’s probably where some of those concepts come from is everything in moderation because it’s in proportion, everything needs to be proportionate.

So when you draw the circle, and you draw the wave inside the circle, and you draw the yin and yang, there’s a DOT in each one. There’s the little white in the black and there’s a little black in the white and that represents Balance–with a capital B. And the wave is the change that’s always occurring because when wind moves across the water, there’s always a wave on the water. The water is always moving–even if you can’t see it. There is a time and you’ve probably all experienced this when you look at a body of water and it’s completely balanced–calm. It’s like glass. And it perfectly reflects the sky. And you’re like, wow, for a moment there.

Shangri La and Water

I would think, for a moment at least, that I’m in Shangri La. I would think that I’m in a perfect state of ease, calm balance, right? Because water seeks its own level.

So yes, you can stir the water you can treble the water like the old song. But water will always seek its own Balance. Water seeks and conforms in each moment, to its own level–ALL the time. At some point water may take a while and the water may bubble and do all kinds of stuff. But at some point it will still and Balance.

So your body is like that because our bodies are more water than anything else and bacteria and fungi and microbes. Things like that. But the cells of our body are mostly water. So our body is mostly water. Our body is mostly in this state of constant chaos and turmoil and upset because we allow things to disturb us.

But what if, and this is what meditation is fo–what if we calm the body?

What if we calm the waters inside the body?

Then the body can start to heal and can start to do what it needs to do to regenerate itself so that when apoptosis occurs in the cell (and the cell dies), the next cell that’s made from the pattern of the previous cell, is replicated off a blueprint that’s good and healthy. You know, the cell that had a problem or had a cancer is gone and died and the one that replaces it now replicates from the good blueprint. Now, you’ve got a better chance of being healthy. And I think we all have a better chance of being healthy than we have of being ill.

I’ve been ill and I don’t like it. I don’t think a lot of people like being ill unless of course, they can gain something from it. There’s got to be a gain somewhere in it for them if they want to continue to be ill because I think most people don’t like to be ill.

I’ll do anything to get healthy, get better, and live well. So I would encourage you, especially if you have asthma, because that’s what I reversed in my body… yes, I regenerated my body from asthma. If you have any chronic ill, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of my book or even write to me if you can’t afford the 10 bucks that my book is selling for. But pick up a copy because it offers lots of tips, tricks, techniques and ideas for potential solutions.

3 virtues: detachment, indifference, sameness

When you begin to pay attention to the little things you do, day in and day out, that are things you do out of HABIT, you can begin to gain more awareness. And with awareness comes consciousness. Life offers so many choices! You can choose to change your health and live better–you can! You can begin by practicing the 3 virtues.


I mean, once upon a time I didn’t know any of this information. My husband’s aunt suggested acupuncture to me! Little did I know that by trying out acupuncture, which did indeed turn out to be something that helped me immensely, that I could heal my body. I had to do many, many sessions over a period of about six months to a year but I got off five prescription medications and then my body began to heal. I did other things too. I had to understand that I had a choice and could detach from the medical paradigm that I’d found myself ensnared in!

Eat whole food, release addictions

I cleaned up my diet. I started eating things that I’ve never eaten in my life like avocados and ginger, the real ginger root, garlic, lots of garlic and even I took garlic as a supplement to help clear up and then the mucus that was really kind of taken over my sinus and my lungs from eating a lot of dairy in particular cheese.

I was a cheese hound! But, I gave up cow cheese for a while and eat raw cheese occasionally now, YEARS LATER. But back then I ate raw vegan cheese made from nuts, and I made my own nut milks too. Now, I don’t go overboard and I will go without regular cheese for months–because it’s sometimes hard to find good unpasteurized raw cheese (though I love raw goat cheese the best).

Point here is, I healed using a combination of a lot of things like adding good supplements to my diet, eating partly eating less a lot less dairy. I never drank milk anyway and I didn’t eat much ice cream but cheese was my dairy product of choice. And I had to kinda get to a point where I could see my addiction to it. Any kind of “longing for something” can actually be “addiction.”

And doing things like meditation, yoga, Qigong back then helped me so much–back when I was healing of the asthma. I first had to stop torturing my body with those five pharmaceutical medications because they were only making me worse, making me dependent on them. And I didn’t want to take pharma drugs the rest of my life, which is exactly what I would have been doing. I had done for many years. So I would have continued to do that and my body would just simply gotten weaker, weaker than I would have gotten something that was whatever the side effect would be from all those medications.

Spiraling back for a moment–by the way, Pharma doesn’t test medications together. They may test the one or maybe two medications that are predominantly prescribed together, but they’re not going to test five medications together. So who knows what was going on in my body from taking 5 meds plus, weekly allergy shots for two years. But that’s another part of the story that’s in my book. That’s why I said earlier, I had become ensnared by the Pharma.

The spiritual path

What I can say is there’s two paths you can go down–you can choose spirituality. You can choose to get right with God, so to speak. You can choose to live like Jesus. Be like Jesus. Develop the virtues and attributes of someone that’s in heaven. But do it now while you’re on earth. You can choose from any number of diets like the raw vegan diet or a macro, or vegetarian diet, where you’re predominately eating whole clean foods, organic, sustainably sourced. You can do all those things and feel well, but if you’re missing out on your spiritual aspects, which would be beautiful time alone time when you’re praying and or meditating where you’re not asking for anything, you aren’t living in WHOLENESS.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving to Creator

When you’re giving material things up, living simply, not longing for stuff (or even people), not attaching to things, and when you’re living in gratitude, that’s getting WHOLE.

