Conspiracy theories

So, just what is all the interest in conspiracy theories?

Why can’t governments and authoritarian agencies be up front and open about things that affect us ALL?

Transparency cures conspiracy

I’ve told people for years that if the “powers that be” would just be more transparent in their dealings, there would be no need for conspiracy theories, indeed they would not exist.

But people are smart. People who are deep thinkers will always be peeking in the shadows, poking around, and probing for answers, especially when certain things, “don’t add up.”


The military, the government, corporate entities, churches, ALL organized institutions compartmentalize. Why?

It is often said, “The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing” in regard to these organizations. And that is all due to compartmentalization.


Think about all those levels of government clearances. Why is there a need for multiple different levels of clearance? There are many levels—even levels above Top Secret.

Do you want to know a secret?

It seems everybody wants to know a secret. The Beatles even had a top-selling song about a secret. And of course there was a mega hit book and movie called, The Secret.

People love secrets

What’s the fascination with secrets? What is so attractive about keeping and figuring out secrets? Why is it human nature to want to hold some kind of knowledge over others’ heads? Power? Control? Ego? Ugh!

If there were no secrets, there would be no conspiracies!

Is transparency or secrecy a pillar of Freedom?

Definition of Conspiracy

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9 thoughts on “Conspiracy theories

  1. Aww those pesky secrets! I have no secrets from Damian (excluding the occasional surprises) but I do have some big secrets and skeletons in my closet. I was able to share a bit of my teen year testimonies with a local youth group, and I am slowly opening up here on my blog, and to be honest it’s only been bringing healing and positivity into my life. I’m huge on transparency and communication 🙏🏼

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      1. That’s aWEsOMe! It’s a beautiful thing to love oneself. It makes it easier to like and love others (as we don’t have anything to prove to ourselves or feel the need to tear others down to make ourselves feel better). IMHO of course! ❤️😘


  2. I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next person. That’s why we loved the X-Files. And, I think there are a couple of things out there we have been kept in the dark about. However, for what reason, I wouldn’t hazard a guess.

    That being said, yes more transparency would solve a lot of problems and misconceptions. As someone who has been on the side of the fence as part of “the powers that be,” more often than not it is about “we simply don’t know,” or the required changes haven’t been rolled out properly, or there has been a severe lack of engagement with those affected. Sometimes, it is pure “bloody mindedness.” Other times it is “sorry folks, but there is a statutory requirement here” and so this has to happen. To this end, those “in the know'” need to be much better at explaining what is going on. And off course we live in an era right now where people can throw around all sorts of unbelievable comments (a topic for another time!). Have I always got it right regarding providing the required level of information? No, but I have tried to get it right – whatever that is anymore 😊

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  3. Transparency infers that people have nothing to hide. Unfortunately, all have sinned and in our guilt and shame we attempt a cover up. God sees all and knows all, but we don’t. The cover up gets more insidious the bigger and more pervasive the sin. Sin is a form of betrayal. Institutions would lose their power to control others if their betrayal was revealed. Blessings

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