5 thoughts on “to find yourself

  1. Perfect. And so understand. All that has transpired especially in the last two years and then some, has been meant for us to go inward to not only find ourselves but also to find and to know our Divinity. Thank you for posting this Truth, for many as yet have understood.

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  2. I’ve gone back to the start… I found my mind and my heart they were bridged by my soul and now I’m wondering which way to go reminds me of Alice in the Cheshire cat standing at the fork in the road she said which way do I go and he said where are you going and she said I do not know he said it doesn’t matter which path you cheers and much like Alice I too cannot lose I know where I’m going I just don’t know which way I want to go to get there let the adventure begin thank you so much silver birch I love you 💎RedWillowOak

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