A metaphysical story

Once upon a time, my mother carried six little babies inside of her, not at the same time, of course–but at different times in her life. I was one of them. And in my mother’s former words, her “miracle baby.” For years, I have been on a quest to reconnect, or somehow meet, my five “lost” siblings. Siblings who were never born, never incarnated on this earth. And I have felt lonely being the only one to have been born to my earthly loving parents. However, I am no longer lonely.

Meeting Christina

I met one of my sisters, and would you believe, she is a little blue dot. At least, that’s the part of herself she showed me. Blue dot.png You see, for my birthday a couple of years ago I decided to be hypnotized. Not just with anyone though. I had never been hypnotized before and wasn’t sure about it. Thankfully, my mind was put at ease when I met a very special hypnotherapist at an intuitive event in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2014. I had been drawn to meet Patricia McGivern, when I saw her sitting behind a table of beautiful blue covered books called, Angel Babies. The title and cover of the book, along with Patricia’s brilliant and deep blue eyes, told me that we shared an inexplicable connection. While talking that day, I shared with Patricia a bit of my mother’s story of five miscarriages and that I had always been searching for my lost siblings–feeling somehow, I suppose, that they were born to other parents. Also, I was interested to know why some babies are not born (or incarnated). Though I wanted the book, I actually did not buy it that day–as I still had about a dozen or so books at home in progress and knew I shouldn’t “buy another book.” But, the Universe (or someone) had a different plan.

Divine Timing

Eventually, not only did I buy one, but I bought two copies of Angel Babies, when my only daughter experienced a miscarriage. More on that in a moment. Even before I read, Angel Babies, I had went to Patricia to be hypnotized into a so-called, Past Life Regression. And while I don’t know how much of our session was about any past lives, I can tell you–someone came through. Can you believe that? Yes! One of my unborn sisters came through! She was the only one my mother had named, and her name was / is Christina.


Christina came through to me in my session as a little blue dot. It sounds kind of funny to state it that way, and see that written on the page now. It seems so small. So tiny! But, Christina was / is not only just any little blue dot, but a beautiful spirit, pulsing right on time, and in perfect resonance. Christina was / is a light frequency, appearing as an indigo blue dot, with a curtain of black opening just slightly enough to allow a shimmer of gold light at the bottom to reveal her! And she’s much more than that… You can’t see where all of the path lines intersect, but they do! You don’t know when the intersections are going to occur, but they will! Christina showed me several spiritual mysteries, and they will unfold at just the right time, as I’m still being given the words. The more I learn, the more I want to know! And the point of creation all begins with a dot–according to Lama Nicholas Packard, and I intuitively agree. (smile) Amazing, as it is, I am only just now–more than two years later–having the courage to write THIS! Yet, for some reason now, I believe it is the best time to write about this, at least this portion of my experience of Christina.

At a Distance

You see, when my daughter miscarried I couldn’t help her. We live far apart and I had never had a miscarriage, and though my mother had–and I believe could have been a great help and solace to gently ease my daughter’s pain and loss–my mother is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, barely able to speak. [UPDATE: My mother is now with all of her babies, as she passed away on June 8th, 2017.] So, my heart ached about how I couldn’t seem to console my beautiful daughter. I didn’t have the words! But I knew someone who had the words–Patricia! So, I asked my daughter (who typically doesn’t get into reading a lot of books), if she might be up to reading, Angel Babies. And I was delighted when she easily agreed. I bought two copies, and we read them chapter by chapter, individually and slowly–via distance. Reading independently, we’d talk or email every so often about any specific parts that jumped out at us, or passages that meant something special to us. We read the book over a span of weeks, with my daughter finishing the book before me. (smile)

Unexpected Gifts

Soon, I visited my daughter and saged her home (that’s another story though, as I didn’t even know HOW!), and within a few more weeks she became pregnant again. My daughter, we would soon discover, was pregnant with twin girls! So it was to be that Jaclyn Moon and Jewel Marie were born Super Bowl Sunday of 2017 in New England, USA. Through a twist of fate–because I had not planned to be there–indeed I was able to make the trip north. And even better, though this also had not been the plan–as I had gone primarily to stay with my five year old soul-connected golden granddaughter, Jennifer Ann–I stayed at the hospital with my daughter and beloved new granddaughters for five days (the first night at the house with Jennifer, and the rest in the hospital room with my daughter and twins)! Yay!!! I was so happy to care for Jennifer during the daytimes, but then at night, I was there helping with changing Jaclyn and Jewel’s diapers, helping during their feeding times, burp, hold, talk and sing to them gently, and just all around love on them, as the snow fell outside. Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday, holding each granddaughter and swaying, while watching the snow fall against the moonlight and street lights outside the hospital window. When my son-in-law would bring Jennifer to the hospital during the day (as she was lucky enough to have a couple of snow days off from school) we’d stay busy playing games and making videos, while the twins and my daughter were sleeping. I will always cherish watching Jennifer playing with my phone, taking pictures and videos and more. Plus, after my son-in-law would take Jennifer home at night, my daughter and I had some deep and rich, oh, so meaningful conversations. I am still ever so amazed and in awe at how all of the intricate details just seemed to easily, and magically fall into place. For our family to be blessed with twins, and for me to be there to witness the love between my daughter and her girls, and of course, my son-in-law–who’s the best dad ever, by the way! And to think, my sister Christina, Patricia McGivern and the Angel Babies book, all played starring roles in this rich journey! How blessed we all are. And how infinitely connected. We Are All Connected. (Even when we cannot see the intersecting lines.) OM. UPDATE: My mother passed / crossed over on June 8th, 2017. About a week after mom passed, I went for an acupuncture treatment and when I laid down on the treatment table, closed my eyes and relaxed, instantly my field of vision was flooded with the indigo blue color! I began sobbing with a strong knowing that mama was letting me know she was with all of her babies in the Grand Beyond! I immediately understood then, what it means when people say, “She’s in a better place.” UPDATE: My papa crossed over / had his “Celebration Day” to the Grand Beyond, March 8th, 2019! 21 months to the DAY of when my mama crossed over! (Read about the vision he gave me hours after his transition: here.) Be the person your Soul knows you are! Blessings in ALL ways, Namaste. OM

