This is a test. I am going to try something today that I’ve never done before. So, let’s see how it goes. Okay?

As you know, from reading this blog for a while, well, actually let me back up years ago.

I never published anything from anybody else. There were no shared posts on or You know? How ever you found this site, there was never anyone else writing here-it was all me, right? It wasn’t an ego thing, it was just, I just started the blog. And I didn’t even understand what blogging was about. And I didn’t understand the connections with the community or sharing other people’s posts or how to go about doing it.

One day I just read something–a year or two ago, I guess it’s been a couple of years maybe that I’ve been posting shared posts here on this site. And so I recognize that would be a beautiful way for me to share what I am reading what I enjoy and what I want to then turn around and share with you. I know there are very various ways to do that though. I can share with a link and I have done that, as you saw with my little “failed experiment” now–with the succulents. On the succulent posts, I linked back to the laid-back gardener to his site (to the father’s site that the son now runs). Anyway, two of the succulents are alive. I don’t remember how many ordered but that’s a spiral thought. I won’t go there.

The point of this article is to try this little test because I have been posting several shared posts from Silver Birch.

Okay, these are profound spiritual teachings (from Silver Birch). I feel most of them I’ve read. I follow and read these posts religiously. Pun intended. I read these posts almost every night before I’m falling asleep. I typically do that for a couple of reasons. 1) raise my vibration, 2) relax me, and also, of course, 3) continue my learning.

I never feel we get the learning done, and I learn something every day. That’s my preface to what I’m about to say.

So, the other night, and I must admit here I’ve been lazy. I haven’t been doing a lot of speaking into Otter and providing you with my own posts for a while because I’ve been very busy. The busiest probably I’ve ever been working 10 and 12-hour days and several weekends in a row (for my day job). So I’ve had no time. No, I’ve absolutely had no time for my blog and for sharing things that have come up with you all. I apologize for that.

But to keep some momentum going on the blog, I have recently shared many ‘shared posts’ from others. And I humbly thank those authors for writing such profound and beautiful posts. I’ve been reading their posts at night to fall asleep too. I thought oh, I need to just quickly share this and all I have to do is add my category. Right? And add my hashtags for the SEO.

So, back to Silver Birch. And I apologize in advance if anybody takes this wrong but the thought that came to me was after posting this most recent one about the Great White Spirit, first of all, I don’t judge the colors black or white. And this is about a lot of different things when you think about black smoke, white smoke, black magic white magic, you know, there are lots of I mean, you know, we could sit here for days, weeks, probably months, and talk about the benefits or the deterrents of using the words black and white to describe anything.

So when it (this post) said Great White Spirit, I almost didn’t share the post because I had that feeling that somebody might judge it by thinking, “Oh, they’re calling God white now”, and I’m certainly not. I don’t think I ever have! I dismissed that idea when I was a chil–that God was this white man, or being, a person sitting up in the sky with the long white beard, so many years ago when I heard Oprah share on her show that she had “taken God out of the box” and (she) didn’t think of him as the old man in the clouds with the white beard and the booming voice and those kinds of things she had heard in church as a child right or from having been raised in a church. So she rejected (I don’t know if that’s still her feeling), and that aligned for me at that time and ever since. I still follow that as a mantra almost a belief in me that God isn’t this–not that God couldn’t be– but I didn’t see God as the old man or white man or any color man or a man at all–in the clouds with the white beard and a booming voice or… Why do we even have to say white beard?

Anyway, I think you get the idea. You get my drift, hopefully. If I’m expressing myself as thoroughly as I can. I see the Great White Spirit as I think they use white, I don’t know what they meant, but, it’s my interpretation of what I read from Silver Birch that they use the word, white, in this usage as to mean a white light, golden light–the highest vibration there is. And as you also all know, from if you’ve read almost any of my blog posts, I use the term Omniscience for God because I don’t want to get into this nitty-gritty, picky, bitchy, you know, minuscule in the weeds conversations about who or what God is because God is Omniscience.

Every time I sit in meditation or channel or whatever it is that I do, and however the information comes to me, it is always of this essence or this profound-ness. And this inability to put words around (ineffable) expression or idea of God that is not limited, you know? So I mean, I’ve even sometimes called God the Limitless! Friends of mine use these terms like the all that isness and all that is and you know, that that type of thing, and I’m much more aligned with that as a term for God than the three in one or the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I don’t deny those labels, but I just see them as limiting and I see them as a means to divide us, right? It means to have people sit around and poke at you because that’s what the human mind does.

The human mind loves to organize and sort of poke around and add labels to all kinds of stuff. So because we’re in our humaneness, because we are in a human form, we are limited. I mean, I don’t like to focus on my limitations. And my dad even once told me you know that I’m not limited, which was a shock to me because I always felt like I was limited. But I do agree that as a human form we are limited. You know, even the strongest man can’t lift the heavy stones at Stonehenge. So there are human limitations, right?

One of those limitations is when we read the article I shared about the Great White Spirit. If we are in a place in and of our own self, where we are either racist or we are judging others for being racist (our mind could go there and get us stuck in judging). Whichever flip side of that coin you’re on, picture in your mind, the yin and yang symbol–the black and the white, so that I’m not judging anyone.

I want to be very clear about this.

You’re always deciding based on your filter, right? So this judging of the word, white, is you coming out of you. You the observer. You are seeing a term like that. And if you’ve had a negative experience with a Great White Spirit, or you would prefer to put the label Great Black Spirit or Great Violet Flame, or other (I invite you to) substitute the word, white, with another word and try not to get hung up on the term. That’s the essence of what I’m getting at here. Because when you do, then you’ve got to then look inward and go, Why are you upset about that? And then that requires a whole other conversation because again, it’s the yin and yang–are you the racist? Or is that person who said that term, the racist?

