My personal experience and observations. Not to be taken as medical advice.

Personal observations

One of my first friends from my childhood, was a Nursing supervisor in Ohio. He passed away on Jan 21, 2021 after presenting with heart attack symptoms. He had the C*VID vax on Dec 27, 2020. But he had the flu shot on Nov 20, 2020. So, was his death by vax a coincidence? I don’t think so.

I’ve only EVER had the flu shot once. It never prevented me from getting the flu, in fact, I used to get some kind of cold or flu every year for many years. That is, until I took it upon myself in 2005 to take control of my health, change my diet, and work to improve my overall state of health.

Back then too, my nursing supervisor friend told me he learned about nutrition from ME! And that shocked me because I assumed nurses would learn something about nutrition in nursing school!

In a completely separate instance, one of my other childhood friends (we’re both turning 60 soon), had her C*VID vax and nearly died the next day when her blood pressure dropped dangerously low! She was simply sitting in a chair next to her husband and passed out!

Had her husband not noticed her slump down and called an ambulance when she was unresponsive to him—she would have died!

A week later, her general practitioner told her she’d had a vaccine reaction! She had not even been told that could happen! What if she had been home alone?

Initial thoughts

When all this stuff started about the *demic, I may have followed along with the majority of people (to get the shot) too without asking questions.

But here’s the thing.

We don’t watch the news (we actually don’t watch TV). We are too busy creating things. And most evenings we relax with a favorite DVD movie or documentary, or we go back and watch an older series we have on DVD.

I actually get my news from multiple sources and they are authoritative sources not biased reporters. And certainly not from anyone who takes money from Big Pharma!

And all of this C*VID stuff seemed to ride on the heels of the political upheaval in this country. (and that made us suspicious of motive and intent.)

If I were on a jury, I would have more than a shadow of a doubt that something wicked this way comes (in regard to these inoculations). Just sayin’. Call me cRaZy.

Dogma of Science

Even some near and dear to me have uttered those words that have reached near mantra status, “I follow the Science.” But are they really following the Science or are the following the DOGMA of Science?

Bruce Lipton taught us about the Central Dogma of Science—Scientism, which actually keeps most scientists in lockstep with the research findings that have come before, instead of breaking new ground—in his mind-expanding book, Biology of Belief.

Bruce postulates, “If you base your science on wrong information, then that science could be detrimental to medical practice. It is now a recognized fact that conventional allopathic medicine, the primary medicine we use in Western civilization, is a leading cause of death in the United States.”

I tell our friends and family if they follow the Science, to also follow the Money:

Quote by Jon Queally: Pandemic created 130 new Billionaires, $2.1 Trillion in new wealth, while millions suffered.

Hypocrisy in politics

Let me get this straight, Democrats (or The Left) want to:

  • Defund the police
  • Open the southern border to allow thousands of potentially virus infected in
  • But build a half million dollar wall around Biden’s beach house in Rehobeth NJ?

Yeah, right! What hypocrisy! (Can you imagine the outcry if Trump had done any of these things?)

Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!

It also sounds like our leaders are INEPT!

I had a bullet point (haha pun intended) in the list, but removed it out of respect for what just happened with Alec Baldwin shooting a couple people on the set of ‘Rust.’ (I don’t know how two people get shot from one bullet, but we’ll see how this turns out.)

Before you jump down my throat and say I’m a gun toting conservative (I’m not), even Bill Maher owns a gun for self protection. And he’s about as Leftist and liberal as one gets (oh, but he’s Swiss and Canadian, so there’s that). Ha! I kid the Canadians, they’re alright in my book (now that I know several really well).

Natural Immunity

I had the flu after returning from Ireland, Dec 22, 2019. It was a strange kind of quick-hitting thing.

To get over it, I followed a health action plan of naturopathic, homeopathic, herbs, teas, essential oils, and other natural remedies.

