Driving to Tuesday night Reiki circle: Feb 28

Hey everybody, just thought I’d give a quick check-in and let you know that I updated one of my older posts, https://sheilamurrey.net/2022/10/22/couple-of-thoughts-while-i-drive/ because I felt like it needed some help with subheadings and a different picture. Oh, and I changed the title of it too. I think when I wrote it, I was probably in a hurry and had reused a picture from just a couple of blog posts earlier. Yeah, so I found a picture of a queen. Well, the queen who passed and I put that in there.


The point is this word I’m sitting with right now because I am driving and I just passed a gentleman who was on his bicycle. So this word dropped into my mind of recycling, I guess from cycling. I stopped. He was at a pedestrian crosswalk and I don’t know legally if I’m supposed to stop for a bicyclist at one of those crosswalks but I did. And then I realized there were two other cars behind him trying to turn into this particular park. There was a slew of people trying to get out of this park.

There was nobody behind me so I didn’t have to stop and they would have had their chance to go as soon as I passed, but I went ahead and stopped. I waved him on because I assumed he was turning left and he was! I let the other couple of vehicles to go ahead and make their left turn and then I noticed a couple of people coming out and turning, right and that kind of thing. So I thought, Who knows how long they’d all been sitting there waiting? But I was obviously at the end of the line of the thread of cars that had been by there.

I reused rose petals when they began falling off our anniversary flowers. I placed the petals around a candle on an antique pineapple ashtray of my mom’s I’ve had for years.

So I’m on my way to Reiki and I had this idea of recycling. And again, these thoughts sometimes it’s just one word. Sometimes it’s a whole phrase and it will just “drop in“–I learned about drop in thoughts years ago from working with Dr. Alison J. Kay, which if you’ve been subscribed to my blog for many years, you will know who she is. Previous post: https://sheilamurrey.net/2016/01/10/what-happened-after-attending-your-sensitivity-is-your-power-teleseries/ where I speak of her gifts and talents.

Spiral thought: She’s still practicing energy medicine. She’s a life coach. She’s a yoga teacher and physical trainer. She wears many hats. But most often I think you will find her doing running Theta healing sessions. She’s traveling a lot. She goes to the UK a lot. She goes to sacred sites a lot. Interesting. that she would be traveling to sacred sites of UK and Ireland as before she’d always been going to Asia.

Alison and Patricia

I didn’t realize she may have started the UK travel about the same time I became interested in traveling with Patricia McGivern.

After we went to England, Ireland, and Scotland and 2019 I saw that Dr. Alison was also going to Glastonbury and the sacred sites in the UK. So I thought that was pretty cool. It’s just interesting that and they’re not necessarily running in the same circle. They may or may not be. I don’t know how well or if they know each other. But I know I seem to be joined to Patricia, at the hip because of everything that’s happened synchronistically in our lives.

Richard and I, having moved back to Merritt Island a few years ago for him to return to work (after having been retired for six years) for two years. And that’s where Patricia grew up (Merritt Island). She went to Merritt Island High School. So she was, you know, really, of course, interested in seeing everything that I posted (on Facebook) from her hometown. And then we became interested in living in Dunedin where Patricia used to have an office for years (her and her husband), but since the pandemic, they have worked from their home.

The point is we just seem to be kind of crossing each other’s paths and of course, she has been instrumental in not only my awakening to the messages that have come to me from the Other Side, not just messages that dropped in when I’m meditating, which was where I was going with all Dr. Alison taught me, who was one of my meditation teachers and taught me that concept of when the thought drops in versus when it’s churned from the mechanization of the mind. That’s the difference, but you know, I went into the past life regression and hypnosis (with Patricia) which I did not do with Dr. Alison. So that’s the difference (for me) between these two wonderful ladies, teachers, mentors, and friends. Patricia is a hypnotherapist and a past life regression author. Dr. Alison is an author as well.

I’ve been very drawn to authors for many, many years because…

Saw myself as a teacher

I always saw myself as a teacher. In fact, way back to when I was in school. And given that I’m going to come back to recycling for many years and other spiral thoughts here many years ago when I was in school, I could just see myself teaching. And I could see myself teaching even when I was in my first career job at RadioShack.

I was teaching customers how to use their first computer and things like that. I was doing a lot of instructional things, just hands-on and practical and pragmatic type of teaching. And then when I was a district trainer out in Texas for a year I was writing curriculum and doing adult learning classes and years before that. I had been doing some teaching when my boss couldn’t do his nighttime college classes. I was teaching adult learning classes–basic computer application operation 101 and those kinds of things. A lot of older folks at that time were learning about computers. I subbed for my boss. He asked me and I worked for him during the day, so I mean, it was kind of like I couldn’t say no, but I loved it.

I always love getting that opportunity to teach. Yeah, the odd thing is I never wanted to go to college to become a teacher. I have family who did that they became teachers and in K through 12, but I never wanted to do that. I never saw myself teaching children. I always saw myself teaching adults even as a child.

I matured very early and always was included in adult conversations with my parents, mostly my mom and her friends and family. So I sort of don’t remember a whole lot of being a kid you know, I was always hanging out with adults and or a few of my friends who were also very mature (for their age). So I always felt like I was better with adults. I always felt like I could show adults the stuff I was learning in school and bring something new to the conversation.

There are many ways to Recycle

Okay, so this word recycling drops in and here I am recycling. I’m recycling memories. I’m recycling. This whole concept of who I want it to be. And the universe just dropped it in my lap essentially. And so I got a lot of joy out of all the times that I was able to teach people. The recycling comes in and makes me think about what comes in and needs to go out. There you go! Recycling easy definition. I don’t just buy something, pick it up, use it, and then throw it away. I recycle it. I reuse it or I use it in a different way which would be innovative, right? I’m now an innovator because I’m taking bringing something in and I’m then using it but then I’m recycling it and reusing it differently. Maybe completely different than what it was intended to be used for.

A friend of mine (from school days) posted yesterday (on Facebook) where she took an old silver teapot and repurposed it as a planter. I asked her if she put rocks in the bottom. I was thinking perhaps she had a hole drilled in the bottom. I thought especially for an indoor pot you would have to have a hole in the bottom and she said no, she just put some rocks in the bottom. And so far the plant was doing fine.

