Happy Sheela Na Gig Day!

Ah, today! It’s Sheela Na Gig Day! Yes, a day that celebrates the Celtic icon/goddess, Sheela, statues of which can be found all over the UK, but mostly in Ireland.

There are various legends and stories surrounding the Sheela and what she represents, but one thing that intrigues me is the one about pregnant women. It is said that if a woman in labor focuses on a picture of a Sheela Na Gig her labor pains ease! Talk about the mind-body Connection!

I learned–of my namesake story–about the Sheela Na Gig, on our trip back to Newgrange for Winter Solstice 2019, from our beautiful bus driver Edel (link to her tours here).

Sheela Na Gig images on Pinterest

To celebrate, I shared a few posts from others on Facebook and created a Pinterest page of the various images shared there.

Here’s a link to one article I shared on Facebook.

How do you celebrate this iconic legend of the Sheela Na Gig?

The house that Sheila built

House of lives

The house that Sheila built is not a house in the physical sense, but a house of Connected Persons. Persons who are Connected to me spiritually and soulfully. These are people who are of the utmost importance to me. The VIPs of my life!

Perhaps this is a sort of moral inventory I am making here, but as a store has inventory, my “house” is made up of all the dear people I have had the immense pleasure to know.

As an only child, I am humbled and surprised at the number of incredible people who have and continue to walk the road of life with me. Hmm, what a thought!


I’ve heard it said that as we age, friendship with our spouse, or significant other, is more important than physical attraction (or sex). I agree.

If you are lucky enough to meet and marry your soulmate, then there’s that. And it’s really beautiful if you can bring as much happiness to this person as you do for yourself.

My husband, Richard, is truly my soulmate and “love of my life.” ❤️🙏😘

My first two marriages ended badly, and while I learned life lessons from both relationships, I regret the hurt and pain. I can’t turn back time. And for my part, and yes, each person owns some of the responsibility of failing in those situations (no one is really better than another when it comes right down to it), but for some, that takes years to see. Thus, I am sorry. I thought I did my best, but we can’t see what we can’t SEE.

Children and grandchildren

It takes children to make grandchildren. Thus, it seems I should speak of my own children next, but no. Reason being, I wasn’t as mindful or “aware” of the profound soul Connection I had to my children when they were young.

So, let me tell you about the deep soul Connection I have with my eldest granddaughter, Jennifer Ann. My relationship with her best represents how nuanced and intricately interlaced ALL of our Connections are (though for the most part, unacknowledged).

My story with Jennifer goes back 10 years…

I was working in Boca Raton, Florida. I still remember taking my cell phone outside and walking up and down the hall while breathing with my daughter while she was in labor with Jennifer. I missed Jennifer’s actual birth, but treasure my memories of helping my daughter with her childbirth breathwork (eventually, Jennifer had to be born via C-section).

Anyway, as soon as I could, I took a few days off and flew to Connecticut, so I could comfort my daughter and meet my new granddaughter. Oh, she was an indescribable JOY to hold!

Throughout my visit, I observed (and felt) the spiritual Connection between Jennifer and myself. I explained the experience in my book as follows:

When I held Jennifer, I felt an immense resonance – truly representative of “Unconditional Love and LIMITLESS Source Energy.”

I spoke these words to Jennifer, “I know who you are. You are pure positive Source Energy.” At the precise moment the word “energy” left my lips, Jennifer whipped her head around – so much so that it surprised me – and looked me straight in the eye! The look she gave me as our eyes met seemed to ask, “How did you know”?

Excerpt from:
Murrey, Sheila. “Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life!” Apple Books.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Years later, when my twin granddaughters were born, I flew to New Hampshire, but this trip north challenged me to drive in the snow and ice over an hour from the airport to the hospital. I’d do it all over again though, as to stay in the hospital with my daughter and her girls the first 3 days of their lives was a priceless experience!

While holding my twin granddaughters those first days, I felt the nearly indescribable love and soul Connection with each of them that I’d felt (and continue to feel), with Jennifer.

