Lifetime guarantees

This may be one of my shortest blog articles. But that’s part of the point.

When you see or hear the marketing message on a product that it is “guaranteed for life,” or for a service that you can “use it for life,” there is an assumption built into that promise.

Lifetime guarantee?

The grand assumption

The assumption we make when we fall for that “lifetime guarantee,” is that the product will last for the rest of our life, or that we can use the service for the rest of our life.

But the reality is that the “life” that the product or service is guaranteed for is the “life” of the company—it is not for our life, not for the life of the buyer.

When the company goes out of business

When the company shuts its doors forever, the lifetime guarantee (or length of service you thought you bought), vanishes. Poof!

Think about it. And don’t fall for their misleading marketing tactic ever again. ❤️🦋🌀

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