So I love things like that and (the recycling of) thoughts the same way. Like if you’re an artist and you paint a picture or you draw a picture, gift that. Keep it around as long as you want to enjoy it. And then you repurpose it. Recycle it. Re-gift it to someone else. It was a gift to you right because Spirit brought that into you or the model who posed for your drawing or whatnot. So let’s say somebody gives me a gift and I use it and I learned something from it. My Kaleidoscope or my mirror ball or something like that, right? I use it. I suck out all the juiciness of that gift. And I learned as much as I could from using it, from sitting with it, from looking at it, and from letting it inform me right? And then I recycle it and gift it to someone else. I’ve done that a lot with books. So not only do they get the gift of the book, but my notes in it as well. The things I underlined. My thoughts about certain topics within the book. So I just think that’s a good thing to do.

When we learn something we bring the information in. Let’s think about recycling that information. Let’s think about how we can spin it back out into the world you know, and maybe even send it with more love and attention, and intention. Right. And action. Attach something to it. Very cool. All right.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai and grammar-checked using Grammarly.

What can you recycle?

Let me know what thoughts may have dropped in for you while reading this. What might you recycle? What item or information might you re-gift to someone? Share your talents. I’m interested!

p.s. I had drafted this post late last night but didn’t get a chance to edit and add the tags, etc. til this morning. I was going to put it off until later. But something compelled me to do it NOW. Do you know what compelled me? Checking Facebook and seeing the following post from a spiritual friend:

The image caught my eye because it looked so much like how I saw myself in a past life (as presented in this blog post: https://sheilamurrey.net/2022/08/28/continued-past-life-regression-workshop-notes-from-group-session-with-patricia-mcgivern-27-aug-2022/) and the text of the post jumped out at me when I saw the word, RECYCLED! I mean, WOW! Was that not the Universe speaking to me or what??? Haha! (and giggle giggle as my friend Nikki Payne would say). Are we having fun yet?

We really are recycled butterflies and ALL of that!

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone. Thank you and blessings to you and many in all ways. OM

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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Observations: Past Life Regression Jan. 28, 2023

On my drive home from the Group Past Life Regression session with Patricia McGivern on January 28, 2023.

After the session, Patricia and I had lunch and talked about a whole lot more things. So I’m going to try to keep this to just what I experienced during the regression, which also I recorded so I could do it again at home and be more comfortable.

The I last time I did a group past life regression with Patricia at the Celestial Circle (Palm Harbor, FL), everybody was on the floor and I was in a chair and had tried to put my feet up on another chair. When I returned from the restroom somebody had taken the chair. So I was uncomfortable pretty much the whole time. So this time I decided to sit on the floor because everybody had been on the floor before and this time everybody stayed in a chair. But two ladies did put their feet up on other chairs so there’s that. So even though I tried to bring everything with me pillows, blanket socks, and so forth. I still didn’t fit in with the crowd. Go figure. This was a whole new group.

By the way, this is my second experience at the celestial metaphysical store in Palm Harbor with Patricia we’re in the back room and there must have been 20 other people, and even a few more paid that didn’t show up. And mostly older ladies although there were a few younger. The room was sort of split in half with younger on one side of the room.

This time instead of sitting at the far end of the room and the other half of the room was older ladies older than me, I would say I sat straight across from Patricia. And there was a younger man to my left and an older man to my right. So it was this really neat mix of people from pretty much all walks of life. The lady I sat next to reminded me so much of my mom and Aunt Alberdia. Her name was Ruth and is easy for me to remember because of Ruth from the Bible. I chatted with her for a few minutes because I got there early so I would have plenty of time to pick my seat, figure out where Patricia was sitting, and then seat myself accordingly.

Ruth lived in DC for many many years and she was a construction worker and drove big trucks and heavy equipment things I would have never thought that to look at her and I told her so. She said she was very strong-minded and strong-willed. That will come up later when I get into talking about people’s experiences but back to me.

I’ll focus on my experience. I was given and I did write down some notes after but some more came up for me as usually happens. Even after I put my pen down I start getting more pictures and images of things I had seen. So it’s like my mind is integrating what I experienced what I saw, and the vision. Probably the standout point was toward the end.

So I’m gonna skip around a little bit. Big surprise. Spiral thoughts.

At the very end, I saw that the gift that I was given was a small box. Way out in front of me. And it lit up. Like when you open this box, it lit up with a golden light. And I saw a golden pyramid or go actually it was just a triangle of gold. So some sort of triangle of gold. Then I saw Reiki symbols, another big surprise having been studying for Reiki levels I and II. And then I saw a lotus flower and I’d never seen one of those before in these regression sessions. The Lotus sort of pulsated was breathing was growing just a little bit sort of just like a flash. And then I saw again another Reiki symbol though when I say Reiki symbols that are just to give you a general idea. They were not the Reiki symbols I had been learning these are different symbols. Interesting.

Now the reason that’s important is that after the whole thing was over and people were talking about their experiences and what they saw the lady to the left of me, a younger gal she was talking or trying to answer a question that the younger man had brought up. He was in Egypt and saw something at the top of a pyramid and the end that he was asking does anybody know if there was a cap or top on the pyramid that had lettering engraving or writing on it? He said I saw some sort of like really old Greek or combination of old Arabic and Greek because he said the letters kind of had a scroll to them. The thing is they were kind of certain circular letters or symbols. They weren’t strict like Chinese writing is boxier or squared.

So that was interesting that he was seeing something like that and I got that gift at the end of the correlate anyway, and I told her why have you seen Billy Carson on Facebook because he talks about the Anunnaki and the pyramids and a lot of other ways out things that we were all kind of talking about ‘way out’ stuff from what we experienced and everybody experienced a lot of things differently. But the big thing that came through for half of the women was that there was somebody named Sarah coming through that I found very interesting. I think my friend Nancy would love that! I took it that Nancy’s daughter Sarah was telling me she was there. That’s the feeling I got. By the time the third person said, you know, my name was Sarah. I was like, whoa, wait, come on now, you know, and then it was like four and five and so Sarah was like big time coming through. But in all but one case she had long blonde curly hair and blue eyes. The lady to the right of me said Sarah had brown hair and brown eyes. Interesting.

At first, I just thought the first three ladies were picking it all up from each other because of their close proximity. Six were seated next to each other and they all knew each other so they were neighbors. I just thought well this must be a Sarah that they all know, you know, that’s coming through the same way for them even though this is supposed to be them living in a past life. Alright, so now that may help you make sense of this day.