At the end of one of my visits, I had instinctively swirled my fingers towards both girls in an energetic spiral manner, and both Jaclyn and Jewel had loved it. (Later I realized my dad had done this, so my spinning my index finger in circles wasn’t “instinct,” it was learned and fixed in my subconscious!)

On a subsequent visit, one of the twins, Jewel, had began twisting and twirling a lock of her hair. At that moment, however subconsciously, I believe Integrated Spiral was birthed.

I didn’t acknowledge or realize my previous spiral energy actions had made any influence on the girls until Jewel began twirling her hair.

I thought about the times when my two children were babies and my dad had swirled his finger towards their bellies and said, “bory bory” (we still don’t know why or what it means), and they would gleefully coo! Children are sooo easily mesmerized!

Coming back around full circle to my children, I love my daughter and son dearly. I cannot imagine who I’d be, or even if I would still be alive at this point, had they not come into my life when they did. I grew up in multitudinous ways with them. ❤️

Extended family

We don’t pick these folks, but love them or not, they can teach you invaluable life lessons if you are open to receive. So, judge not.

We all seem to switch places as the years go on, and you really don’t know who will come through for you when you least expect it and need them most.


I’ve written a previous blog (here), some years ago about the exquisite mentors I have had the privilege to know, work for, and befriend. I do not believe I could have progressed in my life and career without their brilliant advice, support, and friendship.

Everyone should have a mentor and in turn, mentor someone. It is a rich relationship, that reaps lifelong benefits, well beyond money. A mentor can bring balance and stability, by bringing new awareness and offering you different perspectives.

Often the old saying is true, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.


When I was young, I always befriended those who were not immediately or easily acknowledged, accepted or liked by others.

I have always stood up for the underdog. And I have been bullied for it.

When the first black family moved to our town, I befriended the children. They were sooo friendly and we got along famously! I didn’t see color or ever think to treat anyone any differently because of their skin tone, or any different feature, but other kids did and I was curious as to why that was the case.

I went home and mentioned to my folks how much I enjoyed my new friends company (and how not many others seemed to) and my mom was fine with me inviting them over. But my dad cautioned me saying, “you can be friends, but nothing more.” Later, my mom clarified that dad would never want me to date anyone of a different race or nationality.

It was the first I knew of racism, and it really perplexed and bewildered me! I felt the emotional pain of conflicting thoughts.

Thankfully, dad changed (or softened) many of his views before he left this earth, but the memory of that emotional hurt still lingers. My mom was much more open to discussing race with me because of our Cherokee Native American ancestry. (I am of mixed ethnicity.)

Though my complexion is light, I consider ALL my brothers and sisters. It is also why I wrote this:

“Dancing with the Energy,

In the pinpoint center of the spiral,

She came alone with no siblings.

But as she unwound herself, the spiral emerged.

Then, she harmonized with many, and THEY became her siblings.” ❤️🦋🌀

To this day, I hold my true friends near and dear to my heart. I love that my circle of friends include beautiful hearts and souls of every race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc.

Sheila’s poem, “Dancing with the Energy” – screen capture from her Clubhouse bio.

I choose friends based on their heart, and the soul Connection I feel when I am with them (even if only by voice).

Yes, interestingly, some of my dearest friends I haven’t even met in person. We’ve only met by phone on Clubhouse or on Zoom. Soul Connections do not rely on the physical. Isn’t that intriguing?


After having spent 30 plus years in Information Technology, I have gotten to know and spent many days, weeks, months, and years working with many excellent colleagues. And I do mean, incredible people. I am thrilled to have formed lasting friendships with many.

Several former colleagues continue to Connect with me (even if initiated for a reference—but always to chat about a bit more than superficial things). I am always happy to hear from them. Giving out professional references is one way I can “give back” in honor of the help and advice my mentors always graciously gave me.

