Why do we limit ourselves?

Ever. Or at ALL?

I wrote on this topic several years ago, and you can read that here.

Yet, I continue to catch myself in little moments where, whether I’m saying anything aloud or not, internally, I’m sensing a little argument going on. In WildFit, Eric Edmeades calls it the little conversation between the “food angel” and the “food devil.” I don’t believe in a devil, so I don’t use those terms, but I do catch my mind chatter–as I’m a mindful type–so I pick up on the inner turmoil of fussing, finding fault (with myself more than others), arguing, criticizing, and negative self talk.

I know, that in all of my inner chatter, what I’m actually doing is plucking the strings of the Unified Field. Ha!

Something is manifesting while I’m having this inner conversation. I may not know it yet, but I’m becoming aware of what is already going to be!

God IS. Just BE.
God IS. Just BE.

I’m learning that I never “get anywhere” positive with myself when I’m always beating myself up–mentally.

I’m not perfect. No one is. But I am doing the best I can. And thrilled if you acknowledge my growth.

I’ve been aware of my intentions, yet ignoring my Source whom always walks within me.

Mixed signals (frequencies, vibes, etc.)

Arguing with myself (and allowing that rambling internal dialog), limits me (limits my intentions) and puts me in a flux state, vibrationally speaking. It sends out negative vibes too, and probably even shows up on my face. (I’ve never had a good “poker face.”) I’m not perfect. Nor do I think anyone is. Yet, for some reason, I still hold myself to some “high standard.” Ugh. It’s also got to be a drag on my Energy.

Thus, I’ll restate my intentions as:

My daily mission: to consistently and joyfully mind my Energy, pluck the strings of the Unified Field of what I want to manifest in my reality, manage the contrast between things that frustrate me (like a pebble in my shoe), which cause me to ask for improvements in my spiritual yet earthbound experience, and reach for better feeling thoughts to allow my body to breathe and BE more in a state of ease, remaining open to receive ALL of the divine blessings Omniscience wants to give me.

I want to always walk by faith. I always want to BE conscious in every present moment. I’ve glimpsed it, so I know that we walk in the light and are never alone.

Be in God’s Energy. Sense the Presence of Omniscience. Blessed BE.

Ease, peace, calm, love, light, joy, bliss, namaste, and, and…

We Are All Connected. OM

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.

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