Defining a lie

Depending upon the dictionary you use, when you look up the word “lie” and try to define it, you’ll find that it’s mostly referred to as some sort of deception, false impression, or intentionally untrue statement.
So, a lie then, is defined as the opposite of truth. Right? It’s something that’s untrue.
Or is it?


Is the lie the opposing viewpoint?
Is it a lie because it goes against what you KNOW, or perceive to be true?
Many years ago, I used to say that my ex could lie to me and tell me the sky was black, though I knew it was blue. And that he was so good at it, so convincing, he’d make me look at the sky again to be sure.
I used to get so angry (mad) when he, or anyone would lie to me! Grrr… what planet were they from? Why would they lie? To get what they wanted?
But now I wonder. What if a lie is really just another way of looking at something?
Let’s imagine we’re standing at a tree. A tree that is full of leaves.
The side of the tree you’re looking at has green leaves, so you make an assumption that all of the leaves of the tree are green. But, what if someone else is standing on the other side of the tree, and there are a few yellow or reddish colored leaves on that side.
Even if we care about the person standing over there, we might get defensive when our friend states they love the yellow leaves they’re seeing. We may disagree or argue our point, even without walking around to the other side!
So, how can we know for sure what colors the leaves are on the other side of the tree?
Like the yellow leaves on the other side of that tree, opposite from where you are standing, a lie is something someone else thinks they know.
They’ll defend “their truth” about yellow leaves until the cows come home!
But, you can’t see the yellow leaves, so you think they’re wrong, nuts, or crazy.

Allow the other perspective

Instead, why not just allow the other person to have his or her understanding of it?
And what difference does any of it make anyway?
We don’t always have to be right after all? And if we do, then that’s our ego.
What if a lie is the other perspective that you are unable to understand?
Think about a conversation where someone says something that you believe is untrue. It makes you mad. You fight it. The anger about the lie becomes intense within you.
Where do you feel that anger?
How do you feel it?
Isn’t it bizarre that you can actually FEEL the weight, or density of the negative energy?
Ahh, there’s almost a substance to it.
Thus, emotion scribes energy to the cellophane (the invisible realm where energy is stored before/after it becomes matter).


Now, I realize your head may have just exploded, but try to follow this:
Imagine that there’s a sheet of cellophane between you and the person you are having a heated conversation with.
When you allow their perception (their version of the truth) to upset you, you speak some charged words.
The energy from your words sticks in the cellophane.
The next time someone walks through that cellophane, especially a sensitive person (sensitive to energies), they FEEL that dense energy–almost like a heaviness in the air!

For your consideration

So, the next time someone lies to you, consider first, that they are only sharing their perspective with you. You may not agree. You may not like it.
When someone lies to you, especially if it’s about a really important subject, tell yourself that they are in a different reality. And FEEL if this lightens the weight of the lie.
Just as I no longer believe that a lie is wrong or bad, I also no longer believe there’s such a thing as false hope. For any hope at all, whether it is based on fact or fiction, is still hope.
Let’s assign truth and hope the number 1 and a lie and false hope the number 0.
1+0 = 1
Thus, we see that the even when we try to add something false to something true, we still have something true. It’s only our perception that is limited.
Remember that HOPE is the substance of things not yet seen. Not yet seen! Not real yet. Not actual yet.
So, let’s say someone tells you a lie about a topic that you don’t care much about. You can shrug it off easily, right?
However, when someone tells you a lie about love, about someone you love, or that they don’t love you, that lie drains you of energy, right?

Ask yourself

Similar to a battery that only has enough power to keep it going, though not enough to start the engine, a lie about the existence of love pulls energy out of you.
Because WE are all LOVE in our core and anything that shuts down or restricts that love FEELS bad to us.
Perspectives. It’s all about perspectives and perception.
How do each of these two statements make you feel?
I love that you make me laugh!
I love to laugh at you!

The Kaleidoscope

Check out these two images from the same kaleidoscope, that was simply turned a bit:
fuschia teal dark blue kaleidoscope
fuschia teal dark blue kaleidoscope
gold teal kaleidoscope
gold teal kaleidoscope
Pick up a kaleidoscope and peer into it, notice the myriad perspectives available to you. The fractals involved in the patterns created. And when, because you will, you cannot help to do so, move it the slightest bit the light will hit the items within it, and you’ll see different colors and patterns. For this is the way of the kaleidoscope. This is also the way of the interconnectedness of the universe.
I hope this helps to lighten you today, and step a bit lighter on the earth.

Be the person your Soul knows you are!

