If you want to feel good, don’t read this!

Well, sort of. I mean, I can do click bait too, right?

Here’s some feeling good Aha moments that came to me after performing in a “Breakthrough” transformational performance program a few years ago:

  • Don’t ever believe it when someone tells you to “get off your high horse”!
  • I CAN “get on my high horse”!! Ha!!
  • I don’t have to lose my “humble and giving” nature to be all I can be!
  • I know what is good for me!
  • I am worthy!
  • I am loved!
  • I don’t have to hide the real me from anyone.
  • I learned a quick standing method to clear my chakras and I use it every day! Thanks Tess!
  • I still love and take care of my family and friends. I do not have to put “others first.”
  • I am never to old to have fun!
  • I don’t have to have a perfect body to be a singer/performer (Adele, Oprah, Chaka Kahn, several others were curvy ladies, yet still did what they love!)
  • I love the song we all sang together called, “Free to be me” which later in the year, during my Sedona trip, our group of 15 ladies sang!!! 


Watching karma happen to people who betrayed or hurt you.

Sometimes that feels good huh?

Karma. What comes around, goes around.

Watching someone get what’s coming to them, somehow justifies the truth you felt about them when they were acting (for a day, week, month, or year) like an a$$h0le. Yes? No? Haha!

Well, hear this.

As you justify yourself about that person or specific situation, you are MISSING something right NOW! A moment of relaxation. The pleasant blow of the warm breeze that’s just the perfect temperature for you. A person walking by whom you could have spoken to (that you will never have that unique opportunity again). A kiss from your loved one (who will not always be there).

So, be aware.

Aware more and more.

Awake and aware to all kinds of pleasing potentiality in your moments. The moments that life shows you, presents to you, all kinds of opportunities to be happy, or opportunities to be pissed off.It is YOUR choice, which way you want to feel. Every. Single. Day.

Know that each person or situation to appears to cause you pain or conflict, is in your experience to teach you something. When you analytically search for the source of pain in your body you will not find any independent inherent existance of it. Difficulties are a dillusion. Pain is not solid or real. It is like a mirage in the desert.

A benefit of knowing that We Are All Connected (really see the interrelatedness of all) is that we can release our mind of anger.

Here are some example scenarios:

Karma #1

A certain particular person I knew years ago, lost her job. When a friend told me, I felt ecstatic! Why?

I usually don’t feel good about another’s misfortune. I went back through my notes and found the reason. This person had been a stumbling block in my career–but, there’s no point in digging back into the details or the Energy of it now.

Thankfully, my career rebounded, and as readers of my book know, I took it upon myself to get well by natural means–and since 2005, have been able to travel as much as I want. Ha!

Karma #2

A guy that dumped me years ago, (after a relatively short relationship) told a friend of mine, that his wife is crazy. (I don’t know why my friend felt the need to share this with me, but I’m using it as an example.) This “man” is upset because his wife doesn’t want to have children and apparently, he married her in order to HAVE children. Oh my! People DO change their minds, after all. Things like this happen all the time.

So, did he have a relationship with me (years ago) because he couldn’t be with my friend back then? Or, is he feeding my friend a “line” to lure her into an affair? Perhaps, he’s simply an a$$h0le?

What comes around, goes around.

I realize it sounds like I’m jealous. But, I’m not. (I am so NOT a jealous person.) Yet, I feel sad for my friend and hope she sees through this guy– Then again, it’s HER life!! And NONE of this is any of MY business anyway.

In fact, everything I lived in the past has brought me to the place that I’m at NOW, with so much awareness, and appreciation, and awe that ALL has turned out the way it has. And that my life, now, is GRAND! In fact, from my vantage point today, I’d say that I am living my BEST LIFE!

I am the evidence of my well being.

When I feel great, resonating with and IN all that the Universe is providing, in that moment, it’s AMAZING! However, some others shrink back from it. Why? Why must some shrink to feel comfortable around others? Or why must others need to feel important to make others feel less? It’s an interesting conundrum, but one that I believe is answered in the yin and yang of it ALL.

Do you “get” why things are changing?

Think about the 1960s.

I am a child of the sixties. Born in the very early sixties, I remember watching president John F. Kennedy’s funeral procession (probably from the many replays).

The first transatlantic satellite transmission occured during the year I was born, so is it any wonder I believe We Are All Connected?

I remember the hellish Vietnam war and how many people seemed to snub their noses toward the courageous troops when they returned home to the U.S.A.

I grew up as an only child during a time when television was young and exciting, and could often be used as a co-parenting device. Big stereos, stuffed toy transistor radios, and Citizen Band (CB) radios were fairly common and certainly found in our household–as I’ve written about before, my dad ran an electronics business on the side for many years.

Dad could “talk skip” with people across the ocean on a clear late night. And that would always fascinate me. I would fall asleep listening to the ping from his Browning Golden Eagle and Linear and the jokes of Johnny Carson.

I would dream of where electricity came from! I would follow the wires as we drove somewhere and then ask my mom (who was dumbfounded) that her 6 year old would ask such thought provoking questions! Then again, she knew I was smart.

It’s really very simple, people in pain cause other people pain. You can only then resolve to suffer with your pain or resolve to do whatever it takes to relieve your pain. Setting boundaries work for me, and believe me, I’m much better at setting boundaries, now.

Many blessings to you in ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀〰️

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