I, for one, feel a lot more loving and I feel like I’m freer and more at ease… see? I took a breath there. I’m much more at ease when I think about the fact that I don’t have to be judging. I don’t have to put the label on. I can go back to Omniscience I can go back to my breath, I can go back to you know, loving all mankind, that kind of thing. I can raise my vibration to that higher vibe. And I can get myself out of the ego mind and out of the judgment mind and even the discerning mind if you will. Because believe me, we are great at putting lots of labels on judgment too and I get that we don’t have to walk out in front of the speeding train. I get that there’s a purpose to discernment.

Okay, we don’t have to put ourselves in a bad place. But we do it all the time. Sometimes we do it because we’re just ignorant or I don’t want to say we’re stupid. Okay. I don’t think anybody’s stupid. I think we’re ignorant sometimes of situations and we put ourselves in a bad situation or a harmful place. I’ll use the word harmful instead of bad. Again, I’m watching my language. I do that on purpose for me–for my growth. I’m not just doing it because I’m writing or speaking this blog. But I just really wanted in love to put this thought out there for you all. Not just for those that have commented or made a comment in the future. I do hesitate to share the silver birch teachings that mentioned the Great White Spirit, but I do think there’s a time and a place that it’s appropriate and apparently, it was useful. For me and perhaps for others, for me to share that and put it out there so that it would then, in turn, be the catalyst for this teaching.

I’m using this as a teaching for myself, not just that I’m preaching or teaching to any of you. You are ALL dear teachers to me. I love this blogging community. And I learned so much from all of you. And I don’t know what else to say, except if I could hug you I would I’ve met so many wonderful people in this blogging community, I mean, and I, I do read your posts, and sometimes I read them quickly. I admit it. I’m skimming, but I look for the highlights and I look for the things that align with my soul and make me feel really good about the world because there’s a lot in the world that we could feel crappy about right? But that’s not what I don’t I don’t believe that’s why I’m here and I don’t believe that’s why we’re together, reading each other’s blog posts and sharing from our hearts.

So with love, humility, kindness, and the utmost compassion that I can muster. I thank you for your time and for listening to this and reading my posts. I’m very utterly and extremely grateful to each of you.

Now before I close, what I was going to do is I am going to share a link in this post to the which talks about whose Silver Birch was and there’s even a drawing of the personage of Silver Birch who the voice was and was come through, and the spirit that was coming through known as Silver Birch was. And supposedly, you know, I mean everything I should caveat with “supposedly” as it is said the teachings were from a Native American man. So, there you go. (Was he racist?)

I never really dug that deep to read all of this before though about Silver Birch and as I’m sitting here working, waiting for more work as I continue to work on a Saturday, but this site talks about who Silver Birch was. A psychic artist depicts him as a serious-looking Native American Indian with a single feather and compassionate eyes and that just, you know, that I guess it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I don’t know how else to describe it. I get the GodBumps! Yes.

To any of you wondering about that. I was raised to be a very serious person. And, I’ve discovered that I’m an empath. So I feel a lot of when you do comment and you do say things I feel it. I’ve worked my whole life to be very hard to not take things personally right? But I’ve always argued that point and said that I’m a person. And while words aren’t supposed to hurt I know they do. I know they do sometimes when people use hurtful words. And just as my darker-complected friends and family can tell you certain words still hurt them. And they hurt me because they hurt them. And certain words hurt me. Especially when someone emails them directly at me right Sheila, you did blah blah, blah. You know you’re a bit or you’re you know pick one, I don’t know. But a negative character-type assassination word, right? If someone were to call me that it would hurt me because I would take that word in and I would be questioning myself. Is that true? Is that me? Maybe it is in some aspects, right? I don’t want to even admit that most of the time. But yeah, maybe that is true in some instances. And that’s why we have situations right.

We were all different people in different situations. I mean, I’ve been the crudest of people in some situations. But I’ve been an angel in other situations. I take personal responsibility for that. I do my best to be better every day than I was before and to grow. But I am fallible, I make mistakes. And I think we all do. I fall back on the old saying of “nobody’s perfect.” And the more I meditate and as you know, as I’ve written about this, I don’t believe in Perfection. I just don’t believe in it. I don’t think anything’s perfect. I mean, you know trees get mold on them. The ocean has bad days, right? It produces tsunamis, but it’s beautiful to look at most of the time when you go to the beach.

So yeah, I mean, I think everything changes and there are situations in which we’re, we’re at our best and sometimes we’re not at our best. So that’s when we give ourselves grace. I mean, we can choose not to and be really hard on ourselves. But if we want to take it easier, and live life in peace and calm and ease and less triggered, you know, then let’s, let’s do that. If, if at all possible we can, let’s just breathe and, and give ourselves grace. We all learn at differing rates of speed. I say that a lot and I mean it. And We Are ALL Connected. This is me on this workaholic Saturday and Sunday. But this will end Monday when the proposal is submitted, so I’m excited about that. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And there’s that word again. Right? All right. Again, thank you. Peace and blessings.

p.s. WordPress sent me this a bit ago as I was editing this post on Grammarly that TODAY is my 11th anniversary on WordPress! WOW! Isn’t that a hoot? Hahahaha

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To our better health, ease, joy, and sustainment without judgment.

Sheila “Spiral Sister” Murrey

Peace. Out.

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