I love you.
You are enough.
You are worthy of love.
There is a line in George Michael’s song, Freedom, that asks of us: “all we have to do now, is to take these lies and make them true somehow.” And the answer I received about its meaning was: When you can (though you may never be adept enough in every circumstance) take a lie, or what you perceive as a lie, and can find a truth (as opposed to THE truth) in it, then that is real Freedom. Freedom in one’s mind.
Namaste. OM
Note: This post is NOT about condoning lies or compulsive liars (certainly no one needs to stay with people who habitually act like that), it’s about feeling better, coming to terms, or forgiving someone when it occurs. Learn and move on. It’s all YOUR choice.

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8 thoughts on “What is a lie?

  1. Even with a lie, Sheila, there are shades of grey. What one’s viewpoint is may not be yours. I agree with you to not get defensive when someone “lies” and for the most part, people don’t even know they are. But!! I have a built in lie meter that goes off when someone lies with the intention of pulling the wool over my eyes, to cheat me, or to hurt me.

    I will give you one example. I recently went to a new dentist on the recommendation of someone who I considered a good source. I went and to my shock, this dentist told me that my teeth were so bad and the only way to fix them was to perform major reconstruction in my mouth to the tune of $30,000. I went home deeply shaken and I even began to see my teeth as ugly. The second visit she proclaimed that she sent out my info to a lab and they too agreed the only way to fix my teeth is what she told me.

    I broke out in a sweat. I felt as if I were caught in a trap. Why would my acquaintance say I could trust this dentist when out of her mouth is completely taking me by storm? I went home still with the thought I would go through with this. This is how good this woman was at persuading me that the “lie” she was spinning was the truth. When our insurance company refused to pay a small fee billed from her office due to “suspicion of fraud”, that is when I began to shake and cry. How could I have been so fooled? I’m good at reading people. However this woman really had her act together.

    I AM so grateful that the procedure + dental surgery by another dentist was not started. What a Lesson!! Oh yes there are liars out in this world who will manipulate and hurt you all for their benefit. I have yet to speak to the person who recommended her, but I will this week when I see him. He needs to be very aware of how dangerous this dentist is.

    So, there is a lie when someone doesn’t know they are lying. There is a lie when someone has a hidden motive. Discernment is crucially needed to know when the manipulative lie is out to hurt you.

    And so I add my 2 cents. Thank you for writing this for it has given me an outlet to validate to the world that I almost was taken to the cleaners and very hurt in the process.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I finally found your comment, AmyRose… ah, I have had a VERY similar experience with a new dentist (last year) whom was also recommended to me by a lifelong friend’s mother! I am so sorry BOTH you and I have run into these charlatan dentists!!! I still haven’t gotten $1,150 back after a year, and reporting the office to the Better Business Bureau (which usually works), and even notifying the State Dental Board… but it’s okay, I know God will take care of these rascals in the end. I was married to two master manipulators too (years ago, ex #1 and ex#2 who was even worse than ex #1 if you can believe) and I’m an Empath! Empaths are supposed to not be able to be fooled and can tell who is lying, etc. But not me! LOL Oh my!! You’re so right about discernment being needed when we’re dealing with some people. I am so glad you shared this, and that my post helped you clear it, as I don’t think it doesn’t us any good to keep carrying around the “hurt” or “upset” of the event. Thank Omniscience that’s over. (Now, put on that pretty SMILE! Teeth or not, and I am still missing a front tooth, you know a smile lights up the world!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sheila, I am just so sorry you experienced this. It really shakes one to his or her soul. I am so thankful no work was done except getting digital x-rays, which I don’t even need now. I like you am an empath and I know without knowing when someone is being deceptive but for some unknown reason this time, I did not feel any warning. It was shocking. I “think” I went in without guards up due to who recommended this dentist. My lesson I THINK that no matter the source or recommendation, always still question and always have my guard up until I’m absolutely sure that person is who that person claims. BIG HUGS!!!! I feel very strongly that especially in these times, those who have deceived purposely for greed’s purpose and have direly hurt others, those others will be called out by a Higher Power. And therein lies my peace. xo

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am of a heart and mind to agree with you, AmyRose. I also had my defenses down and specifically told the dentist to treat me like his mother, etc. Maybe he did but the larger corporation who owns the office is corrupt. I don’t know but I know God does. I’m really working on not judging them but I have had an infection in one of the teeth they worked on for over a year! I pray over it, use essential oils and homeopathic remedies. It gets better then flares up again. I must remedy this situation soon and have it pulled.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sheila, I was guided to tell you that you have the ability to keep seeking and applying healing modalities that will heal your mouth and tooth. Empowering yourself is massive. Yet here too, we must maintain wisdom when to know to ask for help. God help these people who have done harm to others …. I would not wish to be in their shoes for anything.

        Liked by 1 person

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