In particular, I want to thank the many “scary smart” folks I had the pleasure of getting to know, and working with at:

  • The Veterans Administration on the VETSNET team (4 years, 4 months) of employees and contractors from Liberty, Booz Allen Hamilton, Halfaker, and others, while employed by Advanced Systems Design (ASD).
  • Emerson Process Management (3 years)
  • Jabil Circuit
  • AT&T Mobility
  • Walt Disney World, Parks & Resorts Operations
  • Campus Management
  • Florida Virtual School
  • US Air Force Space Wing (2)
  • NASA, Space Gateway Support, and InDyne Inc. at Kennedy Space Center (5)
  • Lone Star College
  • OnSource Consulting, Inc.
  • Ellucian (4)
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (10)


Smile. Be nice or at least kind to everyone you meet. You really never know when or where people will pop back into your life.

I have had some people show back up in my life (from seemingly unimportant encounters), that have utterly astonished me.

Some individuals have shown up again in my life “out of the blue” providing me evidence that metaphysical or supernatural powers are indeed at work—often. There’s simply been too many bizarre and uncanny encounters occur (incredibly timed) for me to simply chalk these kinds of experiences up as “coincidences.”

In closing

I believe (because I’ve witnessed it), that everyone moves along at differing rates of speed. And thinking that thought helps me when I don’t understand another’s perspective. As well, my mantra of Everything Resolves to Gratitude helps me a lot too!

I choose to hang with uplifting souls to help mySelf! It simply FEELS great! ❤️🦋🌀〰️

The more things change, the more they seem to circle back (and stay the same).

So, I would like to offer the main intention I bring into each relationship, and yes, at the start of each day and in any difficult moment:

To offer a way to open your mind to receive the Connected nature of it ALL.

Excerpt from:
Murrey, Sheila. “Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life!” Apple Books.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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That little blue dot…

A metaphysical story

Once upon a time, my mother carried six little babies inside of her, not at the same time, of course–but at different times in her life. I was one of them. And in my mother’s former words, her “miracle baby.” For years, I have been on a quest to reconnect, or somehow meet, my five “lost” siblings. Siblings who were never born, never incarnated on this earth. And I have felt lonely being the only one to have been born to my earthly loving parents. However, I am no longer lonely.

Meeting Christina

I met one of my sisters, and would you believe, she is a little blue dot. At least, that’s the part of herself she showed me. Blue dot.png You see, for my birthday a couple of years ago I decided to be hypnotized. Not just with anyone though. I had never been hypnotized before and wasn’t sure about it. Thankfully, my mind was put at ease when I met a very special hypnotherapist at an intuitive event in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2014. I had been drawn to meet Patricia McGivern, when I saw her sitting behind a table of beautiful blue covered books called, Angel Babies. The title and cover of the book, along with Patricia’s brilliant and deep blue eyes, told me that we shared an inexplicable connection. While talking that day, I shared with Patricia a bit of my mother’s story of five miscarriages and that I had always been searching for my lost siblings–feeling somehow, I suppose, that they were born to other parents. Also, I was interested to know why some babies are not born (or incarnated). Though I wanted the book, I actually did not buy it that day–as I still had about a dozen or so books at home in progress and knew I shouldn’t “buy another book.” But, the Universe (or someone) had a different plan.

Divine Timing

Eventually, not only did I buy one, but I bought two copies of Angel Babies, when my only daughter experienced a miscarriage. More on that in a moment. Even before I read, Angel Babies, I had went to Patricia to be hypnotized into a so-called, Past Life Regression. And while I don’t know how much of our session was about any past lives, I can tell you–someone came through. Can you believe that? Yes! One of my unborn sisters came through! She was the only one my mother had named, and her name was / is Christina.