When you’re dancing in worship to your Creator, and you’re being thankful to your ancestors, your parents–without whom, having lived their lives, succeeded in overcoming the many obstacles they must have faced in their life–you wouldn’t be here. WOW! That’s awakening. If you’re not giving gratitude things to those folks every day, you’re missing you’re missing out on a component.

So I put together something called Integrated Spiral because I’m balancing and integrating ALL of this every day. But the point is, if you can do these things, live your beliefs and turn them into Practices, you don’t need to worry about being perfect. Just do your practices every day.

Do certain practices that bring health back into your body, as well as imbue spirit into your body. Honor the directions there’s more than four honor the season. Dress for the seasons eat with the seasons, it local foods. Spend time with family and friends and relatives and babies children. You’re not a person if you’re a person that doesn’t like children or can’t seem to relate with children learn you know, give it some time, practices. Talk with people that are from different countries and different backgrounds, different cultures. Open your mind, open your perspective. Change your perspective. Expand your consciousness and never forget that We Are All Connected. And what you do on your side of the tapestry affects someone on the other side of the tapestry when you pull that thread and again and I say give thanks. The best prayer that you can ever say is Thank You when you say it with intention and genuine authenticity. Thank you. Everything Resolves to Gratitude in the end, you’ll see much love and many blessings in all ways.

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From Goosebumps to GodBumps

From Goosebumps to GodBumps

Have you ever had the experience of talking with someone about something very deep or important to them and got goosebumps or chills?

This book, GodBumps: Connecting to the Spiritual World through the Five Senses – Buy here: explores that mystery and explains how I went from only randomly experiencing that phenomenon to living from a place of open-hearted, heart-expansive life where I have the blissful pleasure of feeling my GodBumps (term for that INTERNAL body tingling, bubbly, effervescensing sensation) everyday! AND be sure to check out the video at the end of this post (for an interview with the books author and ME)!

Organizing force = God

It’s only a theory, but I believe the organizing force, or Power for GodBumps, is God. Pretty straightforward, right? But, even if this sensation occurs for some other reason, I’m still good with crediting God (or as I prefer to say, Omniscience), for blessing me with such a beautiful feeling and mystery.

Can more than one Religion explain this?

Moving through multiple ways: Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shamanism – which one best explains GodBumps?

Spirituality and Science now, overlap.

One religion isn’t big enough to cover GOD!
I get it. ❤️🦋🌀I once told a Christian lady that God is ENERGY and she vehemently disagreed. I ended the discussion with this, “holding a form of godliness, but having denied the power thereof. From these also turn away.” 2 Timothy 3:5

BEing in Alignment

‪#1-What does “alignment” mean to you?‬

#2-How does it feel, or how do you know?

#3-How long does the feeling last?

#4-When does it occur?

#5-Is there any result?

How does it FEEL?

For me, when I answer the questions above, I get:

#1 reality matches soul

#2 Godbumps

#3 A few seconds and is the best feeling

#4 when talking with others about deep topics, God, Spirit, visions, dreams, raw foods, or subjects that hold a sense of deep meaning for them (and I validate that for them as their truth)

#5 usually means the person involved and I have a soul tie

When I am in alignment I FEEL the Godbumps! The physical resonance of ALL that is—IN my body! Yes!! ❤️🦋🌀〰️

If you gravitate to things that give you GodBumps ((resonance with your soul)), you are my tribe.


I’m paraphrasing from what I have learned:

  1. Your dharma = your nature, or essence.
  2. You feel happy the more you act from your essence.
  3. Act or flow from your deepest thoughts and feelings (as this honors your soul).
  4. Know your truth. It won’t align with ignorance, habits, desires, delusion, egoism, or attachments.
  5. You aren’t in alignment with your essential nature (personal dharma), if your life is in chaos.
  6. Follow your gut, intuition, and instincts making use of your God given gifts.
  7. Your dharma determines the direction of your life. It is truly the Tao, the Way. When you follow it, the power will propel you and your life will flow.

Dharma is not just about religion. Dharma is about you, your life, actions, character, natural talents and abilities. You are the sum of your Dharma.

Hey, if you’d LOVE to talk about this, comment on this post, or on the video!

Davie Pfaffle interviews Sheila about GodBumps

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural fair or festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

No matter which path you follow, stay Connected

No matter the path, stay Connected

Meditate on these words. Let me know what changes for you in a week. I love reading your comments!

The Nine Noble Virtues
Honor your elders (statue of Native American elders)
Diurnal cycle
Jesus in the center
Always consider Perspective
Mandala drawing
Walk a mile in another’s moccasins
Consider the relics
Completed Mandala – We Are All Connected
The healer in me, honors the healer in you. Medicine wheel; Sedona AZ
Be creative. Give back to nature.
ALL paths are merely suggestions.
Symbols remind and instruct us.
To ground us. To guide us.
Even about how to heal ourselves.
And learn new ways. An Iris is miraculous.
Activate your DNA daily. Feel the Godbumps (like goose bumps, but deeper).
Share your soul with others.
About your soul family.
And if you feel hurt… forgive yourself and your others.
Your vibration is ALWAYS key.
Connect with a tree. Even through a window.
And remember, even the most spiritual have to buy food, and take out the trash. Namaste.
Hold hands. Whenever you get the chance.

Tips for staying Connected

  • Walk outside
  • Smile at someone (even if you have to fake it)
  • Say something to someone
  • Write someone a note
  • Hug someone
  • Hold someone’s hand
  • Help someone
  • Chat online
  • Bridge the age (frequency) gap
  • Join a group (yes, even a networking group)
  • Open your home to someone
  • Take a class
  • Grow something
  • Give something away
  • And if you burn something, send your kisses with it in the smoke

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Join me on Clubhouse! @SpiralSister

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Many blessings to you in ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀〰️

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural fair or festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon. 

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here

Be the best version of who you want to be

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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