Here’s how everything shook out while we searched for an apartment home in a more northern inland part of Florida, including a stop in Spring Hill, and three night stay at a lovely historic BnB (within walking distance to downtown) in Ocala, Florida.

On our way to Ocala, we toured Ariel Springs in Spring Hill. I had hoped it was closer than it looked on the map to a friend Beverly’s crystal shop (Universal Gifts).

At Ariel Springs, we loved Robin, the leasing agent who took us on the tour as she was super friendly and helpful. But as most people know, many more things go into making such decisions than how well one likes the person in this role. Unfortunately, there were more than a couple of reasons why I have to rule out this community from our list of potentials.

First, the road Ariel Springs is on (Barclay to Spring Hill Drive) runs about 12-15 miles between I-75 and State Route 19 in Spring Hill. From looking at the map I had thought we might be able to walk to shops and restaurants on either end of Barclay, but it’s too far for us. With nothing much we could walk to, either for groceries or dining. That’s pretty much the show stopper for us. It’s very car dependent, and the community tends to frown on golf carts too (which was something I had considered doing). The single story villa is nice but it would be a middle unit in a long building. Robin was the first to let me know that most apartments require a 60 day notice to them when residents are going to move out, so they won’t know what they have available until mid-June for our mid-August move.

In Ocala, we checked out any apartments that showed up on my maps app and worked our way out from our lovely AirBnB in a 5 mile radius—keeping in mind Uber or Lyft rides will cost more the farther the distance we are from wherever we want to go downtown.

We stayed in the Paris room of the AirBnB and I took lots of pictures because it really gave me the feeling of being in Paris (though I’ve never been, and my daughter has dreamed of going). I had plenty of time in the house to admire all of the furnishings our super host has saved for many years and the items he continues to collect and add, as well as “feel the Energy” of a beautiful throw quilt that was on the living room couch. Here’s a slideshow of items that fascinated me:

Since most all the apartments that we saw near downtown didn’t make us warm and fuzzy, we ended up preferring the communities 3 to 5 miles out. Each were within walking distance to grocery stores and eateries. This we can do! And the monthly rents, while more than we currently pay, are reasonable for all we will get. Also, the amenities at these communities are fantastic!

Latigo 27 (closest to downtown of the five), has a Wal-Mart right outside the entrance. I’m not a Wal-Mart shopper, but I could do it and save us about $200 a month in rent over the others we liked. This was Richard’s favorite anyway, so that’s why I am putting in position #2 on our list of potentials.

Grand Reserve Apartments was the most expensive and while the map shows a Wal-Mart Supercenter near it, the only stores I saw were a bit of a hike, like the Aldi’s store. It had the largest gym and best kitchen in the apartment, but I put it last on our favorites list because of the location and price point.

Tuscany Place and The Highlands at Heathbrook are owned by the Collier Companies and very similar in look, style, and price, but though Tuscany was higher on a hill than The Highlands and pretty, I thought it may be harder to walk, plus there wasn’t any dining or shopping close. The Highlands at Heathbrook is a very short walk to Publix (with a pharmacy) and a large diner! Score! This became my favorite when we toured the model unit and found each building only has 8 units, 4 up and 4 down. Each unit has a corner of the building! No middle units. And that’s what I didn’t like about Ariel Springs—we would have been in a middle unit.


  • #1 The Highlands at Heathbrook
  • #2 Latigo 27
  • #3 Grand Reserve Apartments

Before we left the BnB house, we checked out the bulletin board and I saw this:

I simply feel Ocala will hold a lot of mystery in store for us, and grand success too!

In case you missed part 1 of this post:

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To our better health, ease, joy, and sustainment in JOY!

Sheila “Spiral Sister” Murrey

Peace. Out.

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