Omniscience sees ALL. Omniscience includes ALL. No one “gets away” with ANYTHING. The righteous have nothing to fear.

Here I Am… plucking the strings of the Unified Field.

Omniscience. The end ALL, be ALL.

For Americans, September 11th, 2001 was a day forever etched in our hearts as the most sad, horrible, and tragic of recent memory. The gut-wrenching events of that day left a mark on our collective psyche.

I write the following for the family and friends of the souls we lost, to help us ALL continue to heal from that trauma.

Honoring ALL we lost on and after 9/11/2001:

(Breathing)… It was 21 years ago today on this day, September 11 that IT happened.

Here are some of the indelible memories I have of that morning:

I was in Los Angeles (LA), California, West Hollywood to be specific. I was staying at a tall, round, Holiday Inn near the interstate (I-10). We’d had an earthquake on Sunday, late afternoon after I had checked into the hotel, and I was on a 12th floor. And I had never experienced an earthquake before so that had shaken me up a bit, literally, emotionally, and mentally.

I had started work that Monday at a Catholic college, Mount St. Mary’s University.

On Tuesday morning, I had been awakened by the radio coming on next to my bed. It was Danny Bonaduce as a DJ on the radio station. I recognized his voice immediately. I had thought that I’d set the alarm, not the radio alarm, but the buzzer (as was normal my normal practice), but I apparently had set it to the radio. And so, upon hearing Danny Bonaduce’s voice on the radio, my ears perked up and I decided to listen. As I was listening, he was speaking with another person (a lady), but I don’t remember who she was. And I could immediately tell that they were upset about something. As I opened my eyes and began to kind of wake up more that morning, during those first few minutes, I became aware that something dramatic was going on. They were discussing some sort of crash. They believed an airplane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers in New York City. I began to remember a time in my recent memory of a small plane crashing into the White House. I wasn’t immediately disturbed by hearing their conversation. The longer I listened though, the more I realized this was probably something more than a little Cessna crashing into the White House. This was this was something that I needed to turn the news on, as I needed images and visuals to make sense, if there was any sense to be made of this.

So as much as I enjoyed listening to Danny, if there is any enjoyment to listening, especially when someone is as upset and shaken as he and the other lady were. It was that there was also some part of me that had some sort of that familiarity and I felt comforted from hearing a voice I’d known since my teenage years.

I turned off the radio and turned on the TV. And I saw the news. After about 10 minutes or so, I saw the second plane crashing into the other twin tower.

While I was sleeping the first plane had already crashed into the first tower. And now as I was watching Live TV News coverage, the second plane hit the second tower. I hadn’t witnessed the first so I have no judgment in me about that. And because it was Live coverage as I continued to watch, I did witness what appeared to be people jumping or falling out of windows. And that of course that was highly disturbing. The sadness already began to set in for me with the shock of what I was seeing, and I thought, “This had to have been an orchestrated attack.”

“This had to have been orchestrated.” That’s what kept going through my mind. After about an hour I realized I really had to get up take a shower and get to Mount St. Mary’s. I had to get to work.

There hadn’t been any announcement. No announcements as of that moment about any closings or shutdowns because everyone was still watching this event unfold.

I had friends in New York City. I had friends I’d worked with. Just one year ago to that date, I had been in New York and had been working at Brooklyn Law School. (I’d been at the Marriott hotel in the financial district that was also demolished after the incident.) And immediately I was thinking of my friends I worked with at Brooklyn Law School, and wondered if they were okay. I was wondering about the other consultants that had been on that project with me and if they were still working in New York.

I took my shower. I went into work. When I got to to the school, everyone was visibly disturbed. Many were upset and shaken. Within my own company we had experienced a tragedy near LA in San Bernardino (Riverside college if my memory serves), where a mass shooting had occurred when some of our consultants had been working and I had went into that school. (I had only recently put that experience behind me, when 9/11 happened).

I was fresh off of the experience of having my young adult children (at that time) tell me which colors to wear or not to wear while going to work at that school. So I wouldn’t be involved in any sort of gang violence or something. I had sat with workers who were still coming to terms and psychological grips with having had a gunman come in to their offices and go on a shooting rampage and kill people they had worked with for years. They were still literally shell shocked.

