Overcome feelings of dread

Are you an over thinker? Do you experience anxious feelings of dread before a meeting, a big performance, making a speech, or simply the Sunday night before the Monday workday?

Everything we feel and do starts first with our thoughts. What thoughts are you repeatedly thinking? If you make a list for a few days (or nights) perhaps we can unravel or unwind the spiral of these thoughts and work through them to bring more ease into your day to day.

Here’s a theory. Work with me on this and let’s test it out. Okay? Are you ready to let go of the Sunday night dread, or the performance anxiety?

Just as you begin to feel the anxious feeling, observe your thoughts and write them down. Is it difficult to observe your thoughts? That’s the first step. You can meditate or do some mundane task, but begin to be consciously aware of what comes up for you.

Thoughts come, then a feeling, and then we make a judgment or decision to move, act, or not based on that decision. Some nights you may lie awake for hours over thinking this, playing out each potential outcome. But is that helping you move forward, or spinning your wheels of inaction (causing anxious feelings and dread)?

Gentle way to bring ease and healing to your body. And it’s as close to you as your breath.

Method to release the dread

Give yourself five minutes alone. Sit comfortably and do not focus on anything external to you (do not attempt this while driving). This is inner work.

To let go of thoughts that bring you around to the feeling of dread:
1) focus on the feeling of your breath in and out
2) be the observing presence
3) note your thoughts
When I observe, I suspend space.

What came up for you?

Here’s an example that has come up repeatedly for me:
Dread = I don’t want to do something, but have committed myself to it
Inspiration = In spirit (and this is whatever inspires me fills me and lights me up from the inside!)
I want to reach for whatever makes me feel that way instead of those feelings of dread.
Aha! I’m not living my truth fully. I can do better! (Aha moments can occur when our mind agrees to our inner knowing.)

When you get to the root cause of the dread, it can effortlessly leave.

Make note of your thoughts

I am not my thoughts.
My perceptions have influenced my thoughts, but my perceptions were not always “true.”
I do not need the old thoughts.
Am I the thought or the awareness?
Am I “this” thought, or am I the awareness of “this” thought?
Who sent “this” thought? (My pain-body)
Examine “this” thought. It will probably be a limiting thought, a no-win thought, and one that could eventually bring pain.
What are my triggers? I doubt I know enough. I don’t know if I can do this. I’m lazy. I’m too sensitive. I ramble. I get too caught up. I might turn someone off.
I am measuring where I am against where someone who’s studied or practiced longer is now (and that’s not fair).
But I’m a super responsible person and love learning, so I bet this is the inner conflict within myself that causes the dread (habitual negative behavior).
I sense that I’m great, but if I act like that, won’t they say I’m a narcissist? Or grandiose? Or a drama queen?

A bit about me:

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

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Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

2 thoughts on “Drop the dread, gorgeous!

  1. 💜 The Outcome is The Outcome is The Outcome; because YOU!!! ARE still here right, aren’t YOU!!! 🤔 ?



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