So the first life that I saw, and I told the group this, I was in because when you’re doing this, you’re visualizing the place first. So the place where I was at was, yes, I saw a garden. Yes, I saw the bushes and I went to my grandmother’s rose in my mind. And then whoosh, I was in my grandmother’s house.

The doorknob was the very old-timey antique doorknob, the door went up the stairs to what would have been my mom and an opera this bedroom but this looked to me to be before my mom and Alberdia was born. So I don’t know if grandmother and grandfather had just finished building the house and then had Alberdia. Yeah, so I don’t know the time frame. And the number that came up I didn’t think was a year as is usually the case I was given a number of like I think it was 1314 or 1326 or 1328, something like that. Because, again, this is not a science. It’s an art. So I thought well, that wouldn’t be right. My grandmother and grandfather built the house. I don’t know early 1900s something my mom was born in 1939 so 1935 or something. They built the house so you know that didn’t make sense to me that number I was getting. Patricia is always telling us don’t judge these things with the conscious mind. Just pick the number you know, have the number, see the number pick it, claim that number, but it’s it may or may not relate or may relate to different parts of the story that you’re going to get. So that’s the number I got something in that range between 1314 – 1316. I analyzed it, as I so often do and then I went to 1326 or 28.

So then I saw myself sort of either as my grandmother in those younger years and what she was experiencing with the green she loved greens so the walls were painted light green, they were stuck out the floor the door itself was this like rough kind of very, very, I would say rough wood and then the wood forwards and she had on a shoe that was like a boot that was sort of the ugly clogs some wear these days. But the while I’ve now I’ve just I just lost the name, but they are the ones you slide into. That sort of rubber plastic. Crocks.

My grandmother was upstairs and I could see the upstairs. I felt like I was right in the house. And I was either my grandmother, or I was the angel on her shoulder or I was looking at her like me and myself. I was looking at her and looking at what her life was like or would have been like. I think I was seeing through her eyes!

So I was trying to remember if there was anything else about that particular life that I wanted to say but it was weird. It was like the multiverse. I went to everything that’s happening now. So is this really a past life I’m seeing past present future is all happening now. Everything was like it started like I saw the fractals coming in. It was sort of like a hall of mirrors kind of effect. And by that point, I was about out of that life anyway. Oh, those dungarees. So she was wearing it when I looked down. My grandmother was wearing me as my grandmother or whatever right? She was wearing these almost like a burlap sack potato sack of pants and they were cut off sure because she was out working in the garden in the mud in the field and stuff so they were cut off for convenience, for working sake, not for styles. So they were almost like a cross between a dungaree crop pant. A very scratchy, very heavy material to protect your legs so she was working out in the garden or in the field. Oh, and her hands were the way my grandmother’s hands were in life, kind of mangled from working at the box factory for years. She had been injured at the box factory. That’s a true story, but I hadn’t thought about any of this stuff in many years–if at all.

So it’s like I was sort of seeing life from her perspective things that I wouldn’t have thought otherwise. But whether true or not I still don’t know. I’d have to speak with my uncle and see if he can validate any of that but yeah, I get the sense that she was standing upstairs looking outside and she was looking at the animals that actually did have animals on a small farm. Her and my grandfather’s farm.

So yeah, that was what I saw. I don’t think I saw anything like how she died because I know how she died, as our lives overlap by 18 years. I was 18 when she passed away. And I almost said it there when I asked what was my grandmother. Okay, anyways, it’s a little wackiness um,

My second Past Life was something to do with 16. Again, it was like 1628 or something like that. And it was a very different life. I was a man I was in Japan and I distinctly recall sitting on a solid red bench. Interestingly, at the lunch that Patricia and I went to we ended up, we were going to one restaurant, but they were closed. We turned around and went back. She didn’t know there was a Japanese restaurant there in the same center, the plaza with the Celestial building and so we went to a Japanese restaurant. A true Japanese restaurant that didn’t have Thai food and things either so we were kind of limited on we were either gonna eat sushi, a lot of raw fish or just get a salad we does opt in for a salad but the sushi set was still on the table. I flipped the little container over and I said the bench I saw myself sitting on looked just like this that would hold the soy sauce and it was the same solid color red. It’s just that the bench would have been the soy container. The soy sauce, little dish flipped over and that would have all been painted red has had no back and no sides.

So I was this man in Japan sitting on a red bench. And let’s see I don’t remember if I saw my feet or my hands or what I was wearing. I don’t think I did. I was trying to think what was spectacular about that life. Oh, well. Definitely I got the message that thank you. It’s still the best prayer we could ever say even though it’s so simple, and it’s seemingly inconsequential. And we say it so flippantly. But people don’t either they don’t say it enough or they don’t say it sincerely and they don’t mean it. And what I learned and this was reiterated to me at Newgrange when I put my hands on the stones there. While coming in and out several times, I was able to have that time to be able to do that, to have that presence in mind to do that. I laid my hands on the stones at Newgrange (in the chamber) and said thank you.

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Thank you you know, I mean, the magnificence, the magnitude of their being there, the ancient ones, the age of them that what they’ve experienced the people who have touched them coming in and out and just the presence in the space that they hold and it really just touched me deeply. And so that’s what I got from being that man in Japan. And just really I guess having that sense of awe and sense of presence and awareness of being there. And sitting on that bench. Maybe it was the idea of sitting on the bench watching the world go by I don’t know what’s in the cherry blossoms watching children play. What else is life about? You know, but experience life is about the experience and being grateful for it. And I’ll take a deep breath and end this now.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Be open to receiving many blessings and always is my prayer for you every moment. Spirit sees ALL timelines, interactions, and interweaving lines. We will know too when we are on the Other Side.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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Past life regression workshop notes from group session with Patricia McGivern 27-Aug-2022

Okay, so this is me talking and driving again and hopefully this comes through okay. Let’s begin.

Now these are my thoughts on the past life regression that I just attended in Palm Harbor today. And I was with our dear soul friend, hypnotherapist, Sedona AZ and Sacred Celtic Journey guide—the honorable, and full of integrity, Patricia McGivern.

I tell you, every time I sit with Patricia in a circle, and this was by far the largest circle, of at least 16 souls, I am always observing the variety of people who show up. This time we had two young men, one said he was 21. And then we have the rest of us older ladies, the youngest was maybe 30 with the rest in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. I spoke with a couple of ladies that were older than me and many were around my age and then several who were younger.

