All right. Hi, everybody. Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon wherever you are in the world. I say that because the world seems to be a much smaller place for us, especially when you blog, right I know we have a worldwide audience when we blog or when we podcast or go on YouTube vlog any of that. But spiral thought there.

Here’s my thought (for today for us ALL). I had a dream last night, and I woke up this morning still very much enveloped by the energy of that dream. And what was weird about it was, and this has not happened to me before, but somewhere deep in my subconscious there’s an older TV show or series that is probably embedded in me somewhere and it definitely came to mind as I started processing the dream. What happened was, take a deep breath with me. Maybe not a deep breath, but a breath that will bring spirit and go in and through and all around your body. Okay, there’s the breath.

Well, what happened was, I was a bartender or a server of some sort, and I was what appeared to me to be standing behind a bar and Paul Newman was sitting at my bar–sitting directly across from me. And we were having a conversation and I was telling him, essentially, if I can remember it, right, I was telling him you know, I’m so sorry for us as the other people, his fans or whatever. And I’m not a huge fan–another spiral thought sorry–of his. I mean, I like him, but you know, I wouldn’t have been googoo gaga over Paul Newman. I don’t think. Though he has those beautiful blue eyes. I was apologizing to him though, telling him (I was just really oozing this apology to him) that I’m so sorry that so many people come up to you and interrupt your day and interrupt conversations that you might be having with people around you and things like that, you know, just bug you essentially, I’m just so sorry that people do that to you. You know, why can’t people just understand that you’re just a person like me like we all are, you know, and as I was saying this to him, and he was being very cordial and gracious about this, though, he was kind of giving me this gesture of like, you don’t need to apologize to me. You know, I’m famous. I get it right.

So I was just really infused, I guess, with this feeling of, that we’re not this person, right? So it’s like, I’m not me, in this body that I’m IN because deep down I know that I’m spirit and I’m wearing this earthly some people say a meat suit, right? I’m wearing a ‘skin’–I’m wearing a covering. I’m wearing an outfit. I’m wearing something that’s naturally made just like if I climbed into a cocoon, you know, I’m wearing that. But that’s not who I am. Because I’m the spirit and soul that lives within it.

So here’s the TV series/show part. There was this old show called Dead Like Me. And it had this character played by an actress named Ellen Muth. (Link to YouTube clip of Ellen’s character at the death scene: ) I thought she was a pretty girl–a pretty actor. But I can see where some people might not think she was pretty, nice, maybe plain, maybe that’s a better word. But here’s the thing when she died because she died right at the beginning of the series, and then they would always show her as this other girl, like whenever she would confront someone that was still alive that knew her, right? They saw her but they saw her as a different person. But it was close enough that the audience is the ‘Watchers’, wink on that, right? We knew it was her. It was that other actor playing her that looked enough like her that we ‘got it’ as the audience, as it was so well done. But if her mother saw her, she wouldn’t know it was her but she had a feeling that it was her. She had a feeling and knew something was off–that she was seeing someone that meant something to her like she knew that person. She’d met that person before but she couldn’t put her finger on it. So that’s key and why I say that is because the Ellen Muth character as I said, she had died but she wasn’t dead. Because her spirit or soul or ghost, whatever you want to call it, was still living and she had become a reaper. So she would reap other people’s souls right before they would die–that was her job in the afterlife. And so, of course, she was out walking among us. But anybody who knew her as the Ellen Muth character, if they didn’t know her as that, they would see the other sub-character, Laura Boddington. Here’s a link to the show info:

I thought that show represented what I thought of life after death. Especially at the time I was watching it. I thought it represented it extremely well. I thought the show was very well done.

So this dream though, this early morning dream that was having today. (And THIS is what I’ve not experienced before) I so extremely felt like I was not me and in my current body. And I didn’t even feel like I was the person that I was expressing as me in the dream to Paul Newman. I knew I was spirit soul. And I was not that body. And I think what I was kind of getting from him was that he knew that too. And that’s why we were both kind of having this laugh at this inside joke. That’s why it’s not even important for us to laud these people as celebrities.

I was explaining to Paul, or Mr. Newman, “People cherish you–you know? You’re a national icon, right? You’re this American Idol, if you will, right? And that’s why you make all this money and so, you know, a lot of people probably want something from you and things like that too. But I think a lot of it is they feel they know you because you’ve been in their home for years on their TV in shows and movies, interviews, and things like that. Right? And so they feel they know you and when they see you in person, they get all excited and they just, “Oh my God, there’s Paul Newman”! They feel they must meet you and they just interrupt and do crazy, stupid silly things because they’re not even realizing that you have a life (of your own).

So that was why I was apologizing to him. But then it brought up that inside joke of but we’re not this body and so people make much ado about nothing! They make much ado about how we look and our external appearance, whether our hair’s done, whether our teeth are white enough (if we have teeth), or whether we’re dirty, clean, smell nice. Of course there’s all these products to make us feel like we need them to look better, smell better, face the world better, put makeup on and all that kind of stuff, because there’s the certain cultural identity we sort of have to live up to and put a face on.

So probably also I saw a Facebook meme the other day, which I shared as well, that talked about I’m this real person and that I don’t have to put a fake face on to face the world. I don’t have to pretend to be something that I’m not and some days I am amazing. And some days I’m a wreck. It was that kind of a meme. Those of you who follow me here and also follow me on Facebook, you’ve got that already. You’ve seen it.

3am thoughts meme

So I wish I could express to you the dream and I’m sure many of you have had dreams like that where you’re just so engrossed in it and so enveloped and infused by it that it’s hard to put into words. It is almost the word ineffable because it is hard to explain and you want to go back to sleep when you wake up because it was so delicious and so nourishing to you and and so explanatory! It made so much sense and explained so many things in an instant! You know that dream probably felt like it was a five or 10 minute conversation. It probably only lasted 30 seconds. But in the 30 seconds, or whatever that timeframe was, I got so much out of that dream. It was so surreal and magnificent. And it was so layered and complex. And it just felt so amazing. And so true. It was freeing and it was true. And it was humbling. And it told me that’s why we don’t need to have an ego you know, and that’s why we only need to share what is from our basest essence and what’s the base, you know, like what’s the core of us.

What are we trying to do in this world? With this life? That is what we are called to put out there. Because no one has that same mission and drive and purpose and passion that you have. I don’t think. I think it’s like our voice and it’s like our fingerprint and our eye print. You know, because our eyeballs are all unique. Our fingerprints are all unique, our vocal pattern, our voice. Other people can sound very, very similar, but no one has our exact voice.

There’s a lot that can be done with the vocal scan and voice scans. Medically there’s a lot–scientifically there’s a lot they can do with that.

Well, I find these topics so fascinating. Let me know if you’ve had this kind of all-encompassing kind of dream where you just get maybe that is what people mean when they say they get a download. They get a download all at once and have a shit ton of information. And then they could parse that out and write from it, create music paint from it for a very long time just from that one download. Well, that’s what I feel like I got in that dream. It was just so much! A confirmation we don’t have to depend upon the exterior that we present to the world but we do have to mine our ‘inner soil’ (breath). Till our inner soil with spirit. Get in touch with our soul. Find out who we are–what we’re about on the inside–what our gut wants us to get out into the world. And then just go do that. Love you ALL. Many, many, many blessings.

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Sheila “Spiral Sister” Murrey

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