I was dealing with the personal experience of having gone through my first earthquake so I was a bit on the tender side. And I’m sensitive anyway. I had student assistants who worked with our team and they were of Middle Eastern descent or Middle Eastern ethnicity. When a few of them started coming into our IT office they asked me if they could leave because (and at first, I couldn’t believe this), nuns were already trying to dismiss them because of their ethnicity or religious affiliation. They were already visibly upset. Some I could tell, had been crying, probably as they walked back from a nun’s office to our IT office, on campus, which took a little bit of walking. And of course, I said yes, I was just shocked that they were experiencing any negative words or harsh criticisms.

One of my student assistants (a Muslim), in fact, told me that a nun even blamed him and his country for the attack on America. I don’t know how this NUN could have known that they were responsible, in an hour to two hours after these events were unfolding. Apparently she was getting some sort of news that none of the rest of us were getting from somewhere. But that disturbed me! In fact, that disturbed me more than the events that were unfolding in New York. By this time, we were hearing about the Pentagon. And I believe it was later after we we left school that we heard about the plane going down in Pennsylvania. So, those were some of my first memories and my first impressions of how quick we could be to judge (someone of anything)! One we certainly didn’t have all the facts to, nor do we still, 21 years later! No, we still don’t have all the facts in my opinion.

And (my opinion) comes from having worked with pilots in my early career. Having a father as a builder, and constructing houses and apartments out of steel and understanding how buildings are built. Having worked with engineers over the course of my career, and understanding the exacting standards and exacting information they use to construct buildings, much less tall skyscrapers, like the Twin Towers. I have a lot of breadth of experience and knowledge, enough to make me question–not enough for me to say resoundingly–if jet airliners such as the ones that supposedly hit those Twin Towers can take buildings such as those down, but, I have enough information and knowledge to make me question (the narrative). I believe there are still questions that have not been answered about September 11 2001.

My heart goes out especially to the early and fast responders. The firemen, the brave firemen, and first responders to that unimaginable and terrifying event. They risked their lives to save others. They didn’t think about the long term effects on their health and there’s still 9/11 responders who are suffering ill effects on their health from what they breathed in that day and the days shortly following when they were helping to recover people. And there are many who have died since 9/11. From the the effects of things that they smelled and touched during that event.

I see it from a certain standpoint; there are many aspects. Most of those aspects are sad and terrifying and I feel most are veiled in secrecy. My prayer is that all shall be revealed because the ones who have crossed over and are in the Grand Beyond know. They see it all, Now. They know why it happened. They know who was responsible and they can pull some strings. I believe they still have a voice and they can still inspire us to speak. Those who continue to speak.

There are those who are brave enough to speak for the rest of us. Will we listen?

A lot of truth lies in shadows. Are we brave enough to see?

Thus, I’ll restate my intentions as:

My daily mission: to consistently and joyfully mind my Energy, pluck the strings of the Unified Field of what I want to manifest in my reality, manage the contrast between things that frustrate me (like the “too quick to judge” nuns), which cause me to question and reach for more, spiritually (think ALL-Ahhhh), and reach for Higher, more unifying, freeing, better feeling thoughts. I do this inner work to allow my body to breathe, releasing anger, resentment, tension, grief, stress, and more, and live more in a state of ease, being open to receive ALL divine blessings of Omniscience within the magnificently designed interwoven tapestry of living creation.

Omniscience sees ALL. Omniscience includes ALL. No one really ever “gets away” with ANYTHING. The righteous have nothing (no thing) to fear.

Be in God’s Energy. Sense the Presence of Omniscience. Blessed BE. And so it is…

We Are All Connected. OM

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.


(Part of this blog article was transcribed by – upon my awakening at 9am on 9/11/2022 – you can listen to the audio here: )

5 thoughts on “Omniscience. The end ALL, be ALL. Honoring ALL we lost September 11th, 2001

  1. Any of us who were alive and aware in 2001 remember where we were when we heard the news, and most of us didn’t really grasp the enormity of it at first – or even the fact that it was really happening.
    The third book in my trilogy, “Sparrows,” follows various people’s experiences as 9-11 unfolded. In researching for this book, I spoke to some interesting people – people who were supposed to be at the World Trade Center that morning but overslept, or the meeting got cancelled, or they got out of the building before it collapsed. Each one felt Someone was looking out for them. I agree. He knows every one of His “sparrows,” where we are, what we need, and when we will be leaving this world. Knowing Him gives me peace, whether I’m around for another thirty years or going to meet Him tonight.

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      1. The book is available on Amazon. It’s on my author page (Ann Aschauer). But if you’d like a signed copy, email me at, and I’d be happy to send one to you with a personal note inside. 🙂

        P.S. Just FYI, this is the last book in a trilogy, so reading the first two would make it more enjoyable, but I tried to write each book to stand on its own.

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