I sat between the partner of the 21 year old medium/channeler. And a young lady engineer whom later told me she was from India, but had no accent. And seemed eager to speak of her ethnicity—I never asked. A beautiful gal, she told me she didn’t consider herself spiritual (though I was thinking, but we ALL are). She was now getting into the mystical arts. I spoke with her and another lady who may have been 40 or 50, but seemed so vibrant to me. She was a Veteran and we had some habits in common besides crystals etc.

I felt it was very interesting sitting between these energies. I sat in a cane back arm chair that had a soft cushion. I put my lapis blue wool wrap from Ireland behind my head. Initially, when we were all introducing ourselves, I had covered up with it. I thought I was going to lay down. But there was so many people in the room, and I arrived right on time, instead of early (due to running into a heavy downpour in Largo), that I was unable to lay down on the floor. In my chair, there had been a cushy pillow, but somebody grabbed it when I wasn’t looking so I just had the chair. I tried to get as comfortable as I could but mostly the whole time was aware of my back. Probably also because I’ve just been chatting with my bestie (about her back pain) and had been researching a new solution to ease her back pain. So I was aware of my back the whole time because I felt like my back was sort of in a reverse arch from what it should have been. I crossed my legs and then crossed them the other way every so often. I wanted to keep them uncrossed though to allow the energy to flow during the regression. But alas, it is what it is. Or was what it was. I was a little uncomfortable the whole time. So be it.

My comfort level probably kept me from going very deep into a deeply relaxed state (which is what hypnosis is). But suffice to say, I was able to keep my eyes closed. And I did connect with my sister, Christina (written about here as a little blue dot and subject of my current book in progress).

In meditation (or the meditative state), I can see the blue start to come in at this time.

I was more focused on visualizing my grandmother’s rose that I had just connected with in West Virginia a few weeks ago.

I focused on (when Patricia asked us to touch the bark of the tree that we were visualizing in our garden), the brick. I touched the brick on my grandmother and grandfather’s house that my uncle and aunt have lived in since 1980. I felt the roughness of the bricks. I felt the pinprick of the rosebush the vine gave me—reminding me a bit of the couple of times when we were in Ireland and I was caught by the stinging nettle.

A single rose bloom on my grandmother’s rose bush in West Virginia that is over 50 years old.

So, everything comes full circle as they say.

When Patricia asked us to go into our first, second, and third lifetime (typically, this is as different people), essentially my first person was myself at a younger age, much younger, when my grandparents were still living. I could actually see my grandfather walking around the living room of their home. I climbed up into his big green leather reclining chair that had the heat and vibration.

As a child I just remember being so in love with that chair. I thought my grandfather did the best thing he could do or one of the best things he could do for himself, to buy that chair for himself. I mean, I know the man did not buy much for himself and that he was not someone we would call a self love, self care kind of guy. He was a rough tough mechanic and truck driver. He built churches, he built their home (my grandmother helped him too).

Screenshot of Patricia’s Past Life Regression Workshop

All that to say, my grandfather Withee was a very rugged guy, but he was soft, gentle, and warm on the inside. Oh, and he had a huge, huge heart. So I imagine my grandfather would come off the road, his body so beat and tired. I remember grandmother even talking about that when I was wee little. She would say his body’s just so beat from that truck that he needs that chair to relax and to help his body repair itself. And so I saw myself as the little one sitting in that chair, and someone said, aren’t you concerned she was sitting in your chair and he said no, Sheila is gentle and she takes care of things and she’s not going to hurt it (as compared to other children). I wasn’t like other children whom may have jumped up and down on it or broken it. Or something.

So, I was fascinated for a few minutes and noticed how sometimes we are treated differently and we treat our children differently based upon their own particular characteristics and peculiarities and now I see why that might have been. I might have tried to come to the earth before I did. I might have tried to come in as a son born to my grandparents because my Uncle Jim has told me about my grandmother losing a boy before he was born, and my aunt Janice showed me his marker after we buried mom and dad a few weeks ago. Why? My aunt and uncle believe Christina is buried next to my uncle Jim’s baby brother, who apparently was stillborn, lost at birth, or shortly after birth.

So, there was a boy my grandparents had lost. Now, I feel my grandmother can benefit (from my soul work), even though she’s beyond The Veil. In the Grand Beyond. So many can benefit from Patricia’s book Angel babies! Oh, I need to order one for my aunt and uncle and send to them!) As Patricia’s book helped my daughter so much! Angel Babies consoled my daughter to the point of her being able to conceive again and then have Jaclyn and Jewel! So yes, there’s learning, there’s growing, and there’s wisdom on this side and the other side. And I just heard this morning that really the veil is just our human brain. Once we get beyond our human brain, we are on the other side. We are in the Grand Beyond with our others who have gone on before us and left the physical plane.

During the regression, [cut this out for inclusion in my book]. Ah, but there’s a part two, so I will continue to share more… here.

We we are constructing this reality in our minds. This whole reality is a mental construct! And science just came out with this as an established scientific notion or theory, pointing to the fact that everything is a mental hologram or matrix—what we think of as real are not real. They were constructed in a mind whether that’s the mind of God or ALL the minds combined of humanity. That Mind is creating our perceived reality and part of that knowing is helpful because it gives us hope that we can rebuild or build a new reality, a new earth, or a new planet. Perhaps, we see the current planet in a new paradigm, whereby we see it in a new way of looking at things? We incorporate and integrate everything that we’ve known up to this point in time about The Field, or the unified field, where everything is connected, as One.

At the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS), as well as at The Monroe Institute and The Edgar Cayce Institute—these topics and ideas are explored.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Book Review: Soul Explorer

A review of the book: Soul Explorer

Preface: Since my mother transitioned to the Grand Beyond on June 8th, 2017, I’ve received many messages from her in the form of visiting animals, songs in my head, dreams, and visions when meditating or relaxing during restorative yoga sessions, or the receiving of acupuncture treatments.

Soul Explorer
Soul Explorer

Just breathe

As I would allow my mind to settle, with my eyes closed, while focused on my breathing, I would observe my thoughts until the space between them would grow. Then, gently, I would receive the color of indigo to cobalt blue, with the blue hue deepening (depending upon how much light was shining through the blue), all in my mind’s eye!

I now know that whenever I soul explore, my mama and her babies, are always guiding me! They show me that they are blissfully all together, in the Great Beyond!

Soul Exploring

As I’ve written previously, you know that I was destined to meet Patricia McGivern, author of both, Angel Babies and Soul Explorer.

