I love (and learn from) other people’s perspectives

I love the fractal nature of us ALL. I love that each of us experience life through different lenses. It allows us to live, grow, understand, and contrast each other and GROW!
Kaleidoscopes reveal our intricate connections and with a very slight movement, allow us to experience another view or perspective! Yes, turn, turn, turn so applies in this instance!

Allowing the other perspective can be tricky

Of course, when disagreeing with another’s perspective, it can be tricky to “let it go,” and simply listen. It’s even more challenging sometimes to learn from what the other is talking about. So, why not just allow the other person to have his or her understanding of their experience? After all, questioning someone else’s experience is usually the first way to raise ours and others emotions.
And what difference does any of it make anyway?
We don’t always have to be right after all? And if we do, then that’s our ego.
Think about a conversation where someone says something you believe to be untrue. You get frustrated or mad. This is because you’re fighting their perspective. The irritation or triggering of emotions within you are all about how another persons perspective differs from your own.

Kaleidoscope Views

Check out these two images from the same kaleidoscope, that was simply turned a bit:
fuschia teal dark blue kaleidoscope
Fuschia teal dark blue kaleidoscope view


gold teal kaleidoscope
Gold teal kaleidoscope view
Pick up a kaleidoscope and peer into it, notice the myriad perspectives available to you. The fractals involved in the patterns created. And when, because you will, you cannot help to do so, move it the slightest bit the light will hit the items within it, and you’ll see different colors and patterns. For this is the way of the kaleidoscope. This is also the way of the interconnectedness of the universe.
I hope this helps to lighten you today, and step a bit lighter on the earth.

Be the person your Soul knows you are!

I love you.
You are enough.
You are worthy of love.

There is a line in George Michael’s song, Freedom, that asks of us: “all we have to do now, is to take these lies and make them true somehow.” And the answer I received about its meaning was:

When you can (though you may never be adept enough in every circumstance) take a lie, or what you perceive as a lie, and can find a truth (as opposed to THE truth) in it, then that is real Freedom. Freedom in one’s mind.

Namaste. OM
Note refer to an older post: https://sheilamurrey.net/2018/07/15/what-is-a-lie/
This post is NOT about condoning lies or compulsive liars (certainly no one needs to stay with people who habitually act like that), it’s about feeling better, coming to terms, or forgiving someone when it occurs. Learn and move on. It’s all YOUR choice. Turn, turn, turn. Let them go. Leave. You are powerful beyond measure.

A bit about us:

My husband is an award-winning illustrator, plus he is a seasoned guitarist, bass player, and songwriter (of over 400 original songs). You can view some of his artwork and listen to all of his songs at: http://listen4music.com

A bit about me:

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, the brand new book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is now available for online sale and distribution (PDF format). Buy it here.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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