Dysfunctional families

As I ponder why some siblings don’t get along or even become estranged from one another, or why mothers and daughters can disagree and seem at odds with one another (all while feeling love for each other), it occurs to me it’s because though each love one another, or say we do, we are half the other parents DNA. And in the case of the mother and daughter, if the mother doesn’t get along with the father of course the same would hold true she would disagree with the daughter who is half the father’s DNA, attitudes, and such. It’s only logical. Siblings aren’t just 50 percent their mother’s DNA and 50 percent their father’s DNA either—each could be 49 percent of one and 51 percent the other, or some other mathematical percentage.

Too many times we get in our Ego when we could take a breath and simply be grateful we have people who love us in our lives!

I love you, but

I love you, but I am my own unique essence.
I love you, but I have been programmed and conditioned, however slightly, different than you.
I love you, but the lens by which I view life differs from the filter you look through.
I love you, but I have different needs than you.
I love you, but I got different amounts of our parent’s DNA, flaws, foibles, etc even though we are siblings.
I love you, but we each experience life differently each moment, each day!


I hope this helps anyone estranged from a sibling or a parent and teen who are having trouble communicating. Life is short. Don’t lose sight of what’s important. Nothing matters except the people who love you and whom you love.

Next time your parent or family member challenges you, ask yourself, “Is my ego hurt, or my soul?” I bet it’s your ego. And actually a lot of psychological analysts think ego is an illusion! So, you’re letting an illusion separate you from someone who really loves you but simply sees the world differently than you!

Where’s the love?

My sister, Christina, who lived less than one day in 1963, wouldn’t let me sleep last night until I wrote this article. She visits me in the ethereal and is who I wrote my new book about (which will launch soon).

Here was part 1 of this post: https://sheilamurrey.net/2021/07/10/i-love-you-but/

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14 thoughts on “Why can’t we ALL just get along? (Or, I love you, but – part 2)

  1. Reblogged this on How I found My Muchness and commented:
    I can appreciate this post however I was once told anything before the word but in a sentence didn’t matter to I use the word but I would just replace I love you with what I felt an issue was and then heal it with that that came after “but” example… that hurt but I love you therefore I realize we all see they’re different lenses and so on and so forth… That way for me personally in my mind’s own viewing of words what I’ve placed before the butt can now go away and everything after that can in this moment take place 🎁🎁🎁

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  2. There’s a sort of black-and-white view these days that if you don’t completely agree with someone’s lifestyle, it’s “hate.” But any parent will tell you that you can love someone with all your heart and at the same time not approve of what they do. If you love someone, you hate things they do that you perceive will hurt them in the long run. And that makes the relationship painful.

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  3. 💜 Mental Health EveryOne; very few people want to talk about it EveryBody:

    ● Depression
    ● Paranoia
    ● Rage
    ● Anxiety
    ● Reclusiveness
    ● Suicidal

    …the list goes on and on and on; if We Were Genuine, Authentic and Honest about Our State of Mental Health Things would Get Much Better for ALL of Us…


    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐


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      1. 💜 Yup SupaSoulSis; when things arise for “Healing” it’s important to acknowledge that…in My Case Dad is Dead and Mom seems to have learned nothing by becoming a widow among many other things; but that’s their path and I don’t have to follow it anymore

        nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐


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  4. Interesting post. I think it’s impossible for everyone to get along, regardless of whether you’re related or not. Some relationships just don’t work and I think as long as both parties accept their part and understand, we can still have a happy life without that other person in it. Although obviously in some occasions, it’s petty things that cause rifts that can always be fixed!

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    1. I love your circular comment, Jenny! Your last sentence ties to the second like a mirror.
      And thank you for pointing out that this topic about “getting along” applies whether or not people are related by blood or legal family ties. I figure those bound up by the family bonds are the most hurt when they have differences/estranged members, but it also hurts when friends abandon us or cheat with spouses etc.
      I appreciate you!

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