Patricia’s brilliant and deep blue eyes had inexplicably showed me that we shared a connection right from our first meeting, though back then, I could not possibly fathom as to what extent. Even now, I feel I am still only knowing of the “tip of the iceberg” so to say, of our interconnectedness.

When my unborn sister, Christina, came through (during my first hypnosis session with Patricia), I glimpsed more than Christina’s beautiful spirit, pulsing right on time, and in perfect resonance–I caught a bit of her essence.

Myriad points of intersection

You can’t physically see how each of us are connected, or where all of the paths of our lives intersect, but they profoundly cross and mingle.

You don’t know when the intersections are going to occur, but they will!

Christina showed me several spiritual mysteries, and while I studied Patricia’s book, Soul Explorer, I was opened up to realizing more.

I’d gone north to visit my daughter, son-in-law, soul-connected (golden, crystal, or indigo child) granddaughter, Jennifer Ann, and twins, Jaclyn Moon, and Jewel Marie for the month of May. And during my late evening times alone is when I would study, Soul Explorer.

The book

If you have been intrigued about past lives, and wonder how it might work, or if it even could be possible, I highly recommend reading Soul Explorer.

There are so many detailed accounts of people’s past lifetimes, later validated through dedicated research and discovery, that it shines a bright light on an otherwise not often talked about subject.

Personally, I was drawn to the many accounts of physical healing that occurred after someone underwent a past life regression–profoundly amazing!!

Highlighted passages

I highlighted many passages and sentences in Soul Explorer, and thus, it would be exhaustive for me to share them all with you. Plus, I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun and intrigue for any of you before you read this richly developed book!

So, here are a few of the most meaningful parts, (that resonated with me on many levels–even including names, places, and page numbers), I discovered:

Page 45 (Bill’s story):

“I thought I could fix her.”

I experienced the same kind of on again/off again relationship with a man years ago, and this chapter validated many of the things I learned from that period of my life. This story also answered why I had felt like my choices were not my own (during that time), though I do believe I had a choice and eventually did act upon my right and power to choose to leave–once I gave myself the necessary permission.

Page 85 (Ginny’s story):

“I thought it would be easier to have a life where I wasn’t loved, and I didn’t love anyone including me…so that it wouldn’t hurt so much.”

This chapter’s story helped me to have some understanding of why some people are hateful, bitter, mean, and can’t or won’t express love.

Page 117 (Ginny’s story):

“I chose to stay behind.”

My sister, Christina, had told me (while I was in a state of hypnosis), that she chose to stay behind (not incarnate) out of fear.

Page 255 (Bobbie’s story): I wasn’t going to include this one, but I opened the book at 2:55pm today and saw this underlined and the page number circled!

“Just me… they stink!

And I had scrawled in the margin that this could be a judgment that could lead a person to not want to breathe!

Sure enough, on the next page I read that Bobbie had a high sense of judgment (so do I), and that she had felt like her lungs had been suffocated.

Note: I had asthma for 40+ years of my life! Could it have eased when I released the need to judge others?

Page 276:

“There is a part of you that remembers everything.”

This last page is astounding. I underlined almost the entire page! Mind-blowing.

You must read this book!

Meeting again

Even before I returned home, Patricia had seen a Facebook post of mine about our move (we moved April 1st to Patricia’s hometown)! And of course, us moving to the town we did was outside of our conscious awareness. Plus, it gave us a reason and easy way for us to connect!

Just days after my return home, Patricia and I met for lunch and talked for an hour, nearly non-stop! Every other moment I felt “GodBumps.” (Refer to my previous posts to learn more about the physical sensations I call, GodBumps.)

How grand and magnificent it is to think, my sister Christina, Patricia McGivern and her Angel Babies book, and a metaphysical shop in New Hampshire, all played starring roles in my daughter’s journey to birth identical twin daughters, and for me to be their grandmother!

How blessed we all are. And how intricately, and infinitely, We Are All Connected. (Even when we cannot see the lines.)

Be the person your Soul knows you are!

Blessings in ALL ways,

Namaste. OM

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That little blue dot…

A metaphysical story

Once upon a time, my mother carried six little babies inside of her, not at the same time, of course–but at different times in her life. I was one of them. And in my mother’s former words, her “miracle baby.” For years, I have been on a quest to reconnect, or somehow meet, my five “lost” siblings. Siblings who were never born, never incarnated on this earth. And I have felt lonely being the only one to have been born to my earthly loving parents. However, I am no longer lonely.

Meeting Christina

I met one of my sisters, and would you believe, she is a little blue dot. At least, that’s the part of herself she showed me. Blue dot.png You see, for my birthday a couple of years ago I decided to be hypnotized. Not just with anyone though. I had never been hypnotized before and wasn’t sure about it. Thankfully, my mind was put at ease when I met a very special hypnotherapist at an intuitive event in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2014. I had been drawn to meet Patricia McGivern, when I saw her sitting behind a table of beautiful blue covered books called, Angel Babies. The title and cover of the book, along with Patricia’s brilliant and deep blue eyes, told me that we shared an inexplicable connection. While talking that day, I shared with Patricia a bit of my mother’s story of five miscarriages and that I had always been searching for my lost siblings–feeling somehow, I suppose, that they were born to other parents. Also, I was interested to know why some babies are not born (or incarnated). Though I wanted the book, I actually did not buy it that day–as I still had about a dozen or so books at home in progress and knew I shouldn’t “buy another book.” But, the Universe (or someone) had a different plan.

Divine Timing

Eventually, not only did I buy one, but I bought two copies of Angel Babies, when my only daughter experienced a miscarriage. More on that in a moment. Even before I read, Angel Babies, I had went to Patricia to be hypnotized into a so-called, Past Life Regression. And while I don’t know how much of our session was about any past lives, I can tell you–someone came through. Can you believe that? Yes! One of my unborn sisters came through! She was the only one my mother had named, and her name was / is Christina.


Christina came through to me in my session as a little blue dot. It sounds kind of funny to state it that way, and see that written on the page now. It seems so small. So tiny! But, Christina was / is not only just any little blue dot, but a beautiful spirit, pulsing right on time, and in perfect resonance. Christina was / is a light frequency, appearing as an indigo blue dot, with a curtain of black opening just slightly enough to allow a shimmer of gold light at the bottom to reveal her! And she’s much more than that… You can’t see where all of the path lines intersect, but they do! You don’t know when the intersections are going to occur, but they will! Christina showed me several spiritual mysteries, and they will unfold at just the right time, as I’m still being given the words. The more I learn, the more I want to know! And the point of creation all begins with a dot–according to Lama Nicholas Packard, and I intuitively agree. (smile) Amazing, as it is, I am only just now–more than two years later–having the courage to write THIS! Yet, for some reason now, I believe it is the best time to write about this, at least this portion of my experience of Christina.

