In the movie, The Mule, the main character played by Clint Eastwood, cleared his Karma at the end.

Perhaps it takes a lot of maturity to recognize what our Karma is, how to carry it, or if possible, clear it. That’s the age old question, no?

From Theosophy

When I studied the writings of Ernest Holmes from 1927 and Annie Besart during the years I explored Theosophy, one of the beautiful poems I kept follows next:

Oh hidden life, vibrant in every atom

Oh hidden life, shining in every creature

Oh hidden love

Whatever is Karma results from man’s self-created destiny, cause and effect in the now or preceding life (there is no fate from that we make).

Theosophy strongly advises against “healing the sick through the power of Mind.” Metaphysical or mental healing practices. (I ask, but what about Laying on of hands?)

Theosophy admits much sickness today stems from misguided, neurotic, or uncontrolled thoughts, which can be alleviated by raising our everyday consciousness to a purer and higher level.

We have the power to control our future conditions by changing our present thoughts and actions, but only alter external conditions to the extent our Karma will allow (limited/limitations)! Sow and reap. Reap what is sown.

Ah! If mind power is deliberately applied metaphysically with any selfish intent or personal material aims, it is black magic. White magic is doing that for solely for the blessing and benefit of others.


A beautiful illustration of the law of karma in action was when my Qigong Master teacher Lama Nicholas was nearing this life’s end, many of his former students (poor at the time of their training), responded with a great outpouring of love and donations during his illness.

Through following Lama’s transitional process, I witnessed the love, care, and deep compassion between he and his students—full circle. And indeed as I practice the motions he taught the classes I had great honor to participate in, I remember these stories and lessons. ☯️

From Numerology

Number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, humanitarianism and the humanitarian, lightworking and lightworkers, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose and soul mission, generosity, a a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character.


We can wear or carry our Presence all day as a kind of perfume! Ah, he must be reading Sadhguru’s book, Karma! I’m drafting a book review of it and will link to it here, when I’ve published the review. For now, here’s one summation:

Quote from Sadhguru’s book, Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny.

Some say that our choices are so important in life because if we make a wrong choice, it could curse our soul (and our karma) and create an outcome one would never want to bring upon oneself.

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