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

Fractal of Omniscience. “Spiral Sister”Observer & Perceiver of Energy & Wisdom from Nature. Empath|Author|Connector|Speaker|Singer. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️ I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, natural health foods store, art fair, music or yoga festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. I’m an Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon. Visit my author’s page here. Plus, I documented how I naturally reversed 30+ years of chronic asthma in my holistic health book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, that’s available on Barnes and Noble: here. Be the best version of who you want to be. As it really does affect us ALL. We Are All Connected. Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takeonyourself/

21 thoughts on “That little blue dot…

  1. Oh wow, thank you! I am so happy that you loved the poem and thank you so much for all those shares too! I have added Patricia’s books to my wish list on Amazon as they both look very interesting and just the sort of thing I love to read!

    Yes, there certainly seems to be a Soul-Connection with Amira, and it seems we were destined to ‘meet’ at this time in this life. I had an inner-knowing from the first contact that it would lead to more and now not many days go by without something connecting us in some way. It’s also been interesting to find out that although we have led completely different lives we have arrived at identical conclusions.
    As your Facebook group says.. We Are All Connected!
    Blessings In Oneness ❤

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  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story of connection and spiritual truth, it is so insightful and encouraging to read of others spiritual experiences as we travel along our paths. The unfolding of your story shows how everything works out in perfect timing! And I totally understand what a precious time it was to be present for the first days of your new granddaughters lives. ❤

    Grandchildren are such a blessing and a vibrantly rich source of inspiration, love, spirit and connection. I have been truly blessed with ten and they have all taught me something new!

    You might be interested to read a poem I wrote called 'Stillborn' it is on Amira's blog and my own. I wrote this to my nephew and his wife whose baby died a few days before the due date. I wanted to convey all the love that surrounded them, and that their precious little one was an eternal spirit who they could still connect with.

    I 'found' you through your comment on my poem on Amira's blog and see that you are a follower of Abraham-Hicks. I too have been a follow of their teachings for many years, as I totally resonate with everything they say. (I have written several other poems using their quotes – also on Amira's and my own blog) One of my favourite things to do is listen to Abraham-Hicks with emotionally uplifting music in the background. 🙂

    I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    Love, Light & Blessings to you and all your loved ones. ❤

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    1. Eternal thanks on your meaningful and joyful comment, Trina! Ahh, this is such a wonderful community of co-creators we are building.

      I so agree with you about grandchildren and WOW, you have 10! Oh my! And I love that each of them have shared something different with you (for your continued growth). Beautiful.

      I will definitely check out ‘Stillborn’ and what a heart-expanding gift for you to give to your nephew and his wife. Our time, wisdom-sharing, and loving intentions are timeless gifts. ❤️🦋🌀


      1. Yes, this is a shining community of co-creators! And I love your last sentence. ❤

        I was brought to WordPress a few months ago by Amira who connected with me through my 'Spiritual Quotes To Live By' website (which I started in 2010 due to following Abraham-Hicks teaching to do what I love) And since then I have found many other like-minded people and also been inspired to write more poems. Amira and I have developed an extremely synchronistic relationship in which time zones and distance have no say! It's so wonderfully fascinating how everything is unfolding. 🙂 ❤

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      2. I love, love, love this, Trina. I believe you and Amira are Soul-Connected friends (possibly Connected beyond this lifetime)!

        I loved your poem, Stillborn. I have shared your link to it on Facebook with my daughter (who had lost a baby, Baby J, a few weeks prior to conceiving her identical twins). And I shared it with my friend, author of Angel Babies and of Soul Explorer, Patricia McGivern. Plus, I shared it on my Facebook group, We Are All Connected.

        Thank you so much for reaching out to me and for your kindness.

        I send you blessings in ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀


  3. What an amazing story and spiritual confirmation of our interconnection, of the eternity of our Souls, and our Oneness! A beautiful message for those who suffer the loss of dear ones, at any age even before they are born! Thank you for sharing! Sending love and light your way,in Oneness, Amira ❤

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    1. Thank you, Amira. What a generous and uplifting comment! I am humbly grateful.

      Yes, my unborn sibling, Christina, has profoundly changed my life since she made her presence known to me.

      I have since learned that our desire to communicate, when we are in a completely relaxed state, can allow souls (here and “there”) to Connect. OM


      1. There are many techniques you can learn to attempt it, like saying your name 3 times, and her name 3 times, but to me, it is our genuine desire and intention that opens us up to receive the experience. She may visit you in a dream (which will be vivid and you won’t forget; it will also change you in some way). Or when you are deeply relaxed, or meditating. Being open to receive is the first step though. No fear. OM


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