Good evening or good morning. I recorded this just after leaving one of my Tuesday night Reiki circles. I wanted to come to you with a few thoughts because I usually opened up from flowing Reiki energy and feeling the GodBumps. And singing the song at the end and holding hands. Tonight we had almost all new attendees at the circle. (This was recorded 3-Jan-2023)

One of the other participants was running a little late as he had been ill. And so he was the only other one that was there who had been in my Reiki one and two level certification classes. Everybody else was new.

It was amazing though, and I learned. Here’s what I learned.

Wow. So you know, I had practiced Reiki before just recently getting my level one and level two certifications. But that was I was certified back in 2009. So and I really hadn’t kept up with it and I hadn’t practiced it. I was feeling the energy then. But I didn’t know then what I know now. And I didn’t call the energy GodBumps. I didn’t even really say goosebumps. I just felt it and noticed it. And I really didn’t even start to delve into what it could be why was where it was coming from any of that. I just simply felt it. And I observed it and I made a mental note of what I was doing. At that moment I was feeling GodBumps. You can search this site for more of my descriptions of what GodBumps are ore read this previous post:

Fast forward all these years now. So I started feeling GodBumps in 2005 I actually remember feeling GodBumps while I was in a conversation with a lady at work. She was Anglican and I didn’t even know what that was. We were having a little discussion about the Anglican Church, religion, God, and my views on spirituality. And she was quite open to hearing that. And that’s when I felt the GodBumps.

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I was also doing the raw vegan diet in 2008. And so at that time, I would go into bookstores and coffee shops and raw vegan cafes and things like that, and I would get into these conversations with complete strangers. But because we were talking about things that were healthful and uplifting to the body the raw food and healing disease naturally. Homeopathy and naturopath and muscle testing and we were having all these kinds of conversations. And so every time I get a conversation with someone even at the health food store, I would have feel the GodBumps. But again, the only thing I could attach or connect the feeling to was the subject of the conversations. I didn’t really know anything else about it.

Now, fast forward to now Reiki level one, Reiki level two, and doing these certifications. Maybe it’s not for the piece of paper and to be able to say that I’m certified in Reiki but it is to qualify or quantify or organize the information in a better way for me to continue to practice it and hold it and be able to learn the protection. I probably learned it in one or two of the class I took in 2009 but I didn’t practice it enough for it to stick. So I didn’t use the protection or turn the Reiki light on, as we say before each session and before doing anything actually before driving the car whatever.

To remember to do that and to be practiced so that the muscle memory takes over which is the reason we practice these things any modality or sports to improve your performance. You/we practice so it becomes muscle memory. Dancing is that way, okay? So the reason (to get certified in Reiki) is not just for the piece of paper, but the reason is to get through the experience again with all of these new people so it will stick with me.

And so you see the same people in each session. You’re building layers upon layers of the cellophane energ–I speak about the cellophane and my book, Blue Eyes: Ethereal Messages of Connection–if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and most people won’t. But there are layers and layers of energy and energy fields and if you’re studying with Nassim Haramein, you hear people talking about the new quantum physics. If you’re interested in those things and you’re learning about those, you don’t know how to work the radio, you don’t know how the radio works, right sending the pieces of music and all those notes to the airwaves but you know that if you tune your radio correctly to the right station, the right frequency, the radio will play the music for you.

So it’s the same with Reiki and the more you practice and the more you are attuned when you certify and the more you practice, then upon that, it’s like getting a clearer and clearer signal. So tonight here we’ve got new people. So I say all that to tell you that what I learned now is that even people who came tonight who had only been through Reiki level one. And it had been years ago just like me when I first went a few months ago when I met Victoria and I started going. They are in the exact same spot now as I had been.

We were asking them because it was only three of us to more than six of us in the room. I think there were eight and there were three of us who were performing, if you will, Reiki or channeling or flowing Reiki energy, whatever terminology you want to use. Three of us were giving Reiki tonight. So, Victoria (our Reiki Master), told everyone that even though a couple of you have definitely done level one in the past and even though it’s been years ago. Perhaps this is your night to get gain a little bit of confidence and go ahead and give and practice on each other if you’d like.

Well, of course, we start going and in my head, my academic mind, I just sort of let go of the know-how part the organization of the information part and I just tune in with my heart and I go to the neutral place and I become the channel I become the flower of the energy I become the empty vessel of which Source, Spirit, God Omniscience. The Reiki Masters flow the energy through. I set my intention for the recipients, which is their intention. And before I knew it, I was giving Reiki to three different people before it was said and done. And actually, the third person when I went to give her Reiki, asked me if she could give it to me. And I thought, what, but she’s only level one. But then, just as soon as I had this thought, I could not. The next thought was, it doesn’t matter. What do you always talk about Sheila, what do you talk about on Clubhouse?

When I was in Clubhouse I had a room called, Spirituality without the training wheels. Because once you’re connected to spirit, and once you’re connected to Omniscience God Source Creator. You’re connected to the Energy. ALL of the organizations are wonderful. You know, the church, the church service, the training wheels, and the guides. That’s all wonderful, but you don’t need the guides really. You can freestyle it now; you’re a free wheel. You’re a free spirit. So you know what your intention is. They know what they’re asking for, and what their needs are. Now you’re just making this energetic handshake. And you’re making this connection energetically to flow the energy through one person as the performer to the receiver. And just about cost. Okay, beautiful. I got it. So I know that’s my spiral way of getting to my point. I learned that you don’t have to be certified at the different levels, you’ve already gained an attunement, you do you would have to have at least a level one Reiki and attunement in order to practice Reiki or flow Reiki energy, again, that’s a type of energy. Omniscience is all energies, right?

It’s the yin and yang symbol. It’s sacred geometry. It’s the unified field that everything hangs on. So all the Reiki symbols hang, just like if you’d look in your picture in your mind’s eye a scaffolding or a chain link fence. And now you’re taking these symbols and Reiki language. It’s the Reiki symbols, but it could be anything else and you’re hanging. Let’s say it’s a million crosses, and the cross is your symbol. Hang the cross symbol on the scaffolding. Okay, the universe Omniscience God is providing the scaffolding and you’re just hanging the symbols on it to remind you, it’s not that you’re praying to the cross or that you need the cross to save you you’re being reminded that the cross is a symbol of salvation, or it could be a symbol of rebirth in general and regeneration. It can be a symbol of rebirth. You know, it could symbolize a lot of things for you. And that’s the same thing with all the symbology with the Ganesha with the praying to the statue of Mary. All of that. It’s all the same thing.

Those symbols/statues/images or such are just reminders of those deities/divine essence or presence and in our English language you know, we write in symbols, each letter in the alphabet is a symbol. So there’s no like heaven or hell good or bad ascribed to each symbol–it just is. And it is whatever it reminds you of, you might attach to the first letter of your name, and every time you see that first letter of your name it reminds you of you know, and maybe your Thanksgiving of being here on the planet. So that’s what I learned tonight. Even level one Reiki initiated can give Reiki and I felt it. I felt the energy run through my body and be in a place of gratitude, as always Everything Resolves to Gratitude.

It’s best to be out of your head and into your heart and into the feeling place so that you can experience the love and the sheer joy of these types of energy work. And do these types of healing modalities. Every cell in your body will thank you. Yes, ALL 50 to 70 to 100 trillion cells, whatever’s in there. They’re dancing, and they’re thanking you for putting yourself with like-minded people in a situation where you can receive. Be open to receiving many blessings and always is my prayer for you this evening. Thank you.

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Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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