While watching (well, more listening) and contemplating the very recent sad, senseless, and tragic murder of my cousin, I tuned into this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUscmv4YqMU

In the video it is suggested to see if we can observe where a thought begins and ends, and the space before and after the thought–where it begins and ends.

Thus, I have been observing the thoughts and messages coming INTO me:

  • Contemplating a recent tragic event (jumble of thoughts)
  • Sitting here, as I breathe and focus on my breath, I notice
  • I can forgive
  • So, it’s a Choice if I don’t (forgive)
  • I can cry
  • That too, is a Choice
  • Ugh, there’s a gnat
  • This gnat is bothersome
  • I can swat the gnat away
  • I can let it go on its way (it may not stay in my face for long anyway)
  • I can Choose to do nothing
  • I can accept the thoughts that come and go
  • I can accept the Energy that moves through me, stimulated (or caused) by my thoughts
  • Accepting that Energy is what causes my emotions (Energy in motion)
  • I Choose better feelings thoughts
  • I welcome better feelings thoughts
  • More than just “looking for the silver linings”
  • I can find the lessons in the experience
  • By observing the lessons learned, I feel some Gratitude
  • I can simply take one step at a time
  • I will be gentle with myself
  • By being gentle with myself, I can be gentle and kind to others
  • I don’t have to use the “bad” or negative experience (no matter how tragic it is) as justification for treating anyone else negatively (huge Aha for me!)
  • I can let the gnat live
  • I no longer see the gnat
  • I am grateful
Found the gnat later

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

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