How does it feel to want something?

In ALL of the Universe there is wanted and unwanted. It is the difference between order and chaos.

Chaos Theory

Some will say, Everything is random. And I know sometimes it seems to appear that way. But the random snowflakes that fall, each contain a unique design within, right?

And the leaves of the trees fall randomly, but only during certain seasons (or due to time and weather conditions). And look at the design of an individual leaf 🍁. Ah! Elegant design!

Order and structure

So, continue the process of observing nature. Is there not always a design present? My favorite example are seashells 🐚. The spiral is found often in nature, in small and large ways.

As I have written before, our Universe is magnetic. Magnetism is what creates order from disorder. Now, you may test that out by using magnets, but there is a whole science that proves this. It is called Physics.

How does it FEEL to want something?

Law of Attraction

You can deny the Law of Attraction all you want, but that’s about as senseless as denying gravity. It exists. You just haven’t learned how it operates.

Put two magnets together one way, and then the other and you will quickly see that in one direction they click together and in the other direction they push apart. It really is observable magic if you ask me! And I have been fascinated by magnets since I was a young child.

Simply stated, that push or pull, is why you feel a certain way about any particular person, place, thing, or situation. Your body is made up of minerals, water, earth stuff. And the same way magnetism works in the big ways, it works within a human body too!

So, when you want something, it’s typically because you don’t have it. You want a rose because you don’t have one in your experience and you enjoy the look, the feel, and scent of roses. If you got mad because you didn’t have a rose nearby it would seem silly to shout until one showed up, wouldn’t it?

But, when you look at something not wanted (like not wanting a certain person to be in charge of an environment), and you shout no at it, you are emphasizing that person’s presence in that environment and your experience—in the case of a President, that person remains in everyone’s collective experience). The more upset you get, even angry, about that person being in charge, the more you stay in “resistance.” And when many people hold that same energetic stance (or vibrational discord), the more reason that person (or someone like him), stays in power.

There’s no such thing as “no” in this Vibrational Universe. Everything is “yes”. So when you look at something wanted and you shout yes at it, you are including something wanted in your vibration. But when you look at something not wanted and you shout no at it, you are including something not wanted in your vibration. And that, right there, is the basis of all resistance. Looking at unwanted things and saying, “No, no, no, no, I want not that,” is the very thing that holds you in vibrational discord with that which you do want.

In conclusion

Love is said to be the answer to many things, because the attitude of Love feels good. And the longer you feel upset, mad, angry, hurt, and so on, the more stress you put upon the cells of your body. And THAT never feels good.


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