At a Distance

You see, when my daughter miscarried I couldn’t help her. We live far apart and I had never had a miscarriage, and though my mother had–and I believe could have been a great help and solace to gently ease my daughter’s pain and loss–my mother is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, barely able to speak. [UPDATE: My mother is now with all of her babies, as she passed away on June 8th, 2017.] So, my heart ached about how I couldn’t seem to console my beautiful daughter. I didn’t have the words! But I knew someone who had the words–Patricia! So, I asked my daughter (who typically doesn’t get into reading a lot of books), if she might be up to reading, Angel Babies. And I was delighted when she easily agreed. I bought two copies, and we read them chapter by chapter, individually and slowly–via distance. Reading independently, we’d talk or email every so often about any specific parts that jumped out at us, or passages that meant something special to us. We read the book over a span of weeks, with my daughter finishing the book before me. (smile)

Unexpected Gifts

Soon, I visited my daughter and saged her home (that’s another story though, as I didn’t even know HOW!), and within a few more weeks she became pregnant again. My daughter, we would soon discover, was pregnant with twin girls! So it was to be that Jaclyn Moon and Jewel Marie were born Super Bowl Sunday of 2017 in New England, USA. Through a twist of fate–because I had not planned to be there–indeed I was able to make the trip north. And even better, though this also had not been the plan–as I had gone primarily to stay with my five year old soul-connected golden granddaughter, Jennifer Ann–I stayed at the hospital with my daughter and beloved new granddaughters for five days (the first night at the house with Jennifer, and the rest in the hospital room with my daughter and twins)! Yay!!! I was so happy to care for Jennifer during the daytimes, but then at night, I was there helping with changing Jaclyn and Jewel’s diapers, helping during their feeding times, burp, hold, talk and sing to them gently, and just all around love on them, as the snow fell outside. Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday, holding each granddaughter and swaying, while watching the snow fall against the moonlight and street lights outside the hospital window. When my son-in-law would bring Jennifer to the hospital during the day (as she was lucky enough to have a couple of snow days off from school) we’d stay busy playing games and making videos, while the twins and my daughter were sleeping. I will always cherish watching Jennifer playing with my phone, taking pictures and videos and more. Plus, after my son-in-law would take Jennifer home at night, my daughter and I had some deep and rich, oh, so meaningful conversations. I am still ever so amazed and in awe at how all of the intricate details just seemed to easily, and magically fall into place. For our family to be blessed with twins, and for me to be there to witness the love between my daughter and her girls, and of course, my son-in-law–who’s the best dad ever, by the way! And to think, my sister Christina, Patricia McGivern and the Angel Babies book, all played starring roles in this rich journey! How blessed we all are. And how infinitely connected. We Are All Connected. (Even when we cannot see the intersecting lines.) OM. UPDATE: My mother passed / crossed over on June 8th, 2017. About a week after mom passed, I went for an acupuncture treatment and when I laid down on the treatment table, closed my eyes and relaxed, instantly my field of vision was flooded with the indigo blue color! I began sobbing with a strong knowing that mama was letting me know she was with all of her babies in the Grand Beyond! I immediately understood then, what it means when people say, “She’s in a better place.” UPDATE: My papa crossed over / had his “Celebration Day” to the Grand Beyond, March 8th, 2019! 21 months to the DAY of when my mama crossed over! (Read about the vision he gave me hours after his transition: here.) Be the person your Soul knows you are! Blessings in ALL ways, Namaste. OM

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An enchanting soul retreat in Sedona Arizona: Journey Into Self

Soul retreat in Sedona, Arizona

At least once in your life, take a vacation to nourish and soothe your soul! That’s what I did, and what this blog post is about… that which I will forever call my “soul retreat.”

When I first got the email from Alania Starhawk that she and Patricia McGivern were planning a “Journey Into Self” retreat in Sedona Arizona, I didn’t know if I could get the time off work, find the extra money to pay for it, or even, what my husband would say (as I’ve never taken a vacation “just for me” before)… But above all else, I KNEW that my SOUL wanted to go!!!

How did I know?


I had been to Sedona only for a few hours, 26 years ago with a few girls from my Speech class in college. We had been in Prescott Arizona, not far from Sedona, to put on a play at another campus of my university.

sheila preparing for ERAU play 1990.jpgsheila and girls day out driving during 1990 AZ trip.jpg

Having had some free time one day all those years ago, a couple of us girls decided to drive our rental car from Prescott to Jerome and Sedona.

On that drive, we had stopped at a little old roadside bookstore where I met an precious elder Native American Indian man. I fell in love with the Indian history he began telling me about, and all the books in that store. But because I was with other girls, and we were short on time, I politely told him I’d have to go. However, then I said three little words that have haunted me for years. I told him, “I’ll be back.”

While I never forgot those words, considering them as important as a promise, life got in the way, family vacations, reunions, and work trips, so for many years Sedona had to stay on the back burner. Although, Sedona was always calling me.


So, the particular morning I received Alania’s email invitation, I wanted to leap to my feet! My soul resonated with such vibrancy at the very thought that I could travel back to the enchanting land of Sedona… my intentions roared and I knew I had to go–no matter what!

Logistically, it would mean that I would have to get on a plane, perhaps two, because it’s quite a distance from where I live to get to Sedona and the airfare was not included in the retreat fee. And then, there would be all the explaining I would need to do, as no one in my family had ever even heard me talk about taking a vacation on my own. Plus, I’d have to take time off from work, and the date the trip began on was an important calendar date for my family also!

Normally on this particular date, I’d be in New Hampshire visiting my beautiful daughter and wonderful granddaughter for my granddaughter’s birthday. But in a flash I realized that blessedly this year my daughter’s father and his wife were going to visit our girls in New Hampshire. So, MY schedule was FREE! Wow!!! What perfect alignment! I began to become aware that destiny was calling…

And so it was. I kept my promise. I went back to Sedona. Boy, did I go back!!

