We all get down or low at times. Feel discouraged. Irritated. Anxious. So, here’s a way we can shift our thoughts and emotions to feel better and improve our mental outlook. I love learning new tips and tricks like this!

During my Reiki training I learned of this beautiful exercise:

  • Get a few sheets of lined paper and a pen/pencil
  • Number the rows on lined paper from 1 to 100
  • Begin on line 1 and write down everything you can think of that you’re grateful for without stopping
  • If you stop for more than 10 seconds, start over.

The following are the four sheets of paper from my first attempt. I did not stop in between and my hand was tired at the end so my writing may not be all that legible. After completing, I immediately noticed a shift in my mental outlook to the positive. I felt I could have written more. I wrote this the night before Thanksgiving 2022:

The following are the four sheets of paper from my second attempt on November 26, 2022. I did not stop in between and my hand was tired at the end. However, I immediately felt very accomplished and with an eagerness to try again in a few days, making a mental note to do this exercise when I felt irritated or anxious so I could note any change in those feelings.

Have you tried this exercise yet? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for my next attempt!

6 thoughts on “A way to shift into Gratitude

  1. Wow! I have never done a 100 lines but I have been more intentional with writing down things I am grateful for and it sure does change how I feel and view things. This is a great idea. Thanks Sheila for sharing this.

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  2. True, if we put our minds to it, we could give thanks for hours. I remember the road trip I took by myself, where I decided I would not ask for anything in my prayers, just give thanks for what I had. I thanked for an hour and a half, and when I made my first stop, I think the other people wondered who this lady was, pumping gas with a goofy smile on her face. 😉

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