Do you seem to feel emotion more than other people you know?

Is it in your nature to cry easily?

Is it in your nature to feel overwhelmed often?

Do you find yourself pulled into other people’s drama?

Do you harbor hidden resentment that you seem to have to struggle in life more than those around you?

Do you get irritated often?

Do you care about others more than you care about yourself? (Such as a care giver, codependent, or enabler.)

Do you care more about others than they seem to care about themselves? (Such as loving someone who seems hell bent on self destruction.)

You may be a highly sensitive person, or an empath.

Throughout my life, I have been one to “take things personally.” I’ve learned I do that because I am a highly sensitive person (HSP) and an old soul!

Empaths tend to feel others pain, frustration, or negativity. Empaths often sense things deeply.

Do you find it difficult to set boundaries? Or stay strong in the midst of your so carefully constructed boundaries being trampled?

Why is it that when a Giver decides it is time to TAKE (or simply be bold and stand up for themselves), that a Taker gets mad?

My friend, Michelle Howe, runs a group called Empath Evolution, where we look at many of these topics, and grow together.

Connect with those of this encouraging and empowering Empath Evolution here:

Empaths can build their resiliency. Growth and progress is possible. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

When a Giver takes, why does a Taker get mad?

Reach out. Many of us have been where you are in your growth progress. We can help each other.

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.

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