There was no public knowledge about C*VID then, and no test, but when my husband insisted I go to a Walk-In clinic, the doctor simply took my vitals (standard measurements), took my oxygen level reading and asked if I had been gasping for breath. She really didn’t think what I had warranted medication or was that serious, though I felt like I had knives poking me in my back and had never experienced that simply from coughing before.

After that doctor visit, I went straight to our little family owned pharmacy and bought a digital pulse oximeter. (Remember the article I wrote about that? If not, here it is.) I’ve used it several times since to ensure I am staying in the very high 90s (97-99% oxygenated range).

I also beefed up our supplement cabinet with specific products that are known immune system boosters. I am stocked up on herbal teas, vitamins, protein powders, sprouted flaxseeds (thanks to Green Smoothie Girl), and of course, the redox signaling liquid molecules we have taken daily for years.

Maybe what has been going around has been worse than what I had in 2019, I won’t make light of C*VID or deny there’s a virus. But if only a fraction of what I have heard and read is true about the treatment plans hospitals put people through, including vent and Remdesivir, I’ll stay home (Thank God for delivery services) and write blogs and songs. Thank you.

Speaking of songs, here’s the song my hubby and I wrote to honor my first friend, and all first friends everywhere who give their lives helping others.

What we can do

Judy Mikovitz will one day be heralded as a hero, just as Rand Paul has now been proven right, that Fauci lied.

Be open to learning from many different authoritative sources, such as

And this incredible news team:

Consider ALL sides of each story and expand your mind. This will help your mind ask different questions and improve your analytical abilities.

I like to find scientists like Judy Mikovits, who have been purposefully maligned (because their work or findings differed from some “higher ups.”) But the truth shall set the captives free.

I have a feeling that Judy will one day be heralded as a hero to bringing many things to light, just as Rand Paul has now been proven right, that Fauci lied.

Time will tell.

UPDATE 11-5-21 Gain of Function

Gain of Function research

If you are suffering, reach out to the America’s Frontline Doctors for telemed help.

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8 thoughts on “C*VID

  1. THANK YOU for posting this!
    Recently our governor was giving a speech pushing everyone to get the “b**ster,” saying it was the ONLY way to get control of this p*ndemic. Not ONE WORD about how to stay healthy! I am one who was sick much of my life until I learned how to strengthen my immune system. I try to share what I know, but it seems many are just choosing to live in fear.
    I agree, follow the money. Also, follow the motives (the title of a recent blog post of mine). The doctors who are sounding the alarm about the vaks are losing their careers and their reputation, and some are getting death threats. Meanwhile the ones following the narrative are making money hand over fist. They might be right, but this should give everyone pause.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You have such valid points! Most are simply too busy with children, work, school, and daily life to question anything. Plus, they get the mainstream media narrative blasted at them multiple times a day. They listen to their doctor and think that trusted person / professional wouldn’t lie to them.
      People really have to be perceptive these days to catch what’s going on.
      Thank YOU for sharing your observations!


  2. 💜 Perfect and Thank YOU!!! for Courageously and Informatively Sharing SupaSoulSis; please don’t Short Change yourself…there ARE many Medical Professionals 🙏 who ARE Honest, Listening to Their ‘Patients’ EveryOne; the last time I Attended a GP/Doctor was Three Years Ago just before She Retired…by then She was Prescribing NoThing and We Simply Chatted; on Our Last Appointment She asked to check my carotid in my neck…then, because of my borderline high blood pressure, She was shocked as what She Checked was Normal; in short EveryBody, Listen to YOUR!!! Body and Get at Least Three Different Medical Opinions… because that’s exactly what They ARE, Opinions; then Go with YOUR!!! Gut…because Medical ‘Experts’ play Guessing Games ( ); cancer has NO!!! Cure but Plenty of Treatments, like Chemo and Radio, that KILL!!! Slowly and UnKindly


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true, Yernasia. There are many honest doctors. Unfortunately, some are being censored, like The America’s Frontline Doctors.
      I love what you said about getting three different medical opinions! (And that in my health book too, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life!) Thank you so much for your comment. ❤️


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