As of this writing I am on week 11 of WildFit and comparing what I am eating now with what I documented in a blog post I wrote many years ago. My diet is nearly the same! WOW!

WildFit focuses on participants getting nutrition from whole food. Packaged, refined, and processed foods are mostly devoid of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, which is why they are often enhanced. WildFit is not intermittent fasting, but I follow the WildFit recommendations WHEN I choose WHAT to eat.

Link to my previous article:

I am totally passionate about not limiting Omniscience God, honoring our spirit, feeding our soul, remembering our ancestors, living simple, naturally, and closer to nature. This way of eating allows me a way to integrate my passions.

Many people overeat because they aren’t getting proper nutrition. Then wonder why they feel like crap and lack energy, and suffer from type 2 diabetes, inflammation, and so on.

Foods grown in nutrient deficient SOIL, with pesticides and herbicides sprayed on them hurt us!

Research studies rats prefer white sugar over heroin. People are addicted to sugar! You must read the nutrition labels on everything you buy. Just because grocery stores sell things, it doesn’t mean they are good for you.

I don’t know about you, but I want to fully LIVE! I want to feel GREAT, vibrant, vital, with lots of energy! So, I’d rather pay the farmer than the doctor!

I feel my best when I eat mostly organic whole local produce, and have raw nuts and seeds as a treat. I do not need dairy. I do not need grains. I do not need animal products every day.

It is possible to live on a raw vegetable and fruit juice diet, with some raw vegetable salads along with nuts and seeds, soups, or only juicing.

You will probably feel better on the kinds of foods I recommend than you’ve ever felt in your life!

One a regular day I consume:

  • Three 32oz containers of cucumber infused water
  • One 32oz green smoothie
  • One palm sized serving of baked, broiled, or grilled fish, or 2 slices of baked turkey breast, or 5-6 chicken wings fried in our air fryer, or a hamburger patty, or a steak
  • One non-starchy or seasonal vegetable
  • One snack midday or after dinner
  • One or two cups of herbal tea

On a fasting day I consume:

  • Four or five 32oz containers of cucumber infused water
  • One 32oz green smoothie
  • One or two cups of herbal tea
  • One snack as needed, if I have any doubts about getting through the evening without consuming any more

Snacks, or my lunch on a fasting day, I eat one serving of either:

  • Avocado
  • Cerignola olives
  • Boiled egg with mustard
  • Ella’s Flats crackers
  • Celery – chopped with nut butter
  • Handful of raw nuts

When in season–not all year long:

Seasonally, berries are the best fruit snack as they are the least sweet, then mango, pineapple or half a banana can be eaten occasionally

Seasonally, Turnips, rutabaga, and parsnips fried in coconut oil, if I am having root vegetables. These have totally replaced fried potatoes for me.

This diet eliminates sugar, grains, soy, bad salts, bad oils, and dairy.

More about the health benefits of fasting:

DISCLAIMER: This information is freely shared for educational purposes only. Site author / owner cannot assume responsibility for how this information is applied – as each person is unique, with their own dietary needs / restrictions. Please consult with your own licensed health and wellness practitioner before beginning a new diet or big lifestyle change.

A bit about me:

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

2 thoughts on “Intermittent fasting for weight loss

  1. I am absolutely thrilled, Shiela, you are learning [again] how to eat right. I can tell you beyond a doubt that in eating whole organic foods, this is what our bodies require in order to function at their best. It is not easy to change our habits of eating processed foods yet the benefit of doing so far outweighs fast and easy. Nope. Keep on doing what you are! You will not ever regret eating the way God truly intended us to eat. BIG APPLAUSE!! xo

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