The drive


Even the drive from Phoenix to Sedona had it share of sights! I was curious about the cacti (plural for cactus) that we were seeing along the highway. I was told that many of these cacti were over one hundred years of age! Because it takes at least one hundred years for one to produce an “arm.” Though I was riding in a car with several other ladies, I managed to grab a few pictures of these intriguing plants.

I must say that I had the opportunity to buy a new camera before going on this trip, but I chose not to because I didn’t want “taking photos” to get in the way of my experiences in Sedona. Lesson learned! I took pictures anyway and they would have been so much better had I bought the iPhone 7 Plus that I’d wanted. Oh well! At least I wasn’t worried at all about dropping my old iPhone down a crevasse!


For five days, I hiked, breathed in the amazing cool dry air of Sedona, touched many rocks along a variety of hiking paths, hung out with like-minded ladies for spectacular sunsets, dined in exceptional restaurants, and immersed my soul in a deep and expansive process! My heart seemed to grow larger and open more to the world with each passing day! My “sisters” for the retreat seemed to teach me something every day! While my feet were totally grounded, my head and heart would fly along with the puffiest of clouds in the sky… dancing in the heightened energies I was feeling and “knowing.”

Our journey took us to many of the major energy vortices ~ including Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, Buddha Beach, Cathedral Rock, and Dry Creek Canyon. Sedona impressed us all! I hiked up five mountains in five days and the energy was running high to be sure! I only left thinking of perhaps two things I had not done while in Sedona, but I had been part of so much, and had written much more in my journal, and talked with so many of the gals in our group–yes, even on deep subjects–that in no way was I feeling disappointed.

Airport Mesa

The dirt was so red here at Airport Mesa–it took my breath away! I couldn’t quit looking at it, even as I climbed. And this was my first climb, just hours after getting off the plane in Phoenix Arizona!


Our group spread out and some of us sang, played shakers, rattles, and drums. Many of us went our own way for awhile, then regathered up the mountain a little way, for Divine Blessing, and more singing, etc.

The view with the rain in the distance was exhilarating! Sedona even gifted us with our own Sacred Sedona Sisters rainbow!




Sunset seemed to be the very best time that we could have climbed and sat in the glory of Airport Mesa! I would come to learn that every time I took my eyes of the red rocks even for a moment, as the sun would deepen in the sky, the colors of the rocks would mystically change, blazing ever so many new hues and shades!


Note the red orbs in the picture of the sunset that I happened to grab. Ancestors, ancestors, we are calling! Come, come, come.

The artist in me was perplexed in trying to capture just a small portion of this bewitching magnificence with my mere old silly iPhone! Haha!

As is usual for me, my thoughts turn to our Divine Source… and I thought, this must be akin to what God thinks of us… we’re each so immense and powerful, yet we can only see such a fraction of our extraordinary essence! Ohh, we are but fractals of the light of the Divine–yes?


During one of my moments of just “be-ing” I looked down and noticed this small plant growing inexplicably, on its own, in between rocks! I thought, “life always finds a way” and truly, life does! When at times we wonder where a plant like this little guy would get its nourishment from, ah, there it is anyway, just being it, doing it, amazing us. Isn’t it fascinating? How that happens I mean?

This little plant has no seemingly apparent means of life support, yet, here it is anyway! Brilliant! And we get to live on a planet like this! So nurturing, even in the subtle ways when we cannot or choose not to see all the invisible means of support that it gives to us all! Ahh!

Also, as a writer, I see that the word “plant” is contained within the word “planet”… hehe, my mind is dazzled by the way our English words are put together!

Boynton Canyon


This was the site where I climbed the highest. However, once I got almost to the top, I suddenly realized, whoa there Betsy! What the heck did I think I was doing?!? Uncannily (and Blessed Be) I made it to the top and was totally energized!!

I met several people on my hike also. One man in particular told me to repeat the words to myself, “feet like glue” and that actually did help me, especially on my way back down!

Another gentlemen told me exactly where to walk near the twisted Energy tree, and point my dowsing rods near it for a fascinating experience.


I could see the energy whirl one of my dowsing rods a full 360 degrees spin! Over and over again! It was mesmerizing!!

The tree is turned and twisted, supposedly, due to the amount of energy it receives.

I was having so much fun up here! I was certainly “in the moment” experiencing Energy as never before! At one point I remember noticing that I hadn’t had any vertigo during this climb, and I must say that I was shocked to realize that! As I had climbed Airport Mesa the day before, I had gotten near the top and suddenly realized there would be nothing stopping me if I fell, so I sat down and just “enjoyed”–and that’s when I had taken a lot of pictures, sang, and shook the rattle.

It seems to me that when I am caught up in a moment of JOY that I do not even consider any of my so-called “limitations.” Is that true for everyone? If so, then, I say, let’s stay caught up in our joyful moments, yes?

Know this: Joy is our natural state of be-ing.

We’re so drawn to be in JOY!

Joy is why we love hanging out with our children! They show us that in nearly every moment–well, after their immediate needs are taken care of, like food, liquid, warmth, and so on.


Here’s another picture (from my friend Carolyn) of what I guess is the “secret” rock atop Boynton Canyon. It so mesmerized me because of the way it just sort of hung there!

Speaking of being mesmerized, every where you look while hiking the Sedona red rock trails, you can find a way to be in awe of nature! From the way the light dances on the rocks, to where and how the plants grow, to the variety of foliage, and how the air is just filled with a certain sense of peace!

Even when it drizzled the rain there, I noticed the air still felt dry. An odd dichotomy!

Zen Den space

Our little group of fifteen soul sisters went to this place, sort of a little community meeting space primarily made up of one large room, where groups could rent it and meet for yoga, meditation, or the like. We had two sessions here during our five day retreat. Here is a link to Zen Den.

Here, we had time for meditation, conversation, and a guided regression session. While technically speaking, our guided “regression” session is called a past life regression, some may choose to see it as exactly that (if they believe in reincarnation), while others may choose to see it as a reconnection with one’s soul, DNA, ancestral visitation, or in many other ways.

Zen house.JPG

Since, as you know by now about me, if you’ve been reading my posts, I do not limit the Divine (God, Universal intelligence, life force, Energy, All that Is) at all, so I get into, or love to play with and in, anything that brings me into conscious unity with God. We are to live life fully and abundantly and this is just one of the myriad of ways of living that I find appealing and resonating with my spirit and soul.

