Do you have what you want?

Do you know what you want?

I’ve heard it said that most people really do not know what they want. Sure you may want to buy a new pair of shoes, or a piece of furniture, a car, a house, but what about after you have all of those “things”?

Write down 3 things you want. These can be small or large – I’ll encourage you by sharing 3 things I want:

  1. Peace on earth
  2. More time with loved ones
  3. A reason to wake up and be excited to go to “work” everyday = career passion

Now for the analogy. Let’s keep it simple – if you’re an electronics engineer feel free to email me and correct me but I’m trying to keep this elementary simplistic.

In order for you to turn your radio dial (for those old enough to think of a radio dial that way), or punch in the number to hear a favorite radio station, you really only need to know what frequency your station is transmitting on. In order for my radio to play the music I like I punch in the numbers 105.9 – inputting those numbers aligns the frequency (energy) to the radio station. I can move the numbers up or down just a tiny bit and all that does is make the station sound fuzzy – not so clear. To get the clearest sound I must be right on the numbers.

If I turn my radio on and don’t punch in any numbers all I hear is STATIC. And for me, that’s not a pleasant sound. So the radio frequency analogy to getting what I want out of life is this: Static is like living without intention or focus – sort of just hanging out in neutral without any direction.

There’s a tower somewhere broadcasting the signal on that frequency – and your radio station must be tuned EXACTLY to that frequency or it will not clearly RECEIVE the signal. The closer you are to the tower – the better reception. For example, if you’re in the country you won’t hear your radio station clearly, if at all. If you’re in the city, you will pick up a lot more clear radio stations along the dial – so you’ll even have more choices!

Perhaps it’s self evident that some amount of focus, of attention is needed to attain any desire. Whether you call it positive thinking or not – it does seem logical – the more you think about what you desire the closer you will be to achieving it. The more you surround yourself with those who are transmitting the “vibes” that put you into your good feeling place, the more likely you are to feel good. Think of the song, “Good Vibrations”. They were really tuned into this mindset when they wrote that song. Conversely, if you’re around people transmitting harsh or rude words, even if it’s just the tones of their voice, it won’t feel good to you. Remember that song, “Don’t bring me down”?

So here’s the deal. If talking to others about everything that’s going on in their lives energizes you, that’s the frequency you’ve tuned in to. And if that’s what you want – that’s good. If you want more drama in your life, complain about EVERYTHING. That’s a frequency also. The fun part to this is we all want different things and life means different things to each of us. Just ask yourself, “How is that working for you?” Do you have what you want, or not? Consider whether you need to adjust your frequency dial. Do things you want come easily into your experience or do they always feel they are somehow at arms length?

I have heard it said and seen many a bumper sticker: BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. To me, the radio frequency analogy illustrates this very well. Keep tuning into the frequency of what you want. Since I want peace on earth, I want to hang out with people who make me feel peaceful. I want to spend some time alone each day in thought, prayer, meditation – and walk my dogs. (smile) I believe that once my third desire manifests it will automatically fulfill the second one.

When I talk or write about deep things like, spirituality and living a naturally healthy life – I FEEL wonderful. I’ve never publicly talked about this before but when I’m having those conversations I actually feel a tingling vibration in my body (internal not on the skin) similar to goose bumps. It doesn’t last very long, perhaps less than a minute or two. I’ve asked several people what this means and have heard everything from, “it’s the angels communicating with you”, to “it’s the universe letting you know you’re on the right path”. I remain open to figuring it out and eager to understand it.

People always say when your work is something you love – it’s no longer “work”. People also say when you put passion and action together – the money will come.

What new frequency do you have to tune into to get what you want out of life?

One thought on “Radio Frequency Analogy to Getting What We Want

  1. Great post. I’ll share a dear memory of a friend who passed away. She always said “want what you have.” Enjoy the day! J

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