Christina came through to me in my session as a little blue dot. It sounds kind of funny to state it that way, and see that written on the page now. It seems so small. So tiny! But, Christina was / is not only just any little blue dot, but a beautiful spirit, pulsing right on time, and in perfect resonance. Christina was / is a light frequency, appearing as an indigo blue dot, with a curtain of black opening just slightly enough to allow a shimmer of gold light at the bottom to reveal her! And she’s much more than that… You can’t see where all of the path lines intersect, but they do! You don’t know when the intersections are going to occur, but they will! Christina showed me several spiritual mysteries, and they will unfold at just the right time, as I’m still being given the words. The more I learn, the more I want to know! And the point of creation all begins with a dot–according to Lama Nicholas Packard, and I intuitively agree. (smile) Amazing, as it is, I am only just now–more than two years later–having the courage to write THIS! Yet, for some reason now, I believe it is the best time to write about this, at least this portion of my experience of Christina.

At a Distance

You see, when my daughter miscarried I couldn’t help her. We live far apart and I had never had a miscarriage, and though my mother had–and I believe could have been a great help and solace to gently ease my daughter’s pain and loss–my mother is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, barely able to speak. [UPDATE: My mother is now with all of her babies, as she passed away on June 8th, 2017.] So, my heart ached about how I couldn’t seem to console my beautiful daughter. I didn’t have the words! But I knew someone who had the words–Patricia! So, I asked my daughter (who typically doesn’t get into reading a lot of books), if she might be up to reading, Angel Babies. And I was delighted when she easily agreed. I bought two copies, and we read them chapter by chapter, individually and slowly–via distance. Reading independently, we’d talk or email every so often about any specific parts that jumped out at us, or passages that meant something special to us. We read the book over a span of weeks, with my daughter finishing the book before me. (smile)

Unexpected Gifts

Soon, I visited my daughter and saged her home (that’s another story though, as I didn’t even know HOW!), and within a few more weeks she became pregnant again. My daughter, we would soon discover, was pregnant with twin girls! So it was to be that Jaclyn Moon and Jewel Marie were born Super Bowl Sunday of 2017 in New England, USA. Through a twist of fate–because I had not planned to be there–indeed I was able to make the trip north. And even better, though this also had not been the plan–as I had gone primarily to stay with my five year old soul-connected golden granddaughter, Jennifer Ann–I stayed at the hospital with my daughter and beloved new granddaughters for five days (the first night at the house with Jennifer, and the rest in the hospital room with my daughter and twins)! Yay!!! I was so happy to care for Jennifer during the daytimes, but then at night, I was there helping with changing Jaclyn and Jewel’s diapers, helping during their feeding times, burp, hold, talk and sing to them gently, and just all around love on them, as the snow fell outside. Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday, holding each granddaughter and swaying, while watching the snow fall against the moonlight and street lights outside the hospital window. When my son-in-law would bring Jennifer to the hospital during the day (as she was lucky enough to have a couple of snow days off from school) we’d stay busy playing games and making videos, while the twins and my daughter were sleeping. I will always cherish watching Jennifer playing with my phone, taking pictures and videos and more. Plus, after my son-in-law would take Jennifer home at night, my daughter and I had some deep and rich, oh, so meaningful conversations. I am still ever so amazed and in awe at how all of the intricate details just seemed to easily, and magically fall into place. For our family to be blessed with twins, and for me to be there to witness the love between my daughter and her girls, and of course, my son-in-law–who’s the best dad ever, by the way! And to think, my sister Christina, Patricia McGivern and the Angel Babies book, all played starring roles in this rich journey! How blessed we all are. And how infinitely connected. We Are All Connected. (Even when we cannot see the intersecting lines.) OM. UPDATE: My mother passed / crossed over on June 8th, 2017. About a week after mom passed, I went for an acupuncture treatment and when I laid down on the treatment table, closed my eyes and relaxed, instantly my field of vision was flooded with the indigo blue color! I began sobbing with a strong knowing that mama was letting me know she was with all of her babies in the Grand Beyond! I immediately understood then, what it means when people say, “She’s in a better place.” UPDATE: My papa crossed over / had his “Celebration Day” to the Grand Beyond, March 8th, 2019! 21 months to the DAY of when my mama crossed over! (Read about the vision he gave me hours after his transition: here.) Be the person your Soul knows you are! Blessings in ALL ways, Namaste. OM

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