We had two regressions with Patricia here, inside, and though I will write in another post about my experiences during the sessions, I will tell you, and show you, what I saw when I stepped outside of the Zen house… it knocked my socks off! Hello wizard Merlin!


Just in case you couldn’t see him, here’s a zoom of a close-up!


And the following is a drawing (by my husband) of a wizard that I thought was appropriate.

wizard drawing by Richard

At lunch, one of my Sedona siStars checked her phone and something quickly flashed (probably an ad), which showed an image of a man dressed as Merlin, or had the name Merlin on it, and before I could ask her to stop (because I hadn’t been snooping, but had only noticed the image for a moment), she had flipped to the next thing. I did ask, and explained how the image caught my eye, but when she tried to go back and see whatever I’d seen, it was gone. Poof!

After I had returned to the hotel that evening and for some days after leaving Sedona, I searched online until I found the man, and it was Terence McKenna:


This was the tranquil Zen garden labyrinth (I am in the middle) where some of us chose to get our walking meditation in… ahhh!


Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

Look at the  top of the smaller of the two Stupas. Oh, it looked just like an angel on top of a Christmas tree!


It was certainly true for me that once I stepped foot on the land at Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, my mind quieted down quickly, and a holy reverence lit upon me, much as it had years ago when I would enter a church building. But out in nature, this was the very essence of “church” that I have always known exists, and I’ve hinted about in previous posts (that we do not need buildings in which to “hold church”, but that we have our own body temple for this purpose–no other “things” are required in order to pray, meditate, worship, etc.) and I had quite a knowing of this truth, being in this park.

my-deep-abiding-love-and-sadness-for-all-the-worlds-religionsThe deeply moving “religious” zone I was in, fell on me quite profoundly as I walked three times around each of the Stupas (as it is suggested you do when you visit–there are informative kiosks that explain it). I am also sure that I will continue to write about my thoughts on this in future blog articles. I was very, very moved–and quite unexpectedly too!

To put my experience at the Stupa in the deepest yet most brief way, I was saddened to my soul for anyone who could not find beauty here, could not find the sacred reverence, the divine knowing of this place and what it means to have it here, in America.

stupa-sizeI watched people of many different colors and nationalities come and walk around the Stupa in silent reverence, and I was oh so moved! You can see how large the main Stupa is in comparison to this gentlemen as he reverently walks around it.

One of my new sisters on the trip prostrated herself before the Buddha and I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as I witnessed her devotion. And though this is not my religious practice, I was moved to tears!

It seemed as though I was feeling the tears of many saints and guardians who yearn for us all to understand the transcendent importance of such a place as this!

I felt God’s Spirit move through my body! I felt an immense and abiding sense of wanting to protect this place… so much so that it startled me! I resonated with the reason all military have fought to defend our nation for–the right for our freedoms, especially for our freedom to practice different religions. (It’s probably also why free speech is so important to me too!) We just cannot take any of our freedoms for granted!

Amen. Namaste. OM

Buddha Beach





Between seeing a lady do Tai Chi upon our arrival here, being blessed and attuned in the water, as well as all wandering around all of the magical cairns people had placed here, Buddha Beach was quite the treasure!


I wrote a bit in my journal here, sang to the trees, and shook a rattle.

We met a lot of people on our walk here… some of us even got our picture taken with a couple who were traveling the world carrying a penguin statue! (I’m not kidding!)

Dry Canyon

We had our last regression session in the middle of a mandala that we all built, which included our own artwork and words for peace, love, joy, bliss, etc. that we left here:



And I was gifted a bindi for my third eye, which I embraced wearing. When the sun was overhead, I pulled my scarf over my head as a wrap, not even thinking about “why”– but oh, I was stunned when I saw the photos later! I love Indian food, music, and dance, and now I think  I know why!

Also, going back to my childhood for a moment, my mom would always take a picture of me standing on a big rock at Blackwater Falls WV, so I had to jump up for this fun tribute to her!


Sunset on the Cathedral Rock trail



You can get a little idea of how rocky of a path we had to climb on the Cathedral Rock trail.

Our group of Sacred Sedona Sisters had a time of song and blessing on this flat area of the trail. I still hear our voices singing the enchanting songs! It was one of the most special times of our journey for me.

my-view-now-feet-over-edgeAs I sat,  probably mid way up the Cathedral Rock trail, I hung my feet over, appreciating the hiking shoes my dad had given me (they still had a bit of West Virginia dirt on the soles too) but now, they had this noble red dirt embedded in them as well. Ohh!! I love these red rocks! If I could live the rest of my life here, I cannot imagine getting tired of this dirt, these rocks, and the majestic glorious vistas!

I am dreaming of a day when I can bring our whole family here, especially my amazing granddaughter, Jennifer. Oh, what bliss that would be!

But, I can hold them dear in my heart as I sit here and look at the world. Because it sure feels as though I am on top of the world!

Saying so long…

Not long after I woke up on the last day in Sedona, I put my moccasin booties and went for a hike up the mountain behind the resort one last time. I wanted to feel the rocks under my feet, pebbles and all, similar to how my grandparents, great grandparents, and other ancestors from my Native American Indian lineage would have walked. Living my grandmother’s quote, “before judging others, walk a mile in the other person’s moccasins.”

Even the view from our resort was breathtaking, all the way around! Had we done nothing else but stay at the resort, I would have had a magnetic time!




I learned several new natural healing modalities that I continue to practice daily. Plus I met my protector guide, Screamin’ Eagle (thanks to my wonderful roommate, Kim — who I will introduce you to in my next blog post).

Each of the attendees, or rather “Sacred Sedona Sisters”, received an “Attunement to Divine Frequency”, sacred blessings, and regression sessions (read more about that here: Releasing “past” hurts or traumas to heal current ills in the body). We enjoyed, relaxed, and had fun, but oh YES, we can allow our body to heal NOW by releasing stored cellular memories from the past!

I want to soulfully thank Alania Starhawk and Patricia McGivern for brainstorming, planning, and facilitating this aWEsOMe and transformative, yes, life-giving retreat!

We absolutely packed a lot into 5 days!

For me, I loved every moment, every trail, mountain, and vista! We hiked, climbed, shopped, ate, sang, took photos, had deep conversations, sat in a hot tub, and around a fire pit. I’ve never done so much on a vacation before!

Stay tuned. I am sure to be updating this page (especially with the other blog links when I get those written)!

Thank you Sedona!

OM Shanti OM – May the peace